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Unfortunately… Qiu Ren’s idea fell through.

Wanxiang’s father lived in a small community in North City. The houses there seemed very upscale.

And Qiu Ren was quite lucky. When Wanxiang contacted her father, he wasn’t out due to his tight work schedule and happened to be at home.

It was just that when Wanxiang called her father and told him she was coming home, Qiu Ren heard a hint of panic in her father’s tone.

He panicked because his daughter came home without telling him. Was this guy looking for a stepmother for Wanxiang?

Qiu Ren didn’t know what happened to Wanxiang’s birth mother. However, according to the memory of the owner of this body, her mother had never shown up when she was in high school.

Kan Shaoni also heard a trace of strangeness in the tone of Wanxiang’s father. She had been friends with Wanxiang’s family for a long time, so she drove the car to the community as quickly as possible. She directly led Qiu Ren and Wanxiang to her home.

Once Wanxiang took out the keys and opened the door, Qiu Ren had already smelled the alcohol inside before entering.

It wasn’t a good sign for a man to drink in broad daylight. The strongest possibility was that he had become decadent.

“Uncle Lin.”

Kan Shaoni was the first to enter. She looked like a police officer who was here to investigate a case.

The living room looked very tidy at first glance. Even Kan Shaoni couldn’t find any clues with her reasoning ability, but the smell of alcohol circulating in the air was too obvious.

“Shaoni, why did you come back with Xiao Wan this time? Did something happen to the intern team?”

Lin Wanxiang’s father was called Lin Jianhong. He was a middle-aged man who seemed quite dignified.

He thought that Kan Shaoni would bring his daughter back at this time only because the nightmare intern team at Yangmei University had some problems.

“It’s not about the intern team. Xiao Wan came back to bring someone to meet you, Uncle Lin.”

While speaking, Kan Shaoni realized there was something wrong with how she put it.

However, her realization came too late. Qiu Ren came in from the door, which made Lin Jianhong’s peaceful expression on his face freeze immediately.

His daughter had just started university less than three months ago, yet she had already gotten a boyfriend? Not only that, but she even dared to bring her boyfriend back to meet him?

This was happening way too fast. Lin Jianhong believed that Wanxiang’s boyfriends would think it over for a couple years before coming to meet her father due to her background.

However, when Lin Jianhong recognized Qiu Ren, he found that Qiu Ren indeed had this confidence. A little surprise soon appeared on his stiff face.

“So, it’s Qiu Ren. Director Feng Nian spoke highly of you when he met me a while back. I also agree that you’ve shown the talent you developed during high school after going to university.”

Lin Jianhong knew that Qiu Ren was his daughter’s classmate in high school. He also had a deep impression of Qiu Ren at that time.

Qiu Ren also had remarkable achievements in the field of nightmare construction after going to university. Perhaps normal fans might not have heard of the name of Qiu Ren, this young Dream Maker.

However, the group of Dream Makers of the older generation led by Director Feng Nian was full of expectations for Qiu Ren’s future.

So, in his opinion… Wanxiang bringing Qiu Ren home for a visit today was definitely the most perfect answer he got among many other wrong answers, which would make him so furious that he would break the legs of those bastards!

“Mr. Lin, I came here this time because I have a few plans related to dream construction. I hope that Ocean Dream Media can offer me some help… It’s not what you think.”

Qiu Ren felt like he should change the subject to proper business when he saw the expression of Wanxiang’s father. He looked like he couldn’t wait to tie Qiu Ren up and swallow him.

How could there be a father in the world who would find a terrible man for his daughter?

Qiu Ren’s words calmed Lin Jianhong again. As he listened, he gradually became serious.

“Qiu Ren, with the performance of Batman at the Advent Film Festival and Director Feng Nian’s strong recommendation of you, Ocean Dream Media will definitely support you if you have any ideas for constructing a Dream Movie or Dream Game… I can contact Director Feng Nian for you right now if you want.”

Lin Jianhong didn’t give himself airs, at least for Qiu Ren.

“Mr. Lin, you should have more say than Director Feng in the investment decisions of Ocean Dream Media, right?” Qiu Ren asked.

“This was indeed the case in the past, but it’s different now.” Lin Jianhong glanced at Wanxiang’s confused face and said, “I’m not the chairman of the board and the CEO of Ocean Dream Media anymore.”

“Since… when?”

Qiu Ren glanced at Wanxiang standing next to him. Judging by her expression, it seemed that she was also shocked. When did her father lose his job?

“Let’s take a seat before we continue. Shaoni, you should sit too.”

Lin Jianhong pointed at the sofa in the living room. After Qiu Ren sat down, Lin Jianhong seemed to want to make tea for him. Qiu Ren immediately got up and took the kettle… pouring water for everyone.

“I was originally thinking of telling Xiao Wan about this after she gets the qualification of a National Dream Maker.”

Lin Jianhong sounded a bit dispirited. Qiu Ren also understood why he was drinking during the day.

“Xiao Wan started quite well. She has been recognized by a Level S Nightmare Seed and can now participate in the Alaina Cup… this world-class nightmare event as an intern. These experiences can help her obtain the qualification of a National Dream Maker successfully. Then, she’ll be able to take back the right to construct the Dream Seed left by her mother.

“Her mother…

“The Level S Dream Seed of Eastern Wu among the three Dream Seeds of the Three Kingdoms… was constructed by the dream construction team under Xiao Wan’s mother in the early years. The constructions of Level A to Level S Dream Seeds are all big projects. They are worlds built bit by bit by a team of two to three hundred Dream Makers and a construction team of tens of thousands of people. They’re no less than a national infrastructure project.”

