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The Darkin Blade was summoned by the Flash.

The Flash certainly wasn’t here, but he had the power seed of the Darkin Blade.

Once Qiu Ren approved, he would be able to summon this character as another carrier of the Darkin’s Power anytime he wanted.

There were too many negative emotions suppressed in the Flash’s mind, and he wanted to take this opportunity… to vent those emotions.

However, the Darkin Blade still retained his own sanity, like the Master of Shadows Herring was controlling.

Although the Darkin Blade wasn’t as obedient as Zed, it wasn’t a problem for him to fight with the dream consciousness here.

The opponent Qiu Ren asked the Flash to choose was… the Dream Maker that was obviously from this country.

The moment the Darkin Blade stared at that Dream Maker… the Dream Maker felt an overwhelming viciousness devouring him.

“Hey, even though I have no idea where you come from… this guy is with us.”

The Norse God, Baldr, from World of Gods stood between the Darkin Blade and that Dream Maker.

The impression the God of Light, Baldr, gave Qiu Ren… was similar to the God in God of War 4. They both had a particularly frivolous kind of feeling, as if they wanted to pick a fight.

Just as the Flash was eager to fight Baldr with the body of the Darkin Blade… some long roars came outside of the square.

This series of roaring sounds was very strange. Qiu Ren thought that they sounded like the roar of dragons and also the whistle of some kind of ship.

The soldiers of the Army, who were originally watching the drama unfold, immediately entered a state of readiness after hearing these roars.

“It’s the Shadow Beasts!”

Qiu Ren, Wanxiang, and Mia were on the tall tower on the side of the square, so they saw the origin of the roars first.

The square was located in a fort of the Army.

The location of the fort was very covert, but it seemed that the Shadow Beasts had found it this time, or… they were attracted here by something!

These giant creatures that didn’t have a form flooded into the square from the city wall. Their target was the Darkin Blade Qiu Ren had created.

Qiu Ren looked at those Shadow Beasts, which fell on the ground like a puddle of mud, squirming forward towards the Darkin Blade.

The Flash still hadn’t adapted to the role of the Darkin Blade, and this Shadow Beast had already touched the Darkin Blade’s body. After that… the Shadow Beast was completely sucked in by the Darkin Blade.

This scene happened too quickly. It was already too late when the soldiers of the Army wanted to react.

Qiu Ren also felt that the power of that Darkin Blade was gradually increasing. He could still control this character, but the problem was that the killing desire from the Darkin Blade seemed to be eroding him.

These were all streams of emotions from that Shadow Beast!

This was the first time Qiu Ren really felt the pollution from a nightmare himself.

There was a reason why the Central Research Institute arranged various physical and mental health checkups for Qiu Ren.

Qiu Ren said as he repressed the negative emotions that rose in his mind.

Part of the purpose of visiting the Nightmare Dungeon of the Army this time had already been achieved.

Due to safety concerns, Qiu Ren was planning to let Wanxiang and Mia go first before the situation went completely out of control.

“You seem to be in a pretty bad condition.”

Mia soon noticed the unusual expression on Qiu Ren’s face.

When she touched Qiu Ren’s shoulder with her hand, the pollution of the nightmare surging out of Qiu Ren’s body made her let go of her hand, as though there was an electric shock.

Tapir suddenly showed up at this moment. She wanted to touch Qiu Ren’s forehead to relieve the negative impact brought to Qiu Ren after the Darkin Blade absorbed the Shadow Beast… However, Qiu Ren directly grabbed her wrist.

“I can still hold on. It’ll be a disaster if you share the pollution from the Shadow Beast. Fuck… Is the defensive strength of the Army this poor?”

Cold sweat started to appear on Qiu Ren’s forehead.

The sudden appearance of that Shadow Beast was a surprise for any party, but what Qiu Ren found the most ridiculous was that the Shadow Beast was attracted by the Darkin Blade.

“You… can’t hold on for too long like this… Let me bear it.” Tapir had never thought such an accident would happen either!

The danger she foresaw that Qiu Ren would encounter in the Nightmare Dungeon of the Army was no more than Qiu Ren’s consciousness projection being killed by the members of the Army.

Even if Qiu Ren’s avatar was killed, it wouldn’t cause any substantial injuries to his body.

However, the character Qiu Ren created had devoured an entire Shadow Beast. As a terrifying source of pollution, a Shadow Beast would directly erode all existence connected to this character.

Among Qiu Ren, the Flash, and the Hidden Court Master, the latter two were both high-level dream consciousnesses, so they could withstand the erosion.

But it was a bit overwhelming for Qiu Ren.

“Let me do it.” Mia knew the reason why Qiu Ren had rejected Tapir’s suggestion.

Tapir was a Lord of Nightmare, and a Lord of Nightmare was a dangerous aggregate itself. If she helped Qiu Ren with the erosion from the Shadow Beast, this might lead to a decrease in her stability in the form of a crash.

