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The man with a scarred face met Maine face to face. After the two of them saw each other, they were both a bit startled.

However, Herring on the side had already raised the UZI submachine gun in her hands. She emptied the magazine right at the man with a scarred face!

The man with a scarred face was wearing level-three armor. Even if half of the 9mm bullets hit him, he still had the energy to lift the shotgun in his hand and fire at Maine.

This shot hit straight on Maine’s body and smashed his chest into pieces. And yet, Maine was also wearing a level-three ballistic vest.

The man with a scarred face and Maine had almost become disabled at once.

Before Herring next to them could shoot another round, the man with a scarred face endured the pain on his back and ran back to the entrance of the air-raid shelter. He slumped to the ground.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! How unfortunate!”

The man with a scarred face sat on the ground to take a breather. He took out the bandage and started treating himself. However, the other team wouldn’t just give him the chance to bounce back. Herring’s footsteps got closer in an instant.

Zhao Yanqing had also heard the gunshots. He immediately ran to the man with a scarred face to provide him cover. Zhao Yanqing raised the Type 95 Automatic Rifle in his hands and aimed at Herring through the bunker.

Herring immediately responded. Before Zhao Yanqing could squeeze the trigger, she hid behind an ammunition chest. After that, Zhao Yanqing fired several shots, which forced Herring to stay still behind the ammunition chest.

“Can you move?” Zhao Yanqing held the Type 95 Automatic Rifle as he asked about the condition of the man with a scarred face.

“I can put a bandage on myself, so of course I can move! But we’re in fucking big trouble!”

The man with a scarred face yelled furiously while wrapping the bandage around himself.

Zhao Yanqing observed the layout inside the air-raid shelter. If they wanted to escape, they could only run towards the exit at the back. However, the poison circle was also shrinking towards them…

So, no matter how he considered it, it was a bit better for them to go in their direction.

“Do you know those two people?” The man with a scarred face poured a bottle of energy drink into his mouth. He shouted at Zhao Yanqing after he wolfed it down.

“I didn’t see their faces clearly. Judging from their reactions, they must at least be professional soldiers.” Zhao Yanqing analyzed objectively.

“They’re indeed professional soldiers! In fact, they’re dogs raised by companies that operate Nightmare Seeds! There are many names for them, Dream Eaters, Nightmarers, Wake-up Clocks… Anyway, they are all people who cannot be trifled with.”

After the man with a scarred face treated himself, he climbed up from the ground and changed his shotgun into an M249 machine gun. He got ready to suppress those two bastards with sheer firepower.

“And?” Zhao Yanqing rarely dealt with cases related to Nightmares. That was the job of the Dream Explorers.

However, he knew the background of the man with a scarred face. He was locked in Fengdu Prison because of a death sentence after smuggling Nightmare Seeds.

The guy was familiar with foreign companies that used these Nightmare Seeds as the servers for Dream Games.

“Since they showed up here, it means that these sick people are really planning to implement that damn plan! I was wondering why Fengdu Prison suddenly opened the Level S Nightmare Seed to people overseas. So, that’s why!”

The man with a scarred face laughed joyfully when he said this. To him, it was something worth celebrating when Fengdu Prison was in a crisis.

“Get to the point!” Zhao Yanqing stared at Herring and Maine, who were hiding behind the ammunition chest, and said.

Rather than killing those two people, he was more concerned about that damn plan the man with a scarred face mentioned.

“Do you really think that all Lords of Nightmare are as… quiet as the one in Fengdu Prison?”

At that moment, the man with a scarred face heard something in the air-raid shelter. He knew it was Maine trying to treat himself with the medical kit. He took out a stun grenade and prepared to throw it over once those two people showed up.

At the same time, they continued to talk loudly to cover up the sound of them pulling the bolt.

“Those Lords of Nightmare overseas are very greedy. There are only dozens of Level S Nightmare Seeds in the world, and one-fourth of them are in the Celestial Empire! Do you think they would just pretend they don’t see them?”

The argument that Nightmare Seeds were like treasurable mineral resources… could be said to be recognized all over the world, especially for Level S Nightmare Seeds. Level A and Level B Nightmare Seeds were all dangerous, but they were nothing after being purified. They would only turn into a normal Dream Seed of the same level.

