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The sudden change of that Level D Nightmare Seed made Qiu Ren become unconscious with his eyes closed and legs straightened.

At the same time, it also scared everyone around him. Those freshmen thought Qiu Ren couldn’t withstand the invasion of the Level D Nightmare Seed and had fallen into a coma. What was worse was that he might have directly died.

However, those researchers, university professors, and Dream Explorers could see that… this ability to directly pass through the sealing facility and penetrate a human’s consciousness wasn’t something a Level D Nightmare Seed should have.

The Level S Nightmare Seed locked in the Central Research Institute must have used this Level D Nightmare Seed as a springboard to swallow Qiu Ren!

Kan Shaoni immediately ran to the fainted Qiu Ren and checked if the back of his head was bleeding because of the fall. After that, she was a little relieved.

But soon, Kan Shaoni felt her heart in her throat again!

Luckily, Qiu Ren woke up quickly. He recovered after remaining unconscious for dozens of seconds.

“You!” Kan Shaoni wanted to ask if he was okay. But she was more worried that Qiu Ren would change the Level S Nightmare Dungeon in the Central Research Institute again!

The result was pretty good after he changed the one in Fengdu Prison. At least, Kan Shaoni had a say there. If Qiu Ren even modified the one in the Central Research Institute right now…

Even if Kan Shaoni used her head as a guarantee, she wouldn’t be able to protect Qiu Ren.

“I didn’t change it…” Qiu Ren could see what Aunt Kan was concerned about.

But I was planning to. He whispered something that would make Kan Shaoni crazy in her mind.

This feeling was like a kid of your relative took your Gundam figure, no… the Gundam figure of your leader.

“Great, great. No… are you feeling alright? What happened just now shouldn’t have happened on a Level D Nightmare Seed.”

Kan Shaoni had no idea why those Lords of Nightmare liked Qiu Ren’s physique so much.

Perhaps even Lords of Nightmare cared about appearance?

“I’m fine… The Great Sage protected me.”

Qiu Ren only felt a bit of pain on the back of his head, but the other parts of his body were fine.

If that Lord of Nightmare wasn’t willing to let Qiu Ren go, the Great Sage might really have done something to discipline it.

This was also the reason why so many Nightmare Seeds could be stored in the Central Research Institute.

The researcher of the Central Research Institute and the other Dream Explorers also surrounded Qiu Ren and gave him a full set of body checks, including psychiatric assessment.

Qiu Ren had to undergo a whole set of protocols to prevent that Lord of Nightmare from going into his consciousness and doing bad things there.

Luckily, after a series of assessments, Qiu Ren’s body didn’t have any serious problems. The Dream Explorers then asked Qiu Ren what happened in the Nightmare Dungeon.

“The Lord of Nightmare wants me to build a Nightmare Dungeon for it.”

Qiu Ren pondered for a while and told these Dream Explorers the truth.

After Kan Shaoni heard Qiu Ren’s reply, even though she maintained a smile on her face, it was a bit strained, judging from her constantly twitching eyelids and eyebrows.

“I see… Maybe because the Nightmare Seed in Fengdu Prison set a precedent, it also wants you to help it break free.” A researcher started analyzing the intention of the Lord of Nightmare.

Those in charge of related professional fields already knew the way Fengdu Prison had dealt with that Nightmare Seed.

Opening a Level S Nightmare Dungeon to the public overseas was definitely a first in the Celestial Empire.

There was some kind of a vague connection between Lords of Nightmare, so it certainly wouldn’t be satisfied with the current situation anymore, especially in front of the crisis of being attacked by its own kind overseas.

“Qiu Ren, you don’t have to worry. We’ll talk to that Lord of Nightmare. We’ll ensure it won’t come for you again during your university graduation.”

That researcher comforted Qiu Ren, who was “still suffering from the shock.” The guy didn’t seem to worry that he would change the Level S Nightmare Dungeon in the Central Research Institute.

Even though Qiu Ren was a student who had done that before… the Lord of Nightmare in the Central Research Institute was truly not that easy to please.

So, Qiu Ren was accepting the comforts from the staff members of the Central Research Institute as a victim.

Only Kan Shaoni glared at Qiu Ren, worrying if this kid would create some kind of chaos again.

Kan Shaoni’s concerns were correct.

