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Mr. Shuijing seemed to be a bit interested in the concept.


However, before Qiu Ren officially explained his thoughts to him, he wanted to know the theme of the first few productions on the Three Kingdoms.

Mr. Shuijing fulfilled this request as well. As a senior, Qi Qian also cooperated and took out the outlines and introductions of several previous works.

Qiu Ren took a look at the world structures of the first two works and found that… Mr. Shuijing, or the Dream Seed of the Three Kingdoms, had really exerted their power to keep up with the aesthetics of modern young people.

The reincarnation theme of the last Dream Dungeon of the Three Kingdoms had female main characters, which people loved to see.

The effect was pretty good in some respects.

Qiu Ren took a look at the ratings report and the records of the related work on review sites back then that Qi Qian handed over.

The Three Kingdoms with female main characters had attracted a large number of new young viewers, but a lot of old fans also ran away because of its entertainment inclination.

As both groups of fans increased and decreased respectively, the popularity of the Dream Dungeon of the Three Kingdoms didn’t rise but fell instead. Besides, the core fans attracted by the cute female characters didn’t really have strong cohesion.

Basically, as time passed, they dispersed in an uproar to pursue and support other wives, like… Miss Asakawa Hana sitting next to Qiu Ren.

The second last reincarnation was even worse. It was basically the difference between the old TV show and the new TV show of the Three Kingdoms in Qiu Ren’s knowledge.

The main focus of the second last reincarnation was the extraordinary Three Kingdoms. This was similar to the theme of the Dream Dungeon of the Three Kingdoms in the material world where Qiu Ren was in.

However, the screenwriters didn’t balance the power of the generals and the connection of the overall plot.

The over-powerful combat strength of the generals rendered the soldiers useless. The strategies used by those counselors also changed from using all kinds of well-thought-out plans and battles of intelligence to weird scenes like wizards throwing magic at each other.

“This is indeed full of difficulties…”

Qiu Ren kind of understood the difficulties of the Dream Dungeon of the Three Kingdoms. Simply put, it must satisfy both new and old fans.

It must have a trendy design that attracted new fans but also not too much that sent the old fans into a fit of anger.

“I think ‘The Ravages of Time’ can take care of both aspects.”

Qiu Ren gave Mr. Shuijing the outline and the form of rendition of the characters and scenes of “The Ravages of Time” in a scroll.

Even though this scroll was small, plots would keep appearing when Mr. Shuijing rolled it open.

Qiu Ren used the form of comics for the rendition of the scenes because the original work of “The Ravages of Time” was a comic book.

Mr. Shuijing read over it very quickly. Even though he was an old man on the outside, he was actually the consciousness of this powerful Dream Dungeon.

Mr. Shuijing soon finished reading the scroll of “The Ravages of Time.”

“Brilliant! None of the figures who can be included in the history books are simple! Wonderful but not beautiful, life is full of uncertainty.”

Mr. Shuijing’s comments after he finished reading it left Qiu Ren a bit perturbed. This man had a nickname called “yes man” in history. There was nothing sincere about what he said.

So, Qiu Ren turned to Mr. Shuijing’s chief apprentice, Qi Qian.

“Master is telling the truth this time. ‘The Ravages of Time’ will be the new script.”

Qi Qian announced. She had also read some of the content on the scroll, but Mr. Shuijing finished it too quickly. She could only read a small part of the opening chapter.

However, just from that, Qi Qian could already be certain that “The Ravages of Time” perfectly matched the outline Mr. Shuijing provided, “a story of the Three Kingdoms that wasn’t a story of the Three Kingdoms.”

The Ravages of Time refined and enhanced… the characters and all the famous events of the Three Kingdoms.

The essence of the personality and characteristics of each character were all extracted. Moreover, the events that happened in the development of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms were reconstructed and written again. The remake showed them in front of the audience in the most surprising way that these modern audiences liked the most.

After reading “The Ravages of Time,” people would have a feeling, “It turns out the story of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms that I’ve watched for a thousand times can have so many amazing twists and secrets, which then go back to the ending the plot should have.”

“I’ve always thought that this character in the Three Kingdoms is very charming. The Ravages of Time has even magnified his charms several times.”

The most direct way to describe it was that in the work of The Ravages of Time, the smart characters in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms became even more resourceful, while the charming characters of the Three Kingdoms became even more charming.

