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“Qiu Ren? Qiu Ren, what happened to you? Don’t freak me out.”

Xu Sheng didn’t notice the open eye on the black Rubik’s Cube. He only saw Qiu Ren suddenly close his eyes and fall to the ground.

As one of the Dream Watchers, the guide from the prison, Kan Shaoni, immediately knew something had happened. She rushed to Qiu Ren and checked his condition.

“What happened to Qiu Ren?” Qiu Ren’s class teacher also came over and asked in a panic.

“He’s being dragged into that Nightmare Dungeon!” Kan Shaoni checked Qiu Ren’s eyes and made a judgment.

“Those amateur bastards up there! They only arrange these meaningless visits when they have time!”

“He’s… He’s being dragged into the Nightmare Dungeon? How… How did it happen?” The class teacher was also frightened.

This was totally like his student was taken away by the Siberian tiger. Even a class teacher who taught Physical Education like him couldn’t save him!

“That Level S Nightmare Seed has been sealed and secured. Its area of impact should have been fifty meters only…”

Kan Shaoni paused midway. She took a look at the Rubik’s Cube that was floating deep in the space on the other side of the glass.

However, everything had exceptions. That Nightmare Seed had picked a high school senior like Qiu Ren from so many people, which gave Kan Shaoni a bad feeling.

“Is there anything you can do to save Qiu Ren?” the class teacher asked anxiously.

“Yes. But even if we bring him out, his mind will be injured. Besides, I’m worried that something worse will follow,” replied Kan Shaoni.

“An even worse situation?” The class teacher was startled.

What could be worse than dying in a nightmare? Would they be dragged inside together?

The class teacher knew that Qiu Ren’s family wasn’t in good condition. He had always studied hard. He wanted to get good results to change his destiny.

The college entrance examination was two weeks away. If Qiu Ren attended the exam with an injured body, it would affect his entire life.

But soon, the class teacher realized the “worse situation” Kan Shaoni was worrying about.

“Damn it!” Kan Shaoni noticed the death row prisoners next to the Nightmare Seed waking up. She immediately knew that things were developing towards what she feared.

“This is the worst situation?” The class teacher didn’t know what it meant when those prisoners woke up.

“Yes! If those prisoners wake up, it means that someone’s rebuilding the Nightmare Dungeon! Your student went inside as a Dream Maker, not as a Dream Explorer like those prisoners!”

Kan Shaoni explained as she directly sounded the highest level of alarm in the prison. The students and the class teacher had no idea what the blaring alarm around them meant.

“You’re saying that Qiu Ren won’t be tortured in the Nightmare Dungeon?” the class teacher asked again.

“Indeed. But the situation is worse!”

Kan Shaoni looked at Qiu Ren, who was lying on the ground. She said with a complicated look, “The scene we’re using in the Nightmare Dungeon right now was created by the deceased Dream Maker, Mr. Li Qiuyan, and his team. Your student is probably changing the Nightmare Dungeon made by Mr. Li Qiuyan…”

“This…” The class teacher finally realized what Kan Shaoni was saying.

If that Level S Nightmare Seed was a nuclear reactor, Mr. Li Qiuyan would be the chief designer of the reactor.

He had spent his whole life making the dangerous nuclear reactor safe and durable, so it could be a nuclear power plant that provided a large amount of electricity for society!

And yet, Qiu Ren was now changing the design of this nuclear reactor.

Any detail he made could possibly turn this nuclear power plant that benefited society into a… nuclear bomb that could explode any second.

Kan Shaoni suddenly pulled out the gun on her waist and loaded it.

“What… What do you want to do?” The class teacher was shocked when he saw Kan Shaoni take out the gun all of a sudden.

“I’m saving him…” Kan Shaoni showed him the bullets in her hands. “There’s some strong tranquilizer inside. It’s enough to put someone in suspended animation! We must stop your student from changing the Nightmare Seed, or this will be an incident that threatens the country’s safety.”

However, Kan Shaoni was one step behind. The cubic Nightmare Seed suddenly underwent tremendous changes. It started to reform at a visible speed.

“It’s restructured already? How long has it been?”

Kan Shaoni looked at the Nightmare Seed that had been rebuilt in less than ten seconds.

Only one thought flashed in her mind. “That kid didn’t know the proper way to do it!”

The dream created for this Level S Nightmare Seed by Mr. Li Qiuyan and his team before was a tower full of various precise death triggers.

They had spent two years only designing the death tower. The exquisite design had reduced the number of people required to feed the Level S Nightmare Seed from the original seventy to twenty!

The reduction seemed to be small, but it had saved countless people’s lives.

Dying in a Nightmare Dungeon, especially a Level S Nightmare Seed, would cause severe damage to people’s minds. They would need a couple months to recover.

And the eating time of this Level S Nightmare Seed was once every twelve hours.

This meant that twenty Dream Explorers were needed every twelve hours to enter the death tower. Otherwise, there would be a risk that the Nightmare Seed would run wild.

The number of death row prisoners in Fengdu Prison right now could fulfill one cycle.

They could guarantee that each group of death row prisoners that entered had one to one and a half months of time to heal.

So, the Dream Dungeon created by this high school senior, Qiu Ren, right now…

How many people did it need every time to satisfy the Lord of Nightmare’s appetite?

Kan Shaoni was praying that Qiu Ren had only moved something in the death tower casually and didn’t actually change anything.

Qiu Ren had only been inside for a short period, so short that he didn’t seem to be able to restructure a new scene for the Nightmare Dungeon.

And yet, the number “20” soon appeared on the reformed Nightmare Seed.

When Kan Shaoni saw this number, she was thrilled. However, in the next second, this number started to rise rapidly. It finally stopped at “100.”

Seeing this number, Kan Shaoni felt like her heart had stopped beating. All the workers in Fengdu Prison had become desperate.

The needs of this Level S Nightmare Seed had increased by five times!

This meant that the human lives they were going to lose would also increase by five times!

Kan Shaoni’s mood at the moment was like finding the price of pork had suddenly increased by dozens of times when she went out for grocery shopping.

However, the Nightmare Seed didn’t give time for the workers in the prison to hesitate. It started to twist, and some weird scarlet red color oozed out.

This Nightmare Seed was reminding everyone in the prison…

It was now hungry. Very hungry!

It needed to eat more people to be full!

There was only one thing the Dream Watchers could do right now!

They must send a hundred death row prisoners into the Nightmare Dungeon for killing as usual!

“Bring those prisoners who have rested over two weeks here! This is an emergency. There’s no time for discussion! Be prepared for mass casualties.”

A series of voices sounded on Kan Shaoni’s radio.

The class teacher could see how serious it was from Kan Shaoni’s anxious look. Things might have developed in the most severe direction.

“I hope that the consciousness of the Nightmare Seed wasn’t interested in the dream your student built. If not, it’ll be disastrous,” said Kan Shaoni.