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Tapir didn’t stop Suri from running through the window.

Her unexpected move increased the ratings instead.

However, the ratings didn’t rise much and soon dropped back to the original point, because Qiu Ren didn’t go after her!

Suri’s play-hooky adventure was supposed to be the best moment to portray her character as the female protagonist.

The director also intentionally switched the shot to Suri and her best friend, Yaoji, who skipped school.

Director Feng Nian made the scene where the two female high school seniors wandered around the city on the motor scooter look very artistic and healing.

And yet, Suri suddenly laid her cards on the table and started talking about the truth of this world with Yaoji.

This scared Director Feng Nian so much that he immediately cut the shot and turned the camera back to Qiu Ren.

The storyline was mainly about love relationships on campus. Even an unexpected development could only be limited to the senior the male protagonist admired skipping school all of a sudden.

However, when they suddenly talked about supernatural things like Nightmare Dungeons, it would make the audience feel weird and ruin the plot. So, Director Feng Nian must cut the shot.

After turning back to Qiu Ren, it was also disastrous.

Qiu Ren was having a time out in the teacher’s office by himself. There were no changes at all, which made people yawn.

Tapir could see the ratings and all kinds of comments from the audience. When she saw the rating decline again, she was considering if she should continue the development of the plot herself.

But would she help? Would the human audience really want to see her lecture Qiu Ren as a teacher?

Tapir was still a bit unfamiliar with the communication in the interpersonal relationships between humans.

While she was hesitating, she saw Wanxiang walking towards her. This made Tapir feel a bit sad again, but she still heaved a long sigh.

Because in her opinion, Wanxiang… was the most suitable female to date Qiu Ren. She was the same age as him. They had been classmates for three years, and they belonged to the same race. Most importantly, she had a beautiful, slim body with a warm, moisturizing touch and body temperature in the real world.

Tapir didn’t hesitate too much. She directly let Wanxiang go to the staff office to save the story.

Wanxiang was the savior of this terrible set and added a little heat to this storyline that had lost its popularity.

“Qiu Ren, you were brought here for a time out because of that senior? But where is she now?”

Wanxiang was a rare good student… whether she was in reality or in this Nightmare Dungeon. Besides, with her appearance, she was destined to be a goddess in this Nightmare Dungeon as well.

She came to the office to help her teacher take some teaching materials. Since she saw her classmate, Qiu Ren, she came up to talk to him.

“She rolled over the window and escaped.” Qiu Ren pointed at the window that was still open.

“Rolled over the window?”

What a character!

Wanxiang didn’t continue asking questions about the senior. She put her attention on Qiu Ren.

“Do you want me to explain it to the teacher for you?”

Wanxiang wanted to take Qiu Ren away first, going back to the classroom or to other places where no one was.

While Qiu Ren was about to say “yes,” Suri’s voice suddenly came from outside the window.

“That’s not necessary.”

While Suri was speaking, she had already climbed up the window with strenuous effort. After returning to the teacher’s office with a slightly inelegant posture, she gently sighed and patted the dust on her skirt off.

“I’m taking him out of here now.”

When Suri looked at Qiu Ren, Wanxiang stood in front of him and stared at her first.

“It’s time for class now. If Qiu Ren follows you around, he’ll be punished, senior.”

Wanxiang was very firm when she was facing women, or women of her age.

Qiu Ren had already seen such a personality when they were in high school, especially during a critical moment like fighting over men.

Any girl would usually change their fragile image and fill up their combat strength when they were fighting over men. They would either knock down the bad woman who stole someone’s man or beat up the man who dared to seduce a bad woman.

Wanxiang was dealing with the former situation right now.

“She’s indeed my rival?”

Suri could see that although Wanxiang was playing the role of a female high school senior and was more suitable than she was, she was also an outsider in this Nightmare Dungeon.

Thinking of this, Suri directly took out the cutter she carried with her and threw it to Wanxiang.

Wanxiang caught the cutter easily.

“Let’s determine who can have him by force.”

Suri pulled out another cutter from the other side of her skirt and held it with a backhand grip. However, Wanxiang threw the cutter in her hand onto the desk on the side indifferently.

“Are you too scared to fight with me?”

“It’s… too dangerous. This way is more straightforward,” Wanxiang said to Suri as she raised her fists and struck a standard fighting posture.

Suri watched this teenage girl, who seemed weak on the outside, adopt such a pose full of fighting spirit. She must admit that her impression of Wanxiang had changed a bit.

“It seems that not all elements in this Nightmare Dungeon are cowardly. Come on.”

Suri also threw the cutter in her hand aside, moved the knuckles of her fists, and accepted Wanxiang’s invitation to fight with bare hands.

But wait…

This plot development didn’t seem right?

Qiu Ren was already dumbfounded on the side. In the plot of a normal campus rom-com, even if the leading and supporting actress didn’t have a harmonious relationship, the two female characters would usually just slap each other when they were in dispute.

