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“It’s my favorite review time.” Qiu Ren showed up on the roof of the campus in Blossoming Love…

“You act much better than I anticipated.”


Asakawa Hana watched Qiu Ren absorb all the black mist that billowed out of Kichi Gen’s body quietly.

In the four episodes of the spin-off, the character, Kichi Gen, had been controlled by Qiu Ren.

“How do you know I was acting…?” The streams of negative emotions surrounding Qiu Ren all surged into his body.

Asakawa Hana noticed that there was an uncomfortable look on Qiu Ren’s face, even though it lasted for just a moment.

These streams of negative emotions were a significant burden for Qiu Ren’s body as well.

“You don’t need to do these troublesome things, you know.”

Asakawa Hana held her arms gently. Perhaps out of her guilt that she made Kichi Gen bear so many insults and curses from the fans and the audience, she started reprimanding Qiu Ren for meddling in others’ business.

Qiu Ren only needed to end her and the Dream Maker’s lives to complete her commission.

Qiu Ren came to Asakawa Hana and suddenly stretched his finger. He put it 1cm above the middle of her eyebrows.

The dangerous nightmare pollution gathered on Qiu Ren’s fingertip.

“So, I can complete your commission right now. It takes only a second.”

Being strengthened by the Lords of Nightmare in the secret society, the energy that surged out of Qiu Ren’s body could truly destroy all of Asakawa Hana’s personalities and consciousness in a blink of an eye.

In the past, Asakawa Hana would definitely accept this result.

However, when Asakawa Hana felt the nightmare pollution coming out of Qiu Ren’s body, she closed her eyes and subconsciously blocked it with her hands.

She didn’t block anything, though. Qiu Ren’s finger went over her hands and poked on the middle of her eyebrows gently.

As Qiu Ren retracted his finger, Asakawa Hana realized she was fooled by him… She opened her eyes and looked at Qiu Ren. She didn’t know what expression to put on for a second.

“You… want to live now, don’t you?” Qiu Ren asked.

“I just…” Asakawa Hana didn’t want to answer Qiu Ren at first after being deceived by him, but she still couldn’t avoid the truest thoughts in her heart.

“I just want to know the future development of the spin-off… Kichi Gen is in great danger at the moment!” Asakawa Hana changed back to the main subject.

The streams of negative emotions from the fans of “Blossoming Love” were still flowing towards Kichi Gen endlessly.

Even though Qiu Ren was holding on, these streams of emotions could destroy his personality as a lonely fourth male character.

So, most Dream Makers would never be soft-hearted when they dealt with “characters that the audience hated.” They would either hide them or just eliminate them neatly and quickly.

The production company of Blossoming Love would truly have to eliminate Kichi Gen if the audience hated him to this degree.

“That’s why I said it’s ‘review time’ now. I remember you have the ability to read the minds of the audiences and the fans. If you didn’t install this function, take this… This is the website of the recorded broadcast of the spin-off and the popular searches of related discussions on Weibo.”

“The fans are criticizing us anyway…” Asakawa Hana caught the website projection Qiu Ren threw to her. She could only use this function with the permission of the Dream Makers.

She wasn’t that kind of redneck dream consciousness who had never surfed the Internet of the creators.

She first had a look at Weibo. As expected, “Blossoming Love” became a popular search because of the sensitive “cheating” scene. People were criticizing it.

The diehard fans almost grabbed the original writer out and cursed his whole family, but the original writer couldn’t say some things out loud.

Asakawa Hana soon found some different voices.

“I thought all of us were Rinto Hozen before watching this, but in fact, we can only be Kichi Gen, or may even be more miserable than Kichi Gen, because, in real life, a perfect girl like Fuyushima Ryza would never be concerned about us.”

This comment was the one with the most likes at the moment. There was even a crying emoji at the end.

Fuyushima Ryza… is perfect?

Asakawa Hana was shocked when she saw this comment. However, the following series of comments surprised her even more…

“So, when will the next episode be released? I want to watch the scene where Miss Ryza comforts the injured Kichi Gen right now!”

“Without the next episode, I feel like there are ants crawling all over my body!”

“Crawl, crawl, crawl, crawl.”

It would be fine if Asakawa Hana didn’t look at the comments. As she read through the reviews, she found that the streams of negative emotions from the fans and the audience towards Kichi Gen had started to reduce as time passed.

More and more new viewers flooded in. The number of people who couldn’t wait to see the intimate interaction between Fuyushima Ryza and Kichi Gen in the next episode was increasing.

