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Qiu Ren followed the girl all the way home.

On the way, he also learned her name, Qiu Ling.

Qiu Ren was fortunate that his parents were still alive in this world. On his way home, he bought some band-aids and a cap in the convenience store.

After treating the wound on his forehead with a band-aid, he put on the cap to cover it and went home with his sister, who wasn’t really related to him by blood.

Qiu Ren’s parents didn’t notice anything strange. Since both of them were soaked in the rain, their parents sent them into the bathroom and asked them to shower quickly.

According to their status in the family, his sister, Qiu Ling, should shower first. However, she felt guilty for the injury on Qiu Ren’s head. So, when she got home, she acted obedient and let him use the bathroom first.

Qiu Ren took off his shirt soaked in rainwater without hesitation after entering the bathroom and started looking at his body in this parallel world.

Except for the wound on his forehead, the other parts of his body were pretty healthy…

Qiu Ren could also feel the faint connection between him and Tapir, like he was playing a holographic projection game.

His consciousness could withdraw from this body to return to the world of that Nightmare Dungeon and then go back to the real world where his real body was from the Nightmare Dungeon anytime he wanted.

This experience of having a dream in a dream was… quite novel?

When Qiu Ren was thinking about what he should do next, Qiu Ling suddenly pushed open the door of the bathroom.


The girl directly walked into the bathroom without hesitation. She was probably worried that their parents would hear them talk, so she closed the door.

When she shut the door, she realized that Qiu Ren had already taken off all the clothes on his body in a short time.

Qiu Ling wasn’t embarrassed when she saw that. Qiu Ren could also only pretend to be calm and quietly picked up the towel on the side to cover his body.

“Thank you…” Qiu Ling’s voice sounded a bit cheerless. Her entire body was wet, so she should be feeling uncomfortable.

“For what?”

“You didn’t tell Mom and Dad that I asked you to go out on a rainy day and made you hurt your head. If they knew it, they’d definitely beat me…”

Qiu Ling looked very sorry. If he didn’t comfort her, this incident might really become her childhood trauma.

“It’s fine. The wound isn’t deep. There’s no need to go to the hospital.”

Qiu Ren was certainly lying. He actually had to go to the hospital to get stitches for the wound on his forehead.

However, there were many things about this world that Qiu Ren didn’t understand. Besides, with the dream consciousnesses, these supernatural forces, dominating this world, Qiu Ren dared not to go to the hospital.

“You should still go to the hospital to have a checkup. I’ll take you there another day, but I don’t know if I can afford it.” While Qiu Ling was still struggling about this, the alarm clock in the bathroom suddenly rang.

Qiu Ren found this really creepy… Who would put an alarm clock in the bathroom?

And yet, not only in the bathroom but many other places at home also had alarm clocks for reminding them about something.

Qiu Ren reached his hand out and turned off the alarm clock in front of the bathroom…

“It’s almost prayer time. Brother, you should shower first. I’ll go dry my hair.”

Qiu Ling ran out of the bathroom quickly after hearing the alarm. When Qiu Ren heard the word “prayer,” he froze for a while.

However, he still took a simple shower, then put on his clothes, and walked out of the bathroom.

The parents of this body were already sitting on the couch in the living room. Qiu Ling didn’t have time to dry her hair. She just put on some dry clothes and sat cross-legged in the chaise lounge next to the couch.

Prayer? Pray to whom? Were Qiu Ren’s parents in this world religious?

Qiu Ren sat on the other side of the couch in confusion as his father turned on the TV seriously…

“Lingling, which of the drama series on the program list today are you most interested in?” Qiu Ren’s mother took out the program list and asked Qiu Ling.

“Let’s watch ‘Dynasties.’ Looks like today’s episode will be about the disputes between the consorts. I’m quite interested in it.”

Qiu Ling seemed a bit awkward, but she still picked one that she was more interested in from the huge number of programs on the list.

“Then, we’ll watch Dynasties today,” Qiu Ren’s father said as he started switching the channel.

What was this? The whole family sitting in front of the TV to watch a drama series… was the prayer ceremony?

When Qiu Ren saw the whole, he realized something was wrong in this world. He looked around and found the phone this body used. After entering the password he always used, the phone was surprisingly unlocked.

Even though it was a smartphone, it seemed to be from a couple generations ago compared to Qiu Ren’s own phone.

Qiu Ren swiped the phone and found the search engine in this world. He searched for the history of Dream Dungeons in this world.

Two hundred years…

Looking at the result Qiu Ren found on the phone, an indescribable cold suddenly crept up Qiu Ren.

Even though this was a parallel world and everything seemed familiar, the slightest difference could already change the world drastically.

In Qiu Ren’s original world, Dream Dungeons had only appeared for forty years, and it had just been thirty years since the first record of large-scale development.

So, the modern history of that world didn’t have any changes. The Celestial Empire opened up a new era dominated by the people under the guidance of the heroes.

However, Dream Seeds had already been in this world for two centuries.

This caused great changes to the development of history in this world. Dream Seeds that had extraordinary power… could create everything people imagined in their minds, including fairies, gods, and monsters.

Unsurprisingly, these supernatural things became popular two hundred years ago and gradually affected the ideology of later generations.

This gave the Dream Seeds and dream characters in this world an extremely lofty status instead of just being used for entertainment.

Even though modern science had also been developing, many countries in this world adopted “idealism” centered on the Dream Seeds.