A Level S Nightmare Seed, on the other hand, was a recyclable resource. They could exchange for a pure Dream Seed with a pile of human lives.

So, when the man with a scarred face was sent to Fengdu Prison and found that the Celestial Empire only fed that Level S Nightmare Seed the lives of death row prisoners every day with a “sealing” method, he believed it was seriously wasting this Level S Nightmare Seed.

“This is… an act of war.”

Zhao Yanqing understood what the man with a scarred face was hinting at. He was suggesting that the invasion of the Lord of Nightmare in Fengdu Prison this time was premeditated!

“Act of war? What do the textbooks say? The Lords of Nightmare are mutual enemies of mankind. If the Lord of Nightmare detained in Fengdu Prison is dead, wouldn’t we all be free?” the man with a scarred face said.

When he didn’t hear anything inside, he signed and exclaimed again. “What a shame. I finally encountered such a thrilling Nightmare Dungeon. Fuck, I was still thinking if I was not matched with you next round, I’d be able to kill a few more people! But today’s the last round! Fuck!”

“Don’t be so… pessimistic. The battle royale game is already open to people overseas. If it can become popular, Tapir may be able to beat that intruder Lord of Nightmare?”

Zhao Yanqing also knew that there must be a reason why Fengdu Prison was forced to open the sealed Nightmare Seed to the public.

“Popular? Indeed! You might be able to save that Level S Nightmare Seed with the battle royale game that the student created, but what next?”

The man with a scarred face paused for a second and continued, “The other Level S Nightmare Seeds you sealed are probably not that lucky. The one in the Salt City Research Institute, the one in Longshan Prison, and the third, the fourth one I don’t know about… Those Lords of Nightmare wouldn’t just sit there like good kids. That student can only create one Battle Royale… One! The battle royale game is the only Dream Game that can satisfy the Lord of Nightmare’s picky palate and make normal people like us addicted. Do you think the remaining Lords of Nightmare would choose to wait for their death, for their own kind from other countries who have a huge number of supporters to swallow them? That’s definitely impossible. They’ll think of a way to save themselves. By then, it’ll not be so easy to detain them.”

“This is none of your business,” Zhao Yanqing said coldly.

“It’s indeed not my business!”

While the man with a scarred face was talking, Maine and Herring had finally made a move. The man with a scarred face and Herring pulled the bolt at the same time.

Both sides threw stun and fragmentation grenades towards each other. Zhao Yanqing focused as he aimed at the fragmentation grenade coming towards him from the sky and pulled the trigger.

Maine also made the same decision. He used the M16 in his hands to directly shoot through the grenade that was thrown toward them.

Both of them hit their targets. The two grenades exploded in the small space, and the impact wave knocked the four of them down on the ground.

The man with a scarred face, who had fallen on the ground, wanted to grab his M249 machine gun in a daze. However, Herring had already rushed to his side.

The impact wave of the explosion also caused Herring to drop her UZI submachine gun. The firearms in this Nightmare Dungeon didn’t have a safety rope.

However, this didn’t stop her from killing the man with a scarred face. She stabbed at his throat with a dagger. The man knew he couldn’t escape anymore, so he used his shoulder to take the hit, then bashed his helmet against Herring.

This smash had ruined her smokey makeup. The man with a scarred face took this moment to yank the dagger out from his shoulder and said to Herring, who was stepping back, “I won’t be fooled by the same trick twice!”

On the other side of the battlefield, Zhao Yanqing’s leg was shot by Maine, but this didn’t affect their fight at all.

After a few rounds of confrontation, Zhao Yanqing had Maine by the throat. He tried to take Maine’s life with the greatest power his arms could muster.

And yet, Maine got lucky. He touched the revolver dropped on the ground, aimed at Zhao Yanqing’s chin, and pulled the trigger at point-blank range. The bullet ended Zhao Yanqing’s life.

Maine, who was covered in blood, stood up with difficulty. He raised the revolver in his hand and aimed at the man with a scarred face, who was entangled with Herring. The man with a scarred face heard the revolver turn, and he immediately responded, but it was too late.

