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Would there really be invaders who could destroy this world?

Willa sat next to the bonfire with her arms around her legs. She stared at the square far away, where Iudex Gundyr stood guard, with dull eyes while mumbling weirdly from her mouth.

This was already the 17th time she was killed by Gundyr.

Ever since she entered this Nightmare Dungeon, she had been speaking arrogantly, saying that she could definitely complete the level. However, Gundyr chased after her and made her run all over the map countless times. In the end, she lost her mind and started talking nonsense next to the bonfire.

She didn’t really think that anyone would still want to invade this Nightmare Dungeon with such a horrifying nightmare guardian here!

Gundyr was the most unreasonable guardian she had met since she started playing dream games.

Its rate of fault tolerance was so low that it drove Willa crazy.

She was quite a good player when she played all kinds of action dream games before. She was even an elite in games related to Superhero World.

And now, she was pressed on the ground and beaten up by Iudex Gundyr like a newb.

“Isn’t the boss’s desire to attack too strong? Did Willa kill its mother or father… It keeps making sets of attacks and never stops beating Willa. Even if it’s hurt, it can kill Willa with at most three slashes. Is this a difficulty that normal people can play?”

“I witnessed another live streamer being tortured to madness by Gundyr.”

“Willa, let’s go eat chicken. Don’t make yourself suffer anymore.”

Willa looked at the real-time comments that flowed across the live broadcast with a blank expression.

Right! It’s almost time for the ban on chicken-eating live broadcasts to be lifted.

Apart from being tortured, Willa truly couldn’t feel a trace of fun in this Nightmare Dungeon.

She was so exhausted that she wanted to leave this Nightmare Dungeon right away. She might never ever come back again.

She wasn’t afraid of dying. She simply didn’t have any motivation to enter again.

However, those taunting real-time comments struck a blow at Willa’s self-esteem. She wasn’t willing to end it like this…

But suddenly, a few notifications appeared before her eyes.

“Detected an intruder, Herring, in the Farron Keep.”

“You will be summoned to Herring’s world as a member of the Undead Legion of Farron.”

“Please prepare to fight!”

What was going on? Wait… Was she finally going to fight with the invaders who bullied her Superior Super Rare Character?

“There’s finally some fun!”

Willa shot to her feet next to the bonfire and felt spirited in an instant. If she couldn’t deal with this nightmare guardian, did it mean she also couldn’t kill those invaders who were players?

That was totally impossible!

“Herring, why do I feel like this name is a bit familiar?”

But a worrying real-time comment flashed across the screen.

Despite seeing it, Willa didn’t think too much. She was summoned to the Farron Keep, which was covered with a swamp.

After she regained her senses, she saw Xia Lian, who was also summoned as a Watchdog of Farron.

Xia Lian should have expected that she might have to fight alongside Willa. She didn’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing, though.

Before she was summoned here, Xia Lian had also been tortured by Gundyr a dozen times, which made her lose all the confidence in her mind.

Xia Lian scanned her surroundings. She soon noticed a skinny monster that was way taller than her… standing next to her.

Seeing this strange creature, Xia Lian’s first reaction was to raise the sword in her hand and point at it.

However, this monster didn’t have the intention to attack her. Instead, it stretched out its finger and pointed far away…

The sound of blades slashing through flesh came from afar. Xia Lian followed the sound and noticed that a person had cut off the head of a monster with the daggers in her hands.

Is that the invader of this Nightmare Dungeon? The bastard who bullies my children? 

Xia Lian and Willa looked at each other and started inching toward that person while holding a shield in their hands.

Herring cut off the head of the Hollow in front of her, then took out a purple moss clump for curing poisons and put it in her mouth.

The Farron Keep was surrounded by poisonous swamps. Herring would enter a poisoned state after walking on the mud for a period of time. Moreover, the monsters inside were disgusting.

But luckily, she was closer and closer to that powerful nightmare consciousness.

She only needed to go a bit further. Then, she would be able to kill a powerful nightmare consciousness with her own hands, giving its power to the superhero she admired, Dark Side.

“‘Summer’ from the Undead Legion of Farron has been summoned to your world”

“‘Vxxa’ from the Undead Legion of Farron has been summoned to your world”

The Undead Legion of Farron?

Herring remembered this was the name of the nightmare guardians of this region. It seemed that they couldn’t wait anymore, so they chose to fight with her earlier?

Herring felt her spirit surging.

However, when she saw two members of the “Undead Legion of Farron” with shields in their hands walking towards her, the excited expression on her face immediately cooled down.

“Have I met you somewhere?”

Herring looked at Willa next to Xia Lian. Willa wasn’t wearing a helmet, and she had her signature mint green long hair waving in the air.

Herring recognized this member of the Undead Legion of Farron at first sight. The girl was the target of her last mission and also… the person who caused her mission to fail.

“Have… you?” Willa also found the person in front of her a bit familiar.

Willa didn’t recognize her, but the viewers in Willa’s live broadcast remembered who Herring was.

“It’s really Herring Remien! The chief assassin of Dark Side! Willa, run! I heard that she’s a member of the Dream Eaters. If she’s here, it means that the Dream Eaters are on an invasion mission! You’ll be killed if you get yourself involved too deeply!”

“The Dream… Dream Eaters?”

Willa also saw this real-time comment. She certainly knew who the Dream Eaters were. This was like hearing that she broke into the scene where the FBI was arresting a wanted criminal when she was playing games.

