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As Qiu Ren expected… After Willa started a live broadcast in Dark Souls, the number of her viewers began to rise slowly. The audience had already started to become curious about the Nightmare Dungeon of Dark Souls.

Qiu Ren thought Twitch would ban the contents of Dark Souls as well.

However, the popularity of live broadcasts of Dark Souls wasn’t as high as Qiu Ren had imagined. He searched over the entire live broadcast page, but only Willa was doing a live broadcast in the game.

Willa’s live broadcast lasted for around three hours. After being trounced by the Lothric Knight consecutively, the number of Willa’s deaths exceeded the limit that the Watchdogs of Farron Covenant could bear today.

This was a protection mechanism Qiu Ren set for the children of that Lord of Nightmare.

When the players died more than twenty to thirty times, the “pain” and “harm” their Covenant could devour would gradually reduce. They would need one to three days to recover.

Of course, players could choose to endure the death penalty of the Nightmare Dungeon and keep exploring.

Willa also chose the second option and continued her exploration. She only ended the live broadcast when she felt that her body and consciousness couldn’t take it anymore.

After the broadcast, she had to consider the suggestion to “go around” the Celestial Empire made by Cheems, which was Qiu Ren.

When the only live broadcast of Dark Souls on Twitch ended, the viewers in the live broadcast, who hadn’t seen the live streamer suffer enough, were unwilling to leave after a long time.

“Are there any other live streamers who are doing live broadcasts in the Nightmare Dungeon of Dark Souls?”

“If you really want to see, you should go and play the game yourself. Didn’t you say that you’d protect Miss Yana’s lace sheer maid outfit?”

“I’m already playing. So, who else is doing a live broadcast in Dark Souls? Send me the link to the live broadcast.”

Qiu Ren looked at those thirsty “cloud players” in Willa’s live broadcast. He pondered for a while and glanced at his account with the ID, Cheems.

The procedure of becoming a live streamer on Twitch was straightforward. Qiu Ren spent less than three minutes passing the review.

Next, Qiu Ren connected his laptop to a device that monitored the internal situation inside the Nightmare Dungeon.

Qiu Ren had a look at the number of people online in “Dark Souls.” There weren’t a lot of players, only 1121.

Among these 1121 people, one-third were invaders from the Dream Eaters, the Cherry Blossoms, the Purifier, and the Gray Snake. They were the vanguard storming the fortifications of the nightmare guardians around the world of Dark Souls.

They were the strongest strategy teams, extremely high-level players with speedrun as their goal.

Qiu Ren soon found the one with the fastest progress among these invaders, the Captain of Team T of the Dream Eaters, Herring.

She had been fighting with the Undead Legion of Farron for almost four hours. Meanwhile, Herring was able to enter stage two with the Undead Legion of Farron.

However, when Qiu Ren watched her fight, perhaps she had felt that evil energy from the Far East. She was immediately split in half by the Undead Legion of Farron in the state of the Lords of Cinder, using swords burning with flames.

When Herring was reborn next to the bonfire again, she coughed out a huge amount of blood. Apparently, her body had started to have problems.

The intruders were all invading Dark Souls with their lives. When Qiu Ren observed the invaders from other forces, he discovered that they were all taking turns to fight.

And yet, Herring invaded the dungeon by herself from the beginning until now. Even her comrades might not be able to understand why she persisted in completing the levels with her life.

But the viewers in the live broadcast understood!

Herring’s tactics were fascinating to watch… Qiu Ren even wanted to give her awards after seeing her fight with the Undead Legion of Farron several times.

So, after pondering for a while, Qiu Ren decided to share this live broadcast that was full of hope to more viewers.

“‘The Dream Eaters, Herring’s, Dark Souls Live Broadcast World Premiere, Tutorial on the Beginning Route!”

Qiu Ren tapped on the keyboard and entered the title of this live broadcast. Right now, he didn’t care whether Herring would come looking for him anymore.

The most important thing was to maintain the popularity of Dark Souls on the live broadcast platform. Herring’s glorious battle with the Undead Legion of Farron was undoubtedly the best choice to entertain the viewers, who were fed up with Willa’s lousy operation.

Qiu Ren put the footage of Herring fighting with the Undead Legion of Farron on the live broadcast.

After Qiu Ren finished dealing with the matter, he returned to Willa’s live broadcast and shared the link to his live broadcast with the others.

