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Asakawa Hana flipped over the novel in her hands. She had already been in this empty classroom for almost one hour.

Nobody bothered her in this hour. Besides, the novel in her hands was unusually amazing. Asakawa Hana didn’t want to leave the classroom and take a look at the outside world at all.

This was her real personality.

Perhaps it was her personality after being distorted by reality?

Unsociable, sensitive, and liked to be alone rather than with a group of people.

If possible, Asakawa Hana hoped that no one would ever disturb her in this classroom.

However, her expectations were soon broken by the sound of the classroom door sliding.

“Fuyushima, do you have time?”

The person who opened the door of the classroom was the class teacher of Asakawa Hana’s character.

“Although I should answer ‘yes,’ Miss Tae, I still want to remind you that students have the freedom to decide what they do after school.”

Had the plot of the spin-off that Dream Maker talked about begun?

Information about Asakawa Hana’s new identity surged into her memory gradually as the plot developed…

Her name was Fuyushima Ryza now… She was a girl in the same year as her original identity and was also the chairperson of a strange society called the Samurai Society.

“Aren’t you having society activities right now? I brought you a new member.”

“A new member?”

Even though Asakawa Hana had already expected it, she instinctively resisted when she saw the disappointing face of Kichi Gen, the unsociable, gloomy fourth male character.

It was fine for them to participate in normal society activities together, but the plot of this spin-off was apparently going towards a “rom-com genre.” Did this mean that she had to develop a relationship with Kichi Gen?

She pondered carefully and felt that she would rather play a girl’s love drama or even a thriller that might kill her than being in the current situation.

Kichi Gen standing at the door might have felt… the gaze of resistance and rejection from “Fuyushima Ryza.”

He also felt a bit of impatience and hesitation.

“Miss Tae, but…”

“No buts! I’m now ordering you to join this society to change your awkward, unsociable personality. If not, I may not be able to sleep well when you become a scourge of society in the future!”

Hearing the teacher’s righteous words, Asakawa Hana and Kichi Gen both wanted to ask at the same time, “How can joining the society help change his personality?”

Unfortunately, the teacher didn’t give the two of them any opportunity to complain. She pushed this fourth male character, who had a surly expression, into the classroom and shut the door.


Asakawa Hana pretended like she didn’t see him. She lowered her head and continued to read the novel in her hands.

Kichi Gen didn’t try to embarrass himself either. He found another chair in the classroom and sat down.

The real thought in Asakawa Hana’s mind right now was… What kind of a plot did that guy arrange?

If this happened in “Blossoming Love,” the boy and the girl trapped in the classroom right now would find out that the door was locked, and they couldn’t get out at all.

So, the young man and young girl started to have feelings for each other and officially established a romantic encounter.

However, the problem here was, even if she was locked here with this disappointing fourth male character for one day and one night, she wouldn’t possibly have any feelings for this guy.

Perhaps that guy wanted to force it?

Thinking of this, Asakawa Hana immediately became vigilant. Even though her hands were holding the novel, her eyes would occasionally scan the layout of the classroom.

To force it meant R18 plots, like the male protagonist happened to touch the female character’s breast when he tripped over. This was an old trick in “Blossoming Love.”

Even worse tricks had been used in “Blossoming Love.” Anyway, all kinds of benefits were given to the audience.

However, no matter how they gave out these benefits, “Blossoming Love” was a production for all ages. The screenwriters had probably thought about censorship, so they wouldn’t go too far.

The problem was that the screenwriters didn’t have to worry about censorship now. Lords of Nightmare could beat the review department up, so they could write a large number of erotic scenes.

This was indeed the quickest and the most efficient way to attract the audience. However, the price to pay was also huge. The connections and reputation of “Blossoming Love” built among the audience would be completely destroyed.

No way.

Asakawa Hana suddenly realized that she made a mistake. She could feel the unnoticeable gaze of Kichi Gen next to her.

When she thought this was really happening and was thinking if she should break the window and jump from the second floor… someone knocked on the door of the classroom.

Another one?

A hopeless idea came to Asakawa Hana’s mind. She said the words “come in” with a heavy heart. The person who pulled the door open and walked inside made her heave a sigh of relief.

The newcomer was someone she knew. It was her friend when she was Asakawa Hana… Himeno Yui.

