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The hero would certainly come to save them!

However, the superhero they admired was in a deep crisis.

Even though the Lord of Nightmare from Dark Souls hadn’t fully recovered yet, its combat strength couldn’t be underestimated.

Its children had absorbed a massive amount of energy from fans worldwide using their drama series over the years.

Meanwhile, they were here in Dark Side’s server in the form of the bosses of the Dark Souls series. They beat up Dark Side’s players, who were resurrected using krypton gold, and made them crawl all over the ground.

Dark Side was getting tired of dealing with these Lords of Cinder and the Four Knights Of Gwyn under their command. Chaos Witch Quelaag and the monsters from the Abyss that rushed out of the world of Dark Souls could not be forgotten either…

While Dark Side was fighting with these nightmare consciousnesses, he soon felt that his connection with the few thousand contractors under him was cut off.

Dream consciousnesses had different attitudes towards their own contractors and fans. Some only considered them as the source of food, but most were willing to treat them as friends.

Dark Side treated his contractors as… comrades and students that needed protection. Fans who played in the game world were people that he must protect.

Although the Dream Eaters were under the command of the American government and had done a lot of shady things under the table, Dark Side still treated and trained every one of the Dream Eaters as students he was most proud of.

Among them, Herring was the student he was most satisfied with.

When the Dream Eaters died during an invasion of a nightmare, the only thing Dark Side could do was mourn. But now, his students might be trapped inside that Nightmare Dungeon!

Dark Side couldn’t just pretend not to see it. However, there were more people who needed his protection here. He could only use a hint of his consciousness to ask his main universe, the Level SS Dream Seed, Superhero World, for help.

Superhero World, Dark Side hadn’t returned to his home for a long time.

The reason he was created was that his creators wanted him to plunder and devour other Dream Seeds in the name of justice.

Ever since the Dream Eaters were established, Dark Side had devoured countless Nightmare Seeds, giving these powers to his main universe, Superhero World.

Dark Side himself also became more and more contaminated by the nightmares.

And now, he was a dark shadow behind the light among this group of superheroes who were releasing thousands of feet of light. He was so dark that even his kind repelled him.

After so many years, Dark Side had now returned to his home… to the base of superheroes, the headquarters of the Supernova League.

“Seik! I need your help. Enemies from the abyss have trapped my students.”

Dark Side lifted his head and looked at the person with blonde hair and bright eyes standing at the highest spot of the headquarters.

He was the most popular and the most powerful hero in Superhero World and also the first superhero created, Supernova!

Supernova was the symbol of the entire United States, just like Superman of DC was the representative figure of the word superhero.

“Your students? Your students have already been prepared to sacrifice themselves for nightmare purifications since the moment they joined the Dream Eaters. You should have gotten used to it a long time ago…” said Supernova.

“But they’re still alive!” Dark Side glanced at the other superheroes in the headquarters and yelled, “Let Honey and Misuri help me save those people who are trapped inside the nightmare.”

Honey and Misuri Dark Side mentioned were two pretty popular heroes. Honey was a new generation hero that Supernova Pictures had created. A while ago, his personal movie swept the box office after being released worldwide and became the most outstanding movie at the time.

Honey was a bit interested in the invitation from his senior, Dark Side. He had never participated in any battles that were truly cruel… like the invasion of a nightmare.

New heroes always had an extremely strong desire to show their strength, but Supernova raised his hand and stopped Honey’s action.

“You’re the only one who can deal with this nightmare purification battle, Roy… If any of us interferes, the other party won’t just sit there. It will devolve into a free fight, causing a much larger disaster!”

The “other party” Supernova talked about was that Level SS Dream Seed that guarded the Celestial Empire.

Right now, the Great Sage was turning a blind eye to the invasion of this nightmare. Nightmares weren’t in the area of his protection.

The Great Sage would only step up when the Dream Eaters went after the Dream Makers behind the nightmares. If the other worlds of superheroes also participated in the fight over this Nightmare Seed, the Great Sage might not be the only one who would fight back. The Generals of the Heavenly Court wouldn’t just turn a blind eye either.

When two out of the only three Level SS Dream Seeds in the world went into war, a huge disaster would be brought to all the dream worlds. It wouldn’t do any good to both parties.

“You mean… I should just watch my students get swallowed by a nightmare?” Dark Side asked loudly.

“The training period of a Dream Eater is around one to two years. If we mobilize soldiers from a professional army, it’ll be even faster. If you really need manpower so badly, I can mobilize a part of my Supernova Guards for you.”

What Supernova meant was already clear. Those Dream Eaters didn’t deserve to be saved at all. It only took a year or two to train a few hundred Dream Eaters again.

However, if Superhero World and the Celestial Empire went into war, the heroes nurtured by the Supernova League would be the ones suffering a loss.

“Train? Mobilize? Do you really think you’re God? Seik!”

Dark Side couldn’t bear to listen anymore. He pointed at Supernova, who was standing at the top, and shouted, “They’re all fans who like superheroes! Our followers! People who created us… If your creator was still alive, he would be very disappointed with your current decision!”

Dark Side’s words immediately touched the chip on Supernova’s shoulder.

In a blink, an electric light that looked like thunderbolts appeared in Supernova’s eyes. He clenched his fists in the air, and invisible energy immediately grabbed Dark Side’s neck, lifting him up.

“How my creators think of me isn’t something you can judge!”

