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Suri received an invitation letter today, an invitation letter that was only sent to some of the powerful dream consciousnesses.

The title of the invitation letter was “Trial.”


There was no signature on the invitation letter and the content was also very simple. “You’re invited to try those reckless Dream Makers.”

It certainly aroused Suri’s great interest. Besides, she wanted to know Qiu Ren’s situation and the state of the other world.

Suri accepted the invitation and participated in the trial using her avatar.

So, she returned to her homeland after a long time, the place where she was betrayed once, the Dream Dungeon of Dynasties located in the other material world.

When she opened her eyes again, she found that she was in the main hall of the secret society. She immediately saw Tapir, who also looked shocked.

Tapir was still worrying about Qiu Ren’s condition in the Dream Dungeon of The Ravages of Time. When she saw Suri, who suddenly showed up here, she immediately had a bad premonition.

“Because I got this invitation. I came over to have a look… Why? When did the secret society become your private territory?”

In the past, Suri had only heard a bit about the organization of the secret society, but she had never really had direct contact with it.

Instead, Alma and the secret society were directly connected in many ways. Suri even doubted that Alma was sent by the secret society to keep an eye on them.

She had no idea how many members of the secret society had infiltrated the Army. Besides, this was the first time she learned that Tapir was a member of the secret society.

Tapir, who had always been calm, showed a slightly flustered look when she saw Suri entering the core main hall of the secret society.

However, Suri wasn’t the only one who was sent here. There were more and more dream consciousnesses above Level A.

Tapir soon found Lian among these dream consciousnesses.

Even though there were conflicts and disagreements between her and Lian, Lian was still the closest to her and Qiu Ren… among the dream consciousnesses here.

Basically, they only argued at home and would still work together to fight when they encountered any foreign enemies.

“You… shouldn’t be here,” Tapir walked to Lian and said.

“Why? You can care about Qiu Ren’s safety, but I can’t?”

In fact, Lian had been dissatisfied with Qiu Ren, who always looked for Tapir when any important things happened. He only came to her for trivial matters.

Tapir wanted to explain, but she was too late. Her mother, the Pope of the secret society, caught everyone’s attention with her claps.

The power of the secret society wasn’t something Tapir could imagine. She didn’t only gather dream consciousnesses above Level A in this world with herself as the medium but also the ones who lived with Qiu Ren.

Be it the Lords of Nightmare or the Lords of Dream, they were more or less curious after reading the contents of the invitation letter. They sent their avatars here to check it out.

“Welcome, everyone. There’s only one thing I want to announce. We’re going to try the Dream Makers who have enslaved us before…”

Under the Pope’s signal, the environment suddenly changed, turning from the main hall of the secret society to the scene of an ancient battlefield of the Celestial Empire.

This was the scene of a battle in The Ravages of Time. The Pope had projected the scene in The Ravages of Time into this hall in real-time.

“Most of the top Dream Makers in the world are gathering in this Dream Dungeon, and most of our lives and future are in the hands of these people. You can choose to directly kill them or even replace them… Now, please vote, everyone. Who should disappear from this world, and who should stay? In my opinion, I hope that these Dream Makers all disappear.”

The main hall was terrifyingly silent, but as the plot of The Ravages of Time continued, more and more names of the Dream Makers appeared in the sky… Two colors of light green and scarlet also gradually emerged on these names of the Dream Makers as the dream consciousnesses here voted.

It seemed that some dream consciousnesses were still struggling, but more of them hoped to get back the lead.

This was a… revolution of the dream consciousnesses!

“Where’s Qiu Ren?” Lian lowered her voice and asked Tapir.

She was too familiar with this scene. This was a trial of the Dream Makers. However, Lian only cared about Qiu Ren’s whereabouts.

“He’s… inside, but… I can’t feel his presence.” Tapir’s voice was also full of confusion.

The current situation wasn’t something that she or Lian could deal with alone, not even with Suri.

So, the first thing Lian and Tapir thought of was to take Qiu Ren away from this place where they would only get into trouble.

And yet, Tapir’s connection with Qiu Ren was cut off at this moment!

