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“Qiu Ren, do you know why… they don’t allow dream characters with extremely high combat strength to participate in other dream movies and television works?”

“Because it would reduce their power?”

While Qiu Ren was talking to Lin Jianhong, he jotted down the information needed for the construction of the Dream Dungeons.

Even though it was faster for him to type, Qiu Ren wasn’t writing the script right now. He was connecting the ideas and channels of the various scripts on the table.

There was already a brief script on Qiu Ren’s laptop. He directly printed it out with a printer and put it on the table.

“It’s not that simple. It’ll also distort the personality of the characters to a certain extent. Qiu Ren, you should have learned about it in school.”

Lin Jianhong was an extremely experienced Dream Maker, and he knew a lot of secrets about the Dream Maker industry.

So, he was telling Qiu Ren about the disadvantages of using a dream character with complete memory and personality to play another character with sincere words as a senior.

“Uncle Lin, Qiu Ren is only a freshman this year.” Kan Shaoni reminded Lin Jianhong that Qiu Ren hadn’t learned that part yet, according to the progress of his course.

“I know, but it’s difficult for me to treat him as a university student who hasn’t graduated yet while he’s working.”

Lin Jianhong looked at the well-organized plans Qiu Ren had arranged on the table. He could totally lead a whole team to finish this project as the project manager.

“I’ve been tortured by the Lords of Nightmare during this whole time, so I’m already used to working in such a high-pressure environment.”

Qiu Ren could only beat around the bush casually. In his previous life, he had also been a project manager for four to five years.

Lin Jianhong could see at first glance the calmness and skills Qiu Ren had, which were different from other university students, when he worked.

Lin Jianhong didn’t ask anything further and looked at Qiu Ren with an even more satisfied gaze.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t the CEO of Ocean Dream Media anymore. Even if he still had money, there was nowhere he could use it.

“By the way, Qiu Ren, how many Dream Dungeon Movies are you planning to film?”

Kan Shaoni hadn’t learned much about dream construction, but any normal person could see that Qiu Ren wasn’t working towards a script for one Dream Movie.

So, Kan Shaoni randomly picked up a script called “Titanic” and had a look.

She was just planning to have a look at first, but she was soon attracted by Qiu Ren’s words. And yet, when she finished reading half of the script, she found that it wasn’t finished!

Kan Shaoni almost scolded Qiu Ren and called him a “Content-Splitting Dog.”

However, she held her anger back and started reading another script called “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” While she was feeling touched, she found that he hadn’t finished writing it again.

This made Kan Shaoni a bit mad. She picked up another movie script on the table. However, only the beginning of this script called “King of Comedy” was completed.

At this moment, Kan Shaoni realized that Qiu Ren only wrote a rough outline for the scripts on the table whenever he had an idea.

Judging from how serious Qiu Ren was, it didn’t seem like he was planning to produce each of these scripts one by one or choose a suitable one among them.

“I’m planning to build a complete Dream Dungeon World, featuring themes like romance, family, affections, and daily life. It’s a world that can make those dream consciousnesses who have fought on the battlefield for a long time and have been tired of wars feel warm. It can be regarded as a Romantic Movie Universe?”

Qiu Ren expressed his thoughts.

“You mean… a ‘resort’ for the dream consciousnesses?”

“Hm, a ‘resort’ for dream consciousnesses.” Qiu Ren liked how Kan Shaoni described it.

Simply put, it was a universe of works combining daily life, love, affections, and family. There could also be some superpower elements, but the themes of the stories would still focus on the emotional interaction between characters that healed people’s minds.

“This is a big project. You’ll need a lot of outstanding scripts to support it,” Kan Shaoni said.

“It’s indeed a big project. I can write the scripts slowly and add the storylines one by one. I have confidence I can do it well, but I need a large amount of investment. I also have a lot of choices for the actors,” said Qiu Ren as he glanced at Lin Jianhong. Lin Jianhong only made a hand gesture of “please.”

Any script Qiu Ren put on the table right now was enough for Lin Jianhong to invest a massive sum of money, so Qiu Ren could turn it into a real Dream Dungeon.

