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A Level S Dream Seed was at least half a man tall, so when Dark Side came to the Central Research Institute using Lian the Lord of Nightmare as the medium, Qiu Ren couldn’t hide it at all.

The substance that formed Dream Seeds in the real world was still a mystery until now.

However, Level S Dream Seeds and Nightmare Seeds could produce low-level Dream Seeds through some kind of method, like the Dream Seeds Tapir gave to Battle Royale players.

When Lian “spat out” Dark Side, Qiu Ren came in front of everyone in the Central Research Institute with the Level S Dream Seed that was half a man tall. Their first reaction was… the Lord of Nightmare, Lian, finally had a child?

Even though the Nightmare Seed of the Central Research Institute had many children, it had rarely produced new low-level Dream Seeds ever since it was discovered.

On the other hand, Tapir in Fengdu Prison was truly productive… Ahem.

Anyway, when Qiu Ren came out with this Level S Dream Seed, the researchers in the Central Research Institute all surrounded him like old fathers and mothers.

“Level B? Or Level A? But its features don’t look like those of the S07 population… They look like…”

A researcher who knew quite a lot about the populations of Dream Seeds looked at the Dream Seed that had black and red stripes in Qiu Ren’s arms. He soon made some guesses.

“Stop saying that. This is a Dream Seed from Superhero World, a Level S Dream Seed.”

Qiu Ren sounded a bit tired. The Dream Seed containing the world of “Dark Side” was too heavy, making his hands sore a little.

Upon hearing what Qiu Ren said, all the researchers of the Central Research Institute remained silent for a while and exchanged glances with each other. They might not need to say anything because the astonishment on their faces was about to overflow.

Qiu Ren had fought this war really well. He suddenly drove the enemy’s aircraft carrier back to their port…

This was definitely an unprecedented achievement, but it was a bit too f*cking astounding. Nobody had ever done that before… and the one who did it now must be impressive.

The entire command center had no idea how to reward Qiu Ren.

Before thinking about that, can you please give me a place to park this “aircraft carrier” first?

“Well… Is there any container I can use to store this Level S Dream Seed in the Research Institute?”

Qiu Ren’s words snapped the researchers in the Central Research Institute back to reality.

They instantly became busy and ran around in the entire Central Research Institute, starting to look for a place to store this newborn Level S Dream Seed temporarily.

The placement of a Level S Dream Seed was a big project. According to the standard procedure, they had to build a special building to store it.

Only Qiu Ren, this monster protected by two Lords of Nightmare, wasn’t worried about the impacts brought by the Dream Seeds of this level.

The worst thing was that the Dream Seed in Qiu Ren’s hands had visible traces of contamination.

Half of the surface of the Dream Seed with a crystal structure was stained with black color.

However, the Central Research Institute didn’t let down the name of the core Dream Dungeon Research Institute of the Celestial Empire. In less than an hour, the Dream Seed in Qiu Ren’s hands had been put inside a metal container that seemed very professional.

“Qiu Ren, this is really…”

The Chief Director of Ocean Dream Media or Dream Maker, Feng Nian, looked at the busy researchers. He couldn’t find a word to describe his current feeling even after a long time.

As a National Dream Maker, he certainly knew how important a newborn Level S Dream Seed was to a country.

There were only nine Level S Dream Seed in the entire Celestial Empire right now, so Qiu Ren getting one back was no less than getting an aircraft carrier for the country.

“It’s not a time to be happy now. Director Feng, you’re also one of the leaders of Ocean Dream Media. How are you going to deal with this?”

Qiu Ren swiped the tablet in his hands and showed Director Feng Nian a news report.

He was the leader of this dream invasion war.

He had built more than half of the worlds for the retirement of the children of Lian, the Lord of Nightmare. He also helped with follow-up work, including the comeback of those children.

Ocean Dream Media even exerted themselves when they advertised Dark Souls overseas. From the world’s perspective, Ocean Dream Media had the closest relation with the Nightmare Dungeon of Dark Souls.

Hence, the enemy’s first target would be Ocean Dream Media.

Feng Nian took the tablet in Qiu Ren’s hands as he thought, You bastard! You’re so calm. Is this how you should behave as a young man?

If Feng Nian had made such a massive achievement at Qiu Ren’s age, he might have gone celebrating everywhere day and night. He would probably tell everyone, “See that aircraft carrier parking in Donghai Port? I got it back!”

Qiu Ren, on the other hand, was so calm that he didn’t look like a young man. Once Feng Nian saw the news report, the thought of celebrating in his mind was instantly suppressed.

“Supernova Pictures strongly condemns the robbery of Ocean Dream Media. We require Ocean Dream Media to immediately return the Level S Dream Seed they stole from us!”

“This report is a bit… too shameless.”

Feng Nian read the content in the news report. Those who didn’t know anything would truly think that Ocean Dream Media stole their Dream Seed on purpose.

“How are you going to address this issue?”

Just as Qiu Ren finished asking this question, Director Feng Nian’s phone rang.

It was a call from the External Relations Department of Ocean Dream Media located in the United States.

Ocean Dream Media was a state-owned enterprise. It was established at first to create Dream Dungeons that could go across the ocean and make a large number of foreign audiences their fans.

This had huge strategic significance. Basically, every country had a similar dream media company.

“Supernova Pictures wants to talk to me in person… I can help deal with this, but I can’t make any decisions.”

Director Feng Nian said as he looked at Director Lu, who was leading the researchers to prepare for the placement.

This old Director had a much more evil mind than Director Feng.

After knowing this, he immediately asked the researchers to put the Dream Seed containing Dark Side on the conference table. He then agreed to have a video conference with Supernova Pictures.

He was quite good at killing people. Unfortunately, Qiu Ren only planned to watch this video conference aside.

Everyone in the Central Research Institute probably protected Qiu Ren like a baby right now. They should let the older generations do things like arousing hatred.

So, Qiu Ren moved a chair to the side and started cracking melon seeds, watching Director Lu and Director Feng attend this video conference.

The video conference request from Supernova Pictures was soon connected. A middle-aged man with a white beard appeared on the big screen in the Central Research Institute.

Qiu Ren knew this middle-aged man. He was Joe Finn, the Dream Maker known as the Father of Superheroes, but this title was actually controversial.

After all, the name of the Father of Superheroes should belong to the comic artists who had created the prototypes of superheroes.

However, this wasn’t something Qiu Ren cared about. The melon seeds in the Central Research Institute were surprisingly tastier than those outside.

“Feng! My dear friend, you look good.”

Joe Finn seemed to know Director Feng Nian. The guy was a popular director who had won various international awards overseas, so it wasn’t a surprise the two of them were familiar with each other.

“I’d look even better without your deliberate ban and inexplicable accusation,” Director Feng Nian replied with a smile.

This merciless retort made Joe Finn speechless for a while. He then gazed at the Level S Dream Seed, Dark Side, that was already sealed by the Central Research Institute.

After seeing the special device the Central Research Institute used to store Dark Side, the expression on his face looked even worse. It was useless even if he tried to maintain his demeanor…

Although Dark Side was raised by his stepmother, it was something that belonged to them. Now, other people stole it and even “locked it up.” Nobody would feel good about it.

Supernova Pictures must think of a way to save Dark Side back, no matter what it took!

It was useless for the Celestial Empire anyway. They weren’t going to make a superhero movie.

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