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It had been a long time since Jim was deeply invested in a movie. At the moment, he felt like his heart was being squeezed tightly by a hand.

When that diehard fan, who was wearing the merchandise shirt of the Flash and was still yelling “baby, I love you” a second ago, pointed the automatic rifle in her hands at the Flash sitting on the chair with a devastated look on her face…

Then, the Flash’s painful begging and his whimpering were extremely clear in Jim’s ears.

What Jim realized at this moment was that a person’s support and love for their superhero could be so fragile.

But according to normal plot development, the current script should arrive at a turning point.

The normal development would be the Flash would survive and break free from the ties of the Joker, successfully taking him down and saving the fans. It would be a happy ending.

As Jim watched the Flash beg, he even prayed for the turning point to come. The scene was just too devastating. However…

“Ladies and gentlemen, please leave the movie theater through the safety passage in an orderly manner. The dynamic performance version of The Flash 2 on screen right now has been invaded by an illegal organization! There will be a large number of shots that make you feel uncomfortable. Please leave the theater in an orderly manner right away.”

The staff member of the cinema suddenly shouted in the theater with a loudspeaker.

That clown wasn’t a character arranged in The Flash 2 by Supernova Pictures? He was an intruder?

This meant that everything happening on the screen was real. There wasn’t any pre-arranged script, there wasn’t a turning point where the Flash broke free from the ties and took down the Joker, there wasn’t hope…

Jim’s girlfriend couldn’t bear to watch anymore. She pulled Jim’s sleeve and asked him to leave with her.

And then, there came a gunshot!

That fan of the Flash pulled the trigger in the end. This gunshot made the hearts of all the viewers in the movie theater skip a beat!

Jim’s heart felt like it was being torn apart at this moment. He watched the bullet shot towards the Flash on the chair.

But suddenly, the screen turned dark. The bullet didn’t hit the Flash but a black cloak.

Jim and the viewers in the theater were dumbfounded at this moment.

As the camera zoomed out on the screen, that fan who fired also froze there. She looked at the tall figure that suddenly appeared between the Joker, and her and the Flash.

As expected, another hero of Supernova Pictures came to help!

Even though Jim could guess the plot, he was still a little thrilled at this moment. Was it Supernova or Nighthaven?

But no… Jim didn’t recall anything about the person who suddenly appeared. However, he soon saw the bat logo on this hero’s chest. A bat… Batman? A new hero.

While Jim was wondering, Batman had already attacked. He threw a punch on the Joker’s face and knocked the Joker on the ground.

The Joker didn’t get up after falling. Instead, he let out a weird laugh again…

“So… you still came in the end,” the Joker on the ground said to Batman.

Batman didn’t answer. He grabbed the Joker’s collar silently and was about to pull him out of here.

But then, the fan holding an automatic rifle also reacted. She pointed the gun in her hands at the Joker!

And yet, before she pulled the trigger, Batman suddenly took out his Batarang and threw it towards that fan.

The Batarang hit the body of the automatic rifle, turning it into scrap metal right away.

At this moment, there was a confused look on the fan’s face. The viewers outside the screen also gave a puzzled expression.

Aren’t you here to help us kill this asshole villain? Why did you save him?

“The game… isn’t over yet, Batman.” The Joker then took out a remote and pressed the button on it!

At this moment, Jim and the audience all shouted “no.” Because of the superhero’s confusing behavior just now, the Joker was about to activate the detonator.

However, the explosion they expected didn’t happen. The button that the Joker pressed wasn’t a detonator, but… a button for opening the door of this room.

Once the door opened, those furious fans holding weapons outside were all let in.

These fans of the Flash were first stunned. But soon, their minds were occupied by the anger of being fooled and threatened by the Joker.

Besides, the Joker looked so miserable as he lay on the ground right now, plus there were so many fans of the Flash here.

This further increased the evil thoughts and viciousness in the minds of these fans.

They held the weapons in their hands up and rushed towards the Joker, ready to vent their hatred and anger on him.

Perhaps the resentment in their hearts could only be eliminated by killing this fucking clown.

“You deserve to die!” A fan of the Flash holding a shotgun went right past Batman and pointed the gun at the Joker.

