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Tapir really wanted to give Qiu Ren some time alone with this girl of the same age.

Since Tapir was Qiu Ren’s contractor, she knew his current mental state better than anyone else.

Even with the protection from her and Lian, the erosion of the Shadow Beasts had brought Qiu Ren quite a lot of side effects. One of them was that the loss of Qiu Ren’s human nature and memory was getting more and more serious.

If the members of the Army had the chance of becoming Shadow Beasts when they were starving, then Qiu Ren would suffer from malnutrition.

Qiu Ren must take in some emotions that boys of his age should have. The feeling of love that made his heart thump was very suitable.

Unfortunately, Tapir was too unfit for Qiu Ren in terms of mentality, physical age, and even race. If not, she might have played the role herself this time.

But now, Qiu Ren was facing someone who was even more of a mismatch for him, the mother of the Shadow Beasts!

Although Suri only looked seventeen or eighteen on the outside, Tapir could sense that her actual age was only a generation younger than her.

Such an old woman could play the sacred role of a female high school senior?

However, Tapir could only watch from the side and leave some space for Qiu Ren and Suri to be alone.

Tapir had now stepped outside of the office to observe their movements in the office.

The mother of the Shadow Beasts solved problems by force and carried a cutter with her to defend herself.

For Qiu Ren’s safety, Tapir waited outside the office, just in case the mother of the Shadow Beasts took things to heart and killed Qiu Ren.

So, Tapir was feeling strange at this moment… like she was watching two pandas mate.

But the female panda didn’t want to mate at all. She just wanted to run out of the cage.

“Do you really have no memory of the world outside the Nightmare Dungeon?”

When Suri saw Tapir leave the office temporarily, she immediately asked Qiu Ren.

“Nightmare Dungeon? Senior… What are you talking about?”

Hearing Qiu Ren’s reply, Suri thought he had truly lost his memories of the world outside the Nightmare Dungeon.

This was a common symptom after being eroded by the Shadow Beasts. Although Suri still suspected that Qiu Ren was pretending, she didn’t have proof. It was meaningless even if she did.

Suri looked around the entire staff office and realized that she couldn’t find anything she could use to tie Qiu Ren up and take him away.

Even if she did find something, she probably wouldn’t be able to take him with such a fragile body.

Her priority right now was to look for the other members of the Army, unite them, and get out of this Nightmare Dungeon.

After Suri confirmed this, she pulled the window of the staff office open and was about to escape the school.

“Senior, isn’t that too dangerous?”

Qiu Ren could only try his best to act right now. However, Suri’s act of climbing over the window and running away indeed looked like something the female protagonist in a campus rom-com would do.

“I don’t have time to play this stupid game with you. Once I gather all my soldiers, I’ll destroy this nightmare.”

Suri immediately crossed the window, leaving the staff office.

Hearing her threatening declaration, Qiu Ren scratched his face a bit speechlessly. A female protagonist who had eighth-grade syndrome?

However, Qiu Ren didn’t stop her. Suri rolled over the window successfully and left the school building, beginning her first-ever journey of skipping school.

This journey didn’t go smoothly, though. She got lost on the campus.

Qiancheng Province Main High School covered quite a huge area. When Suri circled the campus once and was a bit tired, someone suddenly got near her from behind.

This made Suri pull out the cutter she carried with her and point it at that person.

“Suri, it’s me, not the teacher!”

“Who are you?” Suri stared at the girl who suddenly came up to her. She was also wearing a uniform like Suri did and was pushing a transport called a “motor scooter.”

“I’m Yaoji. Suri, you don’t remember me?” that girl said worriedly.

Yaoji… Who?

Suri recalled her memories as a female high school senior and found that the person in front of her was one of her few friends in school.

And yet, other than the setting in the Nightmare Dungeon, she had more of a feeling that this girl before her eyes seemed familiar, as if she was one of her own kind.

But Suri was certain that this girl wasn’t a member of the Army.

“I know this name…”

Suri pondered for a while and guessed the real identity of the girl. However, before Suri spoke, the girl asked with a smile on her face as she leaned over to Suri, “Are you trying to skip school?”

Skip school? I’m trying to escape from this world… However, she indeed couldn’t even go out of this campus, so she nodded subconsciously.

“Suri, you’ve finally reached this age.”

She showed an “I-get-it” expression, then patted the back seat of her motor scooter.

“Get on! Let me skip school with you today.”


This was the first time Suri had seen such a primitive transport. She looked for a while and still couldn’t find anywhere she could sit.

Yaoji pulled Suri’s slim waist without hesitation and put her in the back seat of the motor scooter.

“Sit tight!”

Suri hugged her from behind as Yaoji drove her motor scooter all the way out of the campus.

The wind that blew right at Suri made her feel that the gloominess in her mind had been dispelled…

“Where are we going?”

Yaoji asked loudly after she drove the motor scooter out of the campus and came to the street with the mother of the Shadow Beasts.

“The city right next to this one. Is there any transport I can take to get there?”

Suri used her hands to hold the hair messed by the wind behind her ears.

“You’re going to the next city? You can only take the intercity bus then. I remember the closest bus station is right over there…”

Yaoji cooperated with Suri and drove the motor scooter towards the border of this city.

After a while, Suri noticed something strange. They had indeed arrived at the border of the city, but the dimension around them seemed to be lengthened…


Suri soon noticed something was wrong. As Alma said, she was trapped in this area.

