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Tapir quietly stood in the center of his own space, looking at the uninvited guest with a calm gaze.

“How long do you want to keep that boring look?”

A sharp claw suddenly stuck out of the uninvited guest’s back. The claw could easily tear Tapir, who was wearing a suit, to pieces.

“You’re still… so… impatient, Luo.”

Tapir walked out of the shadow, but it—or she—wasn’t wearing the suit this time… She was a woman with a body in great shape, donning a black robe.

She held a silver cigarette in her hand, and her face was covered by a black gauze. Other people couldn’t make out her features.

“Isn’t this appearance more attractive to humans?”

The Lord of Nightmare, who was called Luo, seemed to be a pretty young woman as well.

“I don’t need… to attract those humans with my image.” Tapir took a puff of the cigarette and said, “I only need them… to create works… that satisfy me.”

Tapir had noticed this problem a long time ago. The Dream Makers she had dragged into this Nightmare Dungeon first paid attention to her image as a human projection. They would be distracted most of the time while they helped her build a dream.

After that, they would make some requests that Tapir could not comprehend. It seriously affected the construction of the entire Dream Dimension.

So, Tapir created the image in a suit based on the first Dream Maker she knew. She looked like a simple, experienced, and dark government agent.

Since then, there were indeed fewer Dream Makers who said nonsense to her.

“Works that satisfy you?” Luo suddenly made a mocking sound when she heard this. “Even if you get work you’re satisfied with, you can only be locked up here, eating the leftovers of humans!

Once she finished talking, she appeared in front of Tapir in a blink. Tapir responded one step slower. Her hand had penetrated straight into Tapir’s chest.

“You don’t have to live such a difficult life!” Her hand grabbed Tapir’s core. She said while trying to yank it out, “Give me your power and all the Dungeon Dimension you have! Then, sleep forever!”

Tapir certainly wouldn’t let Luo swallow her so easily. She grabbed her hand and tried to pull her arm out from her chest.

This indeed stopped the progress of this Lord of Nightmare from devouring her core, but…

“You can’t hang on for too long! I have thousands of human followers behind me, and you? What do you have?”

While she was speaking… Tapir also saw the rising scarlet threads behind the back of this Lord of Nightmare.

These scarlet threads all came from the humans exploring the Nightmare Dungeon of this Lord of Nightmare.

Luo constantly absorbed the emotions of these humans. She used their vitalities as her nutrients and energy to keep invading and devouring Tapir’s core.

Behind this Lord of Nightmare, Luo, the scarlet threads densely intertwined into countless nets.

This also represented that ten thousand people were exploring and fighting in the Nightmare Dungeon of this Lord of Nightmare at this moment. They were sacrificing their lives for the Lord of Nightmare.

On the contrary, for Tapir… there was nothing. It was empty… with nobody at all.

No one was willing to stand on the same side as a terrifying Lord of Nightmare.

She could feel her consciousness gradually get devoured and deprived of by her own kind. It was getting darker and darker over time.

While Tapir’s consciousness was almost being cut off, her mind was still playing the question she had asked Qiu Ren.

Mr. Qiu Ren, you said… the battle royale game would become popular and everyone would love it… Is that true?

“We can’t mobilize the resources of the military region. If the rules of the battle royale game are as you said, the soldiers in the military region will cause ‘indigestion’ to our Lord of Nightmare if they participate in it!”

Sun Bin gathered all the professionals in Fengdu Prison for an emergency meeting.

The review department couldn’t evaluate the degree of danger of that Level S Nightmare Seed right now.

They started discussing if they should save that Level S Nightmare Seed. If they were to save it, how?

There were many people in the meeting. As the builder of the battle royale game and the new love of Tapir, the Lord of Nightmare, Qiu Ren was also invited.

The government’s attitude towards the Nightmare Seed… was indeed as Qiu Ren thought. They treated it like a nuclear power plant with extremely high risk or a treasurable radioactive mineral.

It was dangerous, with the possibility of losing control and causing large-scale destruction. However, if they could control it, it would bring huge benefits to the country.

The nuclear power plants of neighboring countries had come over to look for trouble, trying to take away their radioactive minerals and nuclear power plants.

Then, no matter how dangerous this Nightmare Seed was, the Dream Explorers and people from the review department in Fengdu Prison would certainly put the protection of their Nightmare Seed a priority!

Qiu Ren quickly looked over the information of the intruder on the tablet given by the prison guards.

