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Qiu Ren walked back to the coffee table from the balcony. Due to the raging negative emotions in his body, he almost lost control and fell to the ground.

“Qiu Ren!”

Luckily, Kan Shaoni noticed something unusual and helped Qiu Ren before he fell.

“I’m fine… Help me to the table.”

Qiu Ren found that it was a bit difficult for him to walk now.

“Qiu Ren, your…”

Kan Shaoni saw that Qiu Ren’s right pupil had already been shrouded in black color.

This was a symptom of being highly polluted by a Lord of Nightmare. If he was in Fengdu Prison, he would have been shot and executed directly!

She made a mistake!

Seeing Qiu Ren like this, feelings of panic and self-blame filled her heart.

Kan Shaoni knew she shouldn’t have brought Qiu Ren out of the Central Research Institute. She should have forced him to stay there. Then… Then…

“Sister Shaoni.” Qiu Ren’s slightly weak voice sounded in her ears, “Ever since… I met you in Fengdu Prison, I knew that it’s impossible for me to avoid such a situation today. Being able to save so many people, I… don’t regret anything, not even now.”

It was almost impossible to avoid the consequences of a Nightmare Maker being eroded by a nightmare.

Even if the Nightmare Makers remained in contract with the Lords of Nightmare for more than a decade, most of them ended up being devoured by the nightmares.

Qiu Ren had said that to Tapir and also to Kan Shaoni next to him.

Kan Shaoni froze as she listened to Qiu Ren. She found herself being motivated by a junior, who hadn’t even been in the nightmare industry for a year, after working in the industry for so many years.

She immediately felt a bit embarrassed.

The previous work experience in Fengdu Prison made Kan Shaoni understand that she must be cold-blooded in this industry. She must get used to her comrades leaving her. It was the same now.

Kan Shaoni helped Qiu Ren to the sofa and let him sit.

“Qiu Ren.”

“Mr. Lin…” Qiu Ren didn’t talk nonsense. He directly took out a dozen Dream Seeds. They were all rewards Tapir and Lian gave Qiu Ren.

Most of the seeds were Level B Dream Seeds. There were a total of thirteen of them.

Qiu Ren had nowhere to use these precious Dream Seeds, so he took all of them out and put them in front of Lin Jianhong.

“This is my principal! Together with your investment, I hope to establish a company that records, films, and releases my Romantic Movie Universe with you.”

It was as if Qiu Ren was writing his will when he said this.

“Every script on the table is worth my big investment, but Qiu Ren, can you really complete the Dream Dungeon you talked about in such a condition?”

Lin Jianhong had also noticed something unusual in Qiu Ren’s body. His right eye, which was eroded by the nightmare, was indeed too terrifying.

“I’m already on it,” Qiu Ren said.

“With… which Dream Seed?” Lin Jianhong glanced over the Level B Dream Seeds on the table.

Tapir and Lian had never hidden anything from Qiu Ren. The Level B Dream Seeds they produced were all of the best quality.

And yet, Level B Dream Seeds couldn’t carry the Romantic Movie Universe Qiu Ren was planning. Even if they could… The actors inside all came from Level S Dream Dungeons and Level S Nightmare Dungeons.

So, Qiu Ren needed a more powerful and more terrifying carrier.

The Nightmare Dungeon formed by the Shadow Beasts that surged in the Darkin Blade’s body in the Nightmare Seed of the Army was very suitable for that.

According to Qiu Ren’s perception right now, it should be another Level S Nightmare Dungeon.

“It’s extended from me, or I should say, from the Level SS Nightmare Seed on the Atlantic Ocean.”

“A Nightmare Seed?”

This was the first time Lin Jianhong had heard about using a Nightmare Seed for a romantic script. What kind of production would be created? A bloody and healing romantic drama series?

“What’s good about the Nightmare Seed of the Army is that it’s not a picky eater. I can do whatever I want with the lower-level Nightmare Dungeon extended from it. It’s just that the erosion of the nightmare makes it hard for me to maintain my self-consciousness.”

Qiu Ren said as a brand appeared on his palm. He was about to give it to Lin Jianhong.