What was this atmosphere of KOF Mixed Martial Arts about? When did Wanxiang learn boxing?

Most importantly, where was the director? Wasn’t the director going to deal with it?

Where were the sweet love relationships and daily life? Wouldn’t the audience tear the ticket if this became a Mixed Martial Arts movie?

However, Qiu Ren and Tapir heard some background music in the staff office at this moment. The music became rousing all of a sudden.

They had no idea where Director Feng Nian found this lively background music.

Even though Wanxiang and Suri couldn’t hear the background music, Qiu Ren and Tapir could. What Director Feng Nian meant was, “Great! Awesome! Start fighting quickly! Don’t stop!”

The moment the two girls started confronting each other, the ratings had begun to increase slowly.

Tapir didn’t feel happy because of the rise in ratings, as she didn’t want to see such a situation unfold.

She and Qiu Ren had the same thought. There was already enough slaughtering and fighting between Lords of Nightmares.

Can’t you two just fight over your crush… in a manner more like teenagers in love?

Unfortunately, it was already too late for Tapir to stop them. Suri and Wanxiang told this Lord of Nightmare by action…

Love was war. After stepping into the battlefield of love, not only would victory or defeat be determined, but also life and death.

The moment Qiu Ren stepped back instinctively to give the two of them some space, Suri had already swung her fist and rushed towards Wanxiang.

When the mother of the Shadow Beasts suddenly attacked, Qiu Ren was very worried. She was the mother of those Shadow Beasts no matter what, and she wouldn’t be less dangerous than a horrifying Lord of Nightmare.

Suri’s punch and her gait when she dashed forward showed Qiu Ren that she was trained. However… Wanxiang was also trained.

Suri gave her first punch with her left hand, and it went past Wanxiang almost right above her chest. At this moment, Wanxiang might be in awe of the advantage of being behind her peers in the growth of her bust.

However, she didn’t think so much. The moment Wanxiang avoided Suri’s punch, she was supposed to have a good chance to fight back. However, because of the body position, Wanxiang could only hit Suri’s face if she threw a punch.

This made Wanxiang keep a card up her sleeve for a while. Suri took this opportunity as she turned her body to the side and swung her right hand, punching Wanxiang at her neck with the fierceness of a sword.

Wanxiang raised her hands to block this attack.

“I… must take him out of here!”

Suri didn’t show mercy at all. She swung her fist from the bottom left corner and punched Wanxiang at her chin.

However, Wanxiang grabbed Suri’s fist firmly with her hand.

Suri felt that her fist couldn’t go further anymore and was pressed down by Wanxiang bit by bit instead. This also allowed her to see Wanxiang’s cold eyes clearly.

“Qiu Ren doesn’t belong to you…” When Wanxiang said this, she directly hit Suri with her forehead.

Suri felt dizzy at this moment, but this didn’t make her back down at all. She stood firm after taking just one step back, then she rushed towards Wanxiang again.

This battle made Qiu Ren tremble slightly on the side, while the character played by the Queen Mother of the West sat by the window and watched with relish. She even cheered for the two girls.

Wanxiang was good at fighting, in fact very good. She was so good that it had gone beyond Qiu Ren’s understanding of female high school seniors, or even female university students.

Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that she had started contacting all kinds of Nightmare Dungeons since she was small.

The way Mr. Lin nurtured his daughter wasn’t limited to her education in knowledge and critical thinking. He even taught her how to tame her husband literally.

Suri might not have expected that she would meet such a powerful enemy.

She and Wanxiang were quite even in terms of skills. In the end, Wanxiang still got one up on the mother of the Shadow Beasts and landed a heavy punch, knocking Suri down on the ground. Suri was unable to get up again.

Wanxiang also panted in exhaustion. Looking at Suri on the ground… a weird sense of joy appeared in her heart.

She won! She won! Even though she didn’t know what she won, she won!

Thinking of this, Wanxiang looked at Qiu Ren again. She saw that he was clutching his forehead, and he couldn’t seem to stand straight.

“Qiu Ren, what’s happening to you?”

When Wanxiang got closer to Qiu Ren, she heard footsteps in the corridor outside the door. At the same time, a dim black mist started billowing out of Qiu Ren’s back.

“I’ve gone… too far.” Qiu Ren said to Wanxiang with his last bit of strength before his consciousness was eroded, “Run.”

“Run?” Wanxiang froze for a while as Tapir quickly entered the staff office to check Qiu Ren’s physical condition

“What’s wrong with Qiu Ren?” Wanxiang asked, a little at a loss.

“Negative… comments and… the nightmare consciousness… the self-defense mechanism of those Shadow Beasts.”

Tapir said to Wanxiang after she checked and found that Qiu Ren’s consciousness was alright.

“You should leave… now. The Shadow Beasts are treating you… as their enemy subconsciously,” Tapir said as she looked outside the teacher’s office.

