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In the Central Research Institute in the real world.

As the mother of the Shadow Beasts expected, Qiu Ren had become a source of nightmare pollution in reality…

And yet, this source of pollution didn’t swallow human consciousness but the characters in the other Dream Dungeons instead.

The characters devoured by Qiu Ren right now included the immortals of the Heavenly Court, among which Erlang Shen was the most important one, two superheroes from Superhero World, some Gods from World of Gods, and the nightmare consciousness from the Army.

This was the first time the Central Research Institute had encountered such a situation. They also wanted to send their rescue team inside to save the characters stuck in the Nightmare Dungeon.

However, there was no channel or way to enter the dungeon at the moment.

Luckily, even after encountering such a bad Dream Seed pollution incident, the Central Research Institute still put Qiu Ren in safe containment.

Lin Jianhong also came to argue with the Central Research Institute and used all his connections and means to get permission to broadcast the events that happened in the Nightmare Dungeon in the form of a dynamic performance version.

The connections he established in the industry played a role at this time.

Lin Jianhong formed an entire director shooting team in an extremely short period.

He could now film the exciting plots in each storyline in the Nightmare Dungeon built by Qiu Ren and show them to the people around the whole world in the form of a dynamic performance version.

The Chief Director of the team was still Director Feng Nian. When he heard that Qiu Ren was in danger, he accepted the position of Chief Director immediately without hesitation.

Director Feng Nian had to monitor the plot development of seven, eight, or even a dozen movies and drama series at the same time. This was a huge challenge for his career as a director. Hence, being able to write so many scripts at once, Qiu Ren was even more like a monster in his eyes.

“Qiu Ren’s storyline… doesn’t have anything interesting at the moment.”

Director Feng Nian sat in the director’s chair and looked at the enormous projection screen formed by a dozen giant screens in front of his eyes.

The “protagonists” of every storyline in Qiu Ren’s Nightmare Dungeon could be seen on the projection screen.

Qiu Ren was one of them. It was just that he and the mother of the Shadow Beasts, Suri, on the screen, were directly taken to the staff office to have a time out.

“Is the script… not going smoothly?”

Wanxiang was also sitting here to monitor the whole situation. She wasn’t in a hurry to go into the Nightmare Dungeon where Qiu Ren was located. She must figure out what role she had to play first before entering the dungeon to make the story better.

“Hm, I don’t know where that dream character, Suri, came from. She’s not following the script quite well. However, the storylines in a few other areas are going smoothly, especially the story about the killer.”

Director Feng Nian switched his main screen to the one with that killer.

Meanwhile, Director Feng Nian had already started live-broadcasting the “dynamic performance version” of these storylines on a specialized website.

The dynamic performance version was one of the favorite benefits that the movie fans in this world enjoyed the most.

Some fans even liked watching the dynamic performance version of the movies more, rather than going into the Dream Dungeons to interact with the characters themselves.

A large number of fans especially enjoyed such a “dynamic performance version” when the movie dungeon was still in production!

In normal movie production, the director would selectively film what the protagonist did during the story for the movie’s pace.

And yet, the dynamic performance version during the production was different. Fans could watch every move in the daily life of the characters without missing a second. They could even watch them sleep.

This could totally be regarded as an enhanced version of “The Truman Show.”

Among the stories written by Qiu Ren, Titanic was about to set sail, that killer had just received a new order, some Taoist was traveling down the mountain, Qiu Ren had already been sent to a time out by his teacher in his rom-com before it started…

With the adjustments of Director Feng Nian and several Deputy Directors under him, the daily life of the characters in these stories and movie scripts was shown in front of all the audiences in a highly delicate manner.

The two dynamic performance versions with the highest popularity right now were the departure of Titanic and the cold-blooded slaughter of that killer.

However, they weren’t really popular either. There were only two thousand people watching the storyline about the killer at the moment.

Even though Lin Jianhong had used a lot of advertising methods, it was a bit too hasty… Besides, the plots of the two storylines still hadn’t reached the exciting parts.

No! The storyline of the killer seemed to have developed to the most amazing part.

“Stop filming the male protagonist on shopping! Switch the shot to the female protagonist. Show the audience her living condition!” Director Feng Nian started adjusting the shots according to the script outline left by Qiu Ren.

Although a dynamic performance version would show the audience every detail of the life of the characters, the director was still responsible for using the cameras to tell the whole story clearly.

When and which character he should film, from which angle he should shoot this character to make the story smoother were all things Director Feng Nian had to do!

So, after the male protagonist in the killer storyline killed all his targets, Director Feng Nian decisively switched the shot to the female protagonist of this storyline.

Risor hadn’t bought anything for a long time already.

Food and supplies in the Army were centralized and rationed. There was no currency or economic system at all.

