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The alarm blared, irritating the listeners’ ears.

The smell of carrion poured into Herring’s sense of smell. She struggled as she climbed out of the decayed coffin.

She spat out some dust and stood up from the coffin, getting ready to fight with the enemies.

The Dream Eaters under Karl’s command would definitely not show her mercy. They would kill her and her subordinates in this Dream Dungeon before destroying the Dream Dungeon without holding back.

However… Herring didn’t see Karl’s team of Dream Eaters or her own subordinates.

Herring stood in the base alone. The atmosphere of the entire dream was full of dark and tranquil beauty.

She didn’t rush to call out the names of her subordinates, as this might attract the enemies here. Herring first assessed her own condition.

She had successfully brought her two daggers, but firearms, which were her backup weapons, couldn’t enter. Besides, she couldn’t bring the superpowers from Superhero World into this Level C Dream Dungeon as well.

Herring looked up and glanced at her status as an intruder.

“Invasion ending time 5:58:51”

This meant that she could only leave this Dream Dungeon after five hours and fifty-eight minutes.

Herring had a nagging feeling that something was wrong, but she didn’t have time to think about it.

While she stood there and pondered, Karl’s Dream Eaters might already have started destroying this Level C Dream Dungeon!

Herring must find the Dream Maker who had created this Dream Dungeon before it was ruined by Karl’s Dream Eaters.

Herring ran out of the place where her coffin was with the two daggers in her hands. While sprinting, she saw a few lines of words written with fire on the ground.

“There are enemies ahead, so it’s very useful to attack from behind—Not Updating Today”

Was this a hint? The Dream Maker who created Battle Royale had left a message to remind her?

Herring followed Qiu Ren’s reminder and saw the “guardian” of this Dream Dungeon. It was a human figure covered in a black robe.

Meanwhile, Herring held the daggers in her hands tight and got closer to that human figure. The other party also sensed Herring’s existence. It immediately turned around and warned her with the sword in its hand.

Is this a zombie or a mummy?

Herring saw the face of that human figure under the black robe. It was a dead body that was completely dehydrated. The dry skin stuck on its face made it look extremely miserable.

The mummy rushed towards Herring with a sword in its hand. However, Herring had heaps of combat experience under her belt. She directly broke its neck with the daggers in her hands.

The mummy turned into a real dead body and fell to the ground. A strand of strange energy twined around Herring’s body, but it was too weak. It didn’t truly infuse her body, so the feeling wasn’t obvious.

What Herring cared about right now was that… this guardian was too weak!

Herring looked at the mummy in a black robe on the ground. This mummy didn’t even have the combat power of a normal person, let alone that of an extraordinary creature. Even a well-trained ordinary person could kill it with a weapon!

This was a Level C Dream Dungeon, but that Dream Maker had only designed such a weak guardian?

There should be other stronger guardians!

Herring thought as she ran to other places, but the only difference between these black-robed mummies was their weapons. They were either holding a sword, a crossbow, a spear, or a shield.

But no matter what weapons these mummies used, they were no match for Herring. She could kill them easily.

Herring killed a mummy with a spear again. At that time, she realized that the Dream Maker might not have finished building this Level C Dream Dungeon.

Then, it would truly be an easy and relaxing job for Karl’s Dream Eaters to destroy it.

Herring must gather her subordinates as soon as possible to stop Karl and the Dream Eaters under his command from destroying the Dream Dungeon.

Herring didn’t want to hide her identity and location anymore. She started shouting the names of the Dream Eaters in her team around the valley.

“Maine Hustein! Captain Levy! Can anyone hear me? Reply immediately!”

The communication equipment used for communicating with the team had been disconnected, but a Level C Dream Dungeon wouldn’t be too big. As long as her voice was loud enough, the teammates who entered this Dream Dungeon together should be able to hear her.

However, no one answered her. Let alone her teammates, even the hostile Dream Eaters didn’t come out to attack her.

Where exactly did those guys go?

“Wiesen! Please reply immediately if someone hears me!”

Herring cut off the head of a mummy holding a crossbow with a lot going on in her mind. After killing this mummy, she kept yelling the names of her teammates until she walked into a spacious square.

This was… Herring stared at an enormous “armor” in the middle of the square. This armor was kneeling on the ground, and its chest was penetrated by a sword.

Herring couldn’t feel any signs of life on it at all, but there was a large puddle of scarlet blood next to it.

Where did the blood come from?

When Herring walked to the puddle of blood, a series of words suddenly appeared on the bloodstain.

“Cause of death: Head cut off by a heavy halberd

“Time of death: 2021/3/7 18:21:12

“1. Would you like to watch the footage before he died?

“2. Can continue as a hidden spirit”

This was her right-hand man. He died a minute ago? How did he die? Herring didn’t hear any sounds of fighting at all.

Perhaps this subordinate was sent to another individual dungeon world?

Dream Dungeon games could certainly offer online players an individual world to play. This was the function that most commercial Dream Dungeons had.

But the problem was, was this Level C Dream Seed capable of letting a hundred people play in individual worlds?

Herring checked the other bloodstains with some uncertainty.

“Cause of death: Swallowed by Human Pus”

This was the most powerful guy in her team and a Dream Eater of her level. He had also died because of some reason she couldn’t understand.

Soon, Herring found the other names of the members of her Dream Eater Team.

Levy Moka had died after falling off a cliff, while Wiesen Pleco was dead because his chest was penetrated by a halberd.

She even found the hostile Dream Eater Team, her biggest rival this time, Karl Westline.

“Cause of death: Split in half by a heavy halberd

“Would you like to watch the footage before he died?”

This time, Herring chose “Yes.” She wanted to see how this hateful colleague had died.

A translucent ghostly image appeared on the blood. It was Karl Westline, her detestable colleague and also an elite Dream Eater.

However, this elite Dream Eater was running away in panic without a clear direction. Something terrifying seemed to be chasing him.

Even though this translucent image didn’t make any sounds, Herring could hear him scream by looking at his expression.

In the end, his screams were cut off by a giant halberd that fell from the sky. It split him in half from top to bottom, turning him into two pieces of dead body that lay on the ground.

The footage ended here. Herring also recognized where the giant halberd came from… It had been lying next to the hand of that huge “armor,” which was kneeling in the center of the square and had no signs of life at all.

At this moment, Herring’s heartbeat started to speed up. Her heart seemed to be squeezed by something frightening when she looked at the armor.

When Herring was thinking to step back, she found that the entrance behind her had already been shrouded in grey mist.

While Herring was stunned. Suddenly… some rousing music resounded around the entire square.

The chorus of people, the sound of pipe organ, and the sound of cello and violin, a series of musical instruments intertwined and formed a holy and rousing symphony!

As this exciting symphony sounded, the huge armor kneeling in the middle of the square suddenly pulled out the corkscrew sword that was pierced through its chest. It then stood up with the giant halberd, slowly inching towards Herring with earth-shattering footsteps.

Then, under Herring’s astonished gaze, an extremely long health bar appeared within her sight.

What was shown above the health bar was the name of this armor… no, this guardian.

“I may be in the wrong place,” Herring whispered to it softly.

And yet, it let out a roar full of fighting spirit at Herring! It then raised the halberd in its hand and jumped into the sky, slashing down at her!

If there were people with a weaker mind here, they might already be crying for their mother.