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The pollution from a Lord of Nightmare.

This was a problem that no Nightmare Maker could avoid.

So, after the Nightmare Makers started working, their employers would arrange regular mental and physical checkups for them.

All these precautions were to prevent such an accident that happened on Qiu Ren.

After being polluted by a Lord of Nightmare mentally and physically, he would either go mad and turn into a lunatic or become the slave of the Lord of Nightmare.

In fact, the Central Research Institute had already listed Qiu Ren, this young Dream Maker who was carrying two Nightmare Seeds, in the highest-level hazard warning list.

Even though the research institute didn’t restrict Qiu Ren’s freedom, they still monitored him to a certain extent.

Kan Shaoni was also in charge of watching Qiu Ren.

Qiu Ren’s performance was indeed too stable during this period of time, so Kan Shaoni got distracted and accepted the missions related to the Alaina Cup.

And yet, during the time she was distracted… Qiu Ren was polluted by a nightmare. He was now lying on the hospital bed and was sent to the Central Research Institute with Mia.

“You should have reported this directly! No matter when and in what way, it’s extremely dangerous to enter a Nightmare Dungeon without being fully prepared!”

Director Lu stood outside of the medical office and looked at Qiu Ren and Mia lying inside through the window. His hands holding the handles on the corridor turned purple and red.

“Qiu Ren… did report it.” Kan Shaoni reminded him on the side, “When we received the news, the situation seemed to be very urgent. After what happened last time, you’ve been letting Qiu Ren, this kid, make decisions for himself, so this time…”

Director Lu then remembered a message Qiu Ren had sent to the Central Research Institute. He was reporting the detailed situation before.

The message didn’t only state why Mia was here but also the conspiracy of Supernova Pictures and the Gods.

After receiving this message, the Central Research Institute… had a meeting.

When Director Lu learned something had happened to Qiu Ren, he even argued with relevant personnel in the meeting about “whether the news brought by that French Saintess was reliable and how they should deal with it if it was true!”

However, who would have thought that Qiu Ren would have already led the three Lords of Nightmare to the base camp of the enemies before the Central Research Institute even made a rough plan?

Although it was just for gathering information, the thing that Director Lu was most worried about happened after all. Qiu Ren was eroded by the nightmare…

“What about the rescue team of the organization?”

Director Lu wasn’t in the mood to care about these things right now. The most important thing was how they could save Qiu Ren from that Nightmare Dungeon.

“I’m already mobilizing staff, but Director, Qiu Ren is… in the only Level SS Nightmare Dungeon in the world right now. We’ll suffer huge casualties if we just rely on our Dream Explorers.” Kan Shaoni said.

“…Take Qiu Ren to the core area.”

Director Lu mumbled for a while and soon made a decision.

They would dispatch the Generals of the Heavenly Court there to save Qiu Ren.

“Maybe this is what the enemy wants?”

Another group of researchers expressed their concerns.

The enemies already had the thought of polluting the Dream Seeds in their country. Then, if they ask the characters of Journey to the West to go to that dangerous Nightmare Dungeon, it seemed that they would be playing into their hands.

“The reason why we created them at the beginning was to protect ourselves. And now… it’s time.”

Director Lu had made up his mind, but Wanxiang, who had been listening on the side, suddenly stopped him.

“You can’t send the characters from the Heavenly Court there… Mr. Lu, if it’s alright, I can talk to my father about sending the characters of the Three Kingdoms.”

Wanxiang was also an intern at the Central Research Institute. After all, she was a Dream Maker recognized by a Lord of Nightmare like Qiu Ren.

Director Lu knew the daughter of the Director of Ocean Dream Media as well.

“Why not? Give me a reason, Wanxiang.” Director Lu looked at Wanxiang’s expression. She seemed to know something.

Wanxiang fell into hesitation again. She glanced at Qiu Ren lying on the hospital bed and decided to tell him her speculation that might get her into trouble.

“Some characters in the Heavenly Court… might have already been polluted by the nightmare or… have agreed with the army’s idea.”