Qiu Ren also felt that the Lord of Nightmare sealed in the Central Research Institute would certainly not let this matter rest.

It would definitely get Qiu Ren a chance to reconstruct its Nightmare Dungeon by all means.

The rest would depend on his ability. Right now, he must quickly draw as many concept maps and design drafts for the dream as possible.

The Lord of Nightmare wasn’t the only one Qiu Ren had to convince, though. There was also the person-in-charge of the Central Research Institute.

What Qiu Ren could do right now was take that Level D Nightmare Seed and return to the university with his professor.

“By the way, may I ask where the Level S Nightmare Seed locked in the Central Research Institute comes from?”

Qiu Ren held the Level D Nightmare Seed in his arms and started asking his professor for related information on their way back.

“Are you asking about the background of S07?” Li Jing pondered for a while and told his student everything, “In fact, this isn’t a secret in the three largest universities. S07 was found in foreign regions. It belongs to the rare Primary Nightmare Seed Population among Nightmare Seeds. It’s also in the primary state right now, and it’s only sealed in the Central Research Institute because it’s not too stable.”

Qiu Ren could understand the concept of primary. It meant that the Level S Nightmare Seed had never been modified by any Dream Makers before.

There were a lot of reasons for that. The first one was because it was too difficult to construct a dream, and there still hadn’t been a feasible plan until now.

The second reason was that the Nightmare Dungeon of the Nightmare Seed was quite good to use. Even when the Dream Explorers encountered dangers inside, they weren’t in a situation where they must die.

In this case, both situations applied for the one sealed under the Central Research Institute.

“I’ve read about relevant information about Primary Nightmare Seeds in books, but what does population after Nightmare Seed mean?” asked Qiu Ren.

“You’ll learn about the concept of population in the theory textbook for freshmen. Simply put, when S07 was discovered, several Level A and Level B Nightmare Seeds and a huge number of Nightmare Seeds below Level C were also dug out at the same time. These Nightmare Seeds found together are all connected to one another. The Level D Nightmare Seed you’re holding is also a Primary Nightmare Seed; it has never been modified before. You may be able to find something about that Lord of Nightmare inside.”

Qiu Ren remembered the rusted armor that the Lord of Nightmare was wearing. It had apparently gone through a huge war many, many years ago. He knew there was a story in it at first sight.

This Level D Nightmare Seed… had some related information about that Lord of Nightmare?

Qiu Ren looked at the glass jar in his arms.

It wasn’t surprising that some strange things were stored inside a Primary Nightmare Seed. There was even a specialized Nightmare Archeology Major.

Right now, Qiu Ren was curious about what was inside this Level D Nightmare Seed.

“Qiu Ren, it’s not good for you to stay in a shared room with this Nightmare Seed, so the university has arranged a single room for you. Also, the university has offered you a scholarship for you to purify the nightmare.”

Li Jing took Qiu Ren all the way to the dorm Qiu Ren had stayed in. He then started introducing the welfare of being a special student. Qiu Ren didn’t really care about the single room, though. The main point was the scholarship!

“If you can purify this Nightmare Seed before the second year, the university will give you double the amount of scholarship and subsidy!”

Before Li Jing came here, he also knew that Qiu Ren didn’t have a strong family background. Purifying nightmares required Creation Points as well.

Qiu Ren could definitely not afford to pay the money, but it wasn’t a big deal. If he couldn’t afford it, North City University could pay for him. That was what scholarships were for.

“And… what if I purify a Level-S nightmare?” Qiu Ren asked tentatively.

“If you can purify a Level S Nightmare Seed… I’ll give you my professor title. It still isn’t enough at all. Our principal will build a bronze statue for you at school himself, and there will be a celebration ceremony for the entire university. Even your scholarships and research fundings won’t be given by the university anymore but by the country directly.”

Li Jing thought Qiu Ren was joking, but he still did his job to be a straight man.

Building a nightmare that satisfied the Lord of Nightmare and purifying a Level S Nightmare Seed were two separate concepts.

If Qiu Ren really created a dungeon that satisfied the Lord of Nightmare, it would be worth celebrating with the entire school, letting all the teachers at the university worship Qiu Ren.

If that was the case, it would be better if they could directly replace the bronze statue with research funding…

Qiu Ren didn’t say this to his professor. After going all the way to get the scholarship for purifying the Nightmare Seed, Qiu Ren returned to the dorm.