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Things indeed turned out like this.

Asakawa Hana was sitting in the Samurai Society. She was feeling the comments and streams of fans’ emotions from all directions.

Although the streams of emotions in the past weren’t quite delicious, at least they made her full.

Asakawa Hana could absorb energy from the audience’s emotions and distribute it to her various personalities, maintaining the operation of this Dream Dungeon.

After the spin-off was streamed, the responses to the first episode were quite positive.

The little interaction between Kichi Gen and Himeno Yui allowed the audience to taste some sweetness. Asakawa Hana did as well.

However, this had come to an end.

After the opening scene of the second episode, the streams of emotions from the audience and fans were simply disastrous.

Asakawa Hana knew that the audiences and fans had been looking forward to seeing the male protagonist and the new female protagonist, Sagara Yukitsubaki, establish a relationship during the Cultural Festival.

And now, Kichi Gen was forced to become a member of the Executive Committee of the Cultural Festival together with Sagara Yukitsubaki.

A mixed emotion of anger, abuses, and curses flooded the production itself, the consciousness of the main body, Asakawa Hana.

Perhaps even Kichi Gen was a bit overwhelmed by the strange atmosphere in the classroom, so he immediately came to the Samurai Society after school…

Luckily, luckily.

When Asakawa Hana saw Kichi Gen entering the Samurai Society, the anxiousness in her mind calmed a little. She had come up with a solution.

She would hold this guy, Kichi Gen, here firmly and stop him from getting near to Sagara Yukitsubaki again!

Then, she just had to wait for Sagara Yukitsubaki and the male protagonist to live their youth and shine during the Cultural Festival… This should be able to save the almost-collapsed popularity and reputation.

However, no matter how perfect the plan of the female protagonist of the story, Asakawa Hana, was, she couldn’t stop Qiu Ren, this “f*cking screenwriter,” from arranging the plot.

Kichi Gen hadn’t sat in the Samurai Society for long and had just started talking to Asakawa Hana when someone knocked on the door of the Samurai Society again.

“Come in.”

Asakawa Hana found that she quite enjoyed talking to the character, Kichi Gen.

The character design and personality of Kichi Gen had definitely been modified by Qiu Ren. He used to be just a funny character for entertaining people in the past.

But now, he had begun to show persistence in his style. Although what he said was still pessimistic, making people frown, he seemed to be right after thinking about it carefully.

So, Asakawa Hana really enjoyed refuting Kichi Gen’s sophisms and seeing how embarrassed he was.

The viewers seemed to like watching her and Kichi Gen talk as well. Asakawa Hana would temporarily forget the anger from the fans.

Unfortunately, this wonderful time was completely ruined by the character who came to the Samurai Society.

Sagara Yukitsubaki.

The main focus of the audience at the moment!

F*cking screenwriter, what did you do?

When Asakawa Hana saw her walk into the Samurai Society with hesitation on her face, she felt the anger from the fans and the audiences from all directions.

“Kichi, why are you here?” Sagara Yukitsubaki was also surprised that Kichi Gen was in the Samurai Society.

“Because… I’m a member here.” Kichi Gen said the same line as he did last time.

However, this simple line caused some shocking pain in Asakawa Hana’s chest.

The pain came from the manifestation of anger from the audiences and fans. Let alone Sagara Yukitsubaki talking to Kichi Gen, there would be a huge amount of negative emotions and curses even when the two of them just looked at each other.

Kichi Gen saw Asakawa Hana’s subtle movement of clutching her chest. When he wanted to say something to ask this much-anticipated female protagonist to leave…

“Sagara… Is everything okay?” Asakawa Hana closed the novel in her hands and asked directly.

She couldn’t let Kichi Gen and Sagara Yukitsubaki have any contact anymore.

“Well… Fuyushima… You know I was elected as the President of the Executive Committee of the Cultural Festival, right?” Sagara Yukitsubaki ignored the passer-by, Kichi Gen, and said her request hesitantly, “But I don’t really feel confident… about my ability. Fuyushima, you’re also a member of the Executive Committee.”

