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“Great trouble…”

Under the protection of Risor and Suri, Qiu Ren got out of the apartment Risor lived in.

They were staying temporarily in a motel.

Matilda was lying in bed. Even though her wound had stopped bleeding, she was still in a coma.

Risor and Suri leaned against the door with weapons in their hands and listened to the noises outside. If the killers came again, Risor would kill them first.

Qiu Ren ignored these two guards at the door. Instead, he was observing the changes in the real world through Mia’s perspective.

This matter had started to develop in the direction Qiu Ren thought was the most knotty.

Some of the Central Research Institute decision-makers and the league of the Gods united and were… putting pressure on Mia.

This was no different than stabbing Qiu Ren behind his back.

However, Qiu Ren could understand what these people of the Central Research Institute were thinking. In the eyes of ordinary people, he had already been corrupted by the nightmare of the Army and had turned into a horrifying Nightmare Dungeon himself…

He had swallowed many important characters among the Gods, the superheroes, and the Heavenly Court into this Romantic Movie Universe.

The League of Gods negotiated with the Central Research Institute in the name of eliminating nightmare erosion and saving their characters trapped in the Nightmare Dungeon.

The Central Research Institute was also concerned about the situation of the few members of the Heavenly Court abducted by Qiu Ren in the Nightmare Dungeon…

So, they invaded Qiu Ren’s Nightmare Dungeon through Mia, this “holder” of the key to the entrance of the dungeon given by Qiu Ren.

“What you’re doing is wrong!”

Mia was in an interrogation room with a light silver cuff on her hands. She was staring at the members of the League of Gods who came from afar.

Meanwhile, the ones confronting her in the interrogation room were the pope of the French state religion, the sect she served, two other popes that served the other Gods, and the person in charge from the Central Research Institute.

She knew all of the three popes. The one who served her Goddess was even an experienced Dream Maker she had worked with for a long time.

He was her father’s old friend and was someone like her uncle in her mind. However, this old pope looked at Mia like she was a witch, which hurt her mind deeply.

A witch… Right, what was going on was the witch’s trial.

After Mia got possessed by the Lord of Nightmare, she changed from a Saintess into a witch possessed by a demon.

“Is the one talking to us right now… Miss Mia, or the Lord of Nightmare occupying Miss Mia?” A pope belonging to the Norse theology asked a question that might cause Mia to be burnt on the burning post.

“I’m certain that I’m myself. I swear in the name of Hestia that the person talking to you is Mia Krato, not the consciousness of the Lord of Nightmare. I came here to stop your evil deeds!”

Mia was very honest when facing the questions from the popes, but about witch-hunting… it wasn’t Mia’s decision to make whether the witch was innocent or not.

“And then you corrupted that young man called Qiu Ren with the nightmare? And swallowed the Gods, the superheroes, and the immortals of the Heavenly Court in the Celestial Empire using him as the medium?”

That pope directly listed… everything that happened after Mia escaped to the Central Research Institute in the Celestial Empire.

Part of the League of Gods indeed wanted to work with the Army to corrupt the immortals of the Heavenly Court.

And yet, Mia, the Saintess who came to warn Qiu Ren and the Central Research Institute, dragged the immortals of the Heavenly Court into the Nightmare Dungeon of the Romantic Movie Universe instead.

So, from the perspective of the outsiders, Mia’s arrival could totally be seen as the cause of the nightmare devouring incident.

Even Supernova Pictures, which planned to corrupt the immortals of the Heavenly Court before, called her an expert.

The problem was that the Nightmare Dungeon of the Romantic Movie Universe had swallowed even the characters of the League of Gods and Superhero World!

If the plan of Supernova Pictures of working with the Army to contaminate the immortals of the Heavenly Court before was an act of war, what Mia did would be anti-human behavior.

If they had to accuse Mia of a crime, she had threatened the lives of all human beings by helping the Lords of Nightmare.

Then, whether Mia was controlled by that Lord of Nightmare was actually of secondary importance.

“Mr. Qiu Ren, he’s just…”

“Extracting a character and letting him play another role for a long time is a kind of harm to the consciousness of a Dream Dungeon, Miss Mia.”

The person who said this was the representative of the Central Research Institute. He held the opposite opinion as Director Lu.

Qiu Ren had already told the Central Research Institute the reason why he built this Romantic Movie Universe through Lin Wanxiang’s father.

However, many people in the Central Research Institute opposed Qiu Ren’s crazy actions.

When a dream character with self-consciousness played another role for a long time, it was very likely that this would result in a split personality. It would also create the possibility of weakening the immortal’s power.

So, under this premise, countries usually dealt with weaker dream characters guarding the border… by extracting part of their memories and negative emotions away. They would then be turned into low-level Nightmare Seeds when they were polluted by the nightmare after suppressing nightmare consciousnesses all year round.

Just like what Supernova Pictures did to Falcon Huntress and the Flash before.

If the situation was too serious, they would completely reset the character’s personality and memory.

It wasn’t that the Central Research Institute had never considered building a resort like Qiu Ren did.

