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Herring took a deep breath and used the two daggers in her hands to slash the throats of the three people in front of her. As blood splashed all over her body, the three soldiers fell on the ground and turned into dead bodies.

There were many other soldiers who had died miserably lying next to Herring.

Soon… The notice “YOU WIN!” appeared before her eyes.

She was using a Dream Dungeon game to conduct simulated combat training. This kind of Dream Dungeon game was a dark, bloody, multiplayer online game extended from the Level SS Dream Seed in America, “Superhero World.”

When the Dream Eaters invaded other dream worlds, they relied on the power that came from “Superhero World.”

Herring was certainly a die-hard fan of Superhero World as well, but the characters she liked were the villains inside.

Herring had had an extreme tendency to kill since she was little. She had started killing in bloody games like this while she was still a kid. And yet, she always felt like something was missing lately…

The most intuitive part was the two options that appeared before her every time she cleared a level and after she died.

“You need to use one promotion order to challenge the next level of difficulty.”

“You can use one first-aid device to be reborn after you die.”

These were two very common options in games, especially the reborn option after dying.

After all, game companies were all trying their best to make players immerse themselves in the games they operated. There would never be a game company in the world that drove out players of their games and persuaded them to leave.

These two props could also be found in this game. If it wasn’t enough, she could even spend five dollars and one dollar, respectively, to buy them directly.

However, Herring didn’t have time to spend this money today, as she had encountered some troubles outside.

Herring left this Dream Dungeon. A colleague she didn’t want to see was standing before her.

“Karl, what are you doing?”

Herring stared at this fully-armed colleague in front of her and the new team of Dream Eaters behind who had followed him here.

“The leaders aren’t quite satisfied with your efficiency in completing the task. They have sent you reinforcements and asked me to take command of this operation. Miss Herring…”

That colleague called Karl showed her a new appointment letter.

Herring gently pursed her lips. She stared at her colleague with a dangerous gaze and was trying to say something, but an investigator of hers suddenly ran over in a hurry.

“Captain! We’ve located the target core dream!”

This news immediately filled Herring’s mind with excitement and eagerness. She didn’t have time to deal with the colleague who was here to take over her command. She directly followed her subordinate to the operation command center.

“How did you locate it? Have you found the strength of the core Dream Dungeon?”

Herring came to an equipment that showed the world map in the center.

“We located it via the contractor who invaded Fengdu Prison through ‘Lost Heart.’ The target seems to have been in contact with the contractor, so the Lord of Nightmare carrying ‘Lost Heart’ got the level code and intelligence of the target core dream. It established a connection with it.”

The investigator pointed at the location where Fengdu Prison was on the world map.

“The level of the Dream Dungeon is C. The dungeon doesn’t have a name yet. That Dream Maker probably didn’t release his core dream in the form of movies or games.”

Herring looked at the Dream Maker ID of that Dream Dungeon, “Not Updating Today.” This name looked a bit weird, but it was the same as the Dream Maker ID of Battle Royale.

It was normal that a Dream Maker didn’t want to open their own core dream to the public. After all, it concerned their life. And yet, not opening it to the public didn’t mean that the invaders couldn’t get in.

After getting the level code of his Dream Dungeon and sending a person in reality to get in touch with the target at a certain distance, invaders would be able to directly open the gap of the target Dream Dungeon and invade it right away, using the Dream Dungeon of the dispatcher as a springboard.

Herring thought the contractor that the Lord of Nightmare of “Lost Heart” sent to China had already been executed. She had never expected it to be of such great use now.

“Help me prepare for invasion.”

Herring had been yearning for this moment for too long. Ever since her experience in Battle Royale, she had desperately been hoping to meet the Dream Maker who had created the game so that they could greet each other well.

It would be best if they could meet in the core dream of the Dream Maker, as she could “greet” him in every way she liked.

So, she was planning to invade this Level C core dungeon alone. This must be a moment she enjoyed all by herself. Nobody could take it away from her!

However, the appearance of that colleague had completely ruined her plan.

The colleague who had just arrived blocked in front of her.

“It’s just a Level C Nightmare Seed. We don’t need so many people.” Herring glanced at the team of Dream Eaters behind Karl. Her bosses were truly impatient.

The reinforcements sent this time increased the number of people in this operation to 121.

Sending 121 Dream Eaters to invade a Level C dream? If this spread, other people in the industry would probably laugh at them. Judging from the previous outstanding records of the Dream Eaters, a Level C Nightmare Seed only needed a small team of twenty people.

If they were sending some elite Dream Eaters, merely several of them would be enough to destroy a Level C Dream Dungeon.

“Efficiency, Miss Herring. But don’t worry, we’ll never fight over the prey with you,” Karl said with a smile.

You won’t fight over the prey with me? Who’d believe you?

Herring already knew that this guy was here to steal the thunder! If he or the Dream Eaters under his command killed the Dream Maker of Battle Royale, all the merits of this operation would belong to him.

The Dream Eaters under Herring’s command all gathered behind her. They then looked at the new commander with cold eyes.

They weren’t planning to listen to the commands of this new commander. They also knew that even though these people were their colleagues and reinforcements, they, in fact, seemed more like they were here to take the merit.

At the same time, the Dream Eaters accompanying Karl also stood behind him…

The entire command center was filled with a dangerous atmosphere. The smell of gunpowder began to diffuse gradually, and it seemed that a war between Dream Eaters was about to begin.

But Herring knew she must make a decision in this situation…

“Everyone, get ready for invasion. Set the invasion time to six hours! Our priority is to find the consciousness of that Dream Maker! Find him and bring him to me!” Herring issued an order to her subordinates right away.

Once they chose to invade a Dream Dungeon, there was no turning back at all.

They must either eradicate the Dream Dungeon or consume all the Creation Points used for the invasion to escape.

So, the more Creation Points they used, the longer they could stay in the Dream Dungeon they had invaded. Normally, three hours were enough to destroy a Level C Dream Dungeon.

However, nobody here treated that Level C Nightmare Seed as their opponent. For all the Dream Eaters here, their biggest enemy was the colleagues before them who were also Dream Eaters.

“You’re putting in too few resources, Miss Herring… Set the invasion time to ten hours! Our goal is to destroy that Dream Dungeon completely…” Karl even added a provocative remark, “Finish the mission before Miss Herring finds the consciousness of that Dream Maker.”

Herring’s expression was cold to the point where she looked gloomy, but the place for the final battle wasn’t in the real world. Instead, it was in the Dream Dungeon of that Dream Maker.

The Dream Eaters of both sides didn’t hesitate anymore. Once they were fully armed, they all swarmed that Dream Dungeon!

With so many Dream Eaters flooding in, a Level C Nightmare Seed would probably collapse in less than an hour.

She must move as fast as she could! Meanwhile, Herring could only pray that the characters the Dream Maker created in the Dream Dungeon could hang on for five or six seconds. They were being besieged by more than a hundred intruders, after all!

It took me so long to find you! You should let me torture you before you die.

Herring directly invaded that Level C Dream Dungeon with this anxious thought, holding her weapons.