After hearing this request, Asakawa Hana remained silent for a while. She recalled the original plot of the Cultural Festival.

In the original plot, Sagara Yukitsubaki and the male protagonist were chosen as the Executive Committee members. Hence, she only had to rely on the male protagonist as her feelings for him kept increasing while they worked together.

This was the original plot, but Kichi Gen became the Executive Committee member now… It was indeed a bit hard for Sagara Yukitsubaki to express her feelings and show her weak side in front of Kichi Gen.

But wait… If Asakawa Hana remembered correctly, the male protagonist was a member of the External Relations Department of the Student Council at school.

The External Relations Department also had a lot of work to do in preparing for the Cultural Festival.

If she took care of all the internal duties, perhaps Sagara Yukitsubaki could be responsible for the external part. Then… wouldn’t she be paired up with the male protagonist again?

This option seemed feasible.

“I can help… you.”

Asakawa Hana agreed to Sagara Yukitsubaki’s request.

The lives of all the characters in the Dream Dungeon of “Blossoming Love” were real. The skipped part that the audience watched was, in fact, the effect of acceleration inside the Dream Dungeon.

Otherwise, Asakawa Hana wouldn’t have to spend so much energy to maintain this Dream Dungeon.

So, the Cultural Festival this time really required all the students and teachers at school to work together. The internal documents and the coordination between parties that Asakawa Hana had to deal with all needed a lot of energy!

This was supposed to be the job of the President of the Executive Committee, Sagara Yukitsubaki, but as her assistant, Asakawa Hana took on all the responsibilities…

However, for the future of this world, she could only take on these tedious tasks alone. As for Sagara Yukitsubaki, a member of the Executive Committee, she better be showing the audiences some sweetness with the male protagonist when they worked on the external work together!

Asakawa Hana felt that the cameras had switched to the male protagonist.

The anger of the viewers calmed down a lot when the shot changed to the male protagonist.

This was great. She just had to keep it this way and quietly deal with the operational work of the Cultural Festival behind the scenes.

The most glamorous performance of the Cultural Festival should be given to Sagara Yukitsubaki and the male protagonist. Rather than Kichi Gen, this disappointing kid, the fans wanted to see more romance between Sagara Yukitsubaki and the male protagonist.

Asakawa Hana thought about this as she dealt with various matters about the Cultural Festival. Suddenly, she heard a voice that shouldn’t appear here again.

“Do you need help?”

This was the voice of the male protagonist of “Blossoming Love.”

What is this jerk doing here? Shouldn’t you be with Sagara Yukitsubaki in the External Relations Department?

Go back there quickly and show some sweetness to the audience with Sagara Yukitsubaki, you jerk!

The male protagonist didn’t come for Asakawa Hana this time, but Kichi Gen. He and Kichi Gen were kind of friends.

The male protagonist asked about how Kichi Gen was doing when they talked, but Kichi Gen sounded a bit provocative…

“But from what I see, it seems that Fuyushima is doing all the work.” The male protagonist suddenly changed the subject to Asakawa Hana.

At this moment, Asakawa Hana’s hands on the laptop bounced off the keyboard like she had an electric shock.

A bad idea rose in Asakawa Hana’s subconscious, and she instinctively replied to the male protagonist, “This is more efficient.”

“But it must be difficult for Fuyushima to do everything alone. I can help you as a member of the External Relations Department,” the male protagonist said.

There it was… The unique gentle tactic the male protagonist of the harem had. Other female characters might have already gotten +10 points of impression towards him?

What do you mean by alone? Kichi Gen has been quietly helping me with the documents, alright?

Also, why are you so gentle? I’m not the person you should be impressing right now. It’s Sagara Yukitsubaki!

Asakawa Hana really wanted to raise the laptop in her hands and smash it on the male protagonist’s face.

