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The war ended very quickly.

This battle was already destined to be more favorable to one side from the beginning.

In other words, this uprising had been what people wanted from the beginning.

Qiu Ren tore the darkness from the base of Dynasties and showed it to the people in this world.

The world of Dynasties was supported by people. Besides, someone had already stepped up to raise the flag and shattered a part of the vital power of Dynasties at the same time.


“What are you going to do?”

Qiu Ren sat on a piece of rock, looking at Qi Qian who was being captured. Behind Qiu Ren was EXIA that had just finished fighting and the scene of devastation in the Dream Dungeon of The Ravages of Time.

Mr. Shuijing had been slashed down by the horse and killed by Zhang Liao, the general under Lu Bu’s command.

The whole Dream Seed of Romance of the Three Kingdoms nominally belonged to Qiu Ren.

This Level S Dream Seed and several Level A Dream Seeds would become the origin of the rebels. As for the leader… Of course, it would be the secret society who had prepared for this for so many years.

However, Qiu Ren was now prying into the attitude of the secret society through Qi Qian. Judging from the previous signs, the secret society was more inclined to wipe out humans completely and build a regime that belonged to dream consciousnesses, but…

Qi Qian looked at the ruins around, then said softly as she gazed at Qiu Ren, “Do you think… we still have a difference?”

“Well, indeed, we don’t have many differences anymore with the technology in the world of Dynasties that converts people and dream consciousness back and forth, but there’s one last question…”

Qiu Ren knew that after the two could convert between each other, the conflict between Dream Makers and dream consciousnesses might be alleviated a lot.


“After all, you… still want to have a body, right?” Qiu Ren had already realized Qi Qian’s real identity at this point.

She could be a dream consciousness that occupied the body of a woman called “Qi Qian.”

This was also the only reason that the secret society might possibly… go against the Dream Makers. The dream consciousnesses might occupy the bodies of the Dream Makers.

“…We don’t have this ability,” Qi Qian suddenly said.

“Then, you are…”

Qi Qian’s expressionless face finally showed some expressions as Qiu Ren kept asking her. After that, her gaze wandered, and she looked to the side.

“My Dream Maker died ten years ago because of nightmare erosion, so I can inherit her body. And the one behind that incident was Dynasties…”

“Wait, nightmare erosion again? It seems that it’s the case for my sister as well. Do you know the reason behind it?”

Qi Qian remembered that the original owner of this body had also died because of unknown nightmare erosion. However, he couldn’t find any clue despite investigating his own material world.

It looked like he could finally get some answers about the source of the case now.

“In order to invade another material world.”

Qi Qian didn’t hide this inside information from Qiu Ren.

“I guess you should have heard about the theory of parallel worlds. There is some sort of connection between the same person in the two worlds. This connection is a way to break through the barriers of the world. Although it can only be carried out from the level of Dream Dungeons, it’s already enough for invasion.”

“Did it work?” Qiu Ren had some unpleasant premonitions as he listened to Qi Qian’s description.

“It worked in a test a year ago. The research institute of Dynasties used a Nightmare Seed, which was still confused with a self-consciousness that wasn’t fully resolved, and broke through the barriers of the two worlds through Subject 137, sending it into the consciousness of Subject 137 in the parallel world and successfully invading him. However, the research institute of Dynasties lost connection with him after that.”

“Subject 137 is…”

“The name recorded in the file is Qiu Ren. You.”

“Is that so?”

After knowing everything about the cause, Qiu Ren put his hand lightly on his forehead as some forgotten memories about his previous life started to surge into his mind one after another.

However, those weren’t good memories at all. A hand touched Qiu Ren’s forehead gently… and stopped those chaotic memories from flooding into his mind.

“We… have already done everything we can in this world.” Tapir’s voice sounded in Qiu Ren’s ears, “You should also… rest for a while.”

“It’s indeed time to take a rest.”

Qiu Ren rubbed the middle of his eyebrows gently. Seeing the companions waiting for him to return behind him, he held Tapir’s cold hand. At the same time, he dispelled all the bad memories that were surging in his mind.

Tapir also helped Qiu Ren’s slightly slender body up. She could feel that the exhaustion in his body was gradually covered by a kind of weird peace of mind.

“Let’s go home,” Tapir whispered in Qiu Ren’s ear.

After that, the material world where Qiu Ren was in became a solid rear force for Qi Qian and the secret society to overthrow the rule of the world of Dynasties.

The research institute provided the secret society with all possible support. Qiu Ren also had a holiday for a while. During this time, he had to deal with her relationship problem, though.

“I want to focus on the construction of Dream Dungeons before I graduate. Besides, there are still a lot of battles to be fought, so I can’t be distracted for now.”