However, it was too risky… Dream consciousnesses had their own thoughts. It was difficult to be sure whether they would be willing to go back to the front line to resist the horrifying nightmare erosion again after enjoying a peaceful, happy life and sweet love.

Perhaps this was something even Qiu Ren couldn’t answer. He could only guarantee them and say, “If they don’t want to go back to the front line, I’ll change the script and kill the girl or boy they like in this Nightmare Dungeon.”

However, if the dream consciousness immersed themselves in a particular story, they wouldn’t be far from having split personality symptoms.

“About… how to deal with her, we’ll leave it to you. We just hope that we can send as many rescue teams as possible to save our dream characters out of that Nightmare Dungeon…”

That uncle, whom Mia had always respected, made this decision that was close to ruining his relationship with Mia and her father.

Mia clenched her fists, but she released them very quickly.

Ever since she refused to give up her contract with the Goddess and came all the way here to find Qiu Ren, being accused of treason by her own country and treated as a witch possessed by a demon by the religious sect she served was always a possibility.

Mia knew that she would have such an ending, but these were to keep the righteousness in her mind.

Unfortunately, what Mia regretted right now… was that she had dragged Qiu Ren in.

Qiu Ren should have been planning for the further development of the Alaina Cup happily right now.

However, he was being devoured by the Shadow Beasts and eroded by nightmare pollution. He had turned into a Nightmare Dungeon.

Perhaps… it was a wrong choice for her to seek asylum from Qiu Ren in the first place?

She should have directly told Qiu Ren the plan of the League of Gods and Supernova Pictures, then find a place in some corner of this world to hide.

“She’s the key to that Nightmare Dungeon. We’ll use her well.” The Central Research Institute also made a decision.

Mia would be used as the entrance of that Nightmare Dungeon so that the three forces could send reinforcements inside to “save” their trapped dream consciousnesses.

There was a small downside to doing this. Mia might need to bear the harm the reinforcements suffered in the Nightmare Dungeon.

However, she couldn’t take care of so many things right now.

When the researchers helped Mia walk out of the interrogation room, she happened to see Qiu Ren, who was lying in the medical office.

This made Mia put a slightly sad smile on her face.

“Mr. Qiu Ren, you said you’d protect me, and you’ve already done that before.” Qiu Ren had comforted and suppressed that Lord of Nightmare in Europe. He saved not only Mia but also a lot of citizens in France.

Mia always kept this kindness in her mind… And now, Mia thought that Qiu Ren was right.

Those dream consciousnesses deserved a Dream Dungeon where they could rest and relax, even if the Dream Dungeon was a nightmare.

So, in order to stop the obstruction of the League of Gods, the Central Research Institute, and the Supernova Pictures, Mia decided to give control of her body to the Lord of Nightmare, who possessed her.

This was no different from committing suicide, but at least she could stop the three forces from invading the Romantic Movie Universe and interrupt the progress of Qiu Ren’s plan.

When those thorns and vines began to spread on Mia’s arm, the alarm in the Central Research Institute suddenly rang!

“What’s going on?”

With the current crisis of the nightmare devouring the characters, the research institute was in a state of high tension. The alarm also made the representative of the research institute, who was escorting Mia, ask people around him loudly.

“The Great Sage… The Great Sage seems to be devoured by that Nightmare Dungeon.”

A researcher told Mia some bad news that might cause the research institute to shoot Qiu Ren to death directly.

Mia froze right there.

This was definitely bad news! Huge bad news!

Although many characters of the League of Gods and Supernova League had been devoured, their main forces were still here. Gods like Odin, Sol, and Zeus were all fine. The ones being swallowed were just some of their subordinates.

However, if the Great Sage of the research institute was corrupted, that… would be bad news that would only spread anxiety.

At this moment, the entire Central Research Institute couldn’t care so much anymore. They directly launched the highest level emergency plan.

Mia looked at Qiu Ren on the hospital bed more worriedly.

You must be safe, Mia thought.

Qiu Ren had always been observing the situation outside through Mia’s perspective in the Nightmare Dungeon.

But the problem was that he was also in danger right now.

The source of his danger wasn’t from the intruders, but the mother of the Shadow Beasts, Miss Suri, who seemed to have finally reacted.

Qiu Ren had been planning so calmly along the way. He also happened to find a huge number of guns and dealt with the intruders cool-headedly.

All this didn’t seem like something a high school senior could do, no matter how much she thought about it.

So, even if Suri was dumb, she had also realized that she had been deceived by Qiu Ren.

So, Suri pointed her F2000 submachine gun in her hand at Qiu Ren, who was sitting by the bed, and said, “Did you… lead those intruders here?”

“Baby mama, what are you talking about? I’m trying to protect you…”

“Shut up! Don’t call me that!”

When Suri realized she was fooled, it was tough for her to believe what Qiu Ren said again.

Upon thinking carefully, Qiu Ren could totally work with those intruders to kill them. This could effectively stop them from interrupting the progress of this Nightmare Dungeon.

