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Great! Those screenwriters from Supernova Pictures did something unique towards the ending!

Jim was originally a little sleepy, but when he saw the new development, he lost his sleep. He was hooked!

Negative, who was supposed to be the final boss, was killed early. The murderer did a frightening clown makeup on Negative and captured the Flash’s girlfriend. Then, he left a message asking the Flash to go to the city center.

Jim’s expectations grew after seeing this. A new and ruthless villain had appeared in this superhero world intended for teenagers and children.

Such a development was very novel for viewers like him. Not only Jim, but the movie also caught the attention of the others in the theater right away.

Those female fans even stopped talking. They all looked at the Flash closely as he dashed to the city center.

They wanted to know who that cruel villain was. At the same time, they were worried if the Flash could safely come out of danger like he always did!

In the world of the Flash, the TV station of this city was in the city center… The Flash used his superpower to rush to the highest floor of the TV station.

He was on his guard against attacks that might appear around him. Suddenly, a gun shot at him.

The bullet certainly couldn’t hit the superhero. The Flash dodged the bullet with his superpower. When he turned around, he saw someone wearing a clown mask standing right there.

His first reaction was to flash towards the other party in a blink and punch that person down on the ground.

“Who are you? Where’s Jane?”

The Flash yelled at the man lying on the ground. However, when the clown mask on his face fell off, the Flash found that he was the director of the TV station!

He was forced to stand there with his hands tied up with a gun by someone, which was why it looked like he was the murderer.

By the time the Flash realized he was in a trap, it was too late.

Suddenly, a weird laugh came from the dark. The Flash turned around and looked over. A clown… in a purple suit with terrifying makeup walked out of the shadows.

When this character appeared, Jim felt some kind of strange pressure. He got a profound impression at first glance… However, he didn’t remember anything about this clown.

Was this a villain that would appear in “The Flash 3?”

“It’s time to end the farce of playing a superhero,” the Joker slowly walked towards the Flash and said.

“A farce? I… am the superhero who guards this world!”

The Flash wanted to use his superpowers again to rush towards the Joker, who was behaving weirdly.

But suddenly, some black lights shone in the surroundings, covering the interior of the entire building.

The Flash knew the lights. Just like any invincible superhero had a weakness, his weakness in The Flash 2 was the negative reversing device developed by the supervillain, Negative.

This device could eliminate his superpower and turn him back into a normal person.

This device was supposed to be used in his final showdown with Negative, but now, someone had installed it on this TV station.

The Flash took a step forward but fell to the ground. He still couldn’t react to the loss of his superpower. At this time, the Joker came to his side and kicked his chest hard.

The sharp pain ran from his ribs to his senses.

In The Flash 2, there was a scene where the Flash lost his superpower and fought with Negative. Hence, he collected himself and was about to fight back… And yet, he found that he was no match for the Joker at all!

The Joker directly punched the Flash, who had just gotten to his feet, onto the ground again. This punch made fans outside of the screen so scared that they covered their mouths.

Then, the Flash was beaten up by the Joker until he was knocked down on the ground and couldn’t stand up anymore.

Even the suit and mask representing this superhero, the Flash, were taken off by the Joker.

The Joker grabbed the Flash’s hair, so all the audiences in front of the screen could see the miserable look of this superhero.

“Let him go…” A fan in the theater prayed with a soft voice.

Fans would certainly stand on the Flash’s side, including those outside the Dream Dungeon.

The Joker broadcasted himself beating up the Flash to the whole city through the TV station. The scene… was shown on the TVs of the citizens and on the billboards on the streets.

This act thoroughly incensed the fans of the Flash in the Dream Dungeon. They all found weapons in various ways and rushed to the TV station, trying to save their superhero!

However, the negative reversing device didn’t only shut off the Flash’s superpowers but also stopped these crazy fans.

The enraged fans kept shooting at the door with the firearms in their hands.

“You won’t escape,” the Flash said a line that didn’t really match his role as a superhero.

The Joker burst into laughter again. He let a fan of the Flash outside of the door in.

