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Qiu Ren brought his unfortunate sister to the researchers from the research institute.

At this moment, Qiu Ling felt like she was meeting Qiu Ren’s parents, while Qiu Ren felt more like he was… showing off his baby?


“This is… one of the strongest pieces of evidence I have found so far?”

Qiu Ren led his fake sister to sit at a round table. The expressions of the researchers from the Central Research Institute changed when they looked at Qiu Ling, who was holding a baby fire dragon in her arms.

They were all first-class professional Dream Makers. Even if they weren’t top-notch in dream-making, they were definitely at the forefront of research on Dream Dungeons in the world.

So, they could see many more things on Qiu Ling.

Just like how when a normal person saw a cat, he would merely think that it was very cute but could hardly recognize what breed the cat was.

However, experts of cat breeds could recognize how pure the blood of this cat was, its health condition, and its market value by just looking at it.

And now, Qiu Ling was that cat, even the most valuable one in the world.

“I’ve indeed never seen a Level SS dream consciousness with such a sequence… She’s even a mother of the dungeon.”

“Someone seems to have changed her structure. Did they specifically give her the ability to get along with the nightmare consciousnesses?”

“This topic is the area Mr. Li is researching on. Have people in the other material world already achieved it?”

The gaze of the researchers when they looked at Qiu Ling made her feel like they were about to cut her open.

“So, Qiu Ren, what are your thoughts?” Director Lu still wanted to listen to Qiu Ren’s opinion.

“I’m thinking that… it’s time to get ready to poach.” Qiu Ren told Director Lu the next step of his plan.

“Poaching? You mean recruiting the dream consciousnesses from the other material world? But where do we begin?”

Director Lu had read a lot about what the other material world did in Qiu Ren’s thesis.

Let alone anything else, throwing Nightmare Seeds to their world could already be regarded as hostile behavior.

So, the research institute would fight for the Dream Seeds, which should have belonged to them, in the other material world… by means of “competition.”

The problem was, how could they “fight for them?”

Qiu Ren knocked on the table gently as a screen appeared in front of everyone in an instant.

Zhao Lian, who had just left, and the environment around her were shown on the screen… From that perspective, it was a bit like playing a third-person game.

“The power I gave her isn’t completely… free. This is kind of a trivial price and also a guarantee?” Qiu Ren said as he glanced at Qiu Ling, who remained silent while holding the baby fire dragon.

His fake sister didn’t have any opinion on this secret function that infringed upon Zhao Lian’s privacy.

It was a critical time right now. Besides, she didn’t trust General Zhao completely, to be honest.

“Through Miss Zhao Lian, we can communicate with the dream consciousnesses she has contact with. However… I don’t think any dream consciousness would choose to come to our world for the reason that they can ‘get rid of the control of the Dream Makers.’”

Qiu Ren had already made it very clear. Besides, all researchers here were clever people.

Dream Seeds or dream consciousnesses in the other material world had more or less gained high popularity as characters in a particular movie, TV drama, or game.

This was also their source of power and the foundation of their life. If they came to a new world, the foundation of their life would be gone.

Qiu Ren thought there shouldn’t be many of them who were willing to take the risk. So, if he wanted to poach them, he must certainly offer even more generous terms than before.

These conditions included a new production that they could stay in. There must at least be a script and a general plan.

This would need the research institute to recruit a huge number of screenwriters or producers to come and work together.

Director Lu understood what Qiu Ren meant very quickly and started organizing the dispatch in this regard.

Qiu Ren and the research institute had begun their preparation, but Zhao Lian encountered a problem soon after she returned to her original Dream Dungeon.

She… was arrested as fast as the speed of light.

Her speed of getting herself arrested was so fast that it made Qiu Ren doubt… Was she really a Level A dream consciousness?

However, the dream characters that arrested Zhao Lian didn’t seem to be easy to deal with.

Zhao Lian returned to the Dream Dungeon called “Dynasties” through the portal. It was the most popular Dream Dungeon in that material world, a Dream Dungeon with the main world set in ancient dynasties.

Meanwhile, Zhao Lian was surrounded by a group of dream characters wearing creepy masks. She had just stood steady on the street when she was directly pressed down on the ground from the back by someone.

With Zhao Lian’s power, she could have resisted and broken free from that dream character, but she didn’t do so… Perhaps she wanted to hide her whereabouts.

So, it meant that these dream consciousnesses wearing creepy masks weren’t official characters here?

“Why would people from the secret society… show up in Dynasties?” Zhao Lian’s gaze fell on a dream character in the front.

“We’ve always been by your side, General Zhao… Do you think we really are viruses, as those creators say? But you… you’ve become like us. No… Your nightmare pollution is a bit more special.”

When the leader of the “secret society,” as Zhao Lian called it, mentioned the words “nightmare pollution,” her expression changed slightly. However, she could still remain the most basic calmness.

She knew that things like nightmare pollution couldn’t be hidden from dream consciousnesses of a higher level.

“Let me guess. Such a gentle transformation came from… that abandoned princess? You… found her?”

These questions directly hit the most sensitive part of Zhao Lian’s heart. Her neck was already getting covered with the scales of the Glavenus.

Zhao Lian was prepared to fight, but black mist suddenly billowed out of the skirt of the leader of the secret society and enveloped Zhao Lian. As a result, the power of the Glavenus in her body almost lost control.

