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“We… even have babies?”

Qiu Ren was stunned. Before coming here, he had come up with a lot of words and methods he could use to hit on the mother of the Shadow Beasts.

And yet, the mother of the Shadow Beasts got straight to the point even more quickly. Their relationship had fast-forwarded to the step where he had to raise children as a father.

“If you don’t fucking take responsibility, I’ll eat you!” This was already written on Suri’s face.

It wasn’t an exaggeration. With Suri’s power, she might genuinely “devour” Qiu Ren if she couldn’t get him.

“Offspring!” Suri corrected Qiu Ren. The word “babies” was too intimate.

“Okay…” She was pretty pleased about the first part of Qiu Ren’s sentence, but how he called her in the last part made her freeze for a second. He called her… “Baby mama.”

“What baby mama? I’ve told you to call them our children. If you really don’t know how to call me, call me Army mis…”

Before Suri finished the last part of her sentence, she realized that the title “mistress” was too sensitive.

Besides, it didn’t sound intimate at all.

“Baby mama… army what?” Qiu Ren asked foolishly.

“You… can call me whatever you like! You just have to remember that I’m your partner!”

Suri wanted to knock Qiu Ren’s head hard, but the pain in her ribs made her clutch her stomach. Her body was curled into a ball.

Seeing Suri like this, Qiu Ren wanted to unbutton her collar.

Suri didn’t care about the pain in her belly anymore. She directly grabbed Qiu Ren’s hand and asked, “What… are you doing?”

“Checking the wounds on your body! Isn’t it normal… for husband and wife to do this?” Qiu Ren said in confusion.

It was indeed very normal for spouses to do so, but she… Argh!

Suri found that she truly dug a big hole for herself, but she must cooperate and continue playing the default role if she really wanted to tame Qiu Ren.

It would be best if she could make Qiu Ren fall in love with her. If she could just open his mind a little, she could take the opportunity to corrupt him as a Lord of Nightmare.


“I’ll do it myself.”

Suri bit her lower lip and turned her face to the side slightly, unbuttoning her clothes little by little.

After Suri’s short struggle, her upper body was completely exposed in front of Qiu Ren’s eyes.

The skin of the mother of the Shadow Beasts had an unhealthy pale color.

Even though this Nightmare Dungeon gave her a healthy body, the harm caused by the erosion of the Shadow Beasts was still reflected on her character in some ways.

Like she was so skinny that her ribs could vaguely be seen when she tightened her body.

Luckily, her bust was much healthier than that of Wanxiang.

This part of her ribs under her pale skin was bruised, though.

It seemed that Wanxiang’s punches had made her suffer.

When Qiu Ren touched her ribs with his hand, her skin tightened slightly again. Seeing how taut her body was, he found it quite interesting.

“Have you… seen enough?”

“No, I still need to spray some medicine on the bruises.”

Qiu Ren happened to see a medical kit on Suri’s desk and wondered why Alma didn’t use it.

He found medicine for bruises and swelling in the medical kit. In short, it was the Yunnan Baiyao Spray.

“The medicines here don’t work,” Suri said to Qiu Ren.

“How do you know if you don’t give it a try?” Qiu Ren applied the spray directly to her abdomen.

The chilly touch of the spray made Suri shiver constantly. When Qiu Ren touched her ribs, she shivered even more intensely. Almost her entire body was shaking.

“Don’t move.”

Suri’s body froze because she felt a warm feeling on the side of her abdomen.

“I told you the medicines here don’t work… Strange, it seems that it’s not painful anymore?”

Suri collected herself from the embarrassment of being touched by a male. She discovered that the pain in her abdomen was already gone.

The effect of the medicine was so fast.

Suri seemed to be surprised by this.

Of course, the effect of the medicine was fast. Qiu Ren had treated Suri directly as the creator. Luckily, in Suri’s perception, she only felt… an energy surging in her abdomen that came with the medicine.

“Are there any other injuries on your body?” Qiu Ren asked while checking Suri’s upper body. He found that the more serious injuries were the ones on her abdomen and ribs.

“…I can take care of the wounds myself.” Suri tried to take the spray in Qiu Ren’s hand, but he avoided her hand by mistake.

“There may be parts you can’t reach on your body. Let me do it.” Qiu Ren showed his strong side at this moment.

Suri’s entire body froze once again. She discovered that not only was her strength weaker than Qiu Ren’s in this Nightmare Dungeon, but her body was as well.

“Didn’t you say that you want to escape? You must take care of the injuries on your body before running away. Otherwise, it’ll be troublesome if you put yourself in danger because of past injuries. Am I right, baby mama?” Qiu Ren said.