The reason why Wanxiang said so was that the Dream Maker making a deal with the Army on the square was related to the constructions of the dream scenes of Journey to the West and the Heavenly Court.

“I understand your concern, Wanxiang.” Director Lu had also done some research on the current situation himself.

“All Lords of Nightmare working together to share the whole world” suggested by the Army didn’t only incite the Lords of Nightmare but also quite a lot of dream consciousnesses.

If it weren’t that Qiu Ren had abducted the mother of the Army, which gave the Army a huge blow, many Lords of Nightmare would probably have already joined the alliance.

On the surface, it seemed that all the Lords of Nightmare and dream consciousnesses were just watching.

The Central Research Institute, Supernova Pictures, and other media companies that had Level S Dream Seeds all started to research the possible dangers of “dream consciousnesses turning against Dream Makers.”

“But now, I hope that you can believe in the characters we created. They’ll provide Qiu Ren with necessary help.”

Director Lu also had his own ideas and thoughts. As Wanxiang listened, she could only watch them push Qiu Ren and Mia on the hospital beds to the core area of the Central Research Institute, where they stored the Dream Seed of Journey to the West.

Director Lu said to Kan Shaoni, who was about to enter the Nightmare Dungeon to save Qiu Ren.

Kan Shaoni didn’t ask too much. She directly walked to Wanxiang and put her arm around Wanxiang’s shoulder, comforting her in this way and asking her not to be too worried about Qiu Ren.

Qiu Ren, who was in a coma, was taken below the Level SS Dream Seed that was shining with golden glitters.

The glitters originally floating in this dimension started gathering on Qiu Ren’s body. This also meant that under the command of Director Lu, the Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals of the Heavenly Court had started conquering the Dream Seed where the Army was located using Qiu Ren as the medium.

Actually, Qiu Ren’s condition was quite stable. Mia shared part of the streams of negative emotions from the Shadow Beast.

Although Qiu Ren had control over the Darkin Blade right now, the Shadow Beast that the Darkin Blade devoured was still eroding Qiu Ren.

This was a gift and also a curse from the nightmare.

So, Qiu Ren was trying his best to pull the Darkin Blade away from that Shadow Beast.

He had completely lost contact with the Flash. It looked like the guy had temporarily lost his mind. Right now, the Darkin Blade fighting Baldr was dominated by the will Qiu Ren had constructed for him!

Qiu Ren also had a certain degree of control over the Darkin Blade. When he tried to separate the power of the Darkin Blade and that Shadow Beast, he felt other powerful dream consciousnesses arriving in this Nightmare Dungeon through the body of the Darkin Blade.

One of the dream consciousnesses realized his target wasn’t the Darkin Blade or the Norse God, Baldr, fighting with the Darkin Blade, but… the Dream Maker who seemed to be preyed on by the Darkin Blade before.

That Dream Maker was certainly afraid of dying, and he dared not stay on the square any longer. When Baldr and the Darkin Blade started fighting, he ran inside a building of the Army to hide from the danger.

Unfortunately, once he found a place he considered safe, he was immediately preyed on by someone whom he thought wouldn’t possibly show up here.

Qiu Ren felt that although that dream consciousness wasn’t vicious, it seemed to be ordered to come to get rid of this Dream Maker.

Qiu Ren, who had control over the Darkin Blade, asked the Darkin Blade to stop the movement of that dream consciousness.

“You… can’t kill me. I’m one of your creators!”

That Dream Maker shouted his head off, but that dream consciousness didn’t listen to him at all.

When he was about to make a move and kill this Dream Maker in this Nightmare Dungeon, the Darkin Blade crushed the ceiling of the building with a suffocating smell of blood on him, landing straight between the Dream Maker and that dream consciousness.

“It’s too cruel to kill someone directly. Can you tell me what happened between you?” Qiu Ren asked this dream consciousness through the mouth of the Darkin Blade and said the name of this image, “Erlang Shen?”

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