It was just that piling those scripts with different styles on the table would make people feel that Qiu Ren was a bit too talented.

However, those scripts still hadn’t been completed. There were also works with just an outline that blew people’s minds.

According to Director Feng Nian, other university students either went to social events or returned to their dorms to play video games after finishing classes, but Qiu Ren rushed back to his dorm to write scripts.

Even without work orders, Qiu Ren would indulge himself in his memory world and try to write those excellent scripts in his memory as much as possible. He would then stock them up like a little squirrel preparing for the winter.

When Qiu Ren was focusing on sorting out the storyline of the “Romantic Movie Universe” in his hands, a long-awaited voice sounded in his consciousness.

Qiu Ren knew that this deep voice came from Batman without guessing.

Qiu Ren had allowed Batman and the Joker to roam freely.

The Joker was still missing while Batman had been hiding in the Nightmare Dungeon of the Army. Now that he had suddenly contacted Qiu Ren, he should have discovered something huge.

“Did you create the character called the Darkin Blade, who’s running wild out there?”

The sound of buildings collapsing could be heard on Batman’s side. It looked like the Darkin Blade was still running amok in the Nightmare Dungeon of the Army. This would continue until the Army was completely eliminated by the Darkin Blade.

“Hm, I did. There were some accidents when he was born, but he’s still controllable at the moment.”

A short silence came from Batman’s side. He didn’t reproach Qiu Ren for this but directly said, “The Army is planning to set you up with this and drag you to the opposite side of humans.”

Upon hearing this, Qiu Ren stopped sorting out the clues in his hands and even said this out loud, scaring Wanxiang, who was reading Qiu Ren’s scripts.

Kan Shaoni pulled out the pistol hidden on her back and thought that dangerous guy was here.

“Please continue. I’m fine. I just need some air.”

Qiu Ren asked Aunt Kan to put away her pistol. He then pulled his collar and directly came to the balcony to continue talking to Batman.

“What exactly is that about?”

Batman sent Qiu Ren a request to share their senses. This was much safer than Qiu Ren returning to the Nightmare Dungeon of the Army in person.

Qiu Ren closed his eyes. When he opened them again, he saw that the superhero, Nighthaven, with a bruised and swollen face, who was beaten up by the Darkin Blade before, was hung up by Batman.

Alright, this could be regarded as Batman’s symbolic act.

What Qiu Ren cared more about was Batman’s location…

This place looked like a conference room… There were people whose faces couldn’t be seen clearly by Qiu Ren hiding everywhere in the shadows.

Qiu Ren knew that the Army was divided into a lot of departments. For example, Riper was a senior member of the Hidden Court, while Alma was a senior member of the Training Academy.

And yet, with the current scale of the Army, they couldn’t support such a large administrative department anymore.

Thinking about what Alma had said before, Qiu Ren felt like the Nightmare Dungeon above the Atlantic Ocean might not be the entire nightmare world of the Army.

The large number of empty seats in the conference room proved Qiu Ren’s suspicion.

However, what Batman was really focusing on was the Commander of the Army, Risor, and another slim person sitting in a wheelchair.

There were many creepy hoses inserted on the back of that slim person, and there was a large amount of black mist in the hoses. Qiu Ren couldn’t tell if she was absorbing the black mist or it was infused into her body.

What caught Qiu Ren’s attention was that her appearance was 70% similar to Alaina’s. To be honest, she would look like Alaina after growing up.

There was a giant projection screen at the center of the conference room. The projected content was the scene where the Darkin Blade was raging in the Nightmare Dungeon of the Army.

The lady in the chair asked, “The Dream Maker who created you is watching right now, right?”

Batman directly nodded without hiding anything.

“It’s a bit sudden to meet you in this way. I’m Alaina’s sister, Suri, but I have another identity that you may be interested in…” Qiu Ren’s face was reflected in her silver-gray pupils. She continued, “I’m the mother of the Shadow Beasts.”

The mother of the Shadow Beasts… Qiu Ren could see the devices on her body. Were they used to suppress her power or to maintain her sanity?

