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The city where North City University was located wasn’t far away. Qiu Ren boarded the plane in the morning and arrived at around 1 p.m.

Even though Qiu Ren was accepted into the university as a special student this time, he still had to take a university exam, one that every student of nightmare-related majors had to take.

So, before Qiu Ren went for the university exam, he had already put his luggage in the student dorm of North City University.

Kan Shaoni only took him to the venue for the exam in the afternoon. It wasn’t located in North City University but in a research institute used for placing the Level SS Dream Seed.

The research institute specialized in studying Nightmare Seeds in the country. There were quite a lot of dangerous Nightmare Seeds sealed inside, but under the fierceness of the Great Sage, they could only repress their hostility and reluctantly let humans feed them.

When Kan Shaoni brought Qiu Ren and Lin Wanxiang here, they found that a dozen freshmen, who seemed to be the same age as Qiu Ren, were already gathered.

Students applying for nightmare-related majors could be divided into two categories. One chose to apply because of the promising future ahead. After all, the Nightmare Purification Major offered high incomes after graduating. The other group was those from wealthy families, in which their parents had specific requirements and goals for their children.

The goal was to become a top National Dream Maker.

If their children could get extremely high achievements in the field of Nightmare purification, they would easily be able to take down this title that all Dream Makers in the country yearned for.

A lot of advantages and welfare came with this title. One of the most important things was being qualified to lead the construction of Level A Dream Seeds.

This was comparable to getting the qualification of being the main designer for some super large infrastructure projects in the country. It would make any family glorious.

The special freshmen recruited here today mostly belonged to the second type, while Qiu Ren was a rare creature of the first type.

“Today’s university exam is organized by three universities together. Wanxiang, instructors from Yangmei University are already waiting for you there. As for Qiu Ren, please follow me.”

Kan Shaoni pointed at the registration counter to show it to Lin Wanxiang. Even though Lin Wanxiang seemed a bit upset, she still obediently went to report to the teachers from Yangmei University.

Qiu Ren took a glance at Yangmei University’s side and noticed that they had the most number of students this academic year. Qingbei University was too demanding, so they had only three special freshmen this time.

Qiu Ren had asked Kan Shaoni for some information about them on the plane.

What he learned made him exclaim. Good Lord… One of them was a teenage director. His debut film was written and directed by him and became a hit in both the box offices within and out of the country. Another one was an athlete who had won a gold medal in the Olympics… Qiu Ren didn’t get any information on the last one.

If the impact of the battle royale game continued to increase, Qiu Ren might have a chance to join the first-ranked university.

Unfortunately, time was too tight. From the perspective of a professional Dream Maker, the battle royale game scored full marks in gameplay.

However, various comprehensive abilities of a Dream Maker, like world base construction, rule module construction, world modeling construction, and story writing, weren’t shown in the game.

So, Qingbei University wanted to observe for some time first. It ended up that Qiu Ren ran to North City University next door as they watched him.

This didn’t cause any loss to Qingbei University, though. They had recruited enough talents for the Nightmare Purification Major. On the contrary, professors at North City University all gave a beaming smile when they saw Qiu Ren.

“I thought we wouldn’t be able to recruit any special talent again this year, but you chose our university. We’ll do everything we can to train you!”

The professor from North City University was a middle-aged man wearing a pair of round glasses. He looked pretty friendly. The most striking thing was that he had already said goodbye to his hair completely. This professor was called Li Jing.

When he saw Qiu Ren come over, he passionately patted Qiu Ren’s shoulders. He felt like he hadn’t only recruited a talent for the Nightmare Purification Major but also a school hunk.

“Um… Mr. Li, are there… very few students who apply for the Nightmare Purification Major at North City University each year?” Qiu Ren asked as he took the hand around his shoulder off without hesitation.

“Not that few. There are great prospects for the Nightmare Purification Major after all, so many students apply for it every year. However, not a lot of them can persevere. Did my words scare you?”

Li Jing was truly worried that the only seedling they recruited would suddenly run away.

He had been a professor of this major for many years. He had seen too many talented students transfer to other majors in his time. The poor students couldn’t stand the torture when they researched the Nightmare Seeds.

In the end, very few students could graduate. That was why people who kept a straight face and continued to apply for this major after working with a Level S Nightmare Seed like Qiu Ren were talents they anxiously needed!

“Not really. But does the number of students in this major affect the school?”

Qiu Ren felt like there was an obvious competitive relationship… between the nightmare-related majors at the three universities.

“Qiu Ren, can you also feel it? In fact, it affects the distribution of teaching resources and venues.”

Li Jing told Qiu Ren about the truth without hiding anything. He pointed at the entrance of the research institute and continued, “The teaching resources and venues for our practical classes are provided by the Central Research Institute. It’s fine when you’re still in years one and two, as the courses are all theoretical.

“However, when you’re in the third year, there will be more practical classes. Not many students are willing to stay in the major when they reach the third year. So, when we want to apply for the resources, it’s difficult to compete with Yangmei University and Qingbei University. Sometimes, we can only use what we have.”

Li Jing said as he let out a faint sigh.

The practical classes probably referred to the purification of Nightmare Seeds, but Nightmare Seeds were resources monitored by the country. They must apply to the specialized department if they wanted to use them for training students.

“But you don’t have to worry, Qiu Ren. You’ll receive one Nightmare Seed as your learning material for the future at the university exam today. If you can successfully purify it before you graduate, that’ll be an achievement worthy of being proud of. The seed will also be given to you.

“Then, it’ll be easier for you to continue to apply for more. However, if you can’t purify it, don’t be discouraged. It’s already hard to adapt to the pollution of Nightmare Seeds when you’re studying in university, but you’re someone who has had contact with a Level S Nightmare Seed…”

Li Jing thought Qiu Ren would have already understood what he meant clearly up till this point.

And yet, Qiu Ren was confused. What was that? Those who applied for the Animal Training Major had to adopt a tiger back to their dorm on the day they reported to the university? If their tiger learned how to jump the fire ring, they could adopt an elephant as well?

That was basically what Li Jing meant.

“Did Captain Kan told you the details of this university exam?” Li Jing could see the dazed expression on Qiu Ren’s face.

Kan Shaoni waved her hand with a slightly embarrassed look. She didn’t even have time to put on a facial mask and have a beauty sleep because she had to deal with matters at Fengdu Prison yesterday. How would she care what Qiu Ren’s university exam was about?

“So, the university exam this time is about the purification of a Level E or Level D Nightmare Seed. The time limit will be the years you study in the university.”

Li Jing also introduced the tradition of the Nightmare Purification Major patiently to Qiu Ren.

“Having contact with Level E and Level D Nightmare Seeds for a long time isn’t fatal. You’ll only have symptoms like dizziness and nausea. Besides, there’s complete security work for the Nightmare Seeds, with location trackers on them. You’re not allowed to take it out of the campus before you purify it. This is the syllabus of the university exam only special students have. Normal students take theory classes first as usual.”

That was how it worked… Specially recruited students more or less had already published their work created by themselves alone or had other abilities stronger than those of normal people.

This was also one of the ways the three major universities competed for the resources for Nightmare Seeds.

Unfortunately, North City University had only one special student, Qiu Ren. They could only get one Nightmare Seed later.

Qiu Ren hoped that he could get one with a higher level right now. Then, after he purified it, he could exchange it for quite a lot of resources for building a dream.

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