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Qiu Ren and Suri came all the way to the border of this area.

“Just like that, we’re trapped here by something. We can’t get out no matter what.”

Suri took Qiu Ren to circle the border. They returned to their original position no matter which way they walked.

Qiu Ren pondered for a while after seeing this situation. He stopped a car that was about to leave this place.

The driver looked at Qiu Ren and Suri in confusion. “Can I help you?”

Qiu Ren put his hand on the car window and said to the driver with a smile, “Please get out of the car.”

“Huh?” The driver froze for a second and found that Qiu Ren had already opened the door. He grabbed the driver’s collar and dragged him out of the driver’s seat.

“Get in!” Qiu Ren yelled at Suri after he got in the driver’s seat.

“Will this work?”

Suri wasn’t surprised that Qiu Ren would rob a car. In her eyes, everyone else in this area was a non-player character.

Though these NPCs had self-consciousness. The driver, whose car was stolen by Qiu Ren, kept knocking on the car window and had already called the police.

“It’s better to try with a transport than nothing.”

Qiu Ren apologized to that driver. After Suri got in, he stepped on the accelerator and drove towards the border of the city.

He circled around a few times along the way, which made Suri a bit anxious. She was thinking if she could really get through the border of this area only after she absorbed enough energy.

This made her a bit discouraged. She leaned her forehead against the window and looked at the darkness far away with gloominess in her eyes.

When she was contemplating if she could do something else with Qiu Ren to absorb some more energy, Suri’s dim eyes were suddenly illuminated by something.

It was the sun.

The originally dark sky became bright all of a sudden!

Suri’s pupils shrank. She stuck her face out of the car window and saw that the surrounding scenery had changed.

“Did we really… get out?” Suri yelled a bit emotionally.

“It’s always good to give it a try. Even if we’re trapped in this place, it’s impossible that there’s no exit at all,” Qiu Ren said with a smile.

“Is that so?”

Suri started to doubt Qiu Ren instead as she listened to him.

Other than the Dream Maker himself, nobody else could have the ability to break through the maze set by the Dream Maker so smoothly.

While Qiu Ren was about to answer Suri, the car he was driving suddenly hit someone.

The collision was quite hard. That person crashed onto the hood with his body flipped and rolled over the hood all the way to the back of the car.

That person would definitely be killed if this happened in reality!

“Where did this person come from?” Suri didn’t notice anyone ahead on the road at all.

“He just suddenly came out of nowhere, or I should say, we’re the ones who suddenly came out.”

Qiu Ren stopped the car. Suri then finally noticed that the scenery around had changed. Not only that but there was also a drastic change in the atmosphere.

The area where Suri stayed in was a town, but once they got here, it became a metropolis with slightly dirty, messy streets and dilapidated buildings.

The atmosphere of the campus rom-com world was certainly different from that of the world of the killer’s tragic love story.

“Then, why are you stopping the car?”

Suri glanced at the person, who was knocked down and couldn’t get up, through the rear-view mirror. She felt like their top priority was to find Risor right now.

“Because the things that dropped out of his bag may be useful for us.” Qiu Ren got out of the driver’s seat.

“Things dropped out of his bag?” Suri looked up. That man was carrying a huge travel bag.

Suri also got off the passenger seat and watched Qiu Ren open the zip of the travel bag. Looking inside, they found that it was full of guns.

This was the characteristic of this area.

“Do you know how to use this?” Qiu Ren picked up a Remington shotgun and asked Suri.

“These weapons… are too old, but I still know how to use them.”

Suri also came to the travel bag and searched inside. She took out an F2000 submachine gun and loaded it after studying it for a bit.

However, after she loaded the gun, something suddenly came to her mind…

“But why… are you so familiar with guns?” Suri saw Qiu Ren skillfully insert shotshells into the Remington shotgun.

She realized that Qiu Ren shouldn’t be so familiar with firearms as a high school senior.

Besides, his robbing behavior like a gangster didn’t match the character setting of a male high school senior at all!