“Do you know which character Qiu Ren was playing in this Dream Dungeon?” Lian was prepared to break in and take Qiu Ren away.

Before Tapir’s connection with Qiu Ren’s consciousness was cut off, she remembered that Qiu Ren was planning to take this opportunity to play Lu Bu, the God of War.

“Lu Bu… I know this character. Is that him?”

Lian pointed at a man on the battlefield. He was riding a horse and rushing into the enemy’s camp.

Whether it was the Red Hare he was riding or the way he held the Fang Tian Halberd, he looked like the legendary Lu Bu no matter what!

Meanwhile, this Lu Bu was also brave and invincible. He rushed into the base camp of the coalition army alone and killed an enemy general before leaving.

This looked like the legendary God of War, Lu Bu, no matter how they saw it.

Tapir stopped Lian, who was about to invade the Dream Dungeon of The Ravages of Time to bring Qiu Ren back.

As expected, before that “Lu Bu” went far on his horse, he was killed by a general of the coalition army. This general wasn’t played by a Dream Maker but a nightmare consciousness of the secret society.

“What a shame… I wonder where the most important Dream Maker of this plan suddenly vanished?” The Pope sounded like she wanted Tapir to hear her on purpose.

Tapir and Lian wanted to save Qiu Ren, but the secret society wanted him to stay in the Dream Dungeon of The Ravages of Time.

Since Qiu Ren was the core of the Dream Dungeon of The Ravages of Time, if he left, it would mean that those Dream Makers detained in The Ravages of Time could also escape!

Unfortunately, these Dream Makers didn’t realize that they were in danger at all.

They had no idea that everything they were doing in The Ravages of Time was displayed in front of their dream consciousnesses. On top of that, they didn’t know that they would be put on trial today… by the very dream consciousnesses they treated as tools and objects.

These Dream Makers were busy looking for the real Lu Bu… just like Tapir, Lian, and the Pope.

So, where was the real Lu Bu?

The Ravages of Time began with the story of the campaign against Dong Zhuo.

The current situation was that the coalition army had assembled outside Luoyang City to prepare for their crusade against Dong Zhuo, while Dong Zhuo had also started getting ready to move the capital.

However, the male protagonist of the campaign against Dong Zhuo was still nowhere to be found.

Of course, from the audience’s perspective of the dream consciousness here, Lu Bu had already appeared a long time ago.

It was the man who rode the Red Hare and dashed into the camp of the coalition army with the Fang Tian Halberd in his hand, as if he was going to his backyard.

Many reviewers played the soldiers of the coalition army of the eighteen State Lords. So, when they saw this character show up with such a fierce look, then directly behead a reviewer and leave afterward, they thought he was undoubtedly Lu Bu.

However, as more new Lu Bu’s showed up among the coalition army, they all fell into a state of confusion.

Why was there a Lu Bu as well? How many Lu Bu did The Ravages of Time have exactly?

“What’s that word you say… Wander? No… Wonderful.”

In order to find out Qiu Ren’s location, Lian also tried to figure out the current situation and what exactly was happening in all seriousness.

As a monarch, a dream consciousness that used to be a general, she couldn’t help but exclaim after realizing the strategy of Dong Zhuo’s army.

The “Lu Bu’s” that showed up at this moment were actually used to improve the morale of Dong Zhuo’s army.

They used Lu Bu’s well-known reputation to form a fake Lu Bu troop, raiding everywhere to demoralize the enemies.

And yet, after the tactic was revealed, these fake Lu Bu’s were killed one after another by the coalition army of the campaign against Dong Zhuo.

Lu Bu was nothing more than this! Such a remark spread everywhere.

So, where exactly was the real Lu Bu? Or where exactly was Qiu Ren?

While Lian was thinking about these things, the shot suddenly turned to another important character of the campaign against Dong Zhuo this time. It was Diao Chan, played by Qi Qian.

Diao Chan’s current situation was that she had already been taken into Dong Zhuo’s harem and was locked in the backyard alone by Dong Zhuo.

In The Ravages of Time, Diao Chan’s real identity was actually an assassin sent by an assassin organization under Sima Yi’s command. Her real name was Xiao Meng, an assassin who was a man but had been cleansed.