That’s right! But I can do it myself!

Suri and Qiu Ren looked at each other. She knew that she could never convince him. However, in order to gather the other children as soon as possible, it didn’t seem to be a big deal for Qiu Ren to look at her fictitious body in this nightmare.

So, she turned her head to the side and started unbuttoning her skirt at the same time.

Her skirt slid down her waist as she unbuttoned it. Qiu Ren’s eyes glanced over her underwear and landed on her fair thighs. There was a huge bruise on her thigh.

It turned out the most severe injury Suri had was on her thigh, but she didn’t get it from Wanxiang. She fell down herself.

“Just hang on.” Qiu Ren shook the spray in his hand and sprayed it onto Suri’s thigh.

As Qiu Ren massaged it gently, the bruise on Suri’s thigh also disappeared. During this period, she kept her thighs squeezed together tightly.

However, Qiu Ren didn’t do anything further after treating her wounds. He only threw a blanket to Suri.

“I’m not quite used to… the touch of this body,” Suri held the blanket tight with both her hands and said.

“Not used to? So, baby mama, what is your body like in reality?” Qiu Ren asked.

Qiu Ren’s words hurt Suri’s heart a little. Her body, in reality, was much uglier than the one at the moment. Not only was she skinny like a bag of bones, but many tubes used to stabilize the Shadow Beasts were also inserted into her body.

What Suri wasn’t used to was that this body was more sensitive than her original one. Perhaps it was because this was the body of a young female high school senior.

“You may not like it…” Suri said a little sadly.

“How can that be possible? We’re already married and have kids in reality. There should be no reason to dislike it?”

Suri froze for a while. When she heard this, she gradually looked calm again and said, “You’ll know when you get back to reality.”

“Then, put your clothes on quickly. Let’s get out of here.” Qiu Ren found a couple of sportswear in her closet and threw them onto the bed.


Suri didn’t indulge herself in the shyness that only females had anymore. Most of the wounds on her body had been healed after the treatment of that wonderful spray.

Besides, since Qiu Ren was in her control, it was time for her to think of ways to get out of this area and look for the other members of the Army.

Suri got changed and walked downstairs together with Qiu Ren.

Meanwhile, the Queen Mother of the West and Alma were watching TV on the sofa in the living room.

“Are you going out?” Alma turned around and asked.

“Hm, I’ve reached an agreement with him. We’re going to the next city to find Commander Risor right now.”

Suri knew that her conversation with Qiu Ren must have already been heard by Alma and the Queen Mother downstairs.

So, they didn’t have to hide from the two of them that they were leaving.

Besides, the Queen Mother of the West was also stuck here. She should go with them.

“Be careful when you go out at night.” Alma didn’t move after saying this.

The Queen Mother of the West also lay on the sofa to watch TV and had no sense of urgency at all.

Suri knew that the Queen Mother wouldn’t make a move until her children were truly under threat. She didn’t force her to come with them and directly left with Qiu Ren.

“Young people nowadays.”

The Queen Mother sighed as she heard the sound of the door closing. However, something suddenly came to her mind before she could take a bite of the popcorn she held in her arms.

“Who did your daughter say she’s going to find just now?” the Queen Mother of the West asked.

“Risor, the master of the War Court, a firm hawk in the Army. He’s an executioner who never pities any creator. Suri agrees with his ideals and has always let him lead the Army.” Alma introduced the first person Suri wanted to find to the Queen Mother. “If Suri finds Risor in this Nightmare Dungeon constructed by Qiu Ren, the dungeon might not be able to hold on for long.”

“Really? I think the commander called Risor is kind of having fun in this Nightmare Dungeon, and I’m having fun as well,” the Queen Mother of the West said as she continued to eat popcorn. She and Alma were watching the storyline where Risor was located, “The Professional.”

During this period of time, Risor had established a vague connection with the little girl, Matilda.

They were like neighbors who didn’t know each other’s names but had quite a good relationship.

Risor only got close to this little girl to absorb energy while the little girl approached Risor, this killer, out of curiosity.

Their lukewarm relationship formed a delicate balance, and they became the couple with the highest popularity in the Romantic Movie Universe.

The director, who was filming the two of them secretly, seemed to be speeding up on purpose.

The sense of time passing in each area of a high-level Dream Dungeon… could be controlled by the Dream Maker.

This was also another reason why dream consciousness could only be manipulated by Dream Maker.

Even though Qiu Ren had spent only one day in the core area, it had almost been a week since Risor and Matilda met on that side.

Perhaps Risor thought he would be able to live peacefully like this for a while. He could first look for information around the city and absorb enough energy from this little girl. Then, he could get out of this Nightmare Dungeon.

