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Senior Xia Lian opened her eyes wide in the Nightmare Dungeon. She was vigilant about all possible movements around her.

This was her first time in a Level S Nightmare Dungeon. The most dangerous Nightmare Dungeon she had explored before was only a Level B Nightmare Dungeon.

There was a monster with a human face and a cow body in that Level B Nightmare Dungeon. Before she could react, she had already been crushed to pieces.

Even though she didn’t have the qualifications to be a Dream Explorer, she knew that she must be alert right after entering a Nightmare Dungeon. She had to keep an eye on all possible harm that came from any angle.

However, the first thing she saw when she opened her eyes wasn’t a monster in the Nightmare Dungeon. It was a girl with mint green hair.

This girl looked beautiful, but Xia Lian was certain that she was definitely not a character in “The Giant and The Little Bee.”

Willa looked at this woman with black hair and black eyes, who seemed to have a strong personality. She greeted her very carefully.

She used Chinese to greet the woman.

Willa had been eating chicken with Xiao Zhou lately, so she had learned quite a lot of Chinese words. For example, she had mastered sentences like “Pull me, pull me,” “I’ve used up all my medicines,” “Give me some bullet,” and “Help” in Chinese.

Of course, that also included “Hello.”

“Are you a fan who came into this Nightmare Dungeon because of the joint event with ‘The Giant and The Little Bee?’”

Xia Lian replied to Willa directly in English. Her English had passed level 6, and she had practiced spoken English for a while. It wasn’t a problem for her to communicate in English with Willa.

“Yes! You… seem to be Screenwriter Xia of season two! Screenwriter Xia, I really like those episodes in the Royal Garden you wrote.”

Willa recognized Xia Lian at once. It was rare for a screenwriter behind the scenes like her to be recognized by the fans. It seemed that she really liked the parts that Xia Lian wrote.

This was the first time Xia Lian met her own fan. She felt a bit embarrassed.

While Willa was about to chat with Xia Lian, some clanging sounds of heavy armor came from afar. Willa and Xia Lian were tense like frightened deers as they watched the two people, one tall and one short, walk over from far away.

The tall one was wearing silver armor and a light blue short cloak with a helmet on his head. Even though the helmet didn’t have a visor, Xia Lian couldn’t see his face clearly.

The short one was a woman with a mask… Xia Lian soon sensed that these two people were her children, the giant and the little bee, which was the human girl.

“You…” Xia Lian’s greeting was left hanging in the air.

Willa had run to that human girl first and said while grabbing the girl’s hands, “Your clothes look wonderful! Are they new clothes for season three? Is season three finally about stories in the war?”

When Willa saw the outfit on the human girl, the glitters in her eyes were about to flash out.

This scared the human girl a bit. She looked at her stepmother next to Willa with a plea for help in her eyes.

Xia Lian pulled Willa, this fan who was a bit obsessed with the characters, away from her child a bit speechlessly.

“This is the outfit her character in Dark Souls wears. Yana, tell this… lady about the role you play in Dark Souls,” said Xia Lian.

“Yes… Mother, I think I’m supposed to call you Ashen One here.”

The human girl took off the mask on her face and put it on her chest to give Willa a simple greeting.

“I’m Lord’s Blade Ciaran in this world. Although this is my main role, I still have to play the Dancer of Boreal Valley, Sirris of the Sunless Realms, and many other characters due to a large number of invaders, which lead to a lack of manpower… in order to resist the invasion from our enemies.”

Xia Lian listened to the human girl’s gentle and slightly cool voice and looked at her elegant and quiet temperament. A kind of “my-daughter-is-great” pride rose in her heart.

“You mean you still have other outfits? Can I have a look? I want to see your new clothes!” Willa put her focus in a completely wrong place.

The human girl looked at Willa closely. She suddenly remembered that Willa was one of the fans who watched the drama and liked to collect all the new clothes she had. She didn’t hate this kind of fan, but…

“You just need to explore more content in the world of Dark Souls and defeat more guardians to see the other characters I play.” The human girl showed her evil side at this moment.

She didn’t forget that her job was to lure more people for Qiu Ren—no, to recruit more Ashen Ones to step on the firelink journey for her Lord of Nightmare.

For Willa, her motivation right now was probably unlocking new outfits on the human girl?

“You mentioned an invasion just now.” Xia Lian was more concerned about the situation her two children were in at the moment.