The FBI had the right to shoot her on the spot!

A cold voice came behind Willa. Herring had sped to the back of Willa in a blink…

Willa didn’t care about face anymore. Her survival instinct made her roll into the mud and escape Herring’s deadly attack.

When Herring wanted to continue to chase after Willa and kill her, Xia Lian on the side rushed towards her with a shield.

She wasn’t afraid of the Dream Eaters… but Herring crouched down first.

She stabbed her dagger into a gap in Xia Lian’s armor from the bottom, while another dagger directly cut off Xia Lian’s hand holding the shield.

The pain assailed Xia Lian’s senses. The pain wasn’t simulated 100%; it was like when her pinky finger hit the corner of a table. Herring’s push after she pulled out the dagger made Xia Lian lose her balance and fall to the ground.

Herring looked at Xia Lian, who was lying on the ground, and said in disappointment, “You’re not the nightmare guardian of this region. It seems that you’re just a normal person who accidentally came into this Nightmare Dungeon… And you call yourself a member of the Undead Legion of Farron?”

Herring took a step forward. She was just about to end Senior Xia Lian’s life, but a firepot underneath her feet exploded.

Willa rolled out of the mud and stood between Xia Lian and Herring with a sword and a shield. Her body was trembling slightly.

“I… I am… a… member of the Undead Legion of Farron… Anyway… Don’t come any closer!”

There was a tremor in Willa’s voice right now. The screen of the live broadcast was also full of questions like “Noooo! What are you doing?”

“Willa, stop playing! You’ll truly be in great trouble if you provoke the Dream Eaters!”

The real-time comments warned Willa not to fight against an official mafia like the Dream Eaters.

Willa was indeed terrified. Herring didn’t hesitate either. She was ready to end the lives of these two trainees of the Undead Legion of Farron.

Seeing Herring suddenly speed towards her, Willa’s last drop of spirit evaporated. She sat on the ground a bit messily, waiting for the blade to cut her throat open.

Sparks splattered everywhere.

A “YOU DIE” notification didn’t appear before Willa’s eyes but a person wearing a pointed helmet and a dark red cloak instead. At this moment, that person stood in front of her, blocking Herring’s slash with the huge sword in her hands!

When the person slashed Herring with the dagger in another hand, Herring immediately took a few steps backward…

“The real Undead Legion of Farron?”

“That person looks handsome even from the back! I really want to order a set of outfits like that in reality.”

Willa glanced at the real-time comments flashing before her eyes. Wasn’t this a bad time to think about whether that person was handsome or not?

“I can’t believe a nightmare consciousness would step up and protect humans. That’s truly rare.”

Herring looked at this real member of the Undead Legion of Farron in front of her.

But the other party didn’t care about what Herring said. She turned around and glanced at Xia Lian and Willa.

“Ashen One… As a nightmare guardian, I shouldn’t call you that. My comrade or mother… Are you alright?”

The voice of the member of the Undead Legion of Farron belonged to that human girl who had talked to them before. Her consciousness was attached to a member of the Undead Legion of Farron.

When she felt that her stepmother and the fangirl were about to be killed by this invader, Herring, she couldn’t help but step up. She blocked the deadly attack for the two of them.

“We’re fine… Just, just…” Willa wanted to say something, but Herring interrupted her.

“You lure ordinary people into this Nightmare Dungeon to be your cannon fodder after your source of power is blocked? This is really a pretty good decision.”

Herring glanced at the two of them on the ground.

“She’s not cannon fodder! She’s a member of the Undead Legion of Farron, my comrade!” The human girl didn’t seem to be ashamed when she said these words.

“Your comrade? How long do you think she can survive in this torturing Nightmare Dungeon? One day? Two days… You’re a nightmare that feeds on human lives! We must eliminate our enemies! Why would you still imagine that people would be willing to stand with the Lord of Nightmare?”

Crimson glitters lit up again on the two daggers in Herring’s hands…

“A nightmare must be defeated by a hero. That’s the best ending.”

“If you want to see our King, you’ll have to defeat us first! Starting from the Undead Legion of Farron, then to every member of the Darkmoon Knights and the Silver Knights who guard the kingdom… We’ll keep standing in your way until we die!”

The human girl raised the huge sword in her hand and pointed it at Herring, making a special gesture of the Undead Legion of Farron before her.

“Then, I can only kill you all, the guardians in this Nightmare Dungeon and the cannon fodders that stand in our way!”

While Herring was talking, Willa was already so terrified that she froze right there. Xia Lian, next to her, still struggled and tried to get up.

And yet, the human girl stopped her.

“Mother! Take that girl out of this dream quickly. You… can’t help us anymore right now!”

“But…” While Willa was trying to say something to her, the human girl turned around. She took off her pointed helmet and the mask on her face.

Her dazzling blonde hair and a delicate, holy face with a bit of dust were shown in front of Willa and all the viewers in the live broadcast. Her smile had a sorrow that couldn’t be repressed.

“The next time we meet, if we still have the chance, the next time… If we can still meet in the dream, I’ll show you all the clothes you want to see.”

Huh? Then, I want to see. I want to see… 

Before Willa could voice what she wanted to say, she was kicked out of the world. The scene of the monster rushing towards the hero while howling was imprinted into her memory before everything in front of her eyes vanished.

And as a monster reserve, a trainee of the Undead Legion of Farron, she couldn’t… do anything to help.

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