“I learned from video games, and it always feels very familiar. I wonder if I do such things all the time in reality.” Qiu Ren pulled the pump of the Remington shotgun in his hand and said to Suri, “Baby mama, can you feel where our kids are?”

I told you not to call me “baby mama,” and the word “kids” is too…

While Suri wanted to correct these names, she sensed the location of her child, Risor.

“That way.” Suri pointed at an apartment on the other side of the street.

“Will he really be able to take us out of here after we find him?” asked Qiu Ren.


Suri was certain that once she was reunited with Risor and found the other members of the Army, they would definitely find a way to get out of this damn Nightmare Dungeon.

Under Suri’s lead, Qiu Ren followed her all the way to that apartment.

Meanwhile, those policemen had already left. However, there was still a very obvious smell of blood around the whole building.

“What happened here?”

Suri also smelled the blood. She was certain that a lot of people must have died on this floor.

“Is it possible… that our child did this?” Qiu Ren looked at the miserable condition of the little girl’s home with a gun in his hand. Suri also realized this possibility.

Even though Commander Risor wasn’t a cruel person, he would never show mercy to people he should kill and must kill.

When she was in the story of the campus rom-com before, she had thought about killing the non-player characters around to absorb energy.

However, this would be too inefficient.

But with Risor’s skills, this would become an extremely efficient way to absorb energy in his hands.

Besides… Risor wouldn’t show Qiu Ren mercy!

Thinking of this, Suri suddenly held the gun in her hand tight. She remembered that Risor’s attitude was that he would definitely kill Qiu Ren if he had the chance.

When he killed Qiu Ren, the plan B of the Army, which was to rely on Qiu Ren’s Alaina Cup to absorb energy for Alaina, would stop. Moreover, the way out for the three worlds, World of Gods, the Heavenly Court, and Superhero World, would also be cut off.

This was a good strategy to force the dream consciousnesses to obey them. If Qiu Ren was dead, the dream consciousness would have no choice but to work with the Army to fight against humans.

And yet, when Suri thought of this, it was too late. A black shadow suddenly appeared behind Qiu Ren.

By the time Qiu Ren reacted, the other party had already wrapped his arms around his neck and pointed his pistol at Qiu Ren’s temple.

Suri tilted her head and immediately saw that the tall man standing behind Qiu Ren was Commander Risor.

“What are you doing?” Suri subconsciously yelled and pointed the F2000 submachine gun in her hand at Risor.

“He’s the origin of this Nightmare Dungeon. What’s wrong with you, Mother?” Risor pulled the firing pin of the revolver in his hand.

Ever since Qiu Ren and Suri entered the apartment building, Risor had sensed their presence.

He had certainly recognized Qiu Ren’s real identity. They had been trapped in this fucking Nightmare Dungeon for so long already.

And now, the Dream Maker who constructed this Nightmare Dungeon showed up in front of him. Risor would never let Qiu Ren go no matter what.

“Let him go first! Killing him can’t solve the problem!” Suri said to Risor with a commanding tone.

“This can solve the problem. If killing him once isn’t enough, I can kill him twice, until he can’t maintain his self-consciousness. I can’t believe you’re actually showing compassion for the creator.”

Risor felt something was wrong with Suri. “Are you being controlled by the creator?”

“How is that possible? It’s just useful to keep him. I’m taming him…” Suri replied directly.

“Tame him? That is too inefficient.”

When Risor was about to pull the trigger, the little girl walked out of the door. Qiu Ren also recognized that this was one of the female protagonists of this storyline, Matilda.

“Risor, what are you doing?” The little girl didn’t seem to know what was happening in front of her eyes.

“Get back inside…”

Risor said to the little girl with a deep voice. This made the cunning mother astonished.

The Commander of the Army cared about an NPC in this Nightmare Dungeon?

Risor, in her impression, would have already shot and killed that little girl first.

However, this also allowed Suri to see a chance for negotiation. She abruptly pointed the submachine gun in her hand at Matilda and commanded Risor, “Let him go!”

“Mother, you’re… threatening me with a dream consciousness?” There was already strong coldness in Risor’s voice and a trace of ridicule in his tone.

