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Qiu Ren woke up and returned to the real world. The timeline in the real world seemed to be a bit slower than in Qiu Ren’s perception. When he woke up, he was still sitting on that office chair.

All the production team members of “Blossoming Love” looked at Qiu Ren, who had just woken up, in fear.

However, after Qiu Ren woke up, the original body of “Blossoming Love” didn’t suffer from any damage, which made them a bit relieved.

“Are you done?” Zhao Yanqing asked.

He thought Qiu Ren would completely devour the Dream Seed of “Blossoming Love,” but that Dream Seed seemed unscathed.

“Not yet… When is the normal streaming time of Blossoming Love?” Qiu Ren asked the production team of Blossoming Love.

“It’s… It’s tonight, at around 8.”

A person in charge of the production team subconsciously answered Qiu Ren’s question.

“Can you change the time of the drama series that are streaming tonight?” Qiu Ren asked.

“Change the time?”

The person in charge of Blossoming Love was a slightly chubby middle-aged man with a center parting.

Judging by his temperament, he seemed to be someone who truly had a passion for the industry, instead of a pure businessman.

“I’m commissioned by the consciousness of Blossoming Love to create a series of spin-offs for your drama. I hope you can stream the content of the spin-offs after the episodes you’re broadcasting later on. If you can, can you promote the news about the spin-off on the official website and various usable channels?”

Even though Qiu Ren said this implicitly, they didn’t have the choice to reject Qiu Ren, this Lord of Nightmare. They could only look at Zhao Yanqing with an imploring gaze.

Zhao Yanqing closed his eyes for a while with a bit of a headache, then took a deep breath and asked Qiu Ren directly, “What do you want to do?”

“To save the declining popularity of this Dream Dungeon of Blossoming Love? The production of Blossoming Love is at a dead-end right now. Perhaps this spin-off can reverse this trend…”

The eyelids of Zhao Yanqing pulsed slightly. The main problem right now wasn’t the popularity of Blossoming Love, but…

“Do you really think we would allow a Dream Dungeon changed by a Lord of Nightmare… to be shown to the public?” Zhao Yanqing asked.

“I didn’t add anything bad in it, but if you think the content is inappropriate during the broadcast, you can cut it off anytime you want.”

Qiu Ren’s voice didn’t sound threatening at all. However, the black mist permeating that Dream Seed told Zhao Yanqing that he should follow Qiu Ren’s plan.

“Blossoming Love” was usually streamed on one of the official platforms, which was why this production remained popular for a long time.

Zhao Yanqing could totally fool Qiu Ren by restricting the streaming region, but it seemed that Qiu Ren wasn’t that easy to be deceived.

However, if something happened to the spin-off of “Blossoming Love” that Qiu Ren produced, the government would directly cut it off without Zhao Yanqing requesting for it.

Then, the ones who suffered would be the production team of “Blossoming Love.” So, when they saw Zhao Yanqing make a signal, meaning, “It can be broadcasted, and promotion should be done as well,” they all looked like they had lost their souls with a “doomed” expression.

“Hana, my Hana.” Even though they were murmuring, they still went to promote the spin-off Qiu Ren had constructed obediently.

In the world of Dynasties.

Tapir crossed her arms and leaned against the wall, tapping her arms with her fingers a bit impatiently.

She was still in the main hall of the secret society. Meanwhile, most members of the secret society were gathering here. Their faces were covered by their cloaks, but Tapir knew clearly that these people were all dangerous Lords of Nightmare.

Every move Qiu Ren made in this reality and the Dream Dungeon of “Blossoming Love” was streaming in the center of the main hall.

It could be said that Qiu Ren’s actions were under the watch of the secret society.

This was also the price Qiu Ren had to pay for getting support from the secret society.

“I never thought that the kid would be someone who understands the style.”

The Pope nodded gently with approval upon watching the scene where Himeno Yui made cookies.

Thinking of this, she glanced at Tapir’s expression again, but Tapir’s look made her very dissatisfied.

Tapir was also smiling when she saw the plot Qiu Ren wrote. However, this smile was more like a smile of an “old mother,” not the one that the Pope anticipated.

If Tapir showed a slightly dissatisfied and jealous look right now, the Pope would be much more relieved.

However, the way Tapir and Qiu Ren interacted right now indeed felt like… like… the interaction between a mother and her son.

When Tapir saw Qiu Ren establish a relationship with other girls, her first reaction wasn’t to feel jealous. She mostly showed a gratified look instead.