However, how would the screenwriters allow the characters in the movie to live peacefully for so long? How would the ratings increase without tension in the plot?

So, once the audience had enjoyed such an ordinary life, it was time for the screenwriters to give them a thrill.

After that little girl was abused by her family at home today, as usual, she was ordered to go to the grocery store to buy some daily necessities.

And yet, this order let this little girl escape a crisis.

The Queen Mother of the West was watching a version with real-time comments. On the screen, she saw comments like, “The background music doesn’t seem right!”

“Those are the bad cops who came last time. What are they doing here?”

The audience had already realized something was wrong when they saw this, and their reaction was probably, “Shit! Knives!”

In fact, the little girl’s family wasn’t clean either. Her father hid goods that the police investigated, and the police were also a bunch of corrupt people.

After several times of warning to no avail, the great villain behind the police, Stanfield, decided to do it himself… Then, a slaughter started in the little girl’s home.

This killing scene that made the audience in front of the screens heartbroken was extremely poetic in the use of shots and music.

This turned the brutal scene where Stanfield slaughtered the little girl’s family into an artistic performance…

When this villain cruelly killed the little girl’s whole family, the girl also walked up the stairs of the apartment with the things she got from the grocery store.

“Run, foolish kid!”

“Does anyone know how to get in the Dream Dungeon of this movie?”

At this moment, the viewers all wanted to get a weapon and go into the dungeon to protect the little girl.

The Queen Mother of the West could understand the emotions of the audience by just reading the real-time comments. They had been tightly grasped by this story.

The little girl came to the door of her home, which she used to be familiar with, not knowing what to do. After learning that her whole family had been killed, she was shrouded in fear and helplessness that almost made her scream.

Normal little girls would have frozen right there and dared not move. They would even have passed out the moment they saw this horrific scene.

However, no matter which kind of girl she was, she would definitely not survive when the assassins inside the door discovered her, as she was also a member of this family.

So, despite the fear and helplessness in her mind, the little girl still ignored her home, which had already been covered in blood. Instead, she turned a blind eye to it and walked past the door of her home like a stranger, heading towards the apartment where the assassin, Risor, lived.


“I feel like I can’t breathe.”

At this moment, the number of real-time comments on the screen had significantly increased. The audience also held their breath like the little girl because of tension and fear.

The little girl knocked on Risor’s door. Risor saw the little girl standing outside and the police assassin behind her through the peephole.

Risor already knew what was happening without thinking a lot. His strength still hadn’t been restored and was only at the level of a normal person.

So, he understood that he should mind his own business in such a situation.

“Please, help me.” Even though the little girl had her back facing the killer, her face was already covered with tears.

She knew that if Risor didn’t open the door, she would be killed by those police assassins just like her family.

Risor rubbed his chin and hesitated for a while.

Meanwhile, there was already a series of real-time comments on the bullet screen saying, “Open the door quickly! Open the door quickly!”

Risor knew he would get himself in huge trouble if he opened the door, but was the trouble he had right now small?

So, Risor opened the door. At this moment, the little girl seemed to have gotten a new life. The audience also took a deep breath. They had the same kind of pleasure when a huge amount of oxygen flooded into their brains after holding their breath for too long!

At this moment, the fate of Risor and the little girl was finally tied together. While the audience celebrated, those assassins suddenly came in again.

“It’s over. It’s over!”

“With Risor here, they should be fine, right?”

When the audience’s heartstrings were tightened again, the screen suddenly turned black… Six words appeared in front of the audience around the whole world, “Broadcast suspended due to an accident.”

“Suspended? How can they suspend it at such a critical time?” The Queen Mother of the West was the first one who almost threw away the popcorn in her hands.

“The Central Research Institute, Supernova Pictures… and the media behind the Gods are starting to make a move,” Tapir walked out from the corner of the living room and said.

“Damn it! Do I really need to do something to make them stream this movie again?” The Queen Mother of the West suddenly realized something and asked Alma, “Do you think Commander Risor, who adopted that little girl, would still want to do something evil to humans?”

“This is just a fictitious character. It can’t possibly change the thoughts of that commander. He’s probably using the little girl as a tool,” Alma said.

“What if… the girl has a special identity?”

The reason why the Queen Mother of the West paid attention to this storyline was that she saw an old friend inside.

“Then, it’ll depend on who’s more impressive, the girl or Risor, just like our mother and Qiu Ren,” Alma said.

Suri had reached the border of the city with Qiu Ren and was trying to find that cruel, merciless Commander to help her get out of this Nightmare Dungeon.

Unfortunately, what she didn’t know was that… the Commander was also in great danger because of the little girl and had no time to care about other things.