However, the Goddess in Mia’s body could help Qiu Ren bear part of the streams of negative emotions.

Tapir opened her lips like she wanted to refute her, but Qiu Ren gently released the wrist of this Lord of Nightmare and nodded at Mia.

That Goddess was indeed the best influence to help Qiu Ren bear the streams of negative emotions.

Mia took a deep breath as the fingertips of her right hand shone with light golden glimmer. She put her fingertips on Qiu Ren’s forehead, guiding the surging streams of negative emotions inside Qiu Ren’s body.

Suddenly, an earth-shattering movement came from down below.

Qiu Ren already knew that the Darkin Blade had attacked Baldr without looking!

The God of Light, Baldr, was struck by the blade of the Darkin Blade and was knocked away at high speed… like a baseball, clashing against the wall of the fort.

His body also crashed into the wall. When Baldr wanted to fight back in a daze, the Darkin Blade had already come in front of Baldr. He raised the giant sword in his hand as he stabbed the God in his chest with a shout!

Baldr’s shout indicated that the situation on the square was beginning to go out of control.

It was indeed out of control, whether it was for the Army, Supernova Pictures, or the Gods!

“What exactly did that Dream Maker create…”

The Commander looked at the Darkin Blade, who had completely lost control, and questioned the Hidden Court Master next to him.

“War itself?” Riper could hear the longing of the Commander in his questioning voice.

“Can you still control that avatar?”

This was the first time the Commander had seen a Shadow Beast being attracted by a character and even stayed in this character.

This gave the existence of the Darkin Blade a strategic meaning.

“If you want this character or other characters, you can go find the Dream Maker who created this character!”

Riper’s voice sounded a bit overwhelmed. The attention of the Darkin Blade was all on Baldr right now, but the God couldn’t hold on for long. Nobody knew who would be the next target of the Darkin Blade once Baldr died.

The Commander of the Army had already come up with a way to control the Darkin Blade. However, there was a simpler method than to directly control the Darkin Blade.

“Find? We never compromise with our creators. There’s a more direct way—capture him.”

The Commander sensitively realized that the Hidden Court Master wasn’t the only carrier of the Darkin Blade. There was also another consciousness from Superhero World and… the Dream Maker who created this character!

“I know that he’s here right now.” The Commander looked around and said, “Perhaps he had ways to leave this nightmare before. However, that Shadow Beast now not only restrains you, but it also restrains him… When I find him, I may be able to talk to him.”

What the Commander thought was right… There were many terrifying things about a Nightmare Dungeon. One of them was that if people wanted to enter alive, they could only get out dead.

Qiu Ren could break free of the shackles of the Nightmare Dungeon of the Army with the help of the two Lords of Nightmare and could directly leave the Nightmare Dungeon after finishing everything.

However, the erosion of the Shadow Beast had intensified the blockade of Qiu Ren by this Nightmare Dungeon. If Tapir and Lian pulled Qiu Ren out forcibly, Qiu Ren’s consciousness would be injured.

“I heard your conversation.”

When Qiu Ren leaned against the wall to think about countermeasures, Tapir told Qiu Ren something even worse…

“Someone’s knocking… in reality… It’s the Dream Explorers from the Central Research Institute.”

There was already some viciousness in Tapir’s voice against the Army and those Dream Explorers.

Having the symptoms of being corroded by a nightmare, Qiu Ren would be treated as a source of contamination like Mia. He would be locked up in prison no matter which country he was in.

“Do you hear the voice of Aunt Kan, Kan Shaoni?” Qiu Ren asked.

“…Yes.” Tapir and Kan Shaoni were old friends, so she could certainly recognize Kan Shaoni’s voice.

“Then, it’s fine. They just want someone to go out and explain the situation to them.”

Qiu Ren said as he looked at Wanxiang and pointed his finger at Wanxiang’s forehead.

Wanxiang knew that it was no use for her to stay here. Going back to reality and reporting the details to the Central Research Institute was the most important.

“I’ll definitely… find someone to save you,” Wanxiang said to Qiu Ren.

After she heard Qiu Ren say a “hm” softly, she felt Qiu Ren poke her forehead gently. The next moment, she was directly sent out of the Nightmare Dungeon of the Army.

When she woke up again, the Dream Explorers outside had realized how urgent the situation was and had already broken in!

“What… are you doing?” Kan Shaoni was even holding a pistol in her hand when she kicked the door open. The scene in the room was very weird.

Wanxiang, Qiu Ren, and Mia were sitting in a circle while holding hands. Those who didn’t know what was happening would think the three of them were doing some kind of weird sacrificial ceremony.

And now, the terrifying viciousness that surged out of Qiu Ren was the most common sign of being possessed by a Lord of Nightmare.

This made Kan Shaoni think that these three students might have summoned some horrifying evil entity!

“Aunt Kan, take me to the Central Research Institute… Qiu Ren can’t hold on for too long,” Wanxiang said.

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