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Sun Lin was one of the millions of diehard fans of “Blossoming Love.”

He had never bought any merchandise of Blossoming Love, like figurines and posters. He wasn’t interested in these things at all.

However, the number of times he missed the double episodes of “Blossoming Love” streamed in the evening of every Friday in the last two years… might be counted with his hands.

The plot of Blossoming Love was indeed too sluggish. Even diehard fans like Sun Lin felt a bit tired of it.

How should it be put… Sun Lin quite admired the fact that the original writers could still think of further development in the plot when the series had continued within the current framework for two years, having a total of more than 150 episodes.

Fortunately, the writers of the long series would occasionally come up with a couple of inspirations and plots that made people’s eyes brighten… For example, the character design, personality, and background setting of the new female character, “Sagara Yukitsubaki,” were very pleasing to him.

The main plot last week was the debut of this female character. Sun Lin had been looking forward to seeing how she and the protagonist would further develop at the Cultural Festival.

It turned out…

“What the hell is a spin-off?”

Sun Lin immediately started complaining in the fans club after seeing the notice on the official website.

They made a clip show because of the tight production cycle?

This was a speculation that the group agreed on, but written in the notice on the official website was, “A brand new spin-off based on the story of ‘Blossoming Love’ with Kichi Gen as the main perspective.”

Kichi Gen? Wasn’t that the funny character who looked gloomy every day?

In Sun Lin’s impression, this character had always been gloomy. He would say something that was totally depressing, and the production team kept making him embarrassed to entertain the audience.

Sun Lin must admit that this character was quite hilarious… But using him as the main lead in the spin-off?

What made this fourth male character deserve this…

What about the story of the male protagonist and the new member of his harem, Sagara Yukitsubaki? He wanted to watch the male protagonist take down that new girl at the Cultural Festival!

Despite the complaints from the fans who shared Sun Lin’s thoughts, the spin-off of “Blossoming Love” started streaming officially.

The first shot in the opening scene reminded Sun Lin that the storyline of the spin-off began the next day after the main storyline ended.

The proof was the remark, “15 days before the Cultural Festival,” written on the bulletin board on the campus.

Sun Lin remembered that there were still 16 days in the last episode. Luckily, the timeline matched. He wasn’t quite in the mood to watch the origin story of the fourth male character.

The spin-off should be used to add some short stories about the supporting characters?

The opening scene began with the class teacher scolding Kichi Gen. As usual, Kichi Gen had some extremely pessimistic thoughts about school life, youth, and dating.

Sun Lin might have treated these thoughts as jokes before, but he found them surprisingly right this time?

“Youth is a complete scam. People who praise youth often use this way to cover up the mistakes they have made because of their immaturity, and coerce others at the same time…”

He said a bunch of specious things that enraged the teacher. The teacher directly ordered him to join a society called the Samurai Society, and the story began here.

This also led to the appearance of a new female character in the spin-off, Fuyushima Ryza.

A quiet, expressionless girl? No, she doesn’t look as dull as a quiet, expressionless girl. Instead, she seems pretty sensible and smart… As Sun Lin analyzed the attributes and personality of this new female character, he found that she seemed to be pretty amazing?

Especially the interactions between her and Kichi Gen. When the two of them first met, they certainly seemed a bit awkward.

Fuyushima Ryza acted indifferently towards Kichi Gen. She somewhat cold-shouldered him but could also point out the ridiculous and unreasonable things in Kichi Gen’s “depressing lines” just right, which rendered him speechless.

Sun Lin quite liked the weird couple feeling. At least the interaction between the two of them made people feel comfortable.

It was like an old couple arguing with each other, and none of them wanted to admit the other was right.

Until… a new character showed up.

Himeno Yui.

When Sun Lin, who was still enjoying the spin-off, saw Himeno Yui appear at the door of the Samurai Society with a shy face, an alarm immediately rang in his head.

An alarm called “cheaters must die!”

As Asakawa Hana expected, although her friend, Himeno Yui, wasn’t a member of the harem of the male protagonist, she was still not someone who could be touched by the fourth male character, Kichi Gen. She was someone who could potentially become a part of the harem.

