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In her desperation, Willa jumped to a place where she didn’t want to go in the first place—Airport, Building C.

Before the second round of Battle Royale, Qiu Ren had given the death row prisoners a complete map of Jedi Island. He marked the places that were likely to have more supplies for them.

These death row prisoners, who dared to join the battle royale game again, undoubtedly had a strong desire to eat chicken in their minds.

Once they discovered that they could bear the harm caused by death in this Nightmare Dungeon and could even enjoy the thrill of killing and excitement of winning that filled their hearts, they signed up for the second round of competition in Battle Royale without hesitation.

Building C, where Willa landed, was chosen by the death row prisoners who had the strongest desire to eat the chicken. They were also the most confident about their strength.

The death row prisoners had picked up guns and supplies after landing. They were roaming around the airport and would kill anything in sight. In front of them, Willa was like a little sheep in a pack of wolves…

“There are people everywhere on this side and this side as well… Should I go that side? No, no, someone has already landed on the roof there!”

When Willa opened the parachute in the sky above Building C, she could only watch the death row prisoners landing around the building one by one before her. She had jumped too late.

Willa decided to control the parachute to go somewhere without anyone. However, she found that her altitude wasn’t high enough!

In the end, while Willa hesitated to make a decision, she landed straight in the middle of Building C.

Once her feet touched the ground, Willa surveyed her surroundings. The place where she was didn’t have any cover, and she was encircled by three buildings… She landed for nothing.

What should she do? She couldn’t stay here. She must run to find her teammate!

In Willa’s eyes, the light spot that showed Xiao Zhou’s location was her only life-saving straw right now!

However, when she ran towards Xiao Zhou’s building, some thunderous gunshots came from there. It was so loud that it sounded like firecrackers during the Chinese New Year.

The gunshots scared Willa senseless. She froze right where she was.

“I saw that nobody’s in the building on your right!”

“The buildings in front and behind you have two teams each. I remember no one landed on the building on your right. You can take a gamble.”

Meanwhile, a series of real-time comments flowed by in front of Willa’s eyes.

It was perhaps due to the pressure of being killed by someone who landed first if she was a second late when she skydived.

Or because the landing spot Willa chose was too dangerous. It made the blood pressure of the audience, who hadn’t participated before, soar. The hearts in their chests beat with fervor.

Anyway, the audience watching the live broadcast had temporarily forgotten about the discussion on how Willa would die. They started to make suggestions for her.

Willa thanked her viewers and quickly ran to the building on her right. She went into a room in fear and found a cabinet.

“There’s a gun on the ground! You wouldn’t be thinking of hiding, would you?”

Willa’s first reaction was indeed to hide in a cupboard. However, the audience in the live broadcast didn’t allow her to. They kept urging her to pick up the gun on the ground and said she would only die if she hid!

Under the “encouragement” from the real-time comments, Willa could only pick up the gun while crying.

“Is this an HK 416 Automatic Rifle? It’s my favorite gun! The bullet magazine next to it is full. Just putting it on will do! But do you know how to use it?”

“Is that a muzzle brake on the ground? If you know how to attach it to the gun, you can give it a try.”

Many viewers in the live broadcast were experts in shooting games. They taught Willa how to use this HK 416 Automatic Rifle.

The problem was that no matter how good they were at teaching, it would be futile if Willa had never used a gun.

Luckily, their worry was unnecessary.

Willa picked up the HK 416 and checked the capacity of the magazine. Then, she finished loading the bullets with extremely smooth movements. She attached the muzzle brake on it skilfully afterward.

After making all these tactical moves, Willa even smiled triumphantly.

She didn’t just pretend to be cute during the thousands of hours of live broadcast in Dream Dungeons. She had also participated in a lot of Dream Dungeons with this kind of serious gunfight.

So, she certainly knew how to do trivial things like loading the bullets and attaching the accessories on the HK 416.

Willa’s skillful moves caused exclaiming real-time comments like “Ohhhhhh!” and “Amazing girl!” to appear in the live broadcast.

