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The thunderous sound of the transport aircraft rang in Xiao Zhou’s ears. The setting had changed again, and it took some time for Xiao Zhou to gradually adapt to it.

The space in the transport aircraft was wide. It was so spacious that the death row prisoners thrown onto the plane by Qiu Ren could walk and communicate freely.

Xiao Zhou also found Zhao Yanqing quickly among the death row prisoners. The other two assigned Dream Explorers also joined the group.

A team with four rows was then formed orderly.

Although Qiu Ren stipulated that this was a battle royale game in which only one person could live, it was human nature that they came together to stay warm.

No one would think about how they could survive till the end right now. Nobody dared to think about the unreachable goal of eating chicken, either. They just wanted to live one more second.

So, in their perspective, the way of increasing their chances of surviving was undoubtedly forming groups with others.

There had always been more or less some small groups among these death row prisoners.

While they were waiting to jump off the transport aircraft, these small groups gathered one after another. Each of them had three to eight people.

Xiao Zhou was glad that this mission was led by Zhao Yanqing at this moment.

There was no doubt about Zhao Yanqing’s capability. If he was still in SWAT, he would certainly be a legend.

Even now, he was still a legend. He was Xiao Zhou’s mental support in this nightmare, and he gave him a great sense of security.

And that was the most important thing in this damn nightmare!

“Captain Zhao, looks like we’re really going to skydive later.”

The other two Dream Explorers were a bit calmer. They both found that there was a skydiving backpack on their backs.

“The ring to open the parachute is here. When we leave the cabin, open the parachute on my instructions.” Zhao Yanqing showed them a ring on the backpack.

“Captain… Captain Zhao, I’ve never had any training in skydiving.” Xiao Zhou had no confidence at all when he said this.

After all, he was a little insecure about his abilities. He was only a fool in this team of four and could at best be a human-shaped backpack.

“It’s not too late to teach you the basics now. Listen up…”

Zhao Yanqing started to patiently teach Xiao Zhou some precautions for skydiving.

Xiao Zhou listened to him with gratitude. He was all the more certain that as long as he followed Zhao Yanqing in this nightmare, he would be safe!

However, this thought of Xiao Zhou didn’t last long. He suddenly felt an unknown force pulling him out.

“Captain… Captain Zhao, I don’t… feel good!”

Zhao Yanqing responded in a hurry and reached out to grab Xiao Zhou. However, he was still a step slower. Xiao Zhou was instantly “kicked” out of the cabin by that unknown force!

Dozens of death row prisoners were also kicked out together.

Qiu Ren had already known that they might violate the rules and form groups on the transport aircraft.

Or they might be scared of skydiving and would stay on the transport aircraft, refusing to jump out.

So, Qiu Ren acted like a skydiving instructor. He threw these people out of the plane from time to time. It wasn’t their decision to make whether they wanted to jump or not!

Xiao Zhou was one of the unlucky ones. After being thrown out of the cabin by that force, he could only look at Zhao Yanqing in the plane, who got further and further away from him, with his eyes wide open.

In the end, Xiao Zhou lost control of his body as he fell down from the sky.

He watched himself get closer and closer to the ground and couldn’t find where the ring on the skydiving backpack was at all!

While Xiao Zhou thought he was about to fall to death, the parachute on his back automatically opened before landing.

In the end, Xiao Zhou landed on the ground with an extremely messy posture. The parachute behind him also disappeared the moment he touched the ground.

Xiao Zhou crawled up from the ground after tasting two mouthfuls of soil. He looked at the surrounding environment in confusion and found that he had landed in the wilds.

The atmosphere in the wilds was depressing. A sense of helplessness enveloped Xiao Zhou. He had no idea what to do, feeling like a naked person being thrown in the city center.

“Captain Zhao! Captain Zhao Yanqing?!”

Xiao Zhou shouted twice to the trees around him. He was hoping that Zhao Yanqing and the other two Dream Explorers had jumped down with him.

But they didn’t… No matter how loud Xiao Zhou yelled, nobody answered his calls in the wilds.

At this moment, loneliness and fear of the unknown surrounded Xiao Zhou. He always felt like some monsters would come out from the grass and trees around him.

However, he wasn’t that dumb to stay right where he was. He walked towards a raised hillside far away.

After walking about two to three minutes… Xiao Zhou finally saw some man-made buildings behind the hill!

There were six orderly arranged warehouses, with two offices above them.

The layout was more like a prison than a warehouse.

Xiao Zhou came to the entrance of the group of buildings cautiously.

When he walked inside, he found that someone was already there! The first reaction Xiao Zhou had when he encountered someone else was to run. But that person had also noticed him.