However, it was too late. Her premonition came true. Fuyushima Ryza, her new identity, was categorized as a girl who could potentially be a part of the male protagonist’s harem by the fans because of what the male protagonist said.

The character design of Fuyushima Ryza was originally very outstanding. This was the first time the fans had seen a cool girl in Blossoming Love, so most fans had an extremely good impression of Fuyushima Ryza and also had a strong desire to conquer her.

Simply put, they had wanted her to join the male protagonist’s harem a long time ago.

The male protagonist and Fuyushima Ryza finally had contact now, and he even said a caring line! Once he said the line, Kichi Gen on the side immediately seemed to be in their way.

And yet, Asakawa Hana didn’t want the character, Fuyushima Ryza, to enter the male protagonist’s harem at all. If possible, she didn’t want this character to show up in front of the audience.

After all, Fuyushima Ryza was her true self. She didn’t need to care about or agree with anyone. She didn’t have to act shy or ingratiate herself in front of the male protagonist like the other characters either.

The character, Fuyushima Ryza, could be said to be her last and only paradise, but the fans were onto this paradise right now.

The fans of “Blossoming Love” wanted to see the male protagonist hit on Fuyushima Ryza and make her shy…

What should I do?

Asakawa Hana’s lips opened slightly. While she was thinking about how she should make the viewers understand that Fuyushima Ryza would never become a part of the harem…

Kichi Gen spoke and broke the stalemate.

“Where’s Sagara?” Kichi Gen asked the male protagonist.


“Hm, she’s a member of the External Relations Department. She should be looking for you? Can you contact her?”

Kichi Gen sent the male protagonist away by saying just a few lines. Asakawa Hana heaved a sigh of relief. She looked at Kichi Gen and said “thank you” with her lips.

The male protagonist was gone, but the negative emotions from the fans didn’t reduce but increased instead. She started displaying symptoms that her mental state was getting overwhelmed.

Damn it… After shooting the scenes of the Cultural Festival this time, she definitely needed to take a good rest.

Sun Lin sipped some warm water gently. The third episode of the spin-off of “Blossoming Love” had started streaming.

When he watched the third episode, there was finally a scene that he wanted to see, a scene about the interaction between Sagara Yukitsubaki and the male protagonist.

However, he didn’t find the scene interesting when he watched it. Actually, he started to hate Sagara Yukitsubaki and the male protagonist.

This was an emotion that a fan of “Blossoming Love” shouldn’t have, but Sagara Yukitsubaki was the President of the Executive Committee of the Cultural Festival and the male protagonist was the Chairman of the External Relations Department.

It was fine if the scenes were simply about the two of them dating and living their youth with enthusiasm. The key was that while they were relaxing, many people were still preparing for the Cultural Festival.

Especially Fuyushima Ryza, she was even sick because of this.

The scene playing right now was about the characters visiting the sick Fuyushima Ryza. Such a scene was supposed to be an excellent opportunity to impress Fuyushima Ryza!

But the problem was…

“Why is it Kichi Gen who goes there? Himeno Yui is also with him! What is the f*cking screenwriter thinking?”

Another round of sorrowful cries sounded in the fan club because Kichi Gen and Himeno Yui were the only ones who went to visit Fuyushima Ryza this time.

What’s wrong with Kichi Gen? Sun Lin really wanted to refute these people in the group.

Kichi Gen has always been helping Fuyushima Ryza deal with the overwhelming workload during the Cultural Festival. So, only Kichi Gen and Himeno Yui have the right to come to visit her at this moment.

Your male protagonist is nothing!

Unfortunately, this visit only made Fuyushima Ryza, or Asakawa Hana, even more ill. The arrival of Kichi Gen resulted in the anger from most fans sweep Asakawa Hana again.

Kichi Gen didn’t act like he was concerned about Asakawa Hana during the visit. Himeno Yui was responsible for all the caring parts, which even made the audience think that there would be a girls’ love line between them.