The one who had intruded Fengdu Prison was also a Level S Lord of Nightmare. Only a Level S Nightmare Seed could give rise to a conscious Lord of Nightmare.

Just by looking at the treatment of this Nightmare Seed in the brief reports, Qiu Ren already felt that those people overseas were truly mad.

They had created a Dream Game called “Lost Heart” with the Nightmare Dungeon as the foundation. The average number of people online in this Dream Game was around a hundred thousand.

This was a Nightmare Dungeon that could kill people! Yet, they had still opened it to the public. Together with some intensely stimulating content, the number of people online in this Nightmare Dungeon, which could be rated as Level 20X, remained high.

The average number of people online was a few hundred thousand. This was already horrifyingly high among Nightmare Dungeons.

Look at the poor Tapir. It had at most forty people online every day in the past.

So, although Tapir’s strength wasn’t weaker than that of the intruding Lord of Nightmare, in a war of attrition… Tapir was no match for her at the moment!

People in the Fengdu Prison were arguing about how they could send reinforcements to Tapir. They were considering whether it was necessary to sacrifice all the death row prisoners in Fengdu Prison for Tapir to absorb their emotions and vitality.

Some people also suggested contacting the military region and calling in troops and soldiers for help.

However, Tapir was fed on the negative part of human emotions. Feelings of betrayal, hatred, and greed could only be found in a battle royale game between all strangers or one between vicious death row prisoners.

If they used soldiers for conducting drills, Tapir would indeed have “indigestion.”

“So… why don’t we expand the battle royale game overseas?”

Qiu Ren put down the tablet in his hands and told the others his thoughts.

As the builder of the battle royale game and the only person who connected Tapir with Fengdu Prison, many people were paying attention to Qiu Ren.

It was impossible to sacrifice the lives of the people of their country. However, the neighboring countries didn’t seem to care about this.

Some countries had very loose control in this aspect, as if they didn’t mind exchanging the lives of a small part of their people for the resources in the Nightmare Dungeon.

So, one more Nightmare Dungeon wouldn’t affect them much. Besides, the battle royale game caused less harm to the human body than those games created with the Nightmare Dungeons in the market. As long as one wasn’t soaked in the isolated island twenty-four hours a day, one could still recover.

“Kid, it’s not that simple.”

Before coming here, Sun Bin had read Qiu Ren’s resume. He was a student with excellent character and results, and his family background was also pitiful.

So, if the situation in Fengdu Prison could be stabilized this time, he was willing to recommend Qiu Ren to some famous universities.

But his attention was put on saving the Level S Nightmare Seed in Fengdu Prison at the moment.

“Those… Dream Explorers overseas”—Sun Bin could only call those ‘foreign players who risk their lives going into the Nightmare Dungeon for fun,’ Dream Explorers—”also know how dangerous a Nightmare Dungeon is.

“If we want to expand your Nightmare Dungeon overseas, we can only do it through the World’s Dream Dungeon Level Library. However, the degree of danger of the Nightmare Dungeon will be shown there. Just the sign of Level S is enough to frighten most people away.”

The World’s Dream Dungeon Level Library was similar to those comprehensive entertainment platforms and media like Steam, Youtube, and Netflix.

Every person could put the entrance of the Dream Dungeon they had created on this platform. After that, the Dream Explorers could choose games from the Dream Dungeons on the platform or they could be matched with any game randomly.

For the battle royale game to have “players” outside of Fengdu Prison, the fastest way was to publicly open the entrance on this platform!

“I think it’s worth a shot. We can do some simple promotions. In just a short period, the heat of the battle royale game will start to rise on the foreign websites, and it’ll go viral.”

Qiu Ren believed if the battle royale game was opened to the public, it would have the chance of becoming popular rapidly. That was, as long as a small part of curious, brave people or foreign friends were willing to try, no matter how terrifying the Level S Nightmare Dungeon was.

He just needed an opportunity. One small opportunity, and Tapir would be able to win this battle based on popularity!

Who dared to compete with an eating-chicken-type game in the rise of popularity? Who gave you the courage? DOTA? League of Legends? Or Overwatch or CS: GO? Or Dota Auto Chess?

No matter what, Qiu Ren only had to wait for the tiger—no, the chicken—to get out of the cage right now!

Hurry up and let me out so I can harm our foreign friends! I’ll let the world have a taste of this fragrant chicken!