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Tapir didn’t join the senior drama group.

Alma prepared a private room for Qiu Ren to rest here, and Tapir stayed by Qiu Ren’s bed as usual.

It was already the evening in the Nightmare Dungeon.

“You don’t… seem like you’re keeping a distance from him.”

The Queen Mother of the West also took time to come to Qiu Ren’s room while watching TV dramas.

When she saw Tapir staying by Qiu Ren’s bed, she directly reminded Tapir that she shouldn’t get too close with her Dream Maker.

“It’s none of your business.” Tapir didn’t like to be lectured by the Queen Mother.

“I indeed shouldn’t interfere, but this is my first time seeing you care so much about a Dream Maker. This is a rare thing.”

The Queen Mother of the West had contact with all the suppressed Nightmare Dungeons in the Celestial Empire.

Before Tapir came to this world, she had already known her.

“When you arrived… you were uncontaminated. You and your children… were worshiped like Gods by your Dream Makers. You certainly… can’t understand how I feel.”

Tapir didn’t want to say anything to this old friend who had been living a glamorous life.

The Queen Mother could never understand what it felt like to be locked up in the dark at the bottom level of Fengdu Prison since her arrival to this world.

Tapir had been repressing her emotions over the years. She obliterated her feelings to absorb the emotions she needed as a Lord of Nightmare to stay alive.

This made her become more indifferent and rational throughout the years.

She also gradually accepted this kind of life.

That was until she met Qiu Ren, this young, inexperienced Dream Maker… who allowed her to see the first beam of light in Fengdu Prison, where she was imprisoned.

Qiu Ren himself also became Tapir’s beam of light.

“My children and I are also suffering from the erosion of nightmares. At least you can hide in the deepest place to heal slowly.”

The Queen Mother of the West didn’t like what Tapir said.

However, when she noticed how Tapir looked at Qiu Ren, she realized that there was no room for argument anymore. So, she directly said, “If you like him that much, why don’t you try to establish a relationship with him in this Nightmare Dungeon? You may do much better than those two girls if you give it a try…”

The Queen Mother of the West also liked Qiu Ren. His appearance was to her liking.

She meant what she said to Suri before. If Suri failed, she would get on the battlefield and join the fight in this rom-com herself.

And yet, it looked like Suri wasn’t the only one who would fail. Wanxiang also seemed to be going downward.

When the Queen Mother of the West observed outside the window, she noticed that Qiu Ren’s mind wasn’t on these two girls at all.

“I… can’t.”

Tapir listened to the Queen Mother’s instigation and soon moved her hand away from Qiu Ren’s forehead.


The Queen Mother of the West kept persuading Tapir to stay away from Qiu Ren before only because of the common doctrine of dream consciousness.

In all countries, high-level Dream Seeds were shared by their National Dream Makers.

For example, if a Dream Maker wanted to marry the two Qiaos, the government would be the first to step up to disagree and tell him that he was crazy.

There was no such thing as a lifespan in dream consciousness. Their personalities and memories could always be changed.

So, Dream Makers, who were qualified to create Level A and Level S dream consciousness, must obey the first rule: never have romantic feelings for the dream consciousnesses.

“I can’t stay with him… in reality,” Tapir said. This was the result of her rational evaluation. Tapir was very good at suppressing her emotions. This was also one of the tricks she used to survive in Fengdu Prison. “The human girl, Wanxiang, suits him more. She’s the same age and in the same generation as him. They can have children.”

“Do you really think he’d care about this?” asked the Queen Mother of the West.

Tapir didn’t answer. Qiu Ren’s eyelashes suddenly vibrated slightly, making Tapir panic for a second.

“He wakes up quite fast. Unfortunately, that girl has some trouble in reality and won’t be able to return for a while. If you really want to avoid him, you can watch TV dramas with me. You can sense his condition with your power wherever you are anyway.”

The Queen Mother knew that Tapir thought Wanxiang was the most suitable person to be sitting next to Qiu Ren when he opened his eyes as the plot developed since she was the teacher.

“…Let’s go.”

Tapir hesitated for a while… and decided she shouldn’t stay too close to Qiu Ren anymore.

She had no idea if Qiu Ren had memories right now or not. If he had lost his memories, it would be troublesome for him to have a deep impression of her as a teacher in this Nightmare Dungeon.

Tapir and the Queen Mother left the room together.

Qiu Ren also opened his eyes soon after the two left.

“There’s actually no difference between the Dream Dungeon and reality.”

Qiu Ren sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyebrows.

While Qiu Ren was in a coma, he had been staying with Mia’s Lord of Nightmare to observe various developments in the real world.

Whether it was the Central Research Institute, Supernova Pictures, or World of Gods, the outside world was putting pressure on Director Feng Nian in different ways.

Due to the increasing pressure, the storylines with the superheroes and Gods might be facing the crisis of being canceled.

In order to solve this crisis, Qiu Ren couldn’t passively wait for girls to hit on him anymore. It was time for him to do what a male protagonist should do.

“The next time I meet that human… Ssss…”

While Suri was cursing, Alma touched the bruise on her cheek gently with her hand.