He hadn’t walked on such a crowded, bustling street for a long time. The breath of life and liveliness on the street made this general, who had been fighting with the Shadow Beasts on the front line for decades, want to stay.

However, he knew that everything was fake. It was an environment constructed by that Dream Maker.

What he had to do was the same as what the mother, Suri, thought. He must think of a way to gather the other members of the Army and break through the restraints of this Nightmare Dungeon, returning to their “reality.”

And yet, his strength was restricted in this Nightmare Dungeon, and he became an ordinary person. His body was only slightly stronger than that of normal people at best.

Luckily, the identity of a killer in this Nightmare Dungeon allowed him to collect a large number of firearms and weapons to increase his combat power.

Risor walked towards his temporary apartment with a huge bag of food.

Not only was his physical stamina restricted to that of an ordinary person, but he also began to feel hungry quite frequently.

As a dream consciousness, eating human food was originally useless for him…

However, when he came to this Nightmare Dungeon, he ate a hot dog because of hunger and found that it wasn’t only flavorful, but it could also make him full.

This hot dog was made with emotional energy from the outside world.

After that, Risor discovered that every time he completed a murder mission and went to buy food, he could get a certain number of energy supplies.

This might be the energy from the creators.

Simply put, the excitement that the audiences felt when they watched Risor, this cold-blooded killer, slaughter people was directly taken in by him.

Risor didn’t want to accept this power, but he had no other choice. He had to get out of this Nightmare Dungeon.

What should he do next?

Risor pondered as he came to the corridor of the floor where he lived. He had just walked a few steps when a female voice stopped him.


Risor stopped walking and put his hand on the pistol under his coat.

Since Risor had killed residents in this Nightmare Dungeon, he knew what these people in the dungeon were made of—Shadow Beasts.

They had the ability to kill him as well. Risor dared not think about the consequence of dying in this Nightmare Dungeon, so he was on his guard all the time.

But when he turned around, he found that the one who greeted him was a little girl.

She stretched her legs out of the corridor railing, wearing a pair of manga pantyhose. She sized Risor up out of curiosity.

Risor also did the same. Perhaps due to his illusion, Risor felt like the attention of this world was focused on this helpless, poor little girl.

He didn’t want to talk to this little girl at first, but he felt that a stream of energy rushed to him when he looked at her.

Should he talk to her? As if he was guided by destiny, Risor noticed many details about the little girl.

“Why are you hiding the cigarette?” Risor asked.

“Because there are a lot of informers in the corridor.”

The little girl seemed very cautious. She looked at him with her eyes like a fawn’s.

“What’s wrong with your face?” Risor stared at the girl and asked.

The little girl seemed to be avoiding this subject. She turned her face to the side slightly, then used her black hair to cover the bruises on her face…

“I fell off my bike.”

At this moment, Risor felt the energy flow become more obvious.

In fact, this was because the fans watching the dynamic performance version were cheering. “They finally talked! They finally talked!”

“A middle-aged assassin with a little girl who suffers from domestic abuse… This is exactly what I like! The atmosphere of this movie is truly amazing!”

These comments from the audience, which Risor couldn’t see, flashed on the website.

Risor wanted to continue talking to the little girl, but the sounds from her home made him vigilant again.

Since the little girl lived in this building, he could come to find her again after he settled down.

Risor left like just that. When he walked out of the screen, Director Feng Nian swung his fist happily.

“Great! The number of people watching is about to break through four thousand! Let’s just start promoting the storyline of the killer first. Pay attention to the shooting angles and the gradual introduction of soundtracks. We must nail the sorrowful atmosphere of the last century.”

Wanxiang watched the storyline of the killer, whose number of views was gradually increasing, and the campus storyline that not many people were paying attention to at the moment, which was also where Qiu Ren was.

“I’m ready. I can enter this Nightmare Dungeon anytime,” Wanxiang said to Director Feng Nian.

“You’re ready? Wanxiang, what role are you going to play?”

Director Feng Nian didn’t slow down after hearing Wanxiang’s request. She was one of the few people who had the right to enter this Nightmare Dungeon right now. This meant that she could fill up the missing roles in each storyline flexibly.

“The script of Qiu Ren’s storyline…”

“Qiu Ren’s storyline is, in fact, quite messy. Basically, it’s a combination of the ideas of some campus romance plots. However, there are many powerful dream consciousnesses in Qiu Ren’s area. There should be someone you know inside. Wanxiang, what… character are you going to play?” asked Director Feng Nian.

“Hm, there must be… a love rival after all,” Wanxiang said.

If a romantic story had to attract people, a love rival must enter the battlefield to make the story exciting enough! She couldn’t stand watching that bad woman from the Army drag Qiu Ren around anymore.

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