And yet, Kichi Gen seemed to have made up his mind after visiting Fuyushima Ryza. His determination was told to the audience in the form of his inner thoughts…

“She can’t eliminate everyone’s hatred and make everyone content by overexerting herself. Let me tell you how this story can satisfy everyone.”

What did it mean to satisfy everyone?

While Sun Lin was still confused… the shot turned to the committee meeting again.

At this meeting, Kichi Gen, like usual, was shooting from the lip… without holding back… He pointed out Sagara Yukitsubaki’s dereliction of duty.

In Sun Lin’s opinion, Kichi Gen was right. Sagara Yukitsubaki gave the duties she was originally responsible for to other people under the guise of youth and love.

However, since what Kichi Gen said was too truthful and ruthless, not only the other members of the Executive Committee in the drama, even the fans also pointed the spear of hatred right at him.

This was probably the consequence of the so-called “someone who told the truth”?

Kichi Gen was using this way of “taking the punishment for telling the truth” to help Fuyushima Ryza share some of her pressure.

Just spoil her! Sun Lin didn’t know why he had such a thought.

The scenes afterward were routine work about the Cultural Festival. Asakawa Hana also felt that the pressure on her had reduced a lot.

Part of the reason was that Kichi Gen’s earlier outburst had pulled some hatred from the audiences and the fans to him…

This couldn’t continue. Luckily, it was almost over!

The relationship between Sagara Yukitsubaki and the male protagonist was developing very well. What Asakawa Hana had to do next was to arrange the scenes of the Cultural Festival so that Sagara Yukitsubaki and the male protagonist could have a perfect ending!

The audiences were quite satisfied with the first half of the scenes about the Cultural Festival. There were many affectionate scenes between Sagara Yukitsubaki and the male protagonist.

However, towards the end when Asakawa Hana thought the performance today could finally come to a successful conclusion, the male protagonist suddenly came to her.

“Why are you here?” Asakawa Hana asked the male protagonist in confusion.

According to the arrangement of the plot, he should now be building up a relationship with Sagara Yukitsubaki before the performance of the Cultural Festival! This was something the audience really wanted to see, instead of him running behind the scene to find her all of a sudden.

“It’s Fuyushima…”

The male protagonist wanted to say something in hesitation, but someone next to him soon interrupted him.

“Vice President Fuyushima, we can’t reach President Sagara.”

“How is that possible?”

Asakawa Hana was stressed out after hearing the news.

Sagara Yukitsubaki, what are you doing? You’re the female protagonist of the Cultural Festival Chapter! We worked so hard for so many episodes just so that you and the male protagonist can show some sweetness at the Cultural Festival!

And now, she was gone?

Asakawa Hana used her power as a dream consciousness to search for Sagara Yukitsubaki’s location.

She was now alone on the roof of the laboratory building of the campus… for some reason. When Asakawa Hana was about to go and find her, she noticed that someone had gone there for Sagara Yukitsubaki.

That was Kichi Gen.

Dumbass! Why are you going to find the female protagonist as the fourth male character? This is the scene where the female protagonist stays on the roof alone in sorrow. The male protagonist should be the one who goes to find her!

Oh no!

Asakawa Hana found that the shot had already switched to Kichi Gen. At this moment, she could feel that the plot was going towards the verge of collapse. Yet, she braced herself and rushed to the roof where Sagara Yukitsubaki was with the male protagonist.

“This is my favorite confrontation scene!”

This message suddenly popped up in the group of the fan club Sun Lin belonged to.

When the male protagonist came to Fuyushima Ryza behind the scenes, many fans and audiences thought the confrontation scene that they wanted to see was finally here.

Especially when Fuyushima Ryza went to find Sagara Yukitsubaki with the male protagonist, the fans and the audience almost screamed out of excitement.

However, the shot was suddenly cut off and switched to Kichi Gen again.

When they saw Kichi Gen’s disappointing face, their cries immediately turned into screams. They almost shouted the word, “No!!”

