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“This time, follow me to P City! I’m sure!”

“Fuck you! The last time we went to P City with you, we were beaten up! We should go to Port G.”

What… were they talking about?

Willa stood on the transport aircraft and listened to the clamor around her with a confused look.

The death row prisoners and Dream Explorers from Fengdu Prison all spoke Chinese. Willa couldn’t understand what they were saying at all.

However, Willa could still use her live plug-in. Most Level S Nightmare Dungeon blocked out the live broadcast function, but “Battle Royale” seemed to be different…

Standing on the transport aircraft with no idea what to do, Willa started reading the comments on the bullet screen of the live broadcast.

“They didn’t kill each other right after they met? This Level S Nightmare Dungeon doesn’t look so good.”

“Let’s guess how the live streamer will die in the end? I think she’ll probably be eaten by the monsters in the Nightmare Dungeon.”

“Wouldn’t she more likely get shot or strangled with so many people in the Nightmare Dungeon?”

It turned out that reading the comments of the live broadcast made Willa more uncomfortable.

Still, some comments tried to comfort her and told her not to be afraid. However, many more who had flooded into her live broadcast wanted to see how a weak girl like her died in this terrifying Nightmare Dungeon instead.

So, the comforting comments were soon washed away by those guessing the way she would die.

An unprecedented anxiousness surrounded Willa. It was now time for her to put her hopes on that “knight,” her teammate in this round of Battle Royale.

It was easy to find this teammate. There was a light spot marking “1” on the transport aircraft.

Willa followed the light spot and saw a young man with black hair and black eyes sitting in the corner of the transport aircraft.

“Hi…” Willa raised her hand and greeted him a bit timidly.

Xiao Zhou looked up and saw a girl with mint green hair. He immediately felt a bit of a headache as he pinched his nose.

Fuck! Xiao Zhou had heard that participants would be grouped into teams of two in the game this time. He was thinking whether he would be betrayed if he was teamed up with a death row prisoner!

But as it turned out, he was grouped with a girl. What was going on?

His Chief, Kan Shaoni, was the only female working in Fengdu Prison. This woman in front of him was apparently matched in here from the overseas regions!

He would rather have a death row prisoner as his teammate. At least, he would be vicious enough and wouldn’t hesitate when he killed people.

“Are you new?” Xiao Zhou asked Willa with an unfriendly tone, but Willa couldn’t understand his Chinese.

Xiao Zhou felt a headache again as he rubbed his forehead. He then asked her in English, “Are you new?”

Willa understood him this time. She quickly nodded to show that she was a 100% newbie emotionally! Let alone killing, she would even faint when she saw blood.

“…” After hearing Willa’s reply, Xiao Zhou completely gave up his fantasy of treating her as a comrade who could help in the killing.

With his current strength, would it be fine for him to fight against two people alone?

“What are they talking about?”

Willa looked extremely excited, mainly because she had met someone who could speak English among a group of foreigners.

This gave her a huge sense of security.

“They’re discussing where to land on. The place where we are right now is a transport aircraft. It is flying to a place called Jedi Island. When the door of the transport aircraft opens later, we must skydive to somewhere on the island.”

Xiao Zhou said as he showed her the parachute ring on the backpack on his back.

Willa nodded constantly. This was the advantage of exploring Dream Dungeons all the time. She basically knew a bit of everything.

After confirming that Willa knew how to skydive, Xiao Zhou didn’t ask anything else. Willa still took the initiative to talk to him.

“So… Are there monsters on Jedi Island?”

Willa saw that the audience in the live broadcast mostly commented, “I want to see her being eaten by a monster.”

“Monsters? No, there are also no deadly death triggers. Jedi Island has only supplies.” Xiao Zhou knew what Willa was worrying about.

These two things—monsters and death triggers—appeared most often in Nightmare Dungeons. They were things that were most likely to kill people.

Willa took a deep breath of relief as she read the bunch of comments in the live broadcast that said they wanted her to be killed by monsters and death triggers.

“This Level S Nightmare Dungeon doesn’t even have a monster that guards the level! What kind of Nightmare Dungeon is this?”

These disappointed comments flashed through, but Willa pretended to ignore them.

“It’s too early to think you’re safe. See those people behind you? In a bit, they will all be going after you!” Xiao Zhou pointed behind Willa and said.

Willa was the only female participant in the battle royale game this time. With her mint green hair, she was as eye-catching as a bright firefly in the eyes of the death row prisoners.

“Why? I don’t know them. They don’t have a reason to kill me…”

Willa was still stuck at the Nightmare Dungeon where she passed through different levels with her teammates together. She assumed she would overcome difficulties with everyone on this transport aircraft in this Nightmare Dungeon.

“Because our goal is to kill them all!”

Xiao Zhou said something that made Willa startled. When Willa was about to say “But I don’t want to kill…”, Xiao Zhou spoke first.

“Only one team on this island can survive to the end! Either you and me! Or the others living till the end, stepping on our dead bodies. You don’t want to become a dead body, right?”

Willa kept nodding like a chick. No matter who it was, they wouldn’t want to be killed for sure.

After Xiao Zhou told her the basic rules of Battle Royale, the audience shouting for a refund just then immediately sent out a lot of surprised emoticons.

“This Nightmare Dungeon is quite interesting!”

“A 100-people version of Death Duel? Can the live streamer kill even one person?”

While Willa was reading the comments, the door of the transport aircraft slowly opened under the beeping sounds.

Xiao Zhou looked at the map on his wrist and got up from his seat.

“Let’s go. We’ll land at the airport this time,” Xiao Zhou said to Willa.

“The airport? Is the airport a safer place? Somewhere with very few people…”

Willa understood him very quickly. Since the only threats on Jedi Island were other people on this transport aircraft, wouldn’t they be able to survive if they chose a place with fewer people to hide?

A place like the airport should have the least people on Jedi Island, right?

“No… The airport is one of the places on Jedi Island with the most abundant supplies, so it also has the most people.”

Once Xiao Zhou finished speaking, several teams of death row prisoners rushed to jump off the transport aircraft and plunged towards the airport!

One of the teams of death row prisoners even yelled to Willa, “Girl! We’ll wait for you down there!”

Damn it! Xiao Zhou realized that he was falling behind. He shouted at Willa, “Hurry up! If they land first and take the guns, we’ll be doomed!”

Can’t you just jump to another place?! Willa was about to shout, but Xiao Zhou had already leaped out of the cabin. Willa could only watch his back, which was also rapidly turning to a small dot.

They… weren’t scared at all? This was a Nightmare Dungeon that could cause severe injuries in reality after they died!

Willa looked at those passionate and excited death row prisoners. They seemed to have waited to fight on Jedi Island for a long time.

But Willa wasn’t looking forward to it. She just wanted to live. While she was thinking if she should go to the wilds and hide…

“User ‘Dipper Pines’ rewarded you with 100 USD. You need to kill one opponent in Battle Royale to redeem it.”

“User ‘Mabel Pines’ rewarded you with 100 USD. You need to survive more than 20 minutes in Battle Royale to redeem it.”

“User ‘Rick Sanchez’ rewarded you with 3000 USD. You need to survive till the end and get the final victory in Battle Royale to redeem it.”

Watching a lot of rewards float in front of her eyes, Willa steeled herself. She closed her eyes, gritted her teeth, and didn’t care about anything else!

“Wait for me! The airport is so big. Where should I find you?” Willa shouted as she followed him and jumped off the plane.