“Hey, brother over there, have you also been thrown to this damn place?”

That person sounded friendly. Besides, he wasn’t holding any weapon in his hands. Xiao Zhou put away the thought of running for a while.

“That’s… That’s right,” Xiao Zhou subconsciously replied.

“We were both dropped to this place coincidentally. Brother, do you mind giving me a hand?” that person said.

Giving him a hand? With what?

While Xiao Zhou was still confused, three people suddenly appeared behind that man. One of them was pointing a shotgun at Xiao Zhou!

With the muzzle of the gun aimed right at him, Xiao Zhou’s heart froze. He wanted to say something, but that man directly pulled the trigger.

The buckshot shot out of the gun, and countless lead balls flashed towards Xiao Zhou!

However, perhaps Xiao Zhou was lucky, or that man didn’t have great shooting skills, but none of the lead balls hit his body!

“Give us a hand and turn yourself into a corpse.” The man didn’t pretend anymore. His voice sounded incredibly evil.

Xiao Zhou finally reacted as well. He immediately turned around and ran to the warehouse on the other side.

“Get him! He’s a prison guard… I’ve never killed a prison guard before! I must torture that guy before I die!”

Those four death row prisoners recognized who Xiao Zhou was.

These death row prisoners had been bottling bitter enmities towards the prison guards. Not only did they desire to kill Xiao Zhou, but they also wanted to catch and torture him!

Luckily, Xiao Zhou ran quick enough. He hid into one of the warehouses before the four prisoners caught up.

Xiao Zhou’s entire body was curled up in the corner of the warehouse. His heart was pounding so fast that he was about to puke.

The footsteps of the four prisoners soon sounded around him…

Xiao Zhou covered his mouth and tried his best to hold his panting breaths so they wouldn’t find him.

Why did he have to be the one who suffered?

Xiao Zhou complained in his mind.

“Brother! Stop hiding. When we shoot you to death, you’ll be able to leave this damn nightmare!”

One of the death row prisoners yelled at the surrounding warehouses and tried to convince Xiao Zhou to come out.

Xiao Zhou thought the man actually made some sense. If he was killed by these death row prisoners, he would indeed be able to leave this torturous nightmare.

Not only could he leave this torturous nightmare, but he could also say goodbye to Fengdu Prison, a place like Hell, forever.

After this, he could apply to transfer to the police force in the city. Wasn’t it perfect to be a clerk at a government bureau?

Once he died, he would escape this damn nightmare and live a peaceful and stable life in reality.

These thoughts made Xiao Zhou let down his guard for a moment. He accidentally touched something next to his feet.

This sound immediately caught the attention of the four death row prisoners nearby.

“Kid! We won’t let you die so joyfully!”

One of them slowly got closer to the warehouse where Xiao Zhou was with a gun.

Despair spread in Xiao Zhou’s mind. At this moment, he also saw what he had accidentally touched!

Xiao Zhou recognized the thing lying silently at his feet at first sight!

A Karabiner 98k produced by the German Empire!

Xiao Zhou was a Word War II gun fanatic, which was the reason why he had applied for the Police Academy.

In the police force training, his grades were among the best in all firearms-related training.

What should he do? Should he just wait there patiently to die? Then, he would be able to leave this damn nightmare and return to that peaceful reality.

When Xiao Zhou heard the footsteps of the death row prisoner get closer and the sound of the prisoner pulling the trigger of the shotgun, he finally made a decision.

People… wanted to survive after all!

Regardless of the situation.

Xiao Zhou picked up the Karabiner 98k at his feet. There were a few matching bullets, but he panicked while loading them.

After all, this was a gun from World War II. He had only seen one but had never used it before. This caused Xiao Zhou’s hands to shake constantly when he loaded the bullets.

The bullets in the bullet box even dropped on the ground.

The death row prisoner, who was getting closer step by step, heard the clamor. He shot at the warehouse where Xiao Zhou was hiding.

The thunderous sound of the shotgun made Xiao Zhou’s head dizzy.

Damn it… Damn it! He wanted to live. He wanted to live!

Xiao Zhou prayed that he would get the response from the Karabiner 98k in his hand. At last, he successfully put five bullets in the magazine of the Karabiner 98k.

When Xiao Zhou pulled the bolt of the Karabiner 98k, the clear sound of the bullet being loaded…

He swore, it was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard in his life.

Xiao Zhou held the Karabiner 98k in his arms and took a deep breath. He then directly got up from behind the boxes and raised the gun to aim at that death row prisoner.

The moment the muzzle and the forehead of that death row prisoner overlapped, Xiao Zhou pulled the trigger!

He shot right at the prisoner’s head with the Karabiner 98k!

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