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After Qiu Ren finished washing up, he immediately went out with the Level D Nightmare Seed.

Li Jing didn’t say anything either. In fact, rather than putting the Nightmare Seed in the dorm, it was safer for Qiu Ren to bring it with him.

The place they were going was on the campus of Yangmei University. It technically belonged to the area the Nightmare Seed could move in.

If Qiu Ren really lost it, the tracking device on it would still work. However, if someone broke into his dorm and stole it, he would have to spend more time to find it when he returned and discovered it was stolen.

However, Li Jing was curious about why the Nightmare Seed in Qiu Ren’s arms… looked so much bigger than it was yesterday?

The Nightmare Seed was the size of a ping-pong ball yesterday, but it was like a tennis ball now.

What Li Jing thought wasn’t an illusion. After Qiu Ren finished washing up, he had a look at the number of visits to the Nightmare Dungeon, “Getting Over It.”

After a whole night, Getting Over It had surprisingly gotten 2431 visits by being a little tail hanging behind Battle Royale.

Unfortunately, Getting Over It was a truly tormenting Nightmare Dungeon. It brought little fun to players, which made it extremely easy to piss the players off and directly send them in a raging state.

Among the 2400 visitors, only three players had played the game for over twenty minutes.

Most players only lasted for around ten minutes. After three to four rounds of “starting over again,” they smashed the water tank with the hiking stick while yelling, “Get out! Get out of my dream!” Then, they left this tormenting Nightmare Dungeon in anger.

Although the average time players visited this Nightmare Game was short, their anger when they left could still make that grey wolf full.

It was now lying down with its four limbs up, sticking out its tongue to swallow the food that came from all directions. It could be seen that its body had become much larger.

It seemed to have gradually evolved from a soldier that could be slashed to death with a knife in the game into a little boss.

Qiu Ren was a little curious about those three Dream Explorers who had persisted over twenty minutes. One of them had entered the game at five in the morning and still hadn’t left until now. The playing time had accumulated up to seven hours.

At first, Qiu Ren thought he was the kind of player who would not yield to a Nightmare Dungeon. Once these players were pissed off by a game, the way they dealt with it wasn’t to delete it but rather completing all the levels of this rubbish game even if they had to die.

Qiu Ren had the privilege of spectating the game as the creator of this Nightmare Dungeon. He found that the player wasn’t here to complete the levels of the Nightmare Dungeon but to… investigate.

This Dream Explorer was apparently exploring the situation in the entire Nightmare Dungeon.

He seemed to be planning to sit in the water tank and run all over this weird world Qiu Ren built with the hiking stick in his hand, trying to find… clues about Qiu Ren in this Nightmare Dungeon.

An enemy? Qiu Ren’s first reaction was that he was an investigator of the Dream Eaters.

However, Qiu Ren had uploaded this Nightmare Dungeon anonymously with his username.

Right now, Battle Royale’s popularity was constantly rising overseas. So, companies operating the Nightmare Dungeons of hostile Lords of Nightmare were probably getting anxious.

That was why they were so desperate to find the creator behind the battle royale game, Qiu Ren, and then… eliminate him.

Qiu Ren couldn’t kick this Dream Explorer out of the nightmare. Besides, the guy had been stuck on the hillside of Getting Over It for almost seven hours and had to “start all over again” several times. Judging from the Dream Explorer’s reaction, he was so enraged that he almost spurted out blood.

However, this was probably a mission given by his leaders. He wasn’t allowed to leave before investigating the entire Nightmare Dungeon, so he could only keep climbing up with the hiking stick with blood in his mouth.

Even if he really reached the peak and met the guardian of the final level, the grey wolf, it wasn’t a big deal. The wolf, which was as tall as two people, couldn’t speak. It might even eat him with a bite.

“Qiu Ren, you don’t have to be afraid of that Level D Nightmare Seed. The storage device you have can resist the mental pollution of the Nightmare Seed well.”

Li Jing noticed Qiu Ren glancing at the Nightmare Seed from time to time along the way.

He thought Qiu Ren was scared that his consciousness would be dragged into that Level D Nightmare Seed.

“…” Qiu Ren didn’t say anything. He followed his professor to the gathering place quietly.

When they arrived, Qiu Ren doubted that he was fooled by Li Jing. Where were the female senior students? He looked around and could only see boys!

But Qiu Ren still greeted these seniors of the fourth year with a smile on his face. He looked at Professor Li Jing’s “daughter” in the end. Wait, that didn’t seem like his daughter…

After Qiu Ren greeted those seniors, he noticed a petite girl in the crowd. She crossed her arms and made eye contact with Qiu Ren for a while. When she saw that Qiu Ren was hesitating there and didn’t know how he should address her, she finally decided to break the ice with a question.

“Did you create… the Nightmare Dungeon, ‘Getting Over It,’ that was uploaded to the World’s Dream Dungeon Level Library from around here yesterday?”

Did I create it… Why? Does she want a battle in real life? 

Qiu Ren sized up the 1.6m petite body of this senior and thought that he should be able to win… if they really got into a fight?

“This is a senior from the fourth year, Xia Lian… She’s also the episode screenwriter for season two of the Nightmare Purification Project we’re going to see later, ‘The Giant and The Little Bee.’ Qiu Ren, have you watched ‘The Giant and The Little Bee’ before?”