The pain that spread all over her body almost made her bite her tongue when she spoke.

“It seems that the human did give you a lot of injuries. Unfortunately, the medical supplies in this Nightmare Dungeon can only give you some mental comfort.”

Alma didn’t give Suri any further treatment on her wound.

For dream consciousnesses like them, they could recover just by absorbing energy when they got injured in a Dream Dungeon.

Suri had absorbed a huge amount of energy that she could use to heal her body during her fight with Wanxiang just then, due to the rise of the ratings.

However, Suri didn’t use it… Her sister, Alaina, then walked to her and touched her cheeks with her hands.

“Sister, come here.”

“Alaina, don’t waste your precious energy on me,” Suri said as she transferred the energy she got from this Nightmare Dungeon into Alaina’s body.

Alaina was the key to the Army to contain the Shadow Beasts. Once the threat of the Shadow Beasts was eliminated, the survival crisis of the Army would no longer exist.

However, this was an extremely difficult thing unless all human beings on Earth were enslaved and converted into energy.

“How’s Alaina right now?”

Suri didn’t care about her pain anymore. She was more concerned about Alaina’s life after she was captured by Qiu Ren.

“She’s great, even better than when she was with the Army. As the Alaina Cup continues smoothly, her control over the Shadow Beasts is also rising. It has already increased from 20% to around 30%. You should be able to sense that too.”

Suri wasn’t willing to listen to what Alma said, but she must admit that it was good news.

“Why don’t you just obey that Dream Maker?” Alma gave another suggestion that froze Suri’s expression.

“If we obey him, we’ll end up like SS02… the Queen Mother sitting in your living room and her children, becoming the slaves of those creators.”

In Suri’s tone, there was an authority that didn’t allow anyone to refute her.

“Not just me, Commander Risor and the members of the War Court, the Casting Court, and the Secretary Court won’t agree to yield to the creators either. This is the most basic belief we have that has helped us survive until this day. Besides… when we gather the other members of the Army, get out of this Nightmare Dungeon that’s restraining us, and take the Dream Maker into our possession, wouldn’t we achieve the goal of healing my sister as well?”

“Take him into our possession!”

Alaina also yelled together in excitement. This made Suri feel gratified, and she caressed her sister’s head.

Although Alaina’s mind had been declining to that of a child these years, she had always obeyed Suri.

“If you think this is feasible…”

Alma didn’t force Suri to make a decision. Her job was to take care of the two sisters, not educate them.

As long as the two sisters could suppress the Shadow Beasts successfully, any method would work.

“Take… Alaina out of here. I want to rest,” Suri said tiredly.

Alma glanced out of the window and didn’t say anything else. She left the room with Alaina.

After the two left, Suri lay on her bed in exhaustion. She had never thought that she would be beaten up so miserably by a human girl. Didn’t this mean that her charisma as a woman was way inferior to that of the human girl?

While Suri was thinking about this, she heard the window of her room suddenly open by someone.

“Who are you?”

Suri wanted to get up from her bed, but the pain in her ribs sent her into spasm.

“It’s me, senior.”

Qiu Ren landed in Suri’s room like an agile cat. The second Suri saw Qiu Ren, she subconsciously tried to scream to tell Alma… that someone was here to kill her.

However, Qiu Ren moved even faster. Before Suri could scream, he reached out to cover her mouth and made the shushing gesture at the same time.

Suri made a couple “hm” sounds. It was mainly the bruise on her cheek that made her so painful that she moaned.

“Senior… Did I hurt you?” Qiu Ren also noticed the bruise on Suri’s cheek. Suri didn’t answer Qiu Ren by nodding or shaking her head. Instead, she directly bit Qiu Ren’s hand.

She bit really hard, and her teeth almost penetrated into Qiu Ren’s hand mercilessly…

“Senior, I came here to talk to you about something. You… were indeed right. There’s something wrong with this world.”

Qiu Ren endured the pain and let her bite as he said this.

This startled Suri, and she quickly released her mouth. “Your memory has been restored? It doesn’t seem like it…”

Suri remembered that Qiu Ren had lost his memories of the real world, yet he suddenly came to tell her that there was something wrong with this world. Perhaps…

“Memory? What memory? Do you know anything about this world, senior?” Qiu Ren asked with an anxious and helpless look, “Did I know you before?”

Seeing Qiu Ren’s helpless look, which could melt people’s hearts, an evil expression suddenly appeared on Suri’s face.

It looked like he truly had no memory of the real world. He even doubted the authenticity of this world.

Didn’t this give her an excellent chance to tame him?

“Of course! The reason why you have no memory of it is that this is a fictional nightmare world. The first thing we need to do right now is to escape,” Suri said directly.

“Nightmare… So, what’s our relationship in reality?” Qiu Ren kept asking about things he was concerned about.

“In reality, we’re certainly… spouses!” Suri didn’t bother to take the messy step of dating and directly got to the point.


“To put it in a way you can understand easily, we’re lovers. So, will you help me get out of here this time?”

Suri gently held Qiu Ren’s hand, which she bit, and said to him in a begging tone, “Let’s get out of this damn place and go back to reality… We still have a lot of children to take care of.”

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