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Qiu Ren drew drafts for Dark Souls for the entire night and finished an initial version that had been previously completed two-thirds. It included a few preliminary settings for the image of the boss and a bunch of sketches of the enemies.

He had drunk three cups of coffee the whole night. Until five in the morning, he couldn’t hang on any longer and went back to the bed in his room to sleep.

Qiu Ren had to come up with a dream design project that could arouse the interest of the Central Research Institute as soon as possible.

This was a huge matter concerning Qiu Ren’s safety for the rest of his life, so he dared not slack off at all.

Luckily, Qiu Ren had created Indie Games in his previous life. He had relied on his strength and skill to become the leading game creator of a large company in the country.

In the words of the outside world, he was a pentagon warrior. Qiu Ren could handle work in programming, art, planning, music, and screenwriting. Only the final two aspects of music and screenwriting fell behind the others because he was too busy to train further.

Qiu Ren was definitely confident with his art skills, but time was too tight now. If he wanted to finish the game concept map, the scene-setting draft, and the character-setting outline at the same time, the workload would be extraordinarily huge.

Even though Qiu Ren had thought about hiring artists to help him, he was worried that they couldn’t deliver the feelings of the Dark Souls series he had in his mind. Those who could do so were too expensive; he couldn’t afford them right now.

Besides… Qiu Ren was also an artist. He knew well enough that there was a big difference between the efficiency of an artist in drawing commercial drafts and things he truly loved.

So, he would rather do it himself to earn adequate food and clothing. A disaster was ahead of him. If he didn’t work until his liver exploded right now, then when?

Qiu Ren lay down on his bed in the dorm and slept until twelve noon. Then, he was awakened by the knock on the door.

He walked to the door of his room in a daze and found that it was his professor, Li Jing. He was beaming at him.

“Good afternoon, Qiu Ren.”

Li Jing looked at Qiu Ren’s drowsy look, then glanced at Qiu Ren’s desk and saw the mouse graphics tablet and brushes on it. He knew that Qiu Ren must have stayed up late last night to draw drafts instead of playing video games!

“Were you drawing design drafts for the Nightmare Dungeon last night?” Li Jing asked tentatively.

“Hm. There’s not much time left, so I worked a bit late,” Qiu Ren yawned and replied.

“Qiu Ren, you don’t have to rush. The university isn’t forcing you to finish purifying that Nightmare Seed. You still have time in your third and fourth year.”

What Li Jing said made Qiu Ren freeze for a short while. Qiu Ren was about to explain, but after a second thought, he… pressed his lips tight and remained silent.

He really couldn’t say that he wanted to make this Level D Nightmare Seed fat and that he was drawing the design drafts for a Level S Nightmare Seed.

How hardworking! In Li Jing’s mind, his impression of Qiu Ren, a special student, had risen by a level!

Li Jing thought the quality of willing to work hard to study and complete his homework was much more important than Qiu Ren’s talent.

“What brings you here, professor?” Qiu Ren changed the subject.

Qiu Ren had reported to the university early, and it happened to be right before the summer break. Normally, early freshmen like him shouldn’t have many classes to take.

“I want to take you to have a look at a Nightmare Seed Project done by us and Yangmei University. I’ll bring you to meet some seniors from the third and fourth year.”

Li Jing thought when he mentioned the seniors, Qiu Ren would be interested. Judging from his embarrassed look, though, it seemed that he preferred to stay in the dorm to finish his drafts.

Hm? What was wrong with young people these days? Shouldn’t boys of the first year normally be excited when they knew they could meet girls from senior years?

However, Qiu Ren was someone who had met Miss Tapir. The Lord of Nightmare’s face under the black gauze was truly not something normal human women could compare to. Among the girls Qiu Ren had encountered, Wanxiang was probably the only one who reached that level.

“That’s a Level A Nightmare Seed, and it’s also derived from the Lord of Nightmare in the Central Research Institute. It might be helpful for you to go and have a look.”

Li Jing immediately came up with the second condition that would attract Qiu Ren.

“Besides, the purification level of that Nightmare Seed is already very high. By definition, it’s already a Level A Dream Seed, so there won’t be any danger.”

There wouldn’t be any danger?

Qiu Ren really didn’t believe these five words, but after pondering for a while, he still agreed.

If he could take this opportunity to see that Lord of Nightmare once again and show it the finished draft, it would probably increase its courage to create chaos in the Central Research Institute.

Qiu Ren invited Li Jing into his room while he spent some time washing himself up.

“Qiu Ren, do you mind showing me the drafts? Maybe I can give you some suggestions.”

Li Jing was curious about what Qiu Ren had spent the entire night drawing.

As a Nightmare Maker who was a professor at North City University, his foundation in art was also at the first-class level in the country. This was the basic quality of a Dream Maker.

So, Li Jing thought it would be quite easy to teach Qiu Ren, a student who was still preparing for the art exam earlier.

“The things are on the desk. It’d be great if you can give me some pointers.”

Qiu Ren wasn’t worried that Li Jing would lose his drafts. He had made three copies after he finished them.

Li Jing shook the mouse of the laptop. Qiu Ren’s laptop wasn’t off, and there wasn’t a lock screen password either. When the screen lit up, all the suggestions Li Jing had in his mind got stuck in his throat and couldn’t come out.

The scene on the screen… showed a knight standing next to a bonfire, reaching his hand out to light the fire up.

The overall background of this draft was deep and dark. Sparks splashed everywhere from the bonfire lit up by the knight, part of them landing on the surface of the knight’s armor.

The details of the original draft were so fine that it could be used as the first cover of the game. Li Jing couldn’t find any problems with the human body, overall composition, and artistry.

This profound feeling and the fineness of the original draft made Li Jing want to know the story behind it. Why would the knight’s armor be lit by sparks from the bonfire?

Nonetheless, was this an original draft that a student, who was still preparing for the exam a week ago, could draw?!

Li Jing briefly took a look at some unfinished character-setting drafts for the boss Qiu Ren had prepared.

Even though he hadn’t completed them, the beautiful, oppressive, and charming character of the boss was already there.

This… didn’t look like a design for a Level D Nightmare Dungeon.

But this didn’t bother Li Jing much. He was now thinking that North City University had truly found a gem in his mind.

Qiu Ren’s capability in drawing was already comparable to that of many leaders in the industry. Was this a natural gift?

“I… can’t think of any suggestions yet. Qiu Ren, you should come up with a complete design of this Nightmare Dungeon as soon as possible,” Li Jing pondered for a while and said.

And you still want to take me out for a trip? Shouldn’t you lock me in the dorm and forbid me from coming out if you want me to complete the design quickly?

Even though Qiu Ren thought like this, it was necessary in Li Jing’s perspective!

He was exclaiming that Qiu Ren was a hardworking, serious, and lucky student before. Now, Qiu Ren had become a seedling of a hardworking, serious, and extremely talented Dream Maker!

If the other institutes truly wanted to fight over him, even if Qiu Ren had been enrolled into North City University, he might still transfer to another university under their temptations.

So, he must help Qiu Ren develop a sense of belonging to North City University as soon as possible.

At this moment, he must let Qiu Ren feel the warmth of his seniors… No. It should be the warmth of North City University!