Supernova slightly lost control of his emotions and said to Dark Side, “You should abandon all the Dream Eaters who entered that nightmare right now. They were born for this. Dying in the nightmare is their job! Put all your energy on resisting the nightmare consciousnesses that are invading you!”

“That’s impossible… Honey, Misuri, Sun, Trom… As superheroes, aren’t you supposed to go and save those helpless people right now?”

“Helpless people? Your Dream Eaters aren’t helpless people. They’re all executioners who destroy other people’s dreams, and you are the person who trains those executioners. Recognize your identity! You were never a superhero!”

Supernova’s words aroused the nightmare emotions hidden in Dark Side’s mind. In an instant, a lot of black shadows suddenly surged out behind him.

These black shadows even blocked Supernova’s energy that held Dark Side’s neck, causing him to fall on the ground. He covered his chest and fought with the nightmare consciousnesses on his body with difficulty.

He gradually turned ferocious, but the left corner of his mouth couldn’t help but lift.

“Then… Who made me like this…”

Half of Dark Side’s body was enveloped by the nightmares that devoured him. He raised his head and looked at the superior superheroes, who seemed to be glowing before his eyes.

“Was it you? Or the greed hiding in your minds… Answer me! Seik!”

Supernova had had enough of Dark Side’s endless provocations of his authority. A golden arc flashed through his hands. He clenched his fists again and wanted to kick Dark Side out of Superhero World.

However, this golden arc was swept away by the nightmares surging out of Dark Side’s body. Dark Side used all his sanity to suppress the torrent of nightmares running rampant in his body.

He covered the left side of his face. Even though he was still sane, he couldn’t help but yell at these superheroes…

“I curse you! I curse all of you!”

Dark Side’s voice resounded in the entire meeting room of the Supernova League. Supernova didn’t let him yell again and directly destroyed Dark Side’s projection with his power.

“The nightmare consciousness sealed inside his body seems to have lost control?” the only heroine in the Supernova League, Misuri, said anxiously.

“Don’t be too worried, dear.”

Another voice sounded in the meeting room. The Chief Dream Maker of Supernova Pictures and one of their current creators, Mr. Joe Finn, was visiting this Dream Dungeon.

The arrival of this Chief Dream Maker sent these heroes in silence for a while.

“The performance of the movie ‘Dark Side’ at the box office was pretty bad at the beginning of its release. And now, his popularity is the lowest among all of you. If the Dream Eaters’ plan fails this time, he may be shelved. We’ll then reset him with a new script and character image. It’s just that we still don’t have a good idea right now.”

What the Chief Dream Maker said made the heroes show a weird expression on their faces, especially when they heard the word “reset.”

For the dream consciousness, if a Dream Maker wanted to reset a dream, it would be like wiping their personality and memory. This was something any wise dream consciousness didn’t want to encounter! However, Nightmare Seeds that devoured people’s lives wouldn’t be affected at all. If a Dream Maker did this to a Lord of Nightmare, he would have to be prepared that the Lord of Nightmare would swallow all conscious living creatures in the surroundings.

“You don’t have to worry about it. As the members of the Supernova League, you’re all the most popular superheroes in the movie industry… and even in our country. Honey, come here… It has been confirmed that your first movie performed very well at the box office. Let’s talk about the plot of your second movie.”

Mr. Joe Finn waved at the youngest member of the Supernova League. This young hero jumped right down and landed next to his creator.

“Mr. Joe Finn, by resetting, do you mean making a whole new movie for Mr. Dark Side?”

He was curious about what resetting meant. This young hero quite admired a hero design like Dark Side, who faced his heart towards the light even if he was in the dark.

“Yes… We’ll film a new production for him. It’s just that Dark Side’s dark tone and personality aren’t quite suitable for the current market. Honey, don’t worry about it… What do you think about filming the next movie in Europe? Are you interested in sightseeing around London? You have a lot of fans in Europe.”

This Chief Dream Maker was like a competent manager. He left with this young hero.

“Seik… I felt like there was something wrong with Roy when he left.”

That heroine said to Supernova next to her. Dark Side’s appearance before leaving made her a bit worried.

“Something wrong? Even if he really loses control, what can he do? Dark Side, Roy, was born with you and me, but he has only one movie, while you have three popular movies and two independent drama series dedicated to you. You have an overwhelming advantage in the number of followers all over the world.”

Supernova didn’t understand why this heroine was worried.

“Even if Mr. Joe Finn and the other Dream Makers at Supernova Pictures reset Dark Side and create a new movie for him, it’s impossible for his popularity to surpass yours by relying on a single movie.”

Supernova’s words were met with approval from the other heroes here.

Even if the Dream Media Company that created them really used a large number of resources in resetting Dark Side’s movie and put everything they had to advertise it around the world, Dark Side’s popularity still couldn’t possibly surpass that of the old heroes in a short period.

Besides, Supernova Pictures weren’t so foolish. The genre of Dark Side’s dream wasn’t suitable for the current market. Youthful and spirited new generation heroes like Honey the Flash were all the rage in the market right now.

So, even if Dark Side lost control, it was still a problem whether he could beat the new generation heroes of the Supernova League.

“Go back to your own world to save those followers who want to be saved by you. With Mr. Joe Finn as an anchor here, I feel like another one of our kind will be coming soon,” said Supernova.

The heroes of the Supernova League returned to their own worlds one by one, devoting themselves to the great cause of “saving” their worlds… Only this would please the “creators” who admired them.