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Qiu Ren returned to North City University and resumed his life as a college student.

The Central Research Institute didn’t announce Qiu Ren’s “intern” status publicly to ensure his personal safety.

Qiu Ren had seen news… about a world-famous Dream Maker being killed in reality, causing the dream he built to collapse.

Aunt Kan Shaoni also moved next to Qiu Ren. Her workspace was officially changed to the Central Research Institute, and she competed with Lian there daily.

Qiu Ren started pulling an all-nighter every day to write the script, director script, and designs for Batman.

He was a bit glad right now that he had mild symptoms of hypermemory in his previous life. Movies weren’t like games.

The thing that determined the popularity and success of a whole new Movie Dream Dungeon was whether the cinema version was a hit or not.

The cinema version was the most conventional one, which played on the screen.

The audiences would only be willing to spend money or Creation Points to go to the Dream Dungeon corresponding to this movie to interact with the characters or change some plots if they really liked this production after watching the cinema version.

Since it had to be put on screen, he had to start paying attention to the shots and language. The storyboard and camera movements of a movie were something that had to be really exquisite.

Qiu Ren was an amateur in this. He could only rely on his memories to draw some extremely classic storyboards, then take them to the professionals.

He locked himself up in the dorm and burnt the midnight oil for more than two weeks.

Aunt Kan, who stayed next door, was worried that Qiu Ren would die suddenly. She ran into Qiu Ren’s room and forced him to sleep.

After the Dream Seed carrying Dark Side lost its supply of energy, its stability worsened day by day. The Central Research Institute could only slow down the spread of the contamination by nourishing it with a massive number of Creation Points.

This event made Qiu Ren experience the hardship of being the father of three children.

Luckily, the other two children, Tapir and Lian, were in great condition, especially Tapir… She could already suppress her enemies. Battle Royale had also become popular. It had developed a trend where it settled in different Dream Game Professional Clubs.

After staying up for consecutive nights, Qiu Ren finally completed the draft of the two scripts and a pile of storyboards from his memory.

The day Qiu Ren completed everything, he didn’t rest. Instead, he contacted Director Feng of Ocean Dream Media.

Ocean Dream Media was willing to help Qiu Ren sell and promote all his dream productions.

Ocean Dream Media devoted itself to the operation of Dark Souls. Besides, the joint event of Dark Souls had brought them extremely rich rewards.

When most of their productions were banned, their popularity didn’t drop but increased instead. It was all thanks to the joint event of Dark Souls.

Even though they were forced to work with Qiu Ren at first, it had been a pleasant experience. They agreed to work together the second time on their own.

The meeting location was the Central Research Institute. Kan Shaoni drove Qiu Ren there in an electric car.

“I was really worried that when I opened the door of your room someday, your dead body would have already become stinky.”

Kan Shaoni drove Qiu Ren to the entrance of the Central Research Institute. Once she took off the helmet, she immediately scolded Qiu Ren for a bit.

“Don’t worry. I’ll knock on your door before I die.” Qiu Ren gave Kan Shaoni a thumbs up. Before she could say “What if I’m not there?” Qiu Ren was already inside the Central Research Institute with the scripts in his hands. He didn’t give her a chance to speak.

Director Feng Nian had been waiting for Qiu Ren in the waiting room of the institute for a long time. When he saw him, he froze for a second. He was surprised by Qiu Ren’s dark circles.

“Qiu Ren, although the condition of Dark Side isn’t good, you must take enough rest. If not, the girls at your university will be very sad when school starts.” Director Feng Nian made a… sassy joke.

“With a one-hundred-mark appearance, I’ll still look good after deducting ten marks. Director Feng, let’s get to business. Here are the movie scripts I wrote for Dark Side. There are two in total, which are the first two movies,” Qiu Ren said.

Director Feng Nian took the scripts with a solemn look. He had seen the original drafts of Dark Souls drawn by Qiu Ren. Hence, he knew that the painting skills of this first-year college student couldn’t be underestimated.

However, writing a script, especially a movie script, was a whole different thing.

Director Feng Nian really appreciated Qiu Ren’s talent in drawing, but he still had to take a good look at this script as a senior.

“Batman… Begins.”

A superhero based on bats? Director Feng Nian pondered for a second and thought this character design was indeed quite attractive.

The character design of superheroes was crucial. If a superhero couldn’t make the viewers feel that he was handsome, especially after putting on his suit, it was useless no matter how good the story was.

The image Qiu Ren designed for Batman successfully captured this middle-aged man, Director Feng Nian, in terms of aesthetics. The mysterious, hidden-in-the-dark superhero style could be seen at first glance.

Director Feng Nian could give the image design a full mark.

But when he finished reading all the content of the first script, he pressed his lips tightly. He couldn’t help but frown.

He looked at the storyboards as well. Although Director Feng Nian was surprised that Qiu Ren didn’t seem to be a novice in illustrating the storyboards, this script…

To put it in a better way, it was very solid.

This script told a good story of the birth of a superhero. The atmosphere of the setting, Gotham City, the opposition of the good and evil, some deep connotations, and the overall pace of the movie were pretty nice. If they really produced a movie based on this script, it would definitely be a commercial hit with satisfactory results.

But to make it straightforward… It was too normal. Compared to the productions of Supernova Pictures, which were hits at the box office, or even the old movie of Dark Side, this script was way too average.

It didn’t have a wow factor that would sweep the box office around the world and attract countless fans to follow it.

“Why… do you have to design a hero without superpowers?” Director Feng Nian voiced his first doubt. “Qiu Ren, you’re using a Level S Dream Seed. Its limit allows you to create a hero that can destroy a city.”

This was Director Feng Nian’s first concern. When Supernova Pictures designed their heroes, they couldn’t wait to stuff all the impressive superpowers in them.

After all, these heroes had to fight with the other characters in the dream world. The stronger their powers, the better.

However, when it came to Qiu Ren… he preferred heroes that didn’t have any superpowers at all. In fact, his only ‘superpower’ was money.

“Because this is one of the souls of this character.”

The mortal body was comparable to that of God.

Qiu Ren didn’t plan to change this setting, but it didn’t mean that Batman would be weak in the invasion of Dream Dungeons after he gained worldwide popularity.

Audience recognition didn’t only restore the powers of each character but also their characteristics.

For example, in the cartoon Tom and Jerry, if they were really created with a Level S Dream Seed, their immortality would be restored after the fans watched it again and again.

As long as the Dream Seed wasn’t damaged, the invading characters couldn’t kill them both at all.

One of my characteristics… I have no superpowers indeed, but I can use all kinds of high-tech devices, Kryptonites, my ingenuity, and mind-attack tactics to beat Superman with bare hands.

Director Feng Nian also knew this, so he didn’t say much.

“This is a great script. It’s a commercial superhero movie, but if you want it to be a hit…”

“Still have to wait for the sequel?”

“Indeed… Don’t take it the wrong way. It just lacks a bit of a feeling.”

Director Feng Nian didn’t know what the superhero, Batman, was missing. After all, he wasn’t specialized in producing superhero movies.

However, Qiu Ren pointed at the second script next to Director Feng Nian’s hands. He then realized that Qiu Ren wrote the sequel as well.

He picked up the second script with the title “The Dark Knight” under Qiu Ren’s gesture. He turned to the first page of the script. The first thing he saw was a clown wearing a purple suit and a green vest.

This seemed to be… the part that Batman was missing.