However, Suri pulled the trigger mercilessly. The F2000 immediately fired a number of bullets at a super high speed, hitting the wall next to the girl.

Matilda held her head and screamed in fear, but Risor’s expression didn’t change at all.

“I swear I’ll aim at her head next time,” threatened Suri.

“You can try.”

What was this? A quarrel between a mother and her son going through the rebellious stage?

Qiu Ren’s head indeed started to ache faintly as the gun pointed at him. However, the real reason why his head hurt was that he sensed someone had invaded this Nightmare Dungeon.

“Get down!” Qiu Ren yelled at Matilda on the side, but it was too late.

Risor and Suri put their attention on Qiu Ren, which had caused them to neglect the surrounding environment.

Following the gunshot, blood splashed out of Matilda’s abdomen.

This shot wasn’t fired by Suri, but… an intruder hovering at the stairs as he came up.

“Damn it!”

Risor watched Matilda clutch her belly and fall on the ground. He immediately aimed at the intruder, who stuck out his head downstairs, and pulled the trigger.

The bullet penetrated the intruder’s head. That girl was the source of his energy. If she really died, Risor would find it troublesome.

Qiu Ren also pulled out the grenade in his ballistic vest and threw it downstairs while Risor was firing at the intruder.

After a burst of explosion, Qiu Ren shouted at Risor and Suri.

“Find a place to hide! They don’t seem to be from here!”

Risor and Suri both froze for a second, but Risor, who had rich fighting experience, also knew that they would be dead if they stood in the corridor.

He let Qiu Ren go and crashed open the door of his apartment while carrying Matilda, who was covered with blood, inside.


Matilda was severely injured. Blood kept oozing out of her abdomen, indicating that her vitality was slipping.

Qiu Ren wasn’t in the mood to care about this at the moment. He found a wooden table in Risor’s room and used it to block the door. He then raised the shotgun in his hand and fired at the other side of the corridor.

The intruders were forced to stay out and couldn’t move forward temporarily.

“Stay with me!” Risor found some bandages and tried to stop the bleeding of the little girl. However, when Matilda coughed out blood, she said something intermittently, “They’re… here for me.”


Suri felt like it was already ridiculous that she met the Queen Mother of the West in this place, but the little girl had the same aura in her as that of the Queen Mother.

“It seems that… they don’t want us to have a peaceful life.”

After Qiu Ren pulled the pump of the gun, he was certain about the identity of the intruders. They were people from the World of Gods.

The little girl lying on the ground in front of him was probably closely connected to the World of Gods.

“They’re here to take this girl,” Qiu Ren said with a deep voice.

“Nobody can take her away without my permission,” Risor said after he finished treating Matilda’s injuries. He then took out an automatic rifle from the kitchen and loaded it.

“I know… Then, let’s kick them out together.”

Qiu Ren chuckled again, then pulled the ring of a grenade and threw it at the people outside the door.

Following a burst of explosions, Qiu Ren sensed that the number of intruders here hadn’t reduced but increased instead. People in the real world must have found the entrance to invade this Nightmare Dungeon.

Qiu Ren could only think of one possibility: someone among the few people Qiu Ren granted access to was caught or coerced.

Mia? Big trouble… Qiu Ren’s head really hurt. Were these guys truly not afraid that those dream consciousnesses would turn into nightmares and come to take revenge on the Dream Makers after they died through overwork?

In his opinion, this was… a crackdown that had gone too far, a crackdown where the three forces worked together.

While Qiu Ren was thinking about this, he felt that the originally suspended live broadcast had started again at this moment.

This slightly startled him… This was no different from releasing the behind-the-scenes footage of a drama series, but many of the audience would love to watch it if it was exciting enough.

“What’s going on? What’s going on?”

“Who are these two new characters?”

Qiu Ren watched a huge number of real-time comments flashing in front of his eyes and took a deep breath. He then loaded the shells into the magazine of the shotgun again.

“Let’s fight our way out! I think you should have a happy ending this time,” Qiu Ren said.