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The dream consciousness of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Mr. Shuijing… was a Dream Maker?

The truth didn’t only shock the dream consciousnesses of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, but even the condescending reviewers fell into a great confusion.

However, the confusion didn’t last for long.

Mr. Shuijing, who had disclosed his identity, also knew that it wasn’t necessary to pretend anymore.

“Why are you still watching?” Mr. Shuijing commanded the researchers and Dream Makers from the Dream Hunting Bureau behind him, “Catch him immediately…”

The agents from the Dream Hunting Bureau froze for a while. They indeed took orders from the Imperial Court, but the emperor they served was a “person” with a body.

However, this general, who had been here for a few centuries, suddenly came out to order them. It was like using the sword from the previous dynasty to kill the ministers of this dynasty.

“Mr. Shuijing, please cooperate with our investigation.”

Although Zhao Yanqing was on Qiu Ren’s side, he could still use the authority of the Dream Hunting Bureau.

The agents from the Dream Hunting Bureau couldn’t really believe what Mr. Shuijing said either. They all encircled Mr. Shuijing and were about to capture this guy, who had been impersonating as the general.

Mr. Shuijing sighed gently. The character he was using right now was Mr. Shuijing, Sima Hui, who had no combat power at all.

And the Dream Dungeon of The Ravages of Time was blocked by invisible nightmare pollution again.

He could be considered to be alone and didn’t have the power to fight back when facing the reviewers from the Dream Hunting Bureau and the researchers.

However, the reason they could control the entire world of Dynasties secretly for so many years was not only because of something abstract like the descendants of Dynasties or the power of the royal family.

These were things that could easily be shaken for the old royals, who had already become souls.

After all, no newborn descendant with their own flesh and blood would possibly obey the old ancestors, who had only their souls left.

“You’re all outstanding talents of Dynasties. I didn’t want to prove it with such strong means, but keeping him here is more important than anything right now.” Mr. Shuijing was referring to Qiu Ren.

Even though Qiu Ren used the seed of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the world of The Ravages of Time still belonged to him. So, once Qiu Ren left this Dream Dungeon, it would collapse back to its original form.

At this moment, a large number of scarlet tree roots suddenly stretched out from under Mr. Shuijing’s body. These tree roots started spreading everywhere like veins…

The tree roots were so fast that they stabbed into the backs of those agents from the Dream Hunting Bureau and the reviewers of the researchers before they could even react.

This stab was like injecting something into their bodies. Qiu Ren watched the bodies of those agents from the Dream Hunting Bureau turn from transparent back to concrete bodies… His eyelids couldn’t help twitching.

“Old man, what did you do to us?”

The reviewer who played Guan Yu realized something was wrong with his body.

“If you like the character, Guan Yunchang, so much, why don’t you just become him directly? You… must thank me,” Mr. Shuijing said.

That reviewer didn’t understand what Mr. Shuijing meant, but his body suddenly went out of control. He swung the Green Dragon Crescent Blade in his hand and slashed at Qiu Ren, who was standing far away.

Qiu Ren, who was playing Lu Bu, raised the Fang Tian Halberd and blocked the Green Dragon Crescent Blade, accompanied by the harsh sound of metal clashing with metal…

“Brother! Let me help you!” Zhang Fei on the other side, who still wasn’t sure what was going on, rushed over to Qiu Ren with the Zhang Ba Serpent-Headed Spear in his hand.

“You still haven’t arrived at the Hulao Pass, yet you already want to fight with Lu Bu?”

Qiu Ren blocked the attacks from both Guan Yu and Zhang Fei with his power alone. The reviewer who played Guan Yu shouted in fear…

“My body is moving by itself. Are you doing this?”

“Me? How is that possible… I’m just a small Dream Maker,” Qiu Ren said as he spun the Fang Tian Halberd in his hand. A powerful burst of energy knocked Guan Yu and Zhang Fei away. He looked at the reviewer, who felt that his body was out of control, and said, “I think there is only one reason why you’re being controlled… Mr. Shuijing… has turned you into a dream consciousness.”

His words were like a bomb. All the Dream Makers here stood dumbfounded on their spots. They couldn’t move at all.

“How… is this possible…” Some researchers who took part in the review weren’t willing to believe Qiu Ren.

As Dream Makers, how would they possibly… turn into dream consciousnesses all of a sudden?

“Is it really strange? Dream consciousnesses are originally transformed from normal people. Since the Imperial Court has a way of extracting consciousness from a body, isn’t it reasonable… that they can turn this consciousness into a Dream Seed as well?”

What Qiu Ren said was soon proved by Mr. Shuijing.

Lu Bu in The Ravages of Time wouldn’t be able to defeat the three generals. Those Dream Makers and agents from the Dream Hunting Bureau next to Mr. Shuijing all rushed forward uncontrollably.