Why are you here? This should be the climax of these few episodes, the confrontation scene where the male protagonist and the first and second female characters faced one another. Why are you, the fourth male character, suddenly running out?

Nonetheless, something that made the audience desperate still happened. The male protagonist wasn’t the one who found Sagara Yukitsubaki first, but the fourth male character, Kichi Gen.

Not only the fans and the audiences, but even Sagara Yukitsubaki was also disappointed that Kichi Gen was the first one here.

However, her disappointed look didn’t last for too long. The male protagonist of “Blossoming Love” also opened the door and came to the roof right after.


Sagara Yukitsubaki finally showed happiness and excitement on her face as she yelled the male protagonist’s name.

However, Asakawa Hana, behind the male protagonist, made her joyful expression freeze immediately.

“We’ve been looking for you for so long, Sagara. Let’s go back quickly. Everyone’s waiting for you.”

The male protagonist, who was called Rinto, showed a gentle expression, as usual, as he tried to take Sagara Yukitsubaki, who wanted to kill herself, back to the venue of the Cultural Festival.

“But I caused so much trouble for everyone. How can I be shameless enough to go back there…? I really suck.” Sagara Yukitsubaki looked terribly sorry.

This wasn’t because she truly felt sorry.

It was because Asakawa Hana behind Rinto had landed a severe blow on Sagara Yukitsubaki’s dignity and competitiveness. Sagara Yukitsubaki, who wanted to get more attention, didn’t want to return to the original storyline.

That was not good.

Asakawa Hana felt that there were more and more negative emotions from the fans and the audience.

During this confrontation, the anger and discontent that the fans and the audience had accumulated throughout the episodes almost burst out. The most direct reason was Kichi Gen.

As the fourth male character, he wasn’t supposed to be here. No, he shouldn’t even be in this love story.

Kichi Gen understood this, so he just heaved a sigh… He certainly understood this.

A perfect story, a story that satisfied all the audience, must include a hero and a princess, or even several princesses. Also… a villain getting defeated by the hero could not be missing!

Only then would everyone be content, and the audience would clap and cheer.

There was a hero now—Rinto as the male protagonist. The princess was Sagara Yukitsubaki. Asakawa Hana was kind of like a princess as well in the minds of the audience. And now, someone had to play the villain.

A villain that would be defeated by the hero.

Kichi Gen’s long sigh interrupted the male protagonist, Rinto Hozen, while he was comforting Sagara Yukitsubaki.

“You indeed suck.” Kichi Gen said to Sagara Yukitsubaki in front of him without holding back, “Sagara, you just want more attention, don’t you? Whether it’s from Hozen next to you or from the others?”

Other people that Kichi Gen talked about here referred to the audience and the fans…

“However, you can’t compete with Fuyushima, no matter how hard you try. That’s why you hid here and hoped that someone would come to find you… Then, you’ll feel like you’re as important as the female protagonist. As the same kind of people, we should…”

Kichi Gen still wanted to further hurt Sagara Yukitsubaki with his words. As the hero, the male protagonist, Rinto, immediately stepped up and directly grabbed Kichi Gen’s collar, smashing him against the wall.

“Kichi Gen! Shut up! Stop talking!” There seemed to be a furious expression on Rinto’s face.

At this moment, Kichi Gen seemed to hear the fans and audience cheer constantly and yell, “Good job!”

The male protagonist, who had saved the princess, Sagara Yukitsubaki, from Kichi Gen’s slander, took the princess back as a hero.

And the villain, who was beaten up and curled up in the corner, Kichi Gen, might become someone that nobody cared about anymore.

Sun Lin watched this scene quietly and felt speechless in his mind.

After that was the scene where everyone was delighted. At the end of the Cultural Festival, Sagara Yukitsubaki officially established a relationship with the male protagonist, Rinto. Together with the cheerful background music and performance, a youthful and energetic ending was shown to the viewers.