This character wasn’t extended from her but was an independent character. She was Asakawa Hana’s best friend inside and outside of the drama.

When she was about to greet her best friend, she realized that she wasn’t the female protagonist of “Blossoming Love” anymore. Instead, she was a new character called Fuyushima Ryza in the spin-off.

However, This friend of Asakawa Hana didn’t know her new character. Instead, she knew that fourth male character sitting next to Asakawa Hana, Kichi Gen.

“Gen, why are you here?” She seemed to be a bit surprised.

If Kichi Gen was the clown, the funny character responsible for all the embarrassing plots, in the team of the male characters, Himeno Yui would be a female character who was responsible for the atmosphere on the other side … She might be a member of the male protagonist’s harem, but how should this be put?

In such a production, any female character, from teachers to classmates, or even sisters of the female protagonist—in fact, any girl with a head, a face, and a name—would definitely have feelings for the male protagonist after being with him for a long time.

Himeno Yui was a similar character. She came with the female protagonist, Asakawa Hana, but the director had already hinted that she actually had a crush on the male protagonist. She just had never done anything about it.

She had always been trying to integrate herself into the social circle of the male protagonist because of the relationship between Asakawa Hana and the male protagonist.

Such a character was surprisingly adored by many fans. Himeno Yui’s popularity was even higher than the second supporting female protagonist.

But wait, wait, wait, wait… That guy wouldn’t be thinking about pairing up Yui and Kichi Gen, would he?

Don’t you think you can give Himeno Yui a random supporting male character just because she doesn’t seem to have any affectionate interaction with the male protagonist!

The fans of “Blossoming Love” or this kind of production were very possessive!

Let alone female characters who were always with the male protagonist like Himeno Yui, the audience would be enraged if the writers paired up the single female characters, who had had interaction with the male protagonist in several episodes and had feelings for him, with a random supporting character.

Asakawa Hana cared a lot about the audience’s opinion. If there was something in this world that could stop her from killing herself…

Perhaps she was afraid that the fans would be heartbroken if “Blossoming Love” was forced to end.

But now, this Blossoming Love spin-off began with this totally unattractive fourth male character stealing the girl from the male protagonist.

Even though this girl hadn’t established a relationship with the male protagonist, she was still someone who had an affair with the male protagonist in the eyes of the audience!

“I’m a member here.” Kichi Gen answered the girl in front of him.

“Hey… Do people like Gen join societies too?”

“What do you mean by ‘people like me’?”

The conversation between the two had indeed become a bit intimate.

In the eyes of the outsiders, this was like people who weren’t close greeting each other, but there was definitely something between the two of them from Asakawa Hana’s perspective.

“Himeno, why did you come to the Samurai Society?”

Asakawa Hana was already thinking about how to save the plot. If the male protagonist came here to get involved, he might be able to save the fans’ fragile hearts. Unfortunately…

“Just cookies…” Himeno Yui stammered in hesitation and expressed why she came to the Samurai Society…

She meant that “she wanted to learn to make cookies for someone she liked.”

Without the fourth male character, Kichi Gen, Asakawa Hana even thought that this plot could be filmed into an entire chapter!

Thinking carefully, Himeno, who had a crush on the male protagonist, had finally mustered the courage to learn how to make cookies to express her feelings. This could be used to film three to four episodes of Chapter Himeno!

But the problem was that Kichi Gen also seemed to be joining the activity of making cookies!

This was like the screenwriters giving the audience a candy through the interaction between the male protagonist and Himeno Yui, but with a twist—they added some mustard, which was Kichi Gen, inside!

Mixing sweetness and spiciness together might anger the audience even more easily than giving them just spiciness!

So, Kichi Gen, what exactly are you doing here? Asakawa Hana thought about this for no reason…

Let alone attracting new fans, would the old fans of “Blossoming Love” buy this spin-off?

Would they watch a girl, who was about to enter the male protagonist’s harem, make love cookies with the fourth male character?

Up till this point, Asakawa Hana could only brace herself to play the first episode of the “Blossoming Love” spin-off… with the weird, unsociable fourth supporting actor who didn’t have any popularity at all, Kichi Gen, and the supporting actress next to the female protagonist, Himeno Yui.