“I mean it… when I said I wanted to protect you, whether it’s in here or in reality.”

Qiu Ren was very serious about wanting to protect Suri. Since she was the mother of the Shadow Beasts, if something happened to her, the Shadow Beasts might truly lose control and run wild.

So, Qiu Ren wanted to take both her and Alaina in.

Unfortunately, this girl wasn’t as docile as her younger sister, who would come into his arms and act like a baby.

Suri was gnashing her teeth, and her hair was stuck straight up at this moment. She could only vent the anger of being fooled in her mind by scratching Qiu Ren with her claws.

Qiu Ren and Suri looked at each other with coldness in their eyes. Qiu Ren raised his hands to show that he meant no harm.

However, Suri and Risor suddenly felt a terrifying aura getting close to them!

“Is it really a conspiracy that you brought us here?”

A hint of heartbroken expression flashed through Suri’s face, but it soon disappeared. What replaced it was a coldness that froze others’ bones.

Such a feeling of being betrayed and deceived was unpleasant.

She came to Qiu Ren and put both of his hands behind his body mercilessly, using a rope to tie his two thumbs up.

“It… hurts a bit,” Qiu Ren said.

Suck it up! Suri wanted to say these three words, but she realized that saying them would make it sound a bit hilarious. She put up a cold expression on her face again and finished what she was doing silently.

“I’ve told you not to trust any creator. Let him be… A troublesome guy is here.”

Risor looked very calm. He had seen too many dream consciousnesses being fooled around by the Dream Makers.

Suri was fine, though. She was just deceived by Qiu Ren, who fooled around with her emotions slightly. Her body hadn’t been defiled by Qiu Ren, so it wasn’t too late.

The biggest problem right now was the aura that was getting closer outside the door. Even the Commander of the Army, Risor, who had fought countless battles, also became tense and felt terrified.

The guy who was about to come for a visit wasn’t at the same level… as those intruders before!

“Just wait and see. I won’t let anyone save you. When I take you out of this Nightmare Dungeon, I’ll settle the scores for deceiving me with you in ‘reality.’”

After Suri said this fiercely… she and Risor lay in wait next to the door for the arrival of that terrifying, powerful enemy.

The next second when they were ready to meet their enemy, the door of the motel was suddenly kicked open by someone!

Risor reacted swiftly. He raised his hand and was about to shoot, but the other party was even faster. A long rod swept over in a blink and was held on Risor’s neck, making him unable to move.

At this moment, Qiu Ren also saw the words written on that rod clearly!

Golden-Hooped Rod!

The person with this powerful weapon was wearing a suit and a Peking Opera mask on his face. His eyes below the mask ignored Risor and Suri and finally landed on Qiu Ren.

“You’re Qiu Ren? The one who caused so much trouble?” he asked.

“Great… Great Sage?” Qiu Ren immediately recognized who he was. The face painted on the Peking Opera mask was the Monkey King, Sun Wukong.

“This name doesn’t apply here. You can just call me Monk Sun.”

While the Great Sage and Qiu Ren talked to each other briefly, Risor was thinking about making a counterattack as he saw that the weapon the Great Sage used was just an iron rod.

However, the Great Sage didn’t look at him at all. He swung the Golden-Hooped Rod in his hand and hit Risor’s knees, followed by his forehead. He was so fast that Risor couldn’t react at all. Risor directly fell on the ground and became unconscious for a while.

At this moment, Suri also raised the submachine gun in her hand and was about to pull the trigger. But the Great Sage knocked the gun in her hand away with his Golden-Hooped Rod and crushed it to pieces with one strike.

In just two seconds, the Monkey King already had the situation under control. He then walked towards Qiu Ren.

“Great Sage, are you here… to capture me?” Seeing how fierce the Monkey King was, Qiu Ren thought he was here to capture him, this monster.

“No, no, Qiu Ren, I came to ask you… Are you interested in smashing the sky and going straight to heaven with me? Consider this carefully. This trip will be regarded as an evil journey. We’ll be besieged and suppressed. However, I’m already tired of the story of making a pilgrimage to Buddhist scriptures. It’s time for me to make a scene.”

The Great Sage’s words shocked Qiu Ren. Qiu Ren was a smart person. Together with the situation of Mia and the immortals of the Heavenly Court, he could come up with a guess.

The Great Sage had decided to resist all the infamy and exchanged himself for a peaceful day for the immortals in the Heavenly Court.

Qiu Ren remained silent for a while and said, “Since the Great Sage came to invite me in person, I have no reason to reject. I’ll… go on this road of no return… with you.”


The Great Sage swung the Golden-Hooped Rod in his hand and knocked it on the ground fiercely. The intruders that followed him here fell down hard on the ground as soon as they arrived at the door.

There should be quite a lot of intruders lying in the corridor of the motel.

If nobody stopped them, these intruders would flood in endlessly, and this world would never have a peaceful day.

Right now, the Great Sage decided to fight them all by himself, no… with Qiu Ren.

Anyway… It was time for Qiu Ren to write a script about the Great Sage making a scene.