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The mother of the Shadow Beasts, Suri, heard the sound of the alarm and got up from her bed with a drowsy look.

She directly pressed the alarm in her bed hard with her hand, as she was exhausted.

However, after pressing the alarm, Suri immediately woke up in shock…

What alarm?

Ever since the disaster of the Shadow Beasts destroyed her home, it had been almost a few decades since she closed her eyes. She remained the carrier of the Shadow Beasts.

The most important thing was, once Suri sat on the “throne” that restrained the Shadow Beasts, she had never been able to enjoy the warmth of the bed again.

So, where was she?

Suri sat up and looked around vigilantly.

Where was this place?

This was apparently a room of a female high school senior who was even a straight-A student.

Learning materials were all over the desk. There were also some cute cartoon stickers, and a pleasant shampoo scent permeated the room.

Every detail in the room showed Suri that someone had been living here for a long time.

And this was her room.

“A… sophomore? What memory is this?”

Suri clutched her forehead, digesting the memories that had suddenly rushed to her. These were the memories of a female high school senior, instead of the mother of the Shadow Beasts.

“The Nightmare Dungeon that guy built?”

Suri quickly reacted and realized she might be in the Nightmare Dungeon constructed by Qiu Ren. She was even playing the role of a female high school senior inside.

So, what kind of apocalypse was in this Nightmare Dungeon? When Suri wanted to take a look at the scenery outside the window, the door of her room suddenly opened.

This made Suri lift her hand and point it at the door instinctively. She had powerful distorting power in the Nightmare Dungeon of the Army and could squeeze steel into paper balls.

But nothing happened when she raised her hand here.

Her ability was being suppressed?

Suri picked up the alarm in her bed to use it as a weapon, but the person with a petite figure standing at the door made her hand pause.

It was her sister, Alaina.

“Sister, wake up!”

After yelling at her dirty sister, Alaina shut the door and left before Suri could say something to stop her.

“Alaina… Is that the real Alaina?”

Suri could feel that the person who showed up just now was her sister’s original body, not an illusion made by that Dream Maker.

Had her sister been dragged into this Nightmare Dungeon as well?

Suri looked at this familiar and also unfamiliar room in confusion. After pondering for a while, she decided to get down and take a look around.

However, when her slender legs stepped on the floor, Suri lost her balance and directly dropped to the ground.

She remembered now. She hadn’t used her feet for many years in the Nightmare Dungeon of the Army.

But… she could walk now.

In this Nightmare Dungeon, the torture and suppression of her consciousness from the Shadow Beasts seemed to have vanished.

Suri hit her thighs with her hands and stood up bit by bit using the edge of the bed as support.


Suri was quite satisfied with the body in this Nightmare Dungeon. Compared to her exhausted self in the dungeon of the Army, this was a healthier body of a female high school senior.

However, she still hadn’t gotten used to it. She held onto the wall and walked out of her room, then slowly came downstairs to the living room.

She looked at her sister, who was sitting at the table with a pair of chopsticks in her hand. She swung her legs as she waited for her breakfast.

Suri was still holding the alarm in her hand. Apart from her sister, there was someone else making breakfast for her in the kitchen.

“You’re finally awake? You’ll be late if you don’t go to school quickly.”

The Master of the Training Academy, Alma, walked out of the kitchen. Judging by her casual loungewear, she should be Suri and Alaina’s grandma.

“Do you… really have to cooperate with the Dream Maker and act, Master Alma?”

Suri put down the alarm in her hand after seeing it was Alma. She held onto the wall like she was on her periods and came to sit at the dining table weakly.

“I must cooperate. If you want to get out of this Nightmare Dungeon, you should do the same and accumulate your own energy. if not, you may have to be a female high school senior here your entire life.”

Alma sounded like she was teasing Suri. She put two portions of fried eggs onto the plates of the sisters.

“That’s not necessary! I just need to find the other members of the Army scattered in this Nightmare Dungeon, then gather their power to break through the barriers of the dungeon.”

Suri wasn’t planning to act according to the script written by that Dream Maker.

She just had to break through the Nightmare Dungeon built by Qiu Ren. Then, she could officially announce that he had become her possession, or the Army’s possession. He would be standing on the opposite side of humans.