If she lost control completely, it might indicate that the Nightmare Dungeon of the Army would be dominated by the Shadow Beasts.

Some dark shadows also came out from behind Batman. The shadows only formed the ghost mask that Qiu Ren usually wore.

“How can I help you?” Qiu Ren’s voice came from behind the ghost mask.

Qiu Ren dared not enter the Nightmare Dungeon of the Army recklessly this time, not even in the form of consciousness projection.

“Alma has told me that you’re taking care of my sister and asking the members of the Army to fight in your Nightmare Dungeon as the source of power for my sister to recover.”

Suri was talking about the Warzone and the Alaina Cup. Those weren’t bad things for the members of the Army.

Qiu Ren wasn’t asking them to do any shameful job. He just wanted them to kill the enemies on the battlefield like a warrior. In return, they could win the rewards to provide for their mother.

This was a good job recognized by the Hidden Court Master.

And yet, many members of the Army weren’t willing to accept the invitation due to doubts, dignity, and many other reasons.

Even if they really went to fight in Warzone, they were there just to search for the weak spot of this Nightmare Dungeon. Once found, they would invade it and save their mother.

And now, the Commander of the Army, Risor, was someone… with unwavering hatred for the creators.

However, he still arranged for the most mysterious character of the Army to meet and negotiate with Qiu Ren for the bigger picture.

“I think your plan will work. Mr. Dream Maker, we can work together.”

The mother of Shadow Beasts seemed very weak, but her smile always carried a hint of evilness.

“Really? What’s the price?”

Qiu Ren knew once the Army had a stable energy source, he would be able to convince them to give up the power from the Gods, the Heavenly Court, and the superheroes, refusing to unite with these three forces to go against humans.

Then, nothing would happen.

However, things weren’t that simple…

“The price is that we won’t trust you much, Mr. Dream Maker… So, if you really want us to work with you, you must give up all your people and be on our side wholeheartedly.”

Suri sent an invitation to Qiu Ren, asking him to abandon his identity as a human and stand on the side of dream consciousnesses.

“If this is a joke, I don’t find it funny at all,” Qiu Ren said.

“This isn’t a joke. We are already doing this very seriously. Once your people abandon you, fear you, or even see you as a nightmare, you’ll be the perfect partner for us.”

There was still a gloomy, emotionless smile on Suri’s face, making Qiu Ren feel very uncomfortable.

“Do you think that’s possible?” Qiu Ren asked.

“Of course. How much compassion… do you think your people have for the source of nightmare pollution?”

The moment Suri said this, Tapir and Lian almost felt the danger that suffocated them. Batman also yelled at Qiu Ren immediately, “Qiu Ren! Take the character, the Darkin Blade, back!”

“If I could take him back, I would have already done that…”

Qiu Ren instantly realized what this mother of the Shadow Beasts wanted to do. Qiu Ren had thought about this possibility before, but there was no reason for the Army to use such a tactic that would cause great losses for both parties…

However, Qiu Ren still underestimated the degree of the madness of the Army!

At this moment, Qiu Ren looked at the screen showing the Darkin Blade on the side… Following the roaring sound of a huge number of Shadow Beasts, they all flocked to the Darkin Blade and were devoured and absorbed by him. This curse completely turned into the Darkin Blade’s viciousness, Qiu Ren’s power!

“You… will regret giving me so much power from the Shadow Beast.” Qiu Ren was already panting heavily when he said this.

“It’s alright. Even if you use this power to build a new dungeon, it will be a Nightmare Dungeon… You’ll become the Nightmare Dungeon itself. Your people will be disgusted and repelled by you, and you’ll be imprisoned! It’s meaningless even if you drag us in.”

Suri watched the black mist, which Qiu Ren had turned into, spread around the entire conference room with an emotionless gaze.

“We’ve lived in the apocalypse for too long, so we’ll be able to do well even if we go to another one.”

Qiu Ren looked at the plan for the Romantic Movie Universe in his hands. As he felt the Nightmare Dungeon in his consciousness that began to form gradually using the power he got by devouring Shadow Beasts, a bold idea came to his mind.

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