“What do you think? Countless viewers are looking forward to the future development between you and Kichi Gen.” Qiu Ren said, “Do you believe that I just need to write a scene with a conversation between you two, and you’ll receive a huge amount of sincere… compliments and joy from the audience?”

How could Asakawa Hana not believe it? By standing here alone, she could feel a large number of new fans flooding in.

And females accounted for a substantial portion of these new fans.

The market that “Blossoming Love” had not been able to open up was the female market. This kind of pure harem production was actually a bit less attractive for women.

However, the spin-off gave these female audiences a very different feeling.

Seeing Kichi Gen step up to bear everything for Fuyushima Ryza and then get injured, a large number of heartbroken “mama fans” were inexplicably attracted.

“A large part of my mission has been completed. I’ve already written the following scenes. There are around four seasons. According to the schedule of one episode per week, it can continue for two years. With the current increase in popularity, it should be enough for you to go further in these two years if nothing goes wrong.”

“So… are you leaving?” Asakawa Hana asked.

Qiu Ren’s sudden question made her stay where she was. After struggling for a while, she finally made a decision, “I… must stay here. All my fans are here… But if you need help, I’ll try my best to help you.”

“I’ll remember that. I may come back to ask you to return this favor very soon, but now… I must complete the other commissions.”

Qiu Ren could see that she still hadn’t given up, or she was still worried.

Perhaps she was afraid that her life and situation would return to the earlier state after Qiu Ren left.

“Why don’t you come with me? I can report to them as well if I bring you back.”

Qiu Ren opened the portal to the secret society. This wasn’t the first time Asakawa Hana visited the base of the secret society, so she followed Qiu Ren back without rejecting him.

When Qiu Ren returned, he first heard the claps of the Pope, Madam Zhu.

“You did quite well, Dream Maker… You didn’t just satisfy me. In fact, the parent of the client also seems content.”

“The parent of the client?”‘

Qiu Ren looked in the direction where she was pointing and saw Empress Dowager Fu. He didn’t need her to introduce Empress Dowager Fu. Qiu Ren knew that… she was the mother of the world of Dynasties by just feeling her aura!

Empress Dowager Fu ignored Qiu Ren. When she saw Asakawa Hana, she came over and dragged her aside, seemingly about to give her a lecture.

Due to the time constraints, Qiu Ren took this window to talk to his mother-in-law about the next assignment.

“The next commission came from the World of Robot Wars? Let me see…”

Qiu Ren looked at some instructions in the commission and found that the second one was also quite interesting.

There were similar Dream Dungeons with themes related to robot wars in different countries around this world, and they were all Level S Dream Dungeons…

The reason was that most wars in this world were fought in Dream Dungeons. Although supernatural powers could be used in Dream Dungeons in modern times, the power of the army couldn’t be underestimated. However, young people nowadays couldn’t be satisfied by war weapons like tanks and fighters anymore.

So, mechas, these cooler fantasy weapons, took the stage of the battlefield of modern Dream Dungeons.

Countries were certainly increasing the construction of Dream Dungeons about robot wars.

And the Dream Dungeon with the theme of robot wars Qiu Ren was looking at was an extremely popular robot war drama series in the country, “Iron Blood.”

In the finale, the screenwriters suddenly got a bird brain and wrote an ultimate hipster plot. First, all the protagonists died. This was actually not a big deal if they had died for a good reason and had sacrificed their lives for the country. Even though this was a sad ending, the audience would still accept it.

The problem was that the protagonists all died in an extremely awkward and dramatic way. They were inexplicably killed one after another like clowns.

This angered all the fans of “Iron Blood.” The drama series became the laughing stock of the Internet, and the protagonists became clowns and characters mocked by all kinds of derivative works.

“The Flower of Hope?” When Qiu Ren read the background introduction of the commission, these words came to his mind for no reason.

“I’ll suggest you be careful when you go to this Dream Dungeon. It has been six months since the dream consciousnesses of this commission… fought against the Dream Makers after falling out with them. Although there’s no rumor that they killed the Dream Makers, there are records of them putting the Dream Makers under house arrest and their violent disobedience. Anyway… characters in Iron Blood would never welcome any Dream Maker,” the Pope said.

“I kind of know what to do.”

Qiu Ren started thinking about which script about robot wars he should use… to wash off the label of clowns given by the fans. It would never be washed away, though, after getting stabbed in the back by the screenwriters this year.