Maine fired four rounds consecutively. All four shots hit the man’s chest. The bullets took away his last touch of vitality, making him drop to the ground.

“Are these two professionals?” Herring looked at the corpses and asked.

“Yes, but we’re luckier.” Maine spat out the blood in his mouth. He dragged his injured body to a relatively intact first-aid kit.

“Quickly recover and get the mission done. We must let that little squirrel understand how terrifying a nightmare can be before the time of this Nightmare ends!”

Once Maine finished talking, a clear and pleasant voice suddenly came from the entrance of another side of the air-raid shelter.

“I heard gunshots over here!”

“Be careful. This may be an ambush.”

However, the owner of the voice was very reckless. She wasn’t careful at all and directly rushed all the way into the messy air-raid shelter, finding Herring and Maine, whose bodies were covered in blood and wounds.

“It’s not an ambush! Two noobs are bleeding and they’re not putting on bandages! Come and have a look—”

Willa wanted to ask Xiao Zhou to come over, but Maine directly lifted the revolver in his hand. He aimed at Willa far away.

Oh no! When Willa realized she was in trouble, Maine pulled the trigger. The revolver turned, but nothing happened.

He had finished all the bullets in his pistol just then!

“You don’t even know how to load the bullets. How did you survive until now? Unfortunately, you met me!” Willa said with a smile.

At this moment, that harmless, pitiful squirrel with a good appetite raised the HK 416 in her hands and pointed the gun at those two “noobs” with the red dot.

The magazine full of 5.56 bullets was emptied in one round. Maine’s chest was riddled with several bullets, and he fell to the ground. Herring couldn’t even say a word. Her head was penetrated by a shot, and she turned into a box.

“You killed your enemy Maine with the HK 416”

“You killed your enemy Herring with the HK 416”

When these two notices popped out in front of Willa’s eyes, Xiao Zhou finally came to the air-raid shelter. He saw the four dead bodies on the ground.

“Have we… already… eaten the chicken? We… survived till the end?” Willa looked at the watch on her wrist.

They had eliminated two teams before coming here. There were only six survivors left originally, and the poison circle also shrank to the air-raid shelter.

The two of them had searched around the air-raid shelter for a while and came over following the gunshots. Xiao Zhou was already prepared for the final battle. After all, the ones who could survive till the end must be strong.

The man with a scarred face and Zhao Yanqing were both strong enemies Xiao Zhou didn’t want to face. He was ready to risk his life to fight with the two of them. In the end, the mentally prepared Xiao Zhou found that it was already over without firing a shot after rushing here.

Four dead bodies lay on the ground neatly. Soon, the victory he had been dreaming of appeared before him.

“Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!”

He ate the chicken just like that? Although he had been yearning to eat the chicken for a long time, but… he ate it just like that?

“We won! We survived till the end!”

Unlike Xiao Zhou, who was indifferent and empty, Willa exclaimed as she hugged him. She was so excited that she almost cried.

“We ate the chicken! We ate the chicken!”

Xiao Zhou stood like a log, letting Willa shake him continuously.

Was this the taste of the chicken? Why didn’t it… taste right? Was this a boiled chicken? No, the boiled chicken was also delicious.

Was this the legendary tasteless chicken?

Xiao Zhou felt like his heart was empty, as if there was something missing.

The viewers in Willa’s live broadcast also felt the same as Xiao Zhou.

Comments saying that they couldn’t accept this ending kept appearing in the comment section of the live broadcast.

“Just like that? Just like that? Just like that?”

“How did those two noobs survive until now?”

“Where is the final battle I looked forward to the most? I can’t accept this!”

A large group of people in the comment section weren’t willing to accept the result.

Suddenly, while Willa was still celebrating, the scene around her was shrouded in darkness.

Xiao Zhou, who was looking empty and at a loss, was aware of the danger. He raised the Karabiner 98k in his hands and scanned his new surroundings vigilantly.

“What’s… happening?” Willa hid next to Xiao Zhou in fear.

“This is the space where the Lord of Nightmare gives us rewards.” Xiao Zhou suddenly knew what this space was.