Qi Qian didn’t really care about the character’s identity as a government official… She received a request from the Pope of the secret society, which was to find the location of the real Lu Bu.

This request froze her for a while… Hadn’t Lu Bu appeared a long time ago?

While she was pondering, there were suddenly some movements outside the door. Qi Qian thought Lu Bu finally came to find Diao Chan, but she was disappointed. After listening carefully, She found that it was Dong Zhuo’s nephew, Dong Huang.

Most importantly, this Dong Huang was also played by a Dream Maker, and the people behind him were also Dream Makers. Unfortunately, their level was relatively low, and they got the chance to take part in the review of The Ravages of Time only with their connections.

So, they merely got the “walk-on parts” that didn’t really have any connection to the main plot.

But the most important thing was that playing these walk-on parts had an advantage: they were closer to Diao Chan!

“I want to see what Diao Chan looks like in this version.”

Hearing the sounds outside the door, Qi Qian’s gaze suddenly became terrifying… In order to hide her identity in this review, there were very few people who knew that she would play the role of Diao Chan.

This made most Dream Makers participating in the review think that Diao Chan was just an NPC.

They finally had the chance to come to the Dream Dungeon of the Three Kingdoms… It would be a shame if they didn’t meet Diao Chan.

However, it looked like these Dream Makers didn’t just want to pay a visit to Diao Chan.

Trouble… Qi Qian didn’t want any trouble. Those Dream Makers in The Ravages of Time still hadn’t been eroded deeply. If they were alarmed, they might have the chance of escaping.

So, Qi Qian couldn’t have quarrels with any Dream Maker inside, even those low-level Dream Makers playing the unimportant characters.

However, when Dong Huang wanted to enter and “meet Diao Chan,” Qi Qian saw a tall man blocking in front of the door.

It was Lu Bu… No, it seemed to be a minor character played by a Dream Maker with extremely low authority. Most likely, this small character was only here to fill up a vacant position? But then, he stopped in front of Dong Huang and the others.

“Which department are you from?” Dong Huang asked something that didn’t match the era of the Three Kingdoms.

“Level-C agent from the Dream Hunting Bureau, Zhou Xinyu… You can call me Xiao Zhou.” That voice sounded very humble and respectful.

Qi Qian remembered him… He was an agent under Zhao Yanqing’s command and was known for his cowardice. She had no idea how such a person got into the Dream Hunting Bureau in the first place.

However, it looked like he was here to be a security guard. The job of the security guards in the Dream Dungeon was to keep participants away from unnecessary places and stop them from hurting the characters in the Dream Dungeon too much.

Of course, some Dream Dungeons with torturing and killing dungeon characters as the theme were excluded.

The Ravages of Time was still in the testing stage. The job of the Dream Hunting Bureau here should be to prevent the reviewers from doing something unnecessary.

Like “having a look at Diao Chan.”

“You’re just a Level-C agent. How dare you stand in my way? Get out of here now.” Dong Zhuo’s nephew, Dong Huang, didn’t seem to care about Xiao Zhou, but Xiao Zhou still stood in front of him.

“I know that you’re Director Yu Ping’s grandson, but The Ravages of Time is still in the testing stage. If your current behavior is monitored, your future career will be affected.” Xiao Zhou tried to persuade Dong Huang sincerely.

Unfortunately, Dong Huang didn’t listen to him at all, and he even started yelling, “How dare you talk about my career with me? Get out of my way if you still want to work in the Dream Hunting Bureau.”

He then punched and kicked Xiao Zhou for a while. Such a scene was very common in this material world. In a world ruled by an emperor, the government officials would bully the low-level officials, while the low-level officials would bully the civilians. The civilians would vent their anger on the dream characters of an even lower level.

Such deformed hierarchical relations had already become something that couldn’t be eliminated in this world.

Qi Qian knew this very well. She quietly listened to Xiao Zhou outside the door taking the risk of being fired and enduring the punches and kicks from Dong Huang to protect her, this “virtual character” who wasn’t worth mentioning. All the while, he even kept persuading Dong Huang “not to do something that leaves a blot on his future career for a moment of comfort.”