“Mr. Lin, I’m now giving you the right to record and film inside this Nightmare Dungeon. There will be a lot of amazing love stories that go according to my scripts… in this Nightmare Dungeon. You just need to film them and make them into movies and drama series, releasing them in movie theaters, television, or streaming platforms. I can guarantee you that their popularity will never be low.”

“What about the actors?”

Lin Jianhong could see Qiu Ren’s realization. He accepted Qiu Ren’s request and had also restored his serious attitude when he worked.

“I’ll create part of the main characters. They’ll act according to the personality arranged in the scripts. The other portion of the actors… will be the members of the Army and those from World of Gods, Superhero World, and the Heavenly Court who need reformation and rest. Whether they’re willing or not, they must complete the script I arrange for them in the Romantic Movie Universe, or they won’t be able to leave!”

Qiu Ren wasn’t planning to let go of the members of the Army, who had set him up in the first place.

In the Nightmare Dungeon of the Army, Qiu Ren had already devoured the members of the Army who weren’t willing to go to Warzone. He used the power of the Shadow Beasts swallowed by the Darkin Blade.

Those members included the Commander and the mother of the Shadow Beasts, Suri… They were all thrown into the Nightmare Dungeon of Qiu Ren’s Romantic Movie Universe.

Qiu Ren had arranged characters for them, both protagonists and supporting roles. It was absolutely impossible for them to escape before they finished their scripts.

When the actions of the characters they played in the dungeon were filmed into movies and drama series and were released, the effect would be the same as when they went to Warzone to participate in the Alaina Cup. They would become living batteries for Alaina to absorb energy.

Anyway, the mother of the Shadow Beasts, Suri, had kind of paid the price for what she did. The Army should now be in a state of semi-paralysis.

Before leaving this Romantic Movie Universe, they probably wouldn’t be able to continue conspiring with the Gods, the Heavenly Court, and the superheroes to dominate humans anymore.


Qiu Ren gazed at Wanxiang, who had been silent, and showed her the scorching hot brand on his hand.

“My consciousness will probably be dragged into the torrent of the construction of that Nightmare Dungeon and I’ll lose myself temporarily, turning into some character inside. I need someone to come find me and wake me up… This should be someone close to me. Also, it’s still a Level S Nightmare Dungeon. Wanxiang, you…”

Before Qiu Ren finished talking, Wanxiang suddenly grabbed Qiu Ren’s hand with the hot brand. They just couldn’t interlace their fingers.

“I’m just… trying to help you as your former classmate. Besides, I like the scripts you wrote a lot.”

The reason why Wanxiang hadn’t been talking before was that she was reading the script of “White Album 2” that Qiu Ren wrote.

However, before she finished reading it, she found that Qiu Ren’s symptoms of being corrupted by the nightmare had become a lot more serious.

“Thank you.”

Qiu Ren collapsed on the sofa after doing this. He had already sent actor invitations to most of the dream consciousnesses he knew.

They could take part in the movies if they wanted, but Qiu Ren wouldn’t force them if they didn’t… Tapir, Mia, Lian, Alma, and Alaina were all eligible to enter.

Right now, Qiu Ren only needed to focus on building the Romantic Movie Universe.

“Qiu Ren… The Dream Explorers from the Central Research Institute are here. It seems that they’ve got guns,” Kan Shaoni listened to the movements outside the door and said.

“Let them take me back. I hope they won’t cut me open by then.” Qiu Ren joked.

“I won’t let them do so! I guarantee you with my life.”


After saying this, Qiu Ren closed his eyes and started immersing himself in the world of dream construction.

Shadow Beasts were transformed from the members of the Army, who were devoured by negative emotions and lost control completely.

So, their power came from the raging and almost suffocating negative emotions.

“I’m going to kill everyone!”

“None of you can live.”

“Let me see what’s inside your stomach!”

These ferocious and terrifying words kept echoing in Qiu Ren’s ears, but the scenes in movies and drama series that were full of warmth, daily life, and sunlight appeared in his mind. Although there were also some plots that gave people a stomach ache… in the romantic and everyday movies and drama series, the audience would still feel healed when they watched till the end.

Come one. Let’s use the bloody nightmare to build this Romantic Movie Universe that makes people feel warm.

Members of the Army… If you want to escape from this nightmare, impress a couple of female protagonists first.