She also chuckled. It seemed that she really liked the real-time comments that touted her as a technical live streamer.

“I think I heard footsteps?”

“Live streamer, stop chuckling. There’s someone outside!”

A bunch of comments reminding Willa of the danger appeared in the live broadcast.

After Willa read them, she put away her smile. She leaned against the wall in a posture that looked like she was on a special mission with the HK 416 in her hands.

There were indeed footsteps. Willa heard that someone outside was getting close to the building. Their distance was getting shortened bit by bit.

At this moment, Willa felt like her heart was racing like a stallion, something she had never felt before. She had participated in quite a lot of shooting games in the Dream Dungeons.

And yet, there weren’t many moments where she was so nervous that her heart pounded and her hands shook to an uncontrollable state.

It was probably because the price for dying here was too heavy. Willa wasn’t sure if she could wake up again after dying in this Level S Nightmare Dungeon.

However, the feeling of risking her life made her a little excited!

I just have to raise my gun and aim. Even though I feel sorry, I want to survive as well! Please die here!

Willa took a deep breath to prepare herself. She ran out from the wall, lifting and pointing the HK 416 in her hands at the death row prisoner outside the window with professional strategic moves.

That death row prisoner was apparently startled.

Willa had already aimed at the death row prisoner while he was shocked. She simply squeezed the trigger!

The 5.56mm bullets in the magazine of the HK 416 came out of the muzzle and shot at the death row prisoner standing nearby like drops of rain.

Thirty bullets were all shot out in just two seconds!

The bullets were finished, but the guy was still alive.

Willa looked at the death row prisoner, who was still standing right in front of her eyes, and the HK 416 with smoke billowing out and the muzzle pointing at the sky. She fell into a brief silence.

She wasn’t the only one who was speechless. The bullet screen of the live broadcast also went into silence for a while. After that…

“Woman, what are you doing??!!”

“You’ve completely ruined my HK 416!”

“Even my grandma shoots better than you!”

“Can I still get into this Nightmare Dungeon? I really can’t bear to watch!”

“If I have sinned, please punish me with the law instead of forcing me to watch you shoot.”

The blood pressure of the viewers in the live broadcast had already risen to the maximum point at this moment. They really wanted to get into that Nightmare Dungeon right away and take the HK 416 from Willa’s hands.

Or they couldn’t wait to start another round of Battle Royale themselves… Many real-time comments asking the name and entrance code of this Nightmare Dungeon started to appear one after another.

Willa couldn’t care about the comments anymore. That death row prisoner was staring at her with a vicious look.

Willa held the HK 416 in her hands and put up a weak, helpless, poor, and teary expression.

However, that death row prisoner didn’t understand English. He lifted the AK47 in his hand and aimed at Willa.

Willa could only choose to turn around and stumble out of this little room. However, that death row prisoner chased after her without mercy.

A series of gunshots sounded behind Willa. She held her head and hid all the way into another small room.

There was a cabinet in the room that could contain an entire person. At this point, Willa couldn’t think too much anymore. She hid in the iron cabinet with the HK 416 in her arms and covered her mouth tight with her hands.

Don’t find me. Don’t find me!

Willa constantly prayed in her heart. Unfortunately, that death row prisoner wasn’t dumb.

Willa soon heard the nearing footsteps outside the cabinet.

The doors of the cabinet were pulled open mercilessly. Willa was exposed before that death row prisoner.

“Girl, where do you want to go?”

That death row prisoner said while pointing his gun at Willa. Willa closed her eyes in desperation. The next second, she heard a gunshot resounding around the entire room.

However… She didn’t feel any pain.

Willa tried to open her eyes. She found that the chest of the death row prisoner in front of her had become a funnel. The guy had fallen to the ground with blood all over.

Willa turned her head to the side and almost cried in excitement. Xiao Zhou was standing at the door with a shotgun.

“If you want to live, come with me.”

Xiao Zhou said as he pulled the pump of the shotgun and loaded a new buckshot inside.

Willa kept nodding. She almost became a koala sticking on Xiao Zhou’s body.