Simply put, almost all countries in this world had multiple state religions, and the Gods of the religions were the consciousness in the high-level Dream Seeds.

People were obliged to watch movies, TV programs, or play games extended from the Dream Dungeons every week to give these Gods their faith, the energy the dream characters needed.

Although it maximized the combat power of Dream Seeds, it also made Qiu Ren feel uncomfortable.

When Qiu Ren wanted to search for it further, his phone was directly… snatched by the father of this body.

Qiu Ren certainly didn’t ask why he took it. With the background of this world, he was like playing with his phone at the ancestor worship ceremony. His father was already kind not hitting his head.

“Brother, you rarely get distracted when you watch a drama,” Qiu Ling leaned over to Qiu Ren and whispered.

Do I need to be so serious when I watch a show?

Qiu Ren didn’t answer her… He put his attention on the drama series, “Dynasties.”

Overall, it was just a normal ancient palace drama. Qiu Ren didn’t really like this type of theme, so he was a little bored.

Qiu Ling was also a bit bored as she watched, but she seemed to be trying very hard to make herself look like she was interested in this drama series.

Unfortunately… after the show ended, she still didn’t have any interest in it.

What frightened Qiu Ren the most was… It was a crime if people weren’t interested in a particular movie or drama series in this world.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to provide energy to the dream characters.

The original owner of this body seemed to be an outstanding student in this world, so his parents didn’t rebuke Qiu Ren for not being interested in this show for now.

However, Qiu Ling was always like that. When the show ended, Qiu Ling was left behind to be lectured alone.

Qiu Ren returned to his room and listened to most of the content of their lecture. Basically, they just said, “You’re interested in neither this show nor that, and you don’t like playing games either! Lingling, we don’t want you to be taken back to the Training Academy… So, you must choose a drama series as your interest to develop when you’re in university…”

The lecture lasted for almost an hour. Qiu Ling then ran to Qiu Ren’s room a bit unhappily.

“Brother, can you lend me some money?”

The first thing Qiu Ling asked surprised Qiu Ren… This sister was too real.

“What do you want money for?”

Qiu Ren didn’t know how much savings the owner of this body had, but the money in this world wasn’t really meaningful to him.

“I’m running away from home. If this goes on, I’ll definitely be sent back to the Training Academy again! I don’t want to return to that terrible place!”

Qiu Ling knew herself. She knew that even if she were to die, she wouldn’t fall in love with the mainstream drama series and games either.

“There’s no need to run away from home. I may destroy that Training Academy in the future.”

Qiu Ren had gleaned some information about the Training Academy on the Internet. Even though it seemed magnificent, glorious, and just, he knew that this place was a concentration camp.

Dream consciousnesses had already dominated this world, entering a state that made Qiu Ren very uncomfortable.

Apart from getting information related to this world, the trip’s purpose this time was to collect intel on his enemies.

Qiu Ren was someone who didn’t like to give other people trouble, so he certainly didn’t want to create chaos for the normal people living in this world.

So, he had to find out who kept throwing Nightmare Dungeons to his world.

Qiu Ren had already gotten an answer. All the dream consciousnesses living in this world… were the enemies Qiu Ren had to eliminate.

This world also had cultures of the Heavenly Court, but there wasn’t a Great Sage in the Heavenly Court.

“Brother, if you can really destroy the Training Academy, I’ll give you all my savings in the future.”

Qiu Ling seemed to think that Qiu Ren was joking, but she quite liked it.

“What if I destroy this weird world?”

From Qiu Ren’s perspective, this material world that was attached to a Dream Seed and was completely immersed in fantasy was really strange.

This time, Qiu Ling didn’t know what to say. Qiu Ren then gently pushed her out of his room and said, “Let’s go to sleep. When I wake up… the world may already be changing.”

Qiu Ren then shut the door, lay on his bed, and closed his eyes. When he opened them again, the scene had changed back to Suri’s home.

“How was it?” Suri immediately ran over to ask Qiu Ren about the situation in the other material world.

“I still had some concerns when I thought about invading that world with Nightmare Dungeons before.” The concerns Qiu Ren talked about were also Suri’s concerns.

She knew that Qiu Ren was a human creator. He wouldn’t be crazy enough to allow the Army to invade the previous material world.

But it seemed that the problem had already been resolved.

“However, it looks like… the creators in the other world may need our help as well,” Qiu Ren said.

“But this world… still has a lot of… problems.” Tapir reminded Qiu Ren, “You… can’t even guarantee the safety of your body in reality.”

“It’s probably time to gather everyone to talk about it together. I have control over the Army right now and connections with many Lords of Nightmare and Lords of Dream. Most importantly, we’ve found our mutual enemy!”

Qiu Ren gave this job to Suri and Tapir… He also contacted the Queen Mother of the West, Mia, and Falcon Huntress… with his consciousness.

He had never thought of using negotiation to solve the dispute between the Army and the creators of this world before, but he was in power right now. Furthermore, there was a mutual enemy in front of them.

It was time to think of a way to convince the research institute, World of Gods, and the Supernova League to stop interfering with the Alaina Cup and the Romantic Movie Universe, these two important sources of energy for the Army.

If he couldn’t convince them—No, Qiu Ren believed that nobody he invited to the negotiation table was a fool. Besides, the research institute was on his side originally. There were some minor differences in the opinion of the internal staff members.

They just needed to let go of past prejudices and eliminate the threat far away!

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