“Where are you going to find them?” Alma said as she gave Suri a glass of milk.

“Of course…”

Suri suddenly gazed at the TV in the living room. The TV announcer was reporting the news about the world-class cruise, Titanic, that was about to set sail.

“How big is this Nightmare Dungeon?” Suri immediately asked the most important question.

“According to my inference, it may be half the size of the real world. There are causal lines of various kinds of plots everywhere and some parallel dimensions of ancient times. This world seems to be divided into different areas as well. Before you accumulate enough power, you won’t be able to break through the border of a story area.”

Alma told Suri the news that drove her crazy. This Nightmare Dungeon wasn’t ordinarily huge.

That Dream Maker might have thrown the members of the Army he swallowed to different places in this Nightmare Dungeon to torture their bodies and minds, causing them to lose their self-consciousness and become zombies in the end!

Suri must find as many members of the Army as possible before such a bad situation happened.

“Accumulate energy? How…? Swallow the ‘living creatures’ in this Nightmare Dungeon?” Suri asked as she picked up the knife with her hand.

Under such an extreme situation, the most common way was to kill and then devour the living creatures in the Nightmare Dungeon.

“Yes, that’s the way, but there are some more efficient methods.”

Alma pointed at the plate of fried eggs in front of Suri.

“Food made with nightmares is mostly tasteless… Wait.” Suri smelled the fragrance of the fried egg.

That Dream Maker shouldn’t have used extra resources to add flavors to the food in this Nightmare Dungeon.

And yet, Suri’s sense of smell told her that the fried eggs in front of her were flavorful. It wasn’t the taste made by Qiu Ren but a kind of original sweetness.

After a bite, Suri asked Alma directly, “What did you use to make this plate of food?”

“Ratings? I remember that’s the word used by the creators. The attention the creators in the real world give you gathers to become our basic source of energy,” Alma explained patiently.

“I’ve never shown up in front of the creators before. Where did the attention come from?” Suri asked.

Alma didn’t answer her question. Suddenly, she took out an outfit that gave Suri goosebumps out of nowhere. It was her school uniform.

“You should go to school now. You can’t get any shots here, let alone absorb energy,” said Alma.

Suri wanted to say, “How dare you ask me to put this on?”

However, looking at the Master of the Training Academy’s smiling face and thinking about the mission of saving the other members of the Army, Suri suppressed the shame she had never experienced in decades.

“How long have you not talked to strangers, Your Highness?”

While dressing Suri, Alma even helped Suri fix her long light-silver hair.

“Forty-four years. However, I deal with the important matters of the Army every day, so my communication skills never get worse. I won’t have stage fright.”

Suri looked at herself in the mirror on the table.

Her pale face and lips finally became ruddy and glowed, but she knew that this was just an illusion shown in this Nightmare Dungeon.

The real her was still being tortured to a skeleton by the Shadow Beasts in the Nightmare Dungeon of the Army.

“Alright, I’ll take care of Alaina here. You should also do your duty as a mother.”

The duty as a mother.

Suri knew that she must lead her own kind to survive.

“You didn’t prepare weapons for me?’

Suri took the backpack Alma gave her and found that there was no weapon at all. There were only a bunch of textbooks. The only thing that could barely be considered a weapon was the cutter.

“You can’t use weapons in this dungeon,” Alma said.

Can’t use weapons? This is a Nightmare Dungeon!

Before Suri could say this, Alma had already kicked her out of the house…

She was finally standing on a street filled with sunlight after so many years. There was no such thing as sunlight in the Nightmare Dungeon of the Army.

She could even hear the singing sound of some kind of creature around her. Unlike the horrifying roar of the Shadow Beasts, it was softer and more melodious.

Is this really a Nightmare Dungeon?

While Suri was stunned, she started sensing the place where the most “energy” gathered. It was the place Alma called the “focus of the world,” or the “focus of the cameras.”

She followed her perception and stumbled along the way, coming to a building complex quite smoothly.

Suri glanced at the sign on the side of the gate, which wrote, “Qiancheng Province Main High School.”

High school… This would be the place where she could absorb energy most easily.

There were memories of the female high school senior in Suri’s mind after all. Even though there weren’t many, they still led her to this high school. She could hear the enthusiastic and energetic voices of the high school students everywhere.