And those villains in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms were also depicted once again. It truly made people feel like, “None of the figures who can be included in the history book are simple.”

Qi Qian had only watched the opening scene of “Gathering in the City” at the beginning about the State Lords’ campaign against Dong Zhuo. She was very interested in knowing what would happen next.

However, although Qi Qian knew how amazing this script was, the other students of Mr. Shuijing didn’t.

“Qi Qian, you first broke the rules by bringing someone with an unknown identity to meet Mr. Shuijing. And now, you let Mr. Shuijing use his script. This can already be considered illegal.”

One of Mr. Shuijing’s apprentices warned Qi Qian.

Even though they had the identity as the apprentices of Mr. Shuijing, Dream Makers were Dream Makers. They didn’t have much respect for the dream consciousness, Mr. Shuijing.

They were only here to fight for the right to write stories for this Level SS Dream Dungeon… of the Three Kingdoms.

It was fine if Qi Qian got the screenwriting authority. With her identity and experience, nobody would dare to object.

However, if a nameless kid, who suddenly showed up, got the authority to write the script for the Level SS Dream Dungeon, it… would be a bit strange.

Qi Qian made up an identity for Qiu Ren out of nowhere.

Upon hearing this identity, Qiu Ren immediately created a mirror and had a look at his face. His image had indeed been changed.

When? But Qiu Ren didn’t expose her. He just listened to the arrangement of Miss Qi quietly.

“I know that you’ll be dissatisfied with me recommending my brother here to take over, but I followed the official rules of the Dream Making Bureau. If you have a problem with that, you can sign up for the public review of the quality of the Dream Dungeon’s construction later on.”

Her words immediately pressured people to remain silent.

Qiu Ren wasn’t surprised that there would be a review process…

The Dream Dungeons Qiu Ren transformed before, including Blossoming Love and Iron Blood, were both forced to transform without the government knowing, so he certainly didn’t have to go through any official review.

However, Qiu Ren now wanted to interfere with the Dream Dungeon of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. He most likely had to go through the official procedures. The review process was a necessary step after he finished the construction.

“I think that’s it for today’s meeting. I have something to talk to you about privately,” Qi Qian gazed at Qiu Ren firmly and said.

“Um… No problem, sister.”

Qiu Ren could only call her his unrelated sister. If he kept using his previous identity as a Nightmare Maker, he would have probably been shot to death when he showed up here, let alone constructing the Dream Dungeon of the Three Kingdoms.

“So, where’s your real brother… right now?”

Qi Qian took Qiu Ren to an extremely covert house behind the Shuijing Manor. After entering, Qiu Ren asked her this question inadvertently.

When Qi Qian dared to give Qiu Ren the temporary identity as her blood brother, it showed that this blood brother really lived in the real world.

This wasn’t the main point. The main point was that Qi Qian gave Qiu Ren a dangerous feeling.

Such a scary feeling was different from that of the leader of the Army, Suri, and other Lords of Nightmare…

This might sound a bit impolite, but whether it was Tapir, Lian, Suri, or other women Qiu Ren met, who could be labeled as “troublesome,” Qiu Ren’s fear of them only lay in their own powerful strength.

However, Qi Qian gave Qiu Ren a weird feeling. Her smile was always fake, and there seemed to be something hidden under her eyes.

“I imprisoned him and locked him in a place where nobody can find him.”

Her answer sent a chill down Qiu Ren’s spine, yet she spoke in an extremely calm tone.

Perhaps Qi Qian had smelled the astonishment from Qiu Ren’s body, so she smiled gently and continued, “If the seniors find out what I did, my whole family will be exterminated. Before that… it’s probably an act of kindness to hide them.”

“This… is indeed a pretty good solution,” Qiu Ren said.

“I don’t need you to understand this, but as your temporary ally, I think we need to exchange information with each other and discuss the approach for future operations. That’s why I want to meet the… representative of the material world behind you.”

“You just need to talk to me.”

Qiu Ren still didn’t really want to expose his original world in front of any Dream Maker. Who knew if they had any means of physical intrusion?

“It seems that you still don’t trust me.” Qi Qian glanced at Asakawa Hana next to Qiu Ren and said, “I know that your goal is to invite—or I should say abduct—more Dream Seeds to your world. I can help you contact those Dream Seeds that have such an intention. Besides, if you leak out what I’m saying right now, I won’t be able to survive either.”

