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Paris… The Advent Film Festival set off a craze for traveling in Europe around the entire world.

Because on the film festival’s opening day, the latest masterpieces of all dream media companies in the world would only be released in European countries.

As the capital of one of the few major countries in Europe, there had been a surge in the number of tourists lately.

The movie theaters in Paris were sold out. In a blink of an eye, the rush to buy movie tickets had spread all over Europe.

The tickets for a popular movie were hard to get. One of the most difficult to buy was the movie tickets for The Flash 2.

Even though the movie theaters in Europe had arranged as many screenings for The Flash 2 as possible, the tickets were still sold out in a heartbeat.

If it wasn’t that Supernova Pictures had to ensnare those incoming Dream Seeds, they would have directly opened their Dream Dungeon to the public for people to watch the movie.

Among all the fans, Jim’s girlfriend was undoubtedly the luckiest one. She only got the tickets to the premiere of The Flash 2 but also the dynamic performance version.

A dynamic performance version meant that… the contents on the screen weren’t filmed in advance. It was a real-time live broadcast in which the director’s camera followed the Flash in the Dream Dungeon.

Although the real-time live broadcast would follow the storyline of The Flash 2, a large number of diehard fans of the Flash, crew members behind the scenes, and even other superheroes would make an appearance in this live broadcast.

So, there would be unexpected surprises in the development of the entire story!

Sometimes, the dynamic performance version would even be more popular than the filmed cinema version, especially for fans who had watched the cinema version…

Jim followed his girlfriend into the movie theater and was ready to feel the surprises outside of the storyline of the cinema version of The Flash 2.

In fact, his girlfriend wanted to go to the main world of the Dream Dungeon of The Flash 2… to participate and play as a small citizen herself.

Unfortunately, the global server of the Dream Dungeon of the Flash had always been fully loaded. It was even more difficult to squeeze inside than buying a ticket to the premiere.

Right now, being able to sit in the movie theater was already enough to excite his girlfriend.

Jim was a bit calmer. He wasn’t a diehard fan of superheroes. After he watched the cinema version of the movie, The Flash 2, with his girlfriend, he could only say that it was quite good.

However, after a few days, his girlfriend brought him here to watch this dynamic performance version.

Even though it was the dynamic performance version, he felt frustrated, like he was eating leftovers.

Jim could only pray that the fans playing citizens in the Dream Dungeon of The Flash had slightly better acting skills.

Jim had seen the recorded dynamic performance version of a lot of movies in the past. Basically, the dynamic performance versions of all movies were quite hilarious, no matter how deep and tragic the movies were.

The fans appearing inside were all good at performing. In fact, some of their acts even became classics.

In the most basic detective movie, the most conventional beginning would be that the detective protagonist pointed at a person and yelled, “He’s the suspect! Get him quickly!”

The most amazing thing Jim had ever watched was in a romantic movie with parting scenes. A female fan directly took the female lead away and saved her, who was supposed to be dead.

So, Jim looked forward to seeing what performances the fans in the Dream Dungeon of The Flash 2 could bring to the audience in front of the screen.

Unfortunately, once the dynamic performance version started, Jim’s hopes were dashed very soon as the story progressed.

The movie had just been released for less than three days, so those who could get into the Dream Dungeon of The Flash 2 in such a short time were undoubtedly the fanatics of the Flash. It wasn’t even too much to call them his believers.

These fanatics would definitely not restrain themselves in order to present themselves in front of their idol.

Supernova Pictures already had experience regarding this. They asked the director to adjust the camera angles and let the characters played by their crew members appear in the shots, trying their best to maintain the development and context of the plot of The Flash 2.

However, there were still some distractive shots where a couple fans came out and yelled with a shrill voice, “Baby, I love you! Take me away!”

Jim was a bit disappointed as he watched. The crew members in the Dream Dungeon indeed changed some small parts of the plot, but the arrangement was too intentional. It left Jim feeling very awkward.

The plot of the dynamic performance version of The Flash 2 finally reached the last part under such a dull and awkward atmosphere.

The overall plot was the same, without any changes that made Jim’s eyes brighten up. Those believers and fans, who tried to appear in the camera regardless of their bottom line, made people feel annoyed.

Those crew members arranged by Supernova Pictures, who deliberately changed a little bit of the plot, made Jim feel a bit bored.

The overall impression he had was that he watched The Flash 2 again.

Unlike his girlfriend, who kept yelling excitedly next to him, Jim felt truly unpleasant right now, as if he had eaten leftovers, cold pizza, and soaked chips.

But thank God, it was going to end soon.

The story had already developed to the final ending, where the Flash went to fight with the villain, “Negative,” by himself in order to save his captured girlfriend.

This was an earth-shattering fight in the cinema-version movie, so Jim didn’t think the producer of The Flash 2 would change anything here.

And yet, when the Flash anxiously rushed to the battle venue… Jim, who was already a little sleepy, was immediately attracted by the scene on the screen.

The supervillain in the cinema version of The Flash 2, Negative… was dead.

The supervillain, who was supposed to have the final fight with the Flash here, turned into a dead body. His corpse was lying on the battle venue when the Flash arrived.

At this moment, not only the viewers in front of the screen were shocked, but even the superhero himself, the Flash, was startled.

“Kurtos!” The Flash yelled the name of that villain, Negative. Then, he said his next line, “Give me back… Jane?”

Before the Flash finished his line, his anger and spirit immediately cooled down… This young superhero froze there, looking at the dead body lying on the ground.

The Flash was a superhero for teenagers and kids. No matter how evil the villains were, the Flash would only send them to jail after beating them.

Shots of blood and death were even fewer.

Besides, Negative was also his friend in terms of character relations. He just ended up embarking on a wrong path because of jealousy.

Negative was defeated by him and sent to jail in the cinema version. After he got out of prison, the two of them reconciled and reached a happy ending that was full of positive energy.

But now… this positive, perfect ending was destroyed.

The Flash carefully walked closer to Negative’s dead body. He didn’t know what exactly happened. He thought his rebellious friend was planning some kind of a conspiracy.

However, when he saw the appearance of Negative’s body, he was horrified to find that Negative’s face was covered with a pale foundation. A terrifying smile was drawn on his lips with blood!

The Flash was startled, and he took a big step back. Yet, he still mustered the courage to get closer to Negative’s dead body.

He found a card that represented the “Joker” on Negative’s body. There was a simple sentence written on the card.

The meaning was quite obvious. But…

At this moment, this young hero, who was confident that he could defeat the villain in the end, felt his heart full of fear and anxiousness once the supervillain he had to beat was killed by someone unknown.

The Flash looked around. He was asking his creator, the director of The Flash 2, but his creator didn’t answer him.

In the end, his gaze landed on an empty chair. According to the original script, his girlfriend should be tied to that chair.

When he defeated the villain, Negative, he would be able to hug his girlfriend and come to a perfect ending.

And now, nothing was there… The supervillain he had to beat was murdered brutally and his girlfriend was missing. The happy ending wouldn’t come.

The Flash looked at the “JOKER” card in his hands once again. A location was written on it.

As a superhero, no matter how big the danger was and how strong the villains were, he could turn danger into peace and defeat the villains, coming to a happy ending.

This was just a new villain. No matter who left this card here, the Flash must let that person know that he would beat all the villains in this world and have the final victory as a superhero!

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