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What was wrong with this world?

Herring sat next to a burning bonfire in exhaustion.

She was killed by Gundyr with a halberd in a blink just now.

This was a whole set of attacks. The first move was to shake the ground with the halberd to throw her into the sky, then directly pierce through her in the air with the halberd.

When Herring thought she had the power to fight back, it immediately swayed the halberd hard. She was then thrown into the abyss next to the cliff like a piece of meat that wasn’t threaded on a wooden stick well.

After that, two red words “YOU DIE” appeared in front of her eyes. Herring closed her eyes again. When she opened them back, she was sitting next to this bonfire.

The pain of being pierced through by a halberd still lingered on her body. At the same time, she felt like something important was being taken away from her.

However, this wasn’t an urgent matter. Herring had realized that she hadn’t invaded a Level C Dream Dungeon. In fact, this wasn’t even a Dream Dungeon but a Nightmare Dungeon instead!

It would be fine if it was a Level B Nightmare Dungeon. If it was Level A Nightmare Dungeon, her teammates wouldn’t be scattered over other individual worlds. A hundred Dream Eaters together would still have the power to fight in a Level A Nightmare Dungeon.

But now, there was only one explanation for such a desperate situation. This was a Level S Nightmare Dungeon!

Damn it! I can’t believe I made such a low-level mistake!

Herring covered her forehead with a little annoyance and anger.

In the invasion of Dream Dungeons, such a castling strategy was very common. The Dream Maker would use a low-level Dream Dungeon as bait. When the intruders entered, they would find that it was a more dangerous Dream Dungeon with a higher level.

For this, the Dream Eaters also made precautions. The number of Creation Points they paid for the invasion, buying the giant arrows for sieging, or tolls for entering was way larger than a Level C Nightmare Seed.

Even for a Level A Dream Dungeon, Herring could also guarantee that she could bring part of the superpowers from Superhero World inside.

However, in front of a Level S Nightmare Dungeon, the tolls they paid for invasion seemed trivial. In the end, Herring could only take the weapons she usually used into this Nightmare Dungeon.

What should I do? Should I just sit here and wait for the invasion time to end?

Herring looked at the timer in front of her. She still had to wait for five and a half hours to leave this horrifying Level S Nightmare Dungeon!

What was wrong with the Dream Maker of Battle Royale? He already had a contract with a Lord of Nightmare, and now he contracted another Lord of Nightmare.

Wasn’t he afraid that he would be eaten by the Lord of Nightmare?

The relationship between the Lords of Nightmare wasn’t harmonious. It should be said that killing each other was the main melody of how they got along.

Herring was pondering on what she should do next. Her chest stabbed by the halberd was still aching. If she continued to die in this world, her body would certainly be in bad shape when she returned to reality.

Rationally, she should sit next to this safe bonfire and wait for the five and a half hours to end, then leave this Level S Nightmare Dungeon to take a long view of the matter.

“Can someone see my message? I’m Captain Levy… I’m stuck in an individual Dream world. My preliminary assessment shows that this is most likely a Level S Dream Dungeon.”

This! Herring immediately lay on the ground and looked at the line of words written with fire that had suddenly appeared next to the bonfire.

When she saw this, a new world seemed to have opened. More and more words written with fire appeared next to the bonfire.

“I can see your message! Levy, are you safe there? I encountered a dream guardian called Gundyr here. I suspect that it has self-consciousness, and its strength is at least above Level A. I’ve already been killed twice.”

“Carlo? I also encountered it here. While writing this, it’s already my third time dying.”

“It’s my fourth time. The pain I felt when I died is still here. Is this really a Dream Dungeon?”

Hm… Everyone’s the same as me. After getting killed by the guy called Iudex Gundyr, they just sit next to this bonfire and start thinking about their life?

Herring’s gloating thoughts flashed past, as all these comments about dying so many times were from her subordinates.

After a while, Herring also found out the way of leaving a message on the ground.

A backpack came with this Nightmare Dungeon. There was a glass bottle containing something like luminous juice and an oak pen used to write messages on the ground inside the backpack.