However, this ceremonial ending, which was supposed to make Sun Lin cheer about how sweet and amazing it was, didn’t make him happy at all.

What about Kichi Gen? Sun Lin was thinking about what happened to Kichi Gen after that. Was he still sitting on the roof alone?

As expected… After the joyous scene on the stage of the Cultural Festival, the shot suddenly switched to the roof.

Kichi Gen was sitting there by himself. He lifted his head and looked at the gradually setting sun in the sky as he said a line softly, “See, a world where nobody will get hurt is completed. A story that everyone is satisfied with has been achieved.”

Was this really a world where nobody would get hurt?

Sun Lin felt complicated as he gazed at Kichi Gen’s lonely back. He put his hands on the keyboard, then looked down and wanted to type something, but he found that he couldn’t.

The instant noodles he made before had almost become mushy, but he still wasn’t in the mood to eat.

He didn’t know why he just wanted to smoke a cigarette to vent the sorrow in his mind.

In the world of Dynasties.

“You lost,” Empress Dowager Fu pointed at the Pope and said in a cold voice. At the same time, the ratings were also listed in front of her eyes.

After Kichi Gen became the protagonist, the ratings of “Blossoming Love” dropped lower episode by episode. The rating of the fourth episode even hit a record low of 2.7 directly.

It could be said that this spin-off had completely ruined the popularity and reputation of “Blossoming Love.”

“Really? Why do I see that the ratings of the recorded broadcasts of these four episodes on the website are rising at an extremely high speed?”

The Pope sent the website of the four episodes’ recorded broadcast to Empress Dowager Fu.


Empress Dowager Fu froze for a second. When she opened the website, she found that the bullet screen was full of comments like “I’m from Weibo.” “I heard that there are cheaters? Let me see!” “Fuck! Such an old harem drama has scenes of affairs? Is the screenwriter not afraid of death?”

There was also Weibo in this world, and the audiences and fans of “Blossoming Love” directly made the show a hot discussion topic… because of rumors of “affairs.”

“Blossoming Love” had always been a popular drama series in the country. Even though most people didn’t watch every episode, they had more or less watched a couple.

And now, there was suddenly a scene where the fourth male character stole a girl from the male protagonist, which a lot of fans couldn’t tolerate!

They must come over to criticize the spin-off.

However, as these fans criticized the show, they found that… ‘Hm? The girl, Fuyushima Ryza, seems amazing? I’ve decided that she will be my wife from now on.’

‘Even though Kichi Gen’s words are quite pessimistic, they seem to carry a certain philosophy. I’m willing to call him my teacher!’

‘Where are the male and female protagonists of the original version?’

‘Boohoo, Kichi Gen sounds so poor when he tells the truth in the end. He sacrifices himself to protect Fuyushima Ryza. The male and female protagonists of the original version, get out of here!’

‘Where’s Fuyushima Ryza? Your husband is getting bullied by someone else. Why are you not here to comfort him? Come on, come on! I f*cking support you two!’

Empress Dowager Fu read the large number of comments and felt like… more and more fans liked this spin-off?

This wasn’t an illusion. The ratings of the spin-off of “Blossoming Love” had indeed dropped since most people watching “Blossoming Love” right now were its diehard fans. They couldn’t bear to see the status of the girls in the male protagonist’s harem being threatened.

And yet, those passers-by who were attracted here were different. They only saw how aloof Kichi Gen was as a Master of Solitude, his sacrifice for the female protagonist, and Fuyushima Ryza’s fairness and gentleness.

The last scene of episode 4 ended as Fuyushima Ryza returned to the roof and said to Kichi Gen, who sat there with a discouraged look, with a reproaching and heartbroken tone, “Are you dumb?”

At that time, a huge number of comments popped up on the bullet screen, saying, “I don’t want to do anything right now! I just want to watch the next episode! Now! Immediately! Right away!”

It seemed that the popularity of the spin-off of Blossoming Love… had started rising to the top in a strange way.