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After that, Qiu Ren, his classmates, and his teacher were safely sent back to their homes.

The influence of the battle royale game still needed some time to grow.

The news in Fengdu Prison had been blocked to a certain extent. They didn’t tell Qiu Ren’s teacher and classmates too much information as well.

Right now, Qiu Ren was like a merit student in his teacher’s eyes. While in the eyes of his female classmates, he was like their dream lover. If they couldn’t become his girlfriend before graduation, they would regret it their entire lives…

Unfortunately, Qiu Ren would be reporting to the university tomorrow.

Even though the college entrance examination was two weeks away, Qiu Ren should be able to open the door to any university in the country by force with “building a Nightmare Dungeon that satisfied a Level S Nightmare Seed” on his resume as a stepping stone.

However, Fengdu Prison stopped Qiu Ren from doing this. They recommended him to seven universities, and Qiu Ren, this young Dream Maker, was very interested in five of them.

Qiu Ren had to choose his university in a few days. If he couldn’t decide on one, Fengdu Prison would send someone to take him to those five universities for a tour.

Fengdu Prison had recommended Qiu Ren to Qingbei University, which the original owner of this body had been hoping to enter. Unfortunately, Qingbei University hadn’t given a reply yet. However, Qiu Ren remembered that it was the original owner’s dream to be accepted to Qingbei University.

The problem was that Qiu Ren didn’t have the mood to study things he learned in high school at the moment.

Qiu Ren must start building the script and preparing the concept map and model for the next Dream Dungeon as soon as possible.

“This house is still empty.”

Qiu Ren pushed open the door of his home with a large pile of documents in his hands. Nobody inside came to welcome him.

After the parents of the body’s original owner died, Qiu Ren’s grandma from his hometown was the main financial source in high school.

So, the original owner chose the dangerous Nightmare Purification Major, where it was easier to get a scholarship, to reduce the burden on his family.

And yet, Qiu Ren was half a civil servant now. Fengdu Prison had officially hired Qiu Ren to be a temporary Nightmare Maker.

After all, they needed Qiu Ren to update the battle royale game and appease Tapir. Even if he didn’t do anything, he would be able to get around ten thousand yuan as a salary each month for his daily life.

This sum was enough for Qiu Ren to use for daily necessities, but it was nothing if he wanted to use it for building his Dream Dungeon.

“So, which movie or game should I start from?”

Qiu Ren went back to his room. He put down all kinds of handwritten manuscripts and concept maps for different games and movies drawn by him.

Before coming to this world, Qiu Ren was a founder of a game company. He had graduated from university for almost five to six years.

Although Qiu Ren’s memory was much stronger than that of ordinary people, he didn’t have a clue about the courses in high school. Those exam questions seemed familiar, but he didn’t know any of them when he actually answered them.

It was a shame that the original owner of the body studied and took tutorial classes every day and night. If nothing had happened to him and he kept studying hard along the way, he would have hopes of being accepted into the university countless students in the Celestial Empire dreamed of—Qingbei University.

“Should I decide which university I’m applying to first?”

Qiu Ren looked over the scripts he had marked down in these three days. Many of them could be used for getting investors.

But the construction of a Dream Dungeon was a very private thing.

That was especially the case for the core Dream Dungeon used for protecting his mind. If Qiu Ren could, he wanted to finish it alone and hold the ownership completely in his hands.

If Qiu Ren really had to look for investors, he could also accept it. After all, the Dream Eaters might have already had an eye on him. He didn’t know when Tapir could produce another Dream Seed. What Qiu Ren needed anxiously right now was the ability to protect himself.

However, choosing a good university could also prevent malicious dream invasion.

Fengdu Prison didn’t just recommend Qiu Ren to seven universities randomly. Three of these seven universities were located near to the only Level SS Dream Seed in the Celestial Empire.

“North City University… and Yangmei University?”

Qiu Ren read the brochure of these two universities given by Fengdu Prison. The third one was Qingbei University, where the original owner of the body wanted to apply. Qiu Ren wasn’t considering this for now. Besides, he didn’t have the ability to consider it even if he wanted to.

North City University wasn’t related to Beijing University in his previous life. Although it was a first-tier university, its ranking was far away from that of Qingbei University and People’s University. And yet, North City University was squeezed between these two world-class universities.

It was a bit like a husky among two wolves.

However, Qiu Ren was very interested in this university, as it was the closest to the Level SS Dream Seed used for guarding the country.

Qiu Ren searched about the history related to Dream Dungeons in this world on the computer again.

According to the records, people in this world only found out about their Dream Dungeons and ability to create dreams forty years ago. Dream Seeds and Nightmare Seeds were gradually discovered by people around the world forty years ago as well.

Until Qiu Ren’s generation, there was finally a feeling that everyone could build their dream. Forty years ago, Dream Maker was still a treasurable profession.

In these forty years, even though many Dream Seeds were discovered in the whole world and a lot of Nightmare Seeds were purified, there were only three Level SS Dream Seeds.

One in the Celestial Empire, one in Europe, and one in America.

So, the Dream Dungeon built with this Level SS Dream Seed was undoubtedly the one they used to “guard the country.”

The Level SS Dream Dungeon of America was “Superhero World,” while the one in Europe was a combination of Greek and Norse mythologies.

As for the Celestial Empire, the world officially chosen for construction wasn’t anything else but the Monkey King!

Right. Qiu Ren was surprised that the four classics also existed in this world. Journey to the West was selected to be the Dream Dungeon used for guarding the country with an extremely high degree of populace recognition in this world.

The mighty Monkey King lived up to the name of the hero of the world in the dreams of 1.4 billion people in the Celestial Empire, guarding the Celestial Empire for countless years as the General of the country.

The existence of the Monkey King was one of the reasons why the Lords of Nightmare in many Level S Nightmare Seeds in the Celestial Empire dared not have a falling-out with humans.

If Qiu Ren went to North City University right now, he would be like camping down on the Monkey King’s Mount Huaguo. There shouldn’t be any ignorant little monsters that would come to make trouble with the Monkey King, right?

Hm! Perfect! No matter how good the university was, he must at least be alive to study there!

The influence of the battle royale game was constantly expanding. Nobody knew what vicious moves those sick companies in foreign countries would make once they found that they couldn’t beat the battle royale game in popularity and seize the market.

Qiu Ren, the builder of the battle royale game, was the first target they had to eliminate.

Of course, Qiu Ren didn’t want to be protected by someone else forever, but he needed some time to create a Dream Dungeon that he could use to fight!

Qiu Ren thought of ways to get enough Creation Points to create his own movie characters or game characters who had super strong combat prowess. He would definitely let those people, who intruded his Dream Dungeon, know what it was like to dominate the box office and sales of the entire field.

Right now… let’s just be it.

Thinking of this, Qiu Ren directly started filling in the application form for North City University without any hesitation.

He would give this application form to Aunt Kan tomorrow. Then, he could pack his things and go to Mount Huaguo for camping, enjoying four years of university life at North City University!