However, there was a bit of discontent suppressed under this gratified look.

This wasn’t good.

While the Pope was spinning the wheels of her mind, the door of the main hall of the secret society was pushed open by a graceful and elegant woman.

“Welcome Empress Dowager Fu. You’re still so punctual.” The Pope turned her gaze to that woman.

She was one of the rulers of the world of Dynasties and also one of the four mothers of this world. At the same time, she was the liaison between the secret society and Dynasties.

“Zhu… Is there anything you want to discuss with me this time?”

Empress Dowager Fu called the Pope’s real name softly as she soon noticed the projection in the middle of the main hall. Asakawa Hana was currently on the screen.

“Why is she…” Empress Dowager Fu’s expression changed a little. She then asked the Pope with a slightly deep voice, “Zhu, the target of the secret society this time is her?’

“Yes, looks like even your daughter can’t stand the torture of the Dream Makers, so she asked us to help her break free.”

The Pope revealed the relationship between this mother and Asakawa Hana.

The biggest reason why “Blossoming Love” could be streamed on the official platform was that the Dream Seed itself had “blue blood.”

“How dare you!”

Empress Dowager Fu didn’t have many children left, just four Level S and Level A with complete personalities.

She also knew clearly what would happen to her precious daughter once the secret society accepted the request. She would undoubtedly turn into ashes and disappear from the world together with her Dream Maker!

“Of course, we wouldn’t dare, which is why we adopted a gentler counseling method,” the Pope said as she showed Empress Dowager Fu the footage of Qiu Ren communicating with Asakawa Hana.

“You let a Dream Maker, who doesn’t know the development of the plot at all, construct a new plot… This will only make things worse!”

It wasn’t that Empress Dowager Fu didn’t pay attention to the popularity of “Blossoming Love.”

Although the popularity of “Blossoming Love” had declined a lot in the last two years, the ratings were still acceptable. They were relying on the official platform and the accumulated popularity.

Empress Dowager Fu had always preferred stability. It was enough to maintain the current ratings and popularity.

And now, the secret society had found a Dream Maker, who came from nowhere, to interfere with the development of Blossoming Love. What if it collapsed? No! It would definitely collapse, wouldn’t it?

“I don’t think so… What was the rating of ‘Blossoming Love’ last week? 5.1 or 5.2?”

“6.4.” Empress Dowager Fu still cared a lot about the living condition of her few daughters.

A rating of 6.4% could only be said to be average in this world, very average in fact… Popular romantic Dream Dungeons with the same theme had more than double the ratings of Blossoming Love right now.

However, these ratings and number of fans were enough to feed a Level A Dream Dungeon. If it evolved into a Level S Dream Dungeon… Miss Asakawa Hana truly dared not imagine it.

“So, if the spin-off constructed by the Dream Maker I sent can give a new life to the ratings and the popularity of ‘Blossoming Love…’ This may sound a bit too general.”

The Pope also knew that ratings and broadcast popularity weren’t so easy to increase.

In order to know if the audience liked a production or not at the highest speed, the most direct way was to look at their reactions. So, the Pope gently clapped her hands.

Countless projection screens immediately appeared in the main hall. These screens weren’t showing the Dream Dungeon, but the reality…

“This is…”

“The fans, who are sitting in front of their TVs or phones… ready to watch the latest episode of ‘Blossoming Love.’” The Pope once again displayed her terrifying means.

The projection screens were showing the diehard fans of “Blossoming Love” in reality. They were either in front of their TVs in their rooms, holding their phones on the subway, or waiting for the update of the latest episode of “Blossoming Love” in a restaurant with their friends.

And these fans were the foundation of life, the source of power, the bread and butter, of all the dream consciousnesses in the world.

“Empress Dowager Fu, if the spin-off satisfies, or even… surprises the fans after it’s released, can you match… hm… arrange for your other daughters to meet with that Dream Maker?” the Pope asked.

“This isn’t an easy thing. Let’s see if he really succeeds!”

Empress Dowager Fu gazed at the corner of the projections of the fans. She could feel that that fan contributed the most number of streams of emotions. The more energy this fan contributed, the more of a diehard fan of “Blossoming Love” this person was.

Changing screenwriters and producers… was an unforgivable move in the eyes of the diehard fans of any work. It was enough to make them drop the show.

It was really hard for Empress Dowager Fu to believe that the spin-off constructed by this unfamiliar Dream Maker could win the hearts of the diehard fans of Blossoming Love.