Qiu Ren built a relatively quiet café in the Dream Dungeon and pushed a cup of coffee to Wanxiang sitting opposite him.

She had been worried about her body condition ever since she woke up. Qiu Ren met her to talk about something about the future as soon as he woke up.

Wanxiang originally came to this café joyfully, but she seemed to understand… some of Qiu Ren’s thoughts after hearing him.

“The construction of Dream Dungeons requires a lot of energy to complete, and I’m also participating… in the front line battles.”

Wanxiang took the coffee Qiu Ren gave her and said as she stirred it gently with a small spoon, “But… Qiu Ren, this question may be a bit straightforward. Have you… already had an answer for your choice in your relationship?”

Qiu Ren was stunned by Wanxiang’s question. Seeing the light red color on this girl’s face, he knew that she didn’t ask it on impulse.

After going through the challenges of multiple nightmare erosion incidents, she had finally made up her mind to ask Qiu Ren.

If not, there might not be a chance next time.

“I said that because there’s no answer.” Qiu Ren also expressed the thoughts in his mind very honestly. “I also have feelings for you, Wanxiang, but I still care more about the Lords of Dream, who have been by my side, those… women. I guess you won’t like a guy who goes between so many parties.”

As Wanxiang listened to Qiu Ren’s honesty, she picked up the cup of coffee in her hand and took a sip. After feeling the bitterness in her mouth, she suddenly put the coffee cup back on the table in an extremely imposing manner.

“So, Qiu Ren…”

When Qiu Ren heard Wanxiang speak, he was already prepared to be rejected or friendzoned by Wanxiang, but what this girl said next made him dumbfounded again.

“Can I be your girlfriend?”

“Huh?” Qiu Ren’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets as he stared at the girl, who looked extremely serious.

“I’m… not sure if I can beat those Lords of Dream, but I still want to try…”

“That’s not the problem. It’s just a bit weird for a girl to chase after a guy.” Qiu Ren was still unfamiliar with relationship matters, but Wanxiang seemed earnest.

“I don’t think there’s something wrong with that. Qiu Ren, you’re so outstanding. It’s very normal for some girls to like you. I don’t want to wait passively anymore… So, can I be your girlfriend?”

Qiu Ren could see in Wanxiang’s eyes that she was so shy that she wanted to… run away, but she still resisted the instinct in her heart. She worked hard to express the true thoughts buried deep inside.

“It may be… a bit difficult.” Qiu Ren certainly couldn’t deprive the girl of her right to chase after the person she liked.

“It’s alright. Even though I don’t know what to do, I’ll still think of a way!” Wanxiang said.

“Why do I feel like I’m the boss now?”

As Qiu Ren exclaimed, Suri appeared next to him. Her way of showing up was like the special effect of a camouflage turning invisible and fading.

This little bitch had been secretly crouching there and eavesdropping on their conversation!

“Qiu Ren… Why didn’t you tell me there’s a challenger?”

“What challenger… The relationship between you and me can only be regarded as comrades, right?” There was truly just friendship of comrades between Qiu Ren and Suri. However, with her arrogant and super possessive character, she treated him as hers.

So, the moment Wanxiang decided to chase after Qiu Ren, Suri immediately defined Wanxiang as her enemy.

“Comrades? I don’t think so! Besides, I still have a lot of scores to settle with this woman!” Suri still remembered being beaten up by Wanxiang before.

“You… can try again.”

Wanxiang finished the coffee in the cup very calmly.

The atmosphere immediately became tense. If Qiu Ren didn’t stop them, they looked like they might really start fighting.

“Alaina! Come and stop your sister!”

Qiu Ren happened to see Alaina walking past the café, so he yelled at her.

Alaina followed the sound in the café and came over. The first thing she did after entering was…

“Sister! Let’s go!”

“Good, Alaina! It seems that I’ll have to settle the scores today!” Suri moved her wrists with great spirit.

Wait… Was this something that love rivals should do when they fought?

When Qiu Ren wanted to calm them down again, Tapir showed up behind him and put her hand on his shoulder to stop him.

“If she can say something like that… she should have already been prepared to face such a situation,” Tapir said sincerely.

Prepared for what? Did this really look like a fight between love rivals?

However, why did Qiu Ren feel like there were more people who came to join in the fun? The Lords of Dream contracted with Qiu Ren were also attracted. They came here to watch these women fight.

But no matter what… Qiu Ren sat in the chair and looked at Wanxiang, who was stretching and preparing to fight a second round with Suri.

His core dream also changed from being empty to more and more lively.

“There… will be more and more people residing here, right?” Qiu Ren said.

“Of course… As long as you keep building Dream Dungeons.”

In the end, under Qiu Ren and Tapir’s gaze, Wanxiang, who had already warmed up, punched Suri on her face firmly… pausing there forever with everyone’s cheers.

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