“We’re amid a war! Our main enemies came from Superhero World. Ashen Ones, are you here to help us this time?”

She put on the mask again. Yana then grabbed Xia Lian and Willa’s hands gently and asked them with a begging voice.

“Of course! Let alone Superhero World! With me, the invincible Willa, here, even if the Northern European Gods and Greek Gods came, I can knock them down!”

Willa was so confident, and there was a reason for that. Although she mainly did live broadcasts on healing-type games, she also appeared on the PVP battlefields in the major Superhero World games all year round.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t be so “good” at shooting with an HK 416.

So, when Willa heard that they were invaders from Superhero World, weren’t they the people she always beat? And they even dared to come to the home of her Superior Super Rare Character? They were digging their own graves!

Xia Lian could sense the human girl chuckle after hearing what Willa said, but she put away her smile very quickly. She wasn’t in a mood to joke because of the serious situation right now.

As a mother, she couldn’t just watch her kids being beaten by someone.

The giant, who had been next to the human girl, knelt before Willa and Xia Lian. He took out two badges with an old wolf head engraved on them.

The giant wasn’t good at expressing himself, but what he wanted to say had already been written in the description on that badge.

Xia Lian and Willa took the badges with a wolf head engraved on the surface. Then, a long description appeared in front of their eyes.

“The Watchdogs of Farron Covenant

“The proof of the Covenant of Artorias the Abysswalker and also the team badge of the Undead Legion of Farron

“The Undead Legion of Farron are warriors that follow the footsteps of Artorias and hunt in the Abyss and distortion. They share wolf blood to pledge.

“With this pledge, the harm caused by their death will be swallowed by their master.

“There’s a limit on the number of swallows per day.

“When the invaders get near to the Farron Keep, you have the responsibility to turn into pledged spirits and hunt down the invaders.

“You can offer the ‘Wolf’s Blood Swordgrass’ from the invaders to your master to alleviate the harm they suffer.”

“The Undead… Legion of Farron?” Xia Lian was a bit shy when she read this name.

The human girl pointed behind herself. There, a group of people with pointed helmets and huge swords had suddenly appeared out of thin air.

“These characters are one of the main nightmare guardians in the Nightmare Dungeon. Since they don’t have enough manpower right now, Alta’s consciousness will be attached to this nightmare to fight with the invaders when they come.”

“They look handsome! Is this outfit one of our initial equipment when we go inside?”

Willa walked around the members of the Undead Legion of Farron, scratching their cloaks with her hand, feeling their leather armors, and finally standing on her toes to touch their pointed helmets.

Not only Willa but the viewers gathering in the live broadcast were also exclaiming in the real-time comments on the pop-up screen after the Undead Legion of Farron showed up…

“The outfit is really awesome… I want to make it in reality for cosplay.”

“Do we get that just by going into the Nightmare Dungeon of Dark Souls? Or must we choose to connect ‘The Giant and The Little Bee?’”

“The Dragonslayer Armor in the game when it’s connected to ‘Lion Heart Workplace’ is also awesome! And the Wolf Knight Set the giant is wearing, I think you can also find it in the game!”

The Dark Souls experts jumped in at the right time. They started introducing the good-looking sets of outfits in Dark Souls to those interested viewers in the live broadcast.

“Do you have any other particularly impressive equipment, magic, or swords? If you give me all the huge swords they’re holding, I can guarantee you that I’ll crush those invaders!”

What Willa cared more about right now was whether this joint event would give her any divine weapons.

“Ashen One, you can’t completely control the Farron Greatsword with your ability value right now. When you become stronger in the world of Dark Souls, you’ll certainly be able to get familiar with using this huge sword.”

The human girl told Willa in a very subtle way that there was no way she could release all the power of the Farron Greatsword at all with her weak ability value.

While she spoke, she handed two swords and two shields to Willa and Xia Lian.

“Lastly, welcome to the Undead Legion of Farron. However, the welcome ceremony may have to be postponed. The enemies have started to invade again. We’ll meet in the world of Dark Souls when there’s a chance,” said the human girl.

“Alright! Let me reach a higher level! I’ll beat those invaders up for you!”

Willa struck an “I-am-super-fierce” pose again. Before Xia Lian could ask about how her children were doing, the two of them had already been thrown into separate unnamed graves.

They started their journey as trainees of the Undead Legion of Farron.

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