“You only want to meet and talk to him?”

After hearing her reply, Qiu Ren created a chair for her to sit down. Then, a giant projection screen appeared in front of her.

Although the screen was blurred and glittering because there was no signal, after Qiu Ren took two chairs and sat next to Qi Qian, the screen immediately brightened.

“We haven’t been able to reach you for so long. I thought you’d already been in a war. Qiu Ren… Although you have a lot of missions to complete, remember to report your work progress from time to time.”

Director Lu’s face was the first to appear. He pushed his glasses as he looked at Asakawa Hana and Qi Qian on both sides of Qiu Ren and went silent for a while.

“Kid… You’ve already abducted another two Dream Seeds in less than two days?”

“Abduct, this world is… too unpleasant to hear.” Qiu Ren scratched his face a bit speechlessly. Asakawa Hana had a solemn look on her face. When Director Lu revealed her real identity, she wanted to introduce herself.

Unfortunately, Qi Qian spoke first and interrupted what she wanted to say.

“I’m sorry, I’m not a dream consciousness but a Dream Maker who pretended to work under the Imperial Court on the outside. Are you the leader of the material world where Qiu Ren came from?” Qi Qian directly asked.

Director Lu paused for a second. He then lowered his voice and asked Qiu Ren, “Is this a diplomatic negotiation?”

Director Lu seemed to think that Qi Qian was the representative of the government of the other material world.

“Um, not really… This lady is the leader of an underground revolutionary organization. You should know what I’m trying to say, right? She’s looking for new ideological guidance.”

Director Lu quickly understood the nature and the importance of this conversation.

However, before Director Lu could ask Qi Qian about the situation of that so-called Imperial Court, the mother of the Army, Suri, squeezed her face into the projection screen. Her expression was frightening, looking like she couldn’t wait to eat Qi Qian and tear her apart alive.

“You f*cking traitor! How dare you show up in front of me?” There was an overwhelming rage in Suri’s voice, as if she was going crazy.

“Traitor?” Qiu Ren didn’t expect Qi Qian to have such an affair with the Army.

“What an unexpected meeting…” Qi Qian didn’t show any fear when facing the accusation from the mother of the Army. She still had a thin smile on her face. “I sent you away to keep your personality safe. Do you think you can keep your true self in this world as a defective product polluted by nightmares?”

“What did you say?” Suri was enraged, so enraged that she coughed a few times continuously. She only recovered after Alma patted her back gently next to her.

“Before we start discussing the official topics, can that person next to you please be quiet?” Qi Qian requested Director Lu.

“I won’t discuss anything with you! Qiu Ren! How dare you sit next to this traitor! Kill… Stay away from her! I don’t want to see you sitting next to her!”

Suri wanted to ask Qiu Ren to kill Qi Qian at first, but she knew that he would never accept this order. Hence, she took a step back and asked him to keep his distance from her.

She didn’t want to see Qiu Ren anywhere near this woman!

“Well…” Qiu Ren really couldn’t accept such an unreasonable request.

“Do as I say! If not, I’ll destroy…”

Suri paused for a second. Alma caught the opportunity to grab Suri’s arm and threw her out of the screen frame.

Even after Suri went out, Qiu Ren could still hear her say, “If you stay with her, our relationship will be finished! I knew it. No Dream Maker is good! They’re all immodest people, especially you, Qiu Ren!”

Qiu Ren rubbed his ears. He was thinking how he should comfort this willful mother of the Army when he got back.

But before that, there was another thing that Qiu Ren cared about…

“How old exactly are you this year? I remember that the Army wandered around for thirty years before landing on our material world.” Qiu Ren sized Qi Qian up. Her appearance in this dream world didn’t seem like it was fake.

She looked like she was only 23 to 24 years old.

“This isn’t the main point of our discussion. In fact, I contacted you this time only because I wanted to ask you one thing.” Qi Qian stared at Director Lu on the screen.

“What is it?” Judging from the relationship between Qi Qian and the mother of the Army, Director Lu knew that her identity wasn’t simple at all.

“How many Dream Seeds can your country… your world sustain?”

Qi Qian hoped Qiu Ren would answer “unlimited.” However, it wasn’t that easy to provide for Dream Seeds. Judging from her words… was she really thinking about helping Qiu Ren steal men and girls?