Someone was already knocking constantly outside the door. If Tapir didn’t lock the door, people outside might have already rushed in.

Even though the passerby characters that weren’t played by actors in this Nightmare Dungeon had self-consciousness, they were created by combining the consciousness of the Shadow Beasts.

Suri, the mother of the Shadow Beasts, had lost her ability to control them, but the Shadow Beasts could still feel the harm their mother suffered.

Wanxiang indeed had beaten this arrogant senior up with pleasure. However, it also activated the self-defense mechanism of the Shadow Beasts.

If Wanxiang didn’t leave this Nightmare Dungeon quickly, the consequences might be disastrous.

“Then, I…”

“When… he wakes up, you… can come back again.” Tapir said to Wanxiang, who was about to leave this Nightmare Dungeon, “Perhaps he would want you to sit by his side more… when he wakes up.”

Listening to the sounds outside the door, Wanxiang knew that she would only bring more trouble to Qiu Ren if she stayed. So, even though she hadn’t talked to Qiu Ren more in this rom-com, she could only leave temporarily in this way.

When Wanxiang left the Nightmare Dungeon, the knocks on the door stopped. The consciousnesses of the Shadow Beasts gathered outside also vanished gradually.

After a while, the Queen Mother of the West opened the door of the staff office. She then walked to the unconscious Suri and helped her up.

The Queen Mother of the West said to Tapir, “You and your Dream Maker are too close, Tapir.”

“I’m restraining… myself. Besides, it’s none of your business.”

Tapir put her hand on Qiu Ren’s shoulder and absorbed the streams of emotions eroding his consciousness.


The Queen Mother of the West carried the unconscious Suri up and looked around.

“The source of incense and the third eye have been cut off. It seems that my Dream Makers have discovered our whereabouts. They’ll definitely ask the outsiders for us.”

The battle between Suri and Wanxiang had indeed increased the ratings, but it also caused some problems. The biggest one was on the Queen Mother of the West.

People in the Central Research Institute had already started recognizing the immortals of the Heavenly Court stuck in the storylines one after another.

As Suri expected, they would probably put pressure on Director Feng Nian and think of a way to catch the immortals back.

“As long as… those storylines, where your children are located, are exciting enough… As long as there are enough people who like your current characters and hope that you can continue your life like this, people outside… can’t do anything about it.” Tapir picked up Qiu Ren, who had passed out.

“Are you really that confident in the Dream Dungeon constructed by this Dream Maker?” the Queen Mother of the West looked at Tapir and directly asked her.

Tapir didn’t answer. She just chuckled with profound meaning and changed the subject to the main point. “It’s… not safe here. We better take him to the shelter of this area before the next erosion from the Shadow Beasts.”

The shelter was Suri’s home, because Suri’s sister, Alaina, was there.

As the mother of the Army, Alaina was the only hope to control the power of the Shadow Beasts.

After hearing this, the Queen Mother of the West glanced at the unconscious Suri in her arms and could only sigh.

“It seems that I’m the only one who can bring her home. Sigh… This is truly a terrible Dream Dungeon. I don’t even know how my other children are doing in this dream.”

The Queen Mother of the West had always wanted to find a chance to watch drama series somewhere comfortably.

Even though she had the authority to check out other storylines, she still hadn’t gotten time to see what the stories, where her children were located, were like.

The Queen Mother of the West would decide her stance on the pursuit of the Central Research Institute based on how exciting the other storylines were. If the other storylines were thrilling enough to make her sit and indulge herself in pleasure without stopping, she might stand on Qiu Ren’s side to help him guard this “resort.” If that didn’t work, she would change her stance and support Suri.

“What’s the story of that kid, Yang Jian, called… The Legend of Sword and Fairy? Or… Whatever, I’ll send you the unfortunate child back first.”

The Queen Mother of the West carried the unconscious Suri and threw her onto the back seat of the motor scooter. Tapir’s transport was more adult-like. It was a small car.

Tapir certainly didn’t know how to drive, but she didn’t need to drive… if she wanted a car to move in this Dream Dungeon.

Just like that, the two of them came all the way to Suri’s home in this Dream Dungeon.

Alma, who was watering the flowers in the garden, said when she saw the Queen Mother of the West and Tapir show up at the door, “Another two unexpected guests.”

“I should have known you would be here as well. Doesn’t matter… Do you have the power to watch the development of the entire dream?”

The Queen Mother of the West also knew Alma. She knew that Alma had the ability to monitor the inside and outside of the Nightmare Dungeon.

“Of course! I need to recommend to you a few storylines I personally think are quite interesting. There are also characters played by your children.”

Alma was delighted with the arrival of her two old friends. They could form a senior drama group to catch up with each other.

“I hope you won’t let me down,” the Queen Mother of the West accepted Alma’s suggestion and said as she glanced at Qiu Ren.

Before Qiu Ren and Suri, these two protagonists, woke up, supporting characters like them could only kill time by watching the development of other storylines.