Usually, the Lord of Nightmare would show up to offer the survivors of the nightmare their rewards, but this space was a bit abnormal.

Xiao Zhou saw two Lords of Nightmare fighting each other far away. The Lord of Nightmare with sharp spikes on her back should be the intruder!

Then, the one in Fengdu Prison… Xiao Zhou couldn’t think so much!

The intruder Lord of Nightmare was absorbing Tapir’s energy like crazy. Tapir was getting weaker with every passing second. Her power was continuously being extracted by the other Lord of Nightmare.

What should he do? What should he do? What should he do?

Xiao Zhou could only raise the Karabiner 98k in his hands. He aimed at the intruder Lord of Nightmare, firing a few rounds consecutively.

The bullets shot out of the Karabiner 98k hit the intruder Lord of Nightmare, directly breaking the skin of her face that was like porcelain. The hit exposed a few scarlet eyes underneath.

The intruder Lord of Nightmare also noticed Xiao Zhou and Willa. The spikes on her back stabbed at the two of them, but they were bounced off by a light purple shield!

Tapir turned her head to the side and glanced at those two winners. A Level D Dream Seed floated in front of the duo. She then told them in a weak voice, “Leave…”

Xiao Zhou didn’t struggle much, but this only Level D Dream Seed truly made trouble for Xiao Zhou.

“You take it. I’ve already got enough rewards today.” Willa scratched her cheek. Even though she wasn’t quite aware of the situation, she still said, “You just have to bring me to eat the chicken again next time.”

“Hm! My name in reality is Willa Kanser. I live in Maier Town in New Jersey. I’m a live streamer. You can find me on the live channel with my name on Twitch! What about you?”

Xiao Zhou froze for a while, but he still exchanged contacts with Willa. Even though he was worried about the Lord of Nightmare, this wasn’t something he could help with.

So, under Tapir’s gaze, the two of them disappeared behind her. She and the intruder, Luo, were the only ones left in the entire Nightmare again.

Luo’s shattered face looked extra ferocious at the moment. Her hands went deeper and deeper into Tapir’s chest.

“Those humans hate you so much. Looks like no one’s going to help you! They’ll be the last visitors of this dream! Game over!”

However, once Luo finished talking, Tapir’s core, which had stopped beating, suddenly pulsed. A hot energy current that came from the vitality and emotions of a few humans surged into her core.

“How… could they be the last… visitors?”

Tapir also felt her core throbbing. The vitality and emotional energy from humans gave her the power to seize Luo by the throat. She then pressed her down bit by bit.

Where did the energy come from?

Luo’s eyes popped out. She found that many scarlet red threads had appeared behind Tapir and went into her body!

These threads didn’t come from Fengdu Prison but from all around the world, including North America, Japan, Korea, Europe, Southeast Asia… Tens of thousands of players couldn’t wait to go to Jedi Island for a fight!

This… How was this possible?

At this moment, Tapir could hear the voices of players all over the world.

“Willa is so poor in games, but she ate the chicken as well. If I, the top player in North America, get in there, wouldn’t I be able to kill ten people by myself?”

“Should I land at the airport or P City first? Or should I stay in the air-raid shelter?”

“I hope I won’t die immediately right after landing. I hope I won’t die immediately right after landing!”

“Paratrooper No.1 is ready!”

“Paratrooper No.2 is ready! Brothers, follow me!”

“Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!”

These thoughts turned into power and started supporting Tapir. She discovered that… it was actually not that she couldn’t consume these positive emotions. She just… hadn’t tried them before and found that very difficult to digest.

The passion coming from the players at this moment filled Tapir with determination!

“Over? How would it be over? Let the game continue! Start the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth game! Until… until… you…” Tapir said as she squeezed Luo’s neck with greater power.

Until you die, until I defeat you!

Qiu Ren had kept his promise. He truly made the battle royale game a trend and made her popular. She also had to take responsibility, fulfilling the expectations from players all over the world.

She must keep the battle royale game, which countless players were looking forward to, constantly going!

No matter what… Winner, winner, I’ll definitely eat this chicken!