Herring immediately issued an order to the Dream Eaters in her team by messaging them next to the bonfire.

“I’m Herring Remien, the commander of Dream Eater Team T. The Nightmare Dungeon you’re in is rated as Level S! I command all the members of the team to stay put and wait for the invasion time to end. Don’t try to challenge the guardian in the Nightmare Dungeon! If you die too many times, irreversible damage will be caused to your bodies in reality. I don’t want to lose anyone before the next invasion starts.”

Even though Herring liked to kill, she hadn’t lost her mind. The power they had right now wasn’t enough to destroy and invade a Level S Nightmare Dungeon.

So, staying in a safe place and making another plan after going back to the real world was the best choice.

“This is a Level S Nightmare Dungeon?”

“If that hateful guy, Karl, didn’t come to disrupt our plan all of a sudden…”

“Let me put this straight. I took over this operation only because you’re too slow! Besides, it’s good that we encountered a new Level S Nightmare Dungeon this time. We don’t need to wait for the invasion time to end. My subordinates waiting outside will report this, and we’ll soon have reinforcements. The destruction of this Nightmare Dungeon will then truly be none of your business, Miss Herring.”

Karl’s message also appeared next to the bonfire. The Dream Eaters originally helped different major companies that operated Nightmare Seeds to find Level S Nightmare Seeds in the Celestial Empire. Then, their own Lords of Nightmare would swallow them.

Right now, a wild Level S Nightmare Seed had appeared out of nowhere. If Karl reported this information, it would be something meritorious.

By then, he would be able to hold on to his commander position. Herring would have to obey his orders if she wanted to be a part of this operation.

“What if I kill that guardian and catch the Dream Maker who built this nightmare before reinforcements come?”

Herring responded quickly by leaving a message.

“Please don’t make me laugh. It’s totally impossible with the weapons we have right now. You probably have just two daggers you can use at the moment? Iudex Gundyr is the guardian of a Level S Nightmare Dungeon! Do you think you can kill it with those daggers? Let alone you, if someone can truly do it, I’ll eat the ashes on the ground.”

Karl had also experienced Gundyr’s terror. He was split in half in just a second. It was definitely impossible for Dream Eaters, who had only cold weapons at the moment, to beat a nightmare guardian with such a strength level!

Herring wrote this message fiercely next to the bonfire, then stood up with her small daggers and walked towards the mist door again.

“Is Captain… really going to challenge that nightmare guardian with her daggers?”

“With Captain’s skills, there should be… a chance of winning?”

“This is totally suicide.”

“Looks like Team T is going to be dismissed today.”

The Dream Eaters of the other team also started taunting her. A hundred messages appeared next to the bonfire, which had Herring left. The Dream Eaters of both teams had begun arguing because they were too free and bored.

Herring walked to the mist door alone. She took a deep breath and relaxed her body, then walked into the battlefield where Iudex Gundyr was.

There was still blood around Gundyr; it belonged to the other Dream Eaters after they died. This time again, Gundyr walked towards Herring with heavy footsteps with a halberd in its hand.

“I hope I’ll be able to see the creator of this nightmare after killing you! I want to pay him back for all the torture I’ve suffered here!”

Under a clear sound of metal cracking, the dagger in Herring’s hand split in half, and beams of breathtaking red light were released from the surface of the dagger.

Gundyr let out a high-spirited roar and rushed towards this intruder, who was determined to challenge it for a second time.

In a Nightmare Dungeon, there were no more than single digits of guardians with self-consciousness; there was probably only one in a Level S Nightmare Dungeon. No matter how powerful the other guardians were, they were at most beings with consciousness similar to that of a beast.

However, Iudex Gundyr in front of her was definitely a powerhouse with peerless valor who had fought hundreds of wars on the battlefield.

So, at this moment, this powerful Iudex Gundyr was like the last trump card of the Dream Maker of Battle Royale in Herring’s mind. Once she beat it, the nightmare would end, and she would be able to see the Dream Maker behind it, fulfilling her wish.

Don’t you try to run once I kill this guy!

Herring swung the daggers in her hands and fiercely slashed at Gundyr’s armor!

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