The shotgun in the hand of that fan looked sturdy. When she saw her superhero being beaten up like this, she pointed it at the Joker out of anger.

However, the Joker’s gun was faster. He raised the revolver in his hand, aimed at the arm of that fan, and squeezed the trigger.

The bullet hit that fan of the Flash without missing. Blood burst out of her shoulder, followed by a painful scream.

The gunshot and the scream immediately startled Jim in front of the screen!

What’s going on? Jim looked at the fan on the screen, who was lying on the ground and screaming as she covered her arm.

She shouldn’t be able to feel pain in the Dream Dungeon! This was also the reason why these fans could follow the superheroes without having to fear anything.

Most Dream Dungeons didn’t have a setting for the sense of pain. This would harm people’s bodies in the real world. And yet, this shot from the Joker was obviously… painful. 100%!

As that fan lay on the ground, her painful cry resounded in the entire theater. At the same time, it also sounded in the ears of every fan in the Dream Dungeon of the Flash.

“What… exactly do you want?”

The Flash realized that the Joker’s invasion seemed to have changed some rules in this Dream Dungeon World.

“Me? I just want to play a game with you.”

The Joker grabbed the Flash’s hair as he stared at him. He then turned to the camera and said to almost ten thousand diehard fans of the Flash in this Dream Dungeon and also the viewers watching this scene from a screen.

“I want to play a game with all of you!” The Joker pointed the gun in his hand at the Flash’s head and asked, “Those people who treat you as a superhero, who will save them? Will they even risk their lives to save you when you’re in danger?”

The Joker asked this question with a threatening tone. The Flash’s heart shook once he heard it. Still, he mustered his courage under the gaze of his fans outside and said without showing his cowardly side, “I’m… a superhero!”

“Oh? Really? Then, you’re indeed the only one who can save them now,” said the Joker.

For sure! I’m the only one who can beat you and save those fans. The Flash originally thought like this, but the Joker suddenly took out a remote.

“But will they be willing to sacrifice themselves to save you?”

“What?” The fans of the Flash and the viewers outside the screen were dumbfounded.

“Let us vote!” The Joker let out some weird laughs and continued, “You’ll find that you can’t escape this world or even this TV station right now. The only way to leave is by killing this… so-called superhero you admire! You have the right to choose now!

“Do you want to die painfully here, enduring the pain of being blown to pieces and suffering from severe injuries in the real world… to save the superhero you look up to…

“…Or kill this doll with a mask who has nothing to do with your lives and leave this boring farce? It’s your choice. The way of voting”—the Joker picked up the Flash from the ground and threw him on a chair. He then tied him up—”is by shooting him!”

His words suffocated the fans in front of the screen.

Jim also covered his mouth and couldn’t say a word. He widened his eyes, watching the development on the screen.

The Joker let another fan of the Flash in…

“Shoot, and you can leave this nightmare,” the Joker grabbed the Flash’s hair and said to that fan.

That fan started breathing rapidly, and his hands holding the gun kept shaking. He wanted to aim at the Joker subconsciously, but the Joker was one step ahead. He shot his arm, making him fall to the ground and scream.

There was a rifle in the hands of this fan. When she heard the painful cry of the two people next to her, her heart was dominated by fear.

“Don’t you… want to leave this… nightmare?” The Joker looked at the fan and said, “You just have to shoot a fictitious piece of paper on the screen.”

Shooting a fictitious piece of paper? Right! This superhero, Flash, is only a fictional image created in the Dream Dungeon. He was just an imaginary character in a dream, no matter how much she liked him.

She didn’t even know if he had self-consciousness or not. Perhaps it was just a program AI set by Supernova Pictures?

So, that diehard fan raised the gun in her hands and pointed at the Flash sitting on the chair.

“No… No…” The Flash yelled in fear. At this moment, he looked at the fan’s shirt with his image printed on it and felt extremely sarcastic. “No!”

The desperate cry echoed through the screen and resounded in the ears of every viewer. At this moment, Jim didn’t even want to blink.

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