Since the account, Cheems, Qiu Ren used was a huge financial backer to Willa’s live broadcast, the online management couldn’t ban Qiu Ren right away. After advertising in Willa’s live broadcast, Qiu Ren started using the authority and fundings he got from the Central Research Institute to do everything he could to promote his live broadcast on Twitch.

Qiu Ren’s promotions and redirecting of audiences worked like a charm. People started to come from Willa’s live broadcast one after another. At the same time, the other viewers on Twitch were also attracted here.

However, what truly made them willing to stay and watch… was the footage where the Undead Legion of Farron in the state of the Lords of Cinder jumped into the sky with huge swords in their hands, slashing at Herring.

Herring moved forward, tilted her body to the side, and slid to dodge this oppressive attack. The fire on the great swords scorched the ground and spread to the surroundings.

And yet, Herring’s slide had widened their distance extremely precisely. She then took another step forward and slashed the neck of that nightmare guardian with the daggers in her hands.

Her slash took one-tenth of the Health Points of the Undead Legion of Farron in the state of the Lords of Cinder. Herring didn’t become greedy after the successful attack. She quickly stepped back and dodged the sweep of the large swords of her enemies.

Herring’s way of dancing on the sword’s edge and her battle performance under tremendous pressure caught the eyes of every viewer in the live broadcast.

“I thought this was clickbait before I came in, but the live streamer is really strong! She’s countless times more powerful than that green-haired girl I watched during the day.”

“The Abyss Watchers, everyone on the 2AG forum is talking about this nightmare guardian, but I’ve never seen anyone reach this point. With their strength, is there really someone who can beat them?”

The answer was yes. Herring fought with the Undead Legion of Farron in the state of the Lords of Cinder for almost six hours and finally defeated them.

The moment the Undead Legion of Farron fell down, the excitement in the live broadcast also reached a crescendo…

At this moment, Herring was indulging in the joy of victory. She raised her hands high, as if she was trying to celebrate with someone, but… there was nobody around her, except for the bodies of the Undead Legion of Farron.

Even though countless words of celebration and encouragement and real-time comments saying that they wanted to keep watching Herring play flashed across the live broadcast, Herring, who was in the Nightmare Dungeon, couldn’t see them at all.

Herring had reached a state of exhaustion. Although she wanted to keep exploring, she fell to the ground. It seemed she was forcibly pulled out of this Nightmare Dungeon by someone after she walked a few steps towards the next region, the Catacombs of Carthus.

“It’s over? I just prepared some popcorn. Am I too late?”

“Who else is doing a live broadcast in Dark Souls?”

However, the viewers in the live broadcast didn’t seem to have had enough. While Qiu Ren was thinking if he should show them the invasion progress of the others, more and more live broadcasts on Dark Souls gradually appeared on Twitch.

Qiu Ren even saw a live broadcast called “‘The Cherry Blossoms Nightmare Strategy Team’ Level S Nightmare Dungeon, Dark Souls, Live Broadcast Premiere…”

Qiu Ren clicked to have a look out of curiosity and found that… they seemed to be the members of the Cherry Blossoms.

Their live broadcast wasn’t created just now. However, suddenly starting the live broadcast today made it look like they were provoking the other invaders.

The existence of Dream Dungeons infinitely raised the importance of movies, drama series, and games to the governments of countries around the world.

And the status of the entertainment of live broadcasts also rose.

So, existence like the Dream Eaters, which was an official organization in their own country and a terrorist organization in the others, also had an official account on Twitch.

The Cherry Blossoms was a nightmare invasion organization that was active at the forefront of the live broadcast industry. They had official accounts on multiple live broadcast platforms.

Such live broadcasts on the invasion of a Nightmare Dungeon were mostly used to promote the Dream Dungeons that supported them. They would attract more players to get in, increasing the power of the Dream Dungeons Worlds.

Unfortunately, their progress was slower than Herring’s. They were still being beaten up by the Undead Legion of Farron at the first stage at the moment.

The viewers coming from Qiu Ren’s live broadcast all said that this member from the Cherry Blossoms was too weak.

However, this wasn’t something Qiu Ren cared about. The popularity of Dark Souls was steadily rising around the whole world. The Dream Eaters should feel threatened right now.

The invasion battle would definitely end with the dream or nightmare of one party being devoured.

So, a passive defense wouldn’t be able to frighten them at all.

What Qiu Ren needed now was time. As long as the Lord of Nightmare got enough power with Dark Souls, nobody could be certain who would be swallowed in the end!

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