At this moment, Zhao Lian finally experienced the real pain brought by nightmare pollution. It felt like her entire body was burning, and her consciousness and memories gradually shattered. The feeling of losing control, covered with all kinds of extreme emotions, kept surging in Zhao Lian’s heart.

“General Zhao, I’m much more adept at handling this kind of nightmare pollution than you are,” the leader of the secret society said.

Move quickly! General Zhao!

When Qiu Ren saw that Zhao Lian had fallen on the ground and was almost devoured by nightmares, he immediately felt like they were in trouble.

Even Qiu Ren had never thought that there would be a group of dangerous Lords of Nightmare in “Dynasties,” the most popular Dream Dungeon in the other world!

“Where did this secret society come from?” Qiu Ren looked to the side and asked his fake sister.

“They’re nightmare consciousnesses that have been hiding in this Dream Dungeon since a long time ago… The Dream Makers are also working to eliminate these ‘viruses,’ but…”

Qiu Ling paused for a while and said, “It’s because the mothers and fathers of the Dynasties, which includes my father and some State Lords, are also using the power of the secret society to fight against the Dream Makers. Hence, the secret society still exists in our world.”

“I should have asked you about this kind of information earlier.”

Qiu Ren felt like he had made a mistake. WIth Zhao Lian’s combat strength, she would be able to escape when she met a Level S dream character in “Dynasties,” even if she couldn’t beat the character.

However, the other party had the ability to control nightmare pollution and was much more skillful than Zhao Lian, who had just had contact with nightmare pollution. In a blink, Zhao Lian had lost all her combat power.

Qiu Ren was thinking if he should send backup to help Zhao Lian.

However, having dream character strangers invading the world of “Dynasties” was like carrying a huge bag of explosives when going through a security check.

All the dream consciousnesses in “Dynasties” would focus here almost in an instant.

“Let me… go.” Tapir’s voice suddenly sounded in Qiu Ren’s ears.

“You? Tapir… If you get in there and alert them, the situation will definitely be worse than it is right now!”

Qiu Ren didn’t want to let Tapir take the risk. Even though she was a Lord of Nightmare, who knew how many monsters were there in the Dream Dungeon of “Dynasties”?

“Going to that Dream Dungeon is… going home for me.” Tapir said as she looked at the projection above the table with a nostalgic look, “So, I won’t catch anyone’s attention.”

When Qiu Ren heard the words “going home,” he was a bit shocked. Qiu Ling also looked up and gazed at this elegant woman in a black robe in curiosity…

She narrowed her eyes gently, as if she was trying to figure out Tapir’s real identity. Unfortunately, she, a resident of the world of Dynasties, couldn’t recognize Tapir at all.

She had lived in Dynasties for so many years, but she had never had any contact with this Lord of Nightmare.

“Going home… I won’t ask much about it, but I want to know one thing.” Qiu Ren looked at Tapir very seriously and asked, “Will you come back?”

This was the first time Tapir saw doubts in Qiu Ren’s eyes. He had always been an overconfident young man who was as cool as a cucumber in her previous impression. He rarely cared about extra gains and losses.

And yet, Qiu Ren was indeed a bit afraid this time… Tapir was leaving. Qiu Ren couldn’t tell what feeling this was… It was the frustration and sense of loss when a friend, whom he got along very well with, was leaving or a fun party coming to an end.

This gave Tapir a rare thought of teasing Qiu Ren. She smiled slightly and asked, “If I don’t come back… what will you do?”

Qiu Ren genuinely thought for a while, and the conclusion he came to was… “I don’t know.”

This reply made Tapir a bit disappointed but also relieved at the same time. However, his next words made her feel tense. “I’ll probably go to find you, but you know that this world doesn’t quite welcome me. It doesn’t matter, though. With the power I can gather, it’s okay for me to break into that world to find you forcibly. I don’t mind either. That’s my answer.”

Qiu Ren had said it tactfully. To put it in the most straightforward way… if Tapir wasn’t coming back, he might gather an army and go to the other world to find her at the cost of a full-scale war.

“Looks like… I can’t stay in my hometown for too long, because you… have never been a patient person,” Tapir said.

While Qiu Ren was speaking, he opened the portal with Zhao Lian’s coordinates. Tapir knew how important this trip was. She, who had always been elegant and calm, took a deep breath, then glanced at Qiu Ren again before stepping into the portal.

When Tapir disappeared into the portal, Qiu Ren immediately put his attention on the projection screen.

Soon after those dream characters of the secret society on the other side were prepared to fight when they saw a new Lord of Nightmare, the leader of the secret society felt the familiar aura behind the door. He made a hand gesture to stop the others.

“You’re still coming back?” the leader of the secret society said to Tapir, who walked out of the portal, in a slightly mocking tone.

“If… it weren’t for someone’s plan, you might… have never seen me again.” Tapir stared at the leader of the secret society without any emotions in her eyes and said softly, “Mother.”

When Qiu Ren heard that word, he froze right where he was. His head also tilted to the side slightly.

What the hell? After everything, this troublesome woman turned out to be his mother-in-law?

Ah no… She turned out to be a relative by marriage? It didn’t sound right either.

But at this moment, Qiu Ren felt like things had become mysterious.