They all seemed to have self-consciousness?

Suri looked at the high school seniors fooling around in awe. Their facial expressions told Suri that they were very much alive.

How did that Dream Maker do that?

Characters with self-consciousness in a Dream Dungeon required a long time to temper and brew. Even Level S Dream Seeds could only have at most six to seven characters with self-consciousness.

Just like that, Suri thought about the dream-making skills of that Dream Maker in awe as she followed the memories of the female high school senior and came all the way to her classroom.

After she sat down in her seat, nobody came to talk to her.

In Suri’s memory, she didn’t seem to have very good interpersonal relationships. She was unsociable, like an ice queen who wandered outside the crowd.

She liked her personality in this Nightmare Dungeon.

She wasn’t in a good mood. Besides, it wasn’t necessary and was impossible for her to hang out with these dream consciousnesses, even though they had a high degree of self-consciousness.

After sitting down, Suri took out her phone, this information-searching device, and began looking for info related to the other members of the Army on the Internet of the Nightmare Dungeon.

Before absorbing energy, she must confirm where her comrades were scattered.

The Internet in this Nightmare Dungeon was very realistic. News and development of the different storylines could be found through channels such as news reports.

Suri searched on the Internet and really found an important name… Risor.

“Cruel murder happens in Holiday Resort again. Cold-blooded killer Risor commits another crime.”

The current leader of the War Court of the Black Mist Army was called Risor! He was one of the most powerful forces of the Army, and he even had a higher authority than the mothers, Suri and Alaina, in terms of commanding the Army.

The two mothers were just mascots. The Council of the Army was the one that truly had the authority to make decisions, and Risor was the most important person who decided the development of the Army.

He was also trapped in this Nightmare Dungeon!

“Holiday Resort.”

Suri skillfully used the phone’s map function to search for a bit and found that this hotel was in a city nearby.

If she drove on the highway, she would be there in four hours!

What should she do? She should definitely go and meet the Commander. Besides, if the storylines of the Nightmare Dungeon were scattered in different areas, Risor’s location must be the focus of the cameras.

Thinking of this, Suri didn’t hesitate anymore. She wasn’t in the mood of being a female high school senior. She directly got up and left the classroom.

After she walked for a few steps, she ran into… someone with an aura that couldn’t be more familiar.

That was the Dream Maker who constructed this Nightmare Dungeon!

After getting familiar with the control of this body, Suri made a swift response and directly grabbed the tie of the Dream Maker.

“So, that’s what you really look…” Suri grabbed the Dream Maker’s collar and said to this man in front of her eyes.

Fuck! Why am I being recognized so quickly?

Qiu Ren looked into the eyes of the mother of the Shadow Beasts, the woman who was now his senior.

Although Qiu Ren had expected to be dragged into this Romantic Movie Universe and that he wouldn’t be able to leave temporarily, it was quite surprising for Qiu Ren that he could retain his self-consciousness.

After that, Qiu Ren looked around. When he found that he was in the script area of the “campus teen rom-com,” he came to school without any psychological stress at all.

This was a resort he built anyway. It was good for him to rest for a while here.

But now, you’re fucking telling me that the female protagonist of this “campus teen rom-com” is the big boss of my enemy, the mother of Godzilla who can command a group of them to destroy the world?

What kind of campus rom-com was this?

“Senior… Can I help you?” Qiu Ren could only pretend he didn’t know anything.

“You couldn’t bear the corruption of the torrent of Shadow Beasts and lost your memory? That may be better. Follow me!”

Suri caught the Dream Maker of this Nightmare Dungeon herself this time. She felt like she was one step closer to the success of her plan.

However, before she could drag Qiu Ren out of the school building, a figure that made Suri feel danger stood at the end of the corridor ahead of her.

“It’s time for class. Where are you two going?”

Tapir was the person who said this, but her identity in this Nightmare Dungeon… was a teacher.

Qiu Ren was glad that he had kept a card up his sleeve. Tapir should be able to control this raging mother of the Shadow Beasts. Even if she didn’t want to act according to the arrangement of the script, she should also stay in front of the camera obediently.

How can you run to another set right after we meet? Just stay in this “campus teen rom-com” production and be the female protagonist.

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