Li Jing noticed the awkward atmosphere between the two. They seemed like they were about to start fighting, so he quickly helped to smooth things over.

“I’ve watched a few episodes…”

After Qiu Ren came to this world, he had certainly caught up with the famous movies, drama series, and games.

“The Giant and The Little Bee” was a drama series that had impressed Qiu Ren, as it was a western fantasy romantic maxi-series filmed by the Celestial Empire.

Besides, this drama series was also very popular overseas. It had a total of around a hundred episodes with a large audience in foreign countries.

The series was about the story of the relationship between a giant discharged from the army and a human girl.

Overall, the atmosphere was very sweet, so sweet that it made many girls binge-watch it with a crazy-aunt smile.

There were also some plots about the war in the series, so there were a fair bit of men among the fans.

However, Qiu Ren had never thought this drama series that was mainly about sweet and greasy love was constructed with a Level A Nightmare Seed as the base.

“The Nightmare Seed we’re going to see later is the one used to contain the drama series. Qiu Ren, you can talk to Xia Lian more. You may be able to be an episode screenwriter of ‘The Giant and The Little Bee’ as well during your study. If you’re chosen, you’ll receive a generous manuscript fee.”

While Li Jing was talking, he led everyone to a shuttle bus. It looked like the “set” of the drama series was at Yangmei University.

The structure of “The Giant and The Little Bee” was a unit play.

Each complete story was composed of seven to eight episodes, like “The Big Bang Theory” and “Friends,” so it was very normal to have a bunch of screenwriters contributing to the screenplay.

After Qiu Ren got on the shuttle, he occupied this only female senior without hesitation.

“Xia Lian, that seed can already be used to create a romantic story. Why is it still rated as a Level A Nightmare Seed?”

Qiu Ren didn’t hold back at all. Once he sat down, he directly expressed his doubts.

The consciousness inside the nightmare had agreed to let the Dream Maker find him a wife so he could be in a sweet relationship and get married in his hometown.

Logically, he should have let down all the negative emotions and transform from a dangerous nightmare consciousness to a normal dream consciousness.

“He still has some unfulfilled obsession… So, no matter if it’s the screenwriters from Yangmei University or us, nobody can write a script that can make him truly let go of the past.”

Even though Xia Lian was tortured by Qiu Ren’s Getting Over It, she still answered his question.

“So… the obsession of the consciousness of that nightmare is…”

“We don’t know either…” Xia Lian’s eyebrows scrunched up slightly. She continued after seeing Qiu Ren’s interested look, “Why, kid? Do you want to take on the challenge? If you can write a script that makes the consciousness of the nightmare let down his obsession…”

“Then, that seed will be mine?”

While Qiu Ren was thinking about why there would be such a good thing in the world, Xia Lian gave him a “you-are-asking-for-the-moon” expression.

“The Level A Nightmare Seed is the property of the university, but we still have to see if North City University or Yangmei University will get the final ownership. If your script can purify the obsession of that Nightmare Seed, our university will be able to speak more firmly when we fight for ownership. It’ll also be easier for you to have contact with Nightmare Seeds of the same level… or even of higher levels. Are you a bit interested after hearing this?”

When Xia Lian spoke, there was a strange, cunning feeling in her tone.

She seemed to have known Qiu Ren’s dark history before he joined the university, and she also smelled the scent of “her own kind” on Qiu Ren.

Rather than being fearful of Nightmare Seeds and staying as far as ordinary people would, Qiu Ren was more into catching Nightmare Seeds for purification. If not, he wouldn’t have gotten on the bus with a Level D Nightmare Seed.

“A little. So, you mean that since the Level A Nightmare Seed is put in Yangmei University right now, North City University will be at a disadvantage when fighting for the ownership?”

What Qiu Ren said put a full stop to the conversation. The shuttle went from the original lively atmosphere into total silence. Xia Lian also opened her mouth but didn’t know how to refute him.

The shuttle went all the way to Yangmei University in this silent atmosphere. Qiu Ren was brought to the Level A Nightmare Seed that contained the popular drama series, ‘The Giant and The Little Bee.’

Just as Qiu Ren had gotten near the Level A Nightmare Seed, the Level D Nightmare Seed in his arms suddenly turned anxious.

Qiu Ren lowered his head and saw that the wolf living inside was originally eating on the ground comfortably.

But suddenly, it seemed to have smelled its master. It stood up and paced back and forth inside, whimpering with some “woo, woo” sounds.

Unfortunately, its master couldn’t hear its wails.

Qiu Ren looked at the Level A Nightmare Seed floating in the air.

Don’t cry, silly dog. Your master is immersed in the sweet love story constructed by a Dream Maker. How would it have time to care about you? Just sit tight and eat.

As Qiu Ren pondered, he felt something wrong. He checked the condition of the Nightmare Seed in his arms again.

He found that the Dream Explorer investigating the environment in Getting Over It had already left. Had he given up? Qiu Ren couldn’t be sure.

However, the footsteps of his enemy were approaching. He wondered how the negotiation between that Lord of Nightmare and the Central Research Institute was going.

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