Kan Shaoni said something about the past, “Xiao Wan’s mother fell into a long sleep because of a nightmare-related accident. However, Ocean Dream Media should still be able to control the construction direction of that Level S Dream Seed.”

“No, there were some disputes about the construction direction of the Dream Seed of the Three Kingdoms a while ago. I picked the wrong side and was… asked to step down.”

Lin Jianhong’s “asked to step down” sounded like he was taking it easy, but he was the only one who knew the bitterness and unwillingness hidden behind.

“Dispute? Picked the wrong side? Mr. Lin…” When Qiu Ren wanted to ask further questions, Lin Jianhong put his hand up and made a hand gesture to stop him from asking.

“This isn’t something you should know. Studying at university with peace of mind and getting qualified as a National Dream Maker is better than anything else.” Lin Jianhong said this to both Wanxiang and Qiu Ren.

“Mr. Lin, can I ask one more question? Do you still have your assets?”

Qiu Ren’s question made everyone here dumbfounded.

Kan Shaoni wanted to hit Qiu Ren’s head and reproach him for not knowing how to talk appropriately, while Lin Jianhong smiled wryly and wanted to ask, “Are young people nowadays that straightforward?”

Qiu Ren’s question was like saying, “I hit on your daughter not for anything else but for your money and property!”

Simple, straightforward, and not affected at all!

“I still have some savings. Qiu Ren, with your current achievement, you won’t have to worry about money after you graduate from university in the future,” Lin Jianhong said.

“I’m not worried about it, but my dream consciousnesses are. I’ll just be honest with you, Mr. Lin. I came here this time… to ask you for investment.”

Qiu Ren took out his laptop. There were dream construction plans he had compiled and also multiple plans for Dream Movies and Dream Games that he wanted to make.

Lin Jianhong took Qiu Ren’s laptop with a solemn face and started reading the scripts for several Dream Movies and drama series. He was reading slowly and carefully, which meant that he was indulging in them.

However, when Lin Jianhong was about to tell Qiu Ren whether he was going to invest in the movie or not, he noticed that the main actor especially noted by Qiu Ren was… Erlang Shen.

“Qiu Ren, the main actor is Erlang Shen… Is this the stage name of that actor?” Lin Jianhong asked.

There were still actors in Dream Movies and Dream Games who were somewhat similar to the motion capture actors in the production of 3A games.

“It’s not a stage name. The actor is Erlang Shen, Yang Jian, himself!” Qiu Ren said.

If someone on the outside told him this, he would have thought that person was insane.

And yet, the one sitting in front of him was Qiu Ren, who had two Lords of Nightmare by his side. Lin Jianhong could totally believe that Qiuhe would do such astonishing things like poaching a dream consciousness from the Central Research Institute.

“Qiu Ren, this will cause you big trouble. Besides… you don’t really need to do this. You can find another actor.”

“Mr. Lin, if you were fired, you should know why I’m doing this.” Qiu Ren said as he looked at Lin Jianhong with blazing eyes, “Don’t you want to prove that the side you stand with is in the right?”

The side he stood with was in the right… As Lin Jianhong listened, he remained silent for a while. He then took out his phone and put a report in front of Qiu Ren.

“What’s this?”

“Madam Sun’s… reset report.”

Lin Jianhong said the cruelest word for a dream consciousness, “reset.”

Qiu Ren also became a bit serious when he heard this word. He picked up the report and read through the content inside briefly.

Madam Sun was Sun Shangxiang. It was just that the name Madam Sun was more widely circulated because the scripts about the Three Kingdoms in this world were all based on the Records of the Three Kingdoms.

Madam Sun had the role of “emotion purification” in the Dream Seed of Eastern Wu.

The purpose of their existence was to eliminate the “nightmare pollution” accumulated by the combative characters when they fought on the front line.

This sounded a bit bad, but they were actually doing what a wife should do to help their husbands share the pressure of work.

However, these characters for nightmare purification usually suffered from the most severe pollution.

Once the nightmare pollution exceeded their limit, they would be reset before they lost control. At the same time, the nightmare pollution stored in their bodies would be expelled in the form of Nightmare Seeds.

This was a brutal but effective way for the Dream Seeds to resist nightmare pollution for a long time.

But what about the dream consciousnesses with self-consciousness? The person, who once slept next to them, would turn into a machine with no emotions and consciousness, and then everything would start all over again?

Qiu Ren looked at this report and felt a chill down his spine.

“You want to save them?”

Lin Jianhong had no idea the immortals of the Heavenly Court were planning to work with the Army to overthrow the rule of the Dream Makers.

At this moment, Lin Jianhong only thought that Qiu Ren was like those Dream Makers who knew the truth. He wanted to save the dream characters out of the front line of the battlefield and build a whole new life for them because he pitied them for what they had been through.

“I’ve never thought about saving them. I just want them to work for me. It’s like when a director likes a particular actor; he would definitely cast him in this movie.”

“Do you really think your scripts can satisfy them?”

Lin Jianhong felt like Qiu Ren was hiding something, but the most important thing right now was… could the popularity of the scripts of Qiu Ren’s movie and drama series really support the consumption of these extremely popular dream consciousnesses?

“What do you think, Mr. Lin?” What Qiu Ren said didn’t matter. The opinion of the person in front of his eyes did.

“Totally, but it’ll be a tough road. You’re breaking traditions, and you’ve also poached talents from many dream companies in the industry. You’ll be stopped by them.” Lin Jianhong reminded Qiu Ren.

“Let’s talk about work. We’ll see if the dream consciousnesses like to stay in my productions or their original Dream Dungeons,” Qiu Ren said.

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