She just had to wait, just a while longer, and she would be able to completely destroy this world.

Qi Qian didn’t know what the agent, Xiao Zhou, was thinking. In the end, Dong Huang could only leave after he was exhausted.

After that, a few reviewers with similar thoughts as Dong Huang came one after another. Xiao Zhou used the same way to stop them. Of course, he was beaten up by them.

When Qi Qian saw Xiao Zhou getting knocked down on the ground with wounds all over his body, she surprisingly felt a bit “touched” in her mind?

However, she soon cut off the absurd feeling. Judging from the news from the Pope, more than half of those Dream Makers had been eroded.

What she had to do was to weaken the consciousness of those Dream Makers.

And the best way to do so was to get those Dream Makers in a fight of life and death. It would be even better if she could kill them.

Things that the Dream Dungeon of The Ravages of Time didn’t lack were battles of life and death, which were even the climax of the story about the campaign against Dong Zhuo.

So, the plot should have started developing? Qi Qian had stayed in this room for too long.

Among the two major protagonists of The Ravages of Time, Sima Yi and Liao Yuanhuo, the latter one, Liao Yuanhuo, was played by an extremely important Dream Maker from the Imperial Court.

With the current development of the plot, it would be unreasonable if he didn’t have a fierce battle with Lu Bu. The problem was, Qi Qian could sense Liao Yuanhuo’s location.

He had already gotten out of danger and completed the mission, waiting for her to return, but Lu Bu was nowhere to be found.

Qi Qian still didn’t have any idea that Lu Bu had already shown up… He was besieging the place outside the door with an entire army.

Xiao Zhou, who lay outside Qi Qian’s door with injuries all over his body, called out the name of the person playing this “Lu Bu.”

“Well done, Xiao Zhou…” “Lu Bu” said to Xiao Zhou lying on the ground.

“Thank you, Captain Zhao,” Xiao Zhou said weakly. It seemed that he was really in pain.

“I’m complimenting you from the standpoint of the secret society. You said it was for protecting the career of those reviewers, but you’re actually protecting the traitor hiding in the secret society, right? Are you… really that Xiao Zhou I knew when you first joined us?”

What “Lu Bu,” Zhao Yanqing, said immediately made the atmosphere so cold that it dropped to the freezing point.

What? Xiao Zhou was someone from the secret society? Qi Qian had indeed put a lot of spies in the Dream Hunting Bureau, but this was the first time she had realized that Zhou Xinyu was also one of them from the secret society.

But now, she couldn’t confirm it with the secret society. Zhao Yanqing, who played Lu Bu, had already raised the Fang Tian Halberd in his hand and slashed at Xiao Zhou.

“You fucking Dream Makers!”

Xiao Zhou didn’t hide anything anymore after being exposed. He raised his sword and slashed the soldiers played by the agents of the Dream Hunting Bureau around him.

However, a small Level-C agent couldn’t defeat Zhao Yanqing, no matter what. Xiao Zhou was knocked into the door by one blow from the Fang Tian Halberd.

“I knew it… You’re the manipulator behind this! Madam Qi!” “Lu Bu,” Zhao Yanqing, immediately recognized Qi Qian, who played Diao Chan. Qi Qian secretly said “oh no” in her mind, but Xiao Zhou grabbed her wrist.

Xiao Zhou opened a secret chamber in Diao Chan’s room. He held Qi Qian and jumped in.

When Xiao Zhou and Qi Qian disappeared in the room, “Lu Bu,” Zhao Yanqing, raised the Fang Tian Halberd in his hand and blocked the way of the other soldiers from the Dream Hunting Bureau.

“Captain Zhao, aren’t we going after them?”

“It’s enough to stop here. Besides, the character template of this ‘fake Lu Bu’ is no match for the real Lu Bu.”

Zhao Yanqing looked at the closed stone door and said in a soft voice, “This is the last time I repay you for saving my wife and daughter. The rest will depend on you, Xiao Zhou, no… Qiu Ren, or should I say… Lu Bu?”