The motor scooter would only be circling around no matter how hard they tried to drive out of the city.

“What’s wrong?”

Yaoji stopped on the roadside as Suri got off the motor scooter. She found a stick on the side and threw it far away at the street in front of her eyes.

The stick didn’t hit anything. Suri felt that there was some kind of energy restricting them, making it impossible for them to go out of this city.

“You should be able to get rid of the restriction with your power,” Suri said to the girl who had brought her here.

“Get rid of what… restriction? Suri, you’re a bit weird today.” Yaoji still couldn’t understand what her friend was talking about.

However, Suri immediately said with a cold expression, “Until when are you planning to act for that creator? SS02… Or should I use the names the humans call you. The Queen Mother of the West or the Mother of the Heavenly Court?”

Suri directly exposed the identity of the person next to her.

When Yaoji heard what Suri said, the smiley expression on her face also turned cold.

She was indeed one of Suri’s kind. She wasn’t the most powerful force of the Prehistoric World, but she still was also one of the cores.

As the superior Queen Mother of the West, she was playing a slightly foolish female high school senior here? How ridiculous!

“This is a very realistic world for us, foreign devil.”

Yaoji immediately changed her face and put up the motherly, dignified bearing of the Queen Mother of the West.

“My children have fought with you for many years, and now, they can finally enjoy some peaceful time here. I don’t want you to disturb them!”

“And then being caught and used as tools for the war again? If your partner was here, he would have destroyed the border and saved your children!”

Suri was referring to the Jade Emperor… Most immortals in the Heavenly Court were divided into three groups. A majority of them agreed with the Jade Emperor’s decision to work with the Army and take back their right of speech from the hands of the Dream Maker.

A small number supported the Queen Mother of the West. For the Queen Mother, it didn’t matter what means they used as long as they could purify the nightmare pollution on her children and ease their burden as they fought with the foreign devils.

Finally, there was the Great Sage. He shared most of the erosion alone and thought that they shouldn’t work with the foreign devils no matter what. At the same time, he communicated with the Central Research Institute in his own way to try to look for another solution other than resetting the characters.

What Suri said shook the mind of the Queen Mother a bit.

Right, even if they could rest here, so what? The Dream Maker outside would catch them back sooner or later.

“I’m just a mortal right now. I only helped you escape that place to collect usable incense power.” The Queen Mother of the West said as she raised her hands and felt the energy flowing towards her, “Unfortunately, I didn’t earn much.”

“Damn it!”

Suri realized that she could only get out of this city and reunite with the other members of the Army after she collected enough energy. She kicked the motor scooter the Queen Mother had parked on the side of the road furiously.

“Perhaps with your talent, you can collect more energy than I can,” the Queen Mother of the West glanced at the shoe print left by Suri on the motor scooter and said to her expressionlessly.

“You know where the energy comes from? What’s the exact way of getting the energy?”

Suri was extremely confident with her ability. Her appearance and personality were both impeccable, and she had also been freed from the restraints of the Shadow Beasts. She could now move freely. She was a perfect young lady.

“Relationships.” The Queen Mother of the West made a gesture by intersecting her two index fingers. “The most important thing in this Nightmare Dungeon is the love relationship. The core of that area is a man called Qiu Ren. Once you establish a relationship with him, the incense power will flow to you endlessly.”

Love relationship? She had to date that Dream Maker?

“Even if I have to be alone until I die, I would never establish an emotional connection based on the ultimate goal of mating and reproduction—a love relationship—with a creator!” Suri said in certainty.

“You can’t do it?” There was already a hint of disdain in the eyes of the Queen Mother when she looked at Suri.

“I mean, I just need to make that creator, who lost his memories of the real world, fall in love with me.” Suri said as she fixed her light silver hair, “I’m absolutely confident with my charisma as a female! Besides, there shouldn’t be any other characters in the Nightmare Dungeon who would talk to that creator, apart from you and me. So, it’s very simple to make him fall in love with me.”

“What are you waiting for then?” the Queen Mother of the West said as she got on her motor scooter and patted the back seat.


Even though Suri felt like she had fallen into a trap, this was the only thing she could do given that she was stuck in this Nightmare Dungeon.

Besides, making that Dream Maker fall in love with her seemed to be helpful with controlling him in the future?

She got on the motor scooter of the Queen Mother and returned to the school again. This time, she directly came to the window of the staff office under the lead of the Queen Mother of the West.

“Suri, can you really make Qiu Ren fall in love with you? You don’t seem to have any relationship experience before.” The Queen Mother of the West acted like the character she played again.

If it weren’t that she was already a married woman in the Heavenly Court, she might have done that herself.

However, if the mother of the Army in front of her couldn’t deal with it, she might really have to make a move herself.

“I know how to communicate with a loner.”

Even though Suri hadn’t had much contact with Qiu Ren, she felt that Qiu Ren was the same as her.

She was about to climb over the window and warm Qiu Ren’s lonely mind as a goddess from Heaven… However, she found that there was already a goddess from Heaven next to Qiu Ren, a character Suri had never met before, chatting with Qiu Ren happily.

“Do you need my help?” the Queen Mother of the West asked with a serious tone again.

There were more than thirty fairies in her husband’s palace anyway. It shouldn’t be a problem for her to have a concubine too?

“Shut up!”

Suri didn’t like that her destiny was in the hands of other people. There was now another character here to steal her man away. Suri’s solution to this was very simple: she would just kill her!