Qiu Ren swung the Fang Tian Halberd in his hand again to fight with the generals. However, although the body of Lu Bu had strong combat power, the person who controlled it, Qiu Ren, still lacked appropriate skills.

He was soon defeated under the siege of more than twenty agents from the Dream Hunting Bureau… Then, he was nailed to a stone wall by General Zhang Liao’s spear.

This was a Dream Dungeon, but it still hurt really bad…

Qiu Ren spurted out blood from his mouth. He felt that the blood dripping on the ground was beginning to wriggle around.

Lian, who was watching outside, was probably enraged and wanted to come in to beat these bastards up.

However, it wasn’t time yet.

Under Mr. Shuijing’s control, a few more tree roots were stabbed into Qiu Ren’s body again.

“Originally, you only needed to be a Dream Maker, Qiu Ren.”

Mr. Shuijing sounded like he was sorry for Qiu Ren right now, but his hands didn’t stop moving. The vines inserted inside Qiu Ren’s body kept sucking his core things like his self-consciousness, personality, and memory.

“Originally? Were the Dream Makers who wrote the script of Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the world of Dynasties before… also like this?”

Qiu Ren knew what this guy was trying to do. He wanted to make himself into the core consciousness of the Dream Seed of Romance of the Three Kingdoms and reset his personality.

Then, he would be able to stay in the Dream Dungeon of The Ravages of Time forever.

“Of course, young people’s ideas are always rich and colorful. It’s very hard for old people like us to keep up, but if I keep feeding you here…”

“You’ll be able to keep yourself alive by absorbing the nutrients of the people in the country? This is really a good idea.”

“Very smart, but it’s over. You’ll forget everything very soon.”

When Qiu Ren gritted his teeth and said this, Mr. Shuijing immediately realized he was in danger. He quickly jumped back…

A beam of laser… A beam of laser that shouldn’t have appeared in the Warring States period flashed across the sky, shooting towards the position where Mr. Shuijing originally stood.

Mr. Shuijing looked at the giant robot… that suddenly appeared in the sky in shock. He even knew the name of this thing.

As Mr. Shuijing said the word that sounded extremely strange in this context, the brilliance of the GN-Drive particles released from EXIA landed in front of Qiu Ren.

“Yuan Dang! This is treason!” Mr. Shuijing shouted at EXIA furiously.

It turned out the dream consciousness of “Iron Blood,” the Head of the Order of Karma, was also one of the dead souls that remained in the world of Dynasties before…

It could even be said that most Level A and Level S dream consciousnesses behind the world of Dynasties were monitored by those old people…

“Treason? Our dynasty should have ended a long time ago. It’s time to make way for the younger generation.”

The Head of the Order of Karma, Garo, came out of the cockpit in EXIA. Qing Ming, the Gundam Meister of EXIA, also walked out with him.

He looked at Mr. Shuijing with a rotten body below, then turned to Qiu Ren behind EXIA and said, “Brother Qiu Ren, the Order of Karma kept our promise and came to help you, even if we become the enemies of the entire world after doing this.”

“How can you say such stupid things like becoming the enemies of the entire world…”

Qiu Ren pulled out the scarlet tree roots stabbed into his body. A huge amount of blood gushed out from him like a fountain. The blood flowed on the ground as Lian’s body in armor gradually took shape.

Lian quickly strode to the weak Qiu Ren and helped him up. However, he reached his hand to pull out the tree roots stabbed in his body again.

Every time he pulled out one… a crack would appear in the entire Dream Dungeon of The Ravages of Time.

Lian’s subordinates also crushed these cracks and came to their kind. The soldiers of the Army also entered this Dream Dungeon at the same time.

Suri went over the crack and came next to Qiu Ren. Her relationship with him couldn’t yet be considered as an alliance, but at least they both had mutual enemies at this moment.

“Don’t mind me. It may be time for you to take your revenge now.”

Qiu Ren pulled out another tree root from his body. When this root shattered, the generals from the Heavenly Court also showed up in this Dream Dungeon through the cracks.

“You’ve helped us a lot over these years… We’ll definitely return the favor today.” The first one to walk out, Erlang Shen, seemed to be seething with anger that had been accumulated for a long time.

The foreign devils and nightmare pollution that the Heavenly Court had been resisting all came from the world of Dynasties… So, they came here this time to repay the accumulated grievances throughout so many years.

As more and more cracks appeared, more characters that the audiences were familiar with came through the cracks… They appeared in front of the audiences of the two material worlds.

This scene where various productions united together and were all mixed up made people feel a bit… messy.

At least everyone was standing on the same battlefront, though.

Qiu Ren finally pulled out the spear Zhang Liao had stabbed in his chest. The red blood drew a long scarlet line on the ground…

“Let’s start the second round. It’s time for the farce that has lasted for centuries… to come to an end today.”

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