And now, Himeno Yui ran to find Kichi Gen with a shy face?

The writers weren’t trying to pair Himeno Yui and Kichi Gen up, were they?

The development of the scene where they made cookies further confirmed the fans’ speculation, but… it was surprisingly… sweet?

Sun Lin couldn’t describe this feeling. In fact, he could be considered half a fan of Himeno Yui. Many long-time fans of “Blossoming Love” had always anticipated that the male protagonist would take Himeno Yui into his harem someday.

So, when he saw that the production team wanted to match Himeno with the fourth male character, he should have been furious as a fan!

However, the atmosphere in the scene where they made cookies was indeed amazing.

Himeno Yui had always been a person who liked to fawn over others. She was a bit bitchy but was also a pure girl. When she was matched together… with the indifferent new character, Fuyushima Ryza, and Kichi Gen, who had the worst personality, it turned out…

Kichi Gen kept complaining and felt disgusted with the slightly bitchy side of Himeno Yui. Himeno Yui was left speechless.

Occasionally, Fuyushima Ryza next to her would expose some unreasonable and shameful remarks in Kichi Gen’s argument in an extremely precise way, making Kichi Gen feel embarrassed constantly.

In the end, Himeno Yui’s pure, passionate, and friendly personality made the indifferent Fuyushima Ryza very uncomfortable instead.

The interaction between these three people, who reinforced and counteracted with one another, was amazing, very amazing in fact. People could giggle in satisfaction by just watching them talk.

The final scene where Kichi Gen told Himeno Yui the real meaning of handmade cookies surprised Sun Lin a lot…

Could this be considered a couple that went against the mainstream?

Sun Lin watched Kichi Gen eat the handmade cookies Himeno Yui gave him and his slightly lonely back on the screen. He found that time flew really quickly. This episode seemed to have ended in a blink.

After finishing the episode, he saw that there were still a lot of fans in the fan club who thought, “This is disgraceful cheating behavior! This is an unforgivable betrayal!”

However, Sun Lin still found it acceptable. Although Yui was someone who had the chance to get into the male protagonist’s harem, there wasn’t a storyline about the relationship between her and the male protagonist… Besides, the character, Kichi Gen, was quite interesting.

Lonely? No… Aloof?

Sun Lin looked at Kichi Gen’s lonely back as he sat in the classroom by himself. He inexplicably felt a strange resonance and distress…

Compared to the male protagonists who had a group of girls in their harem, Sun Lin felt like… he and Kichi Gen were a bit more alike.

There wasn’t any sweet love in the world at all. That always belonged to someone else. What made him feel most uncomfortable was that he could only curse the real couples in class to explode like Kichi Gen did when he faced youth and relationships!

He agreed with this very much.

The fan club was stirred because of what happened between the “cheaters,” but…

“It seems that the next episode will be about the Cultural Festival again.”

Sun Lin looked at the trailer and found that the characters were starting to prepare for the Cultural Festival in the main storyline in the trailer.

Didn’t they just pair someone, who was about to enter the male protagonist’s harem, with the fourth male character? There was no problem with that!

It would be fine when the new female protagonist, Sagara Yukitsubaki, was matched with Kichi Gen in the next episode anyway.

And yet, the screenwriters soon told the audience what was called a surprise! Kichi Gen was still the main perspective of the next episode.

Not only that, what the audience originally wanted to see at the Cultural Festival was that… the new female character and the male protagonist became the Executive Committees of the Cultural Festival and enhanced their relationship during the festival.

It turned out the female Executive Committee of this Cultural Festival was indeed the new female protagonist, Sagara Yukitsubaki, but the male committee member was oddly Kichi Gen!

The production team didn’t hide it at all! Everyone knew what they were up to!

There was immediately a huge furor among the fans.

Sun Lin remained silent as he watched this uproar. He was kind of curious about how this plot was going to develop. If they couldn’t give the fans a satisfactory ending, this would definitely be irreparable harm to the popularity of “Blossoming Love.”

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