Then, Batman finally made a move.

He grabbed the barrel of the shotgun in the fan’s hand and punched him in his face!

The power of the punch was so strong that it reached a merciless point. The fan’s nose was broken, and he fell to the ground while moaning.

This punch stunned Jim. Not only him, but even the fans of the Flash next to him were also dumbfounded.

What are you doing? Aren’t you a superhero? How can you beat your fans as a superhero? Didn’t you see that villain lying on the ground? He’s the one you should punish!

And yet, Batman stood in front of the Joker just like that, staring at the fans trying to end the Joker’s life with their firearms with a threatening gaze.

These fans were frightened by Batman’s fierceness. At that moment, someone shouted from the crowd, “Is he with that clown?”

“He doesn’t seem to have superpowers…”

“Kill him! Save our Flash!”

When the first person yelled and took the lead, people following him felt much less pressure in their minds.

Anger and hatred started to spread among the fans at an unimaginable speed. They dashed toward Batman, who was standing there alone, with weapons.

After that… they were violently beaten up!

Batman put up an extremely wonderful fight and a fabulous demonstration of battling tactics for almost five to six minutes.

There were some fans that had bulged muscles, apparently someone who had learned to fight and couldn’t be provoked. Only these people dared to face Batman directly.

However, they were no match for Batman at all. These people couldn’t even survive the first round. They were knocked down in just a second.

The fans of the Flash, who tried to shoot Batman and kill the Joker with firearms, either had their weapons destroyed by the Batarang thrown out by Batman or hooked by the grapple gun at their feet and hung on the ceiling.

After these five to six minutes of fighting scenes, which were thrilling for the audience outside of the screen, Batman was the only person standing in the entire room.

The fans were all moaning painfully. Many more stood outside the door and dared not come in.

Great… Jim truly had to exclaim that this fight with hard punches and the tactic game that surprised people could sometimes be more interesting than battles between those heroes with superpowers.

“Is Batman a villain too?”

Jim’s girlfriend held his arm anxiously. She didn’t understand why Batman had to beat the fans of the Flash up.

They were only trying to kill this bad guy, the Joker, and save the Flash, but Batman stopped them in the most violent way.

“Not necessarily.” Jim couldn’t think of a reason why Batman did that either.

Beating fans up wasn’t something a superhero could do or dared to do.

Supernova Pictures relied on these fans to make money. Only if the fans wanted to play the villains would the superhero might cooperate and fight a little with them. It was all acting.

However, Batman’s attacks were real. He punched the Flash and the fans of the superhero hard, making them so painful that they couldn’t move. They would probably remember this violent beating clearly in reality.

And the reason he did this was to save an evil villain.

Did he want to stop working as a superhero?

And yet, the Joker, who was protected by Batman, was still laughing without restraints.

“What… do you want to prove in this fictional world? Batman? Justice? Faith? Or something else? Look at the reality. This is just a giant park. You, me… and that kid are just facilities in the park.”

These words the Joker yelled hit everyone’s hearts once again, whether it was the audience in front of the screen or the fans of the Flash inside.

“And the facilities in the park have no faith or justice. They can’t possibly be superheroes who are being worshiped as well… just like now…”

While the Joker was speaking, the sound of the revolving wheel suddenly came. It didn’t come from the gun in the Joker’s hands, but… from the Flash’s hands!

Batman turned his head to the side and saw that… the Flash, who had bruises all over his face, had picked up the Joker’s revolver. He was pointing it at the Joker on the ground with a resentful, distorted look.

“Don’t! Flash, he shouldn’t… use the gun…” Jim’s girlfriend covered her mouth again with tears welling up in her eyes.

The worries and pain Jim’s girlfriend had right now were even far beyond the moment when the Flash was beaten up by the Joker.

Jim knew that the Flash had always been a majestic hero representing justice and light in his girlfriend’s heart.

But now, his messy look with a bruised face and his ferocious, resentful expression with the intention to kill the Joker weren’t something a hero should have!

At this moment, Batman finally spoke. He wanted to stop the Flash, but the Flash pulled the firing pin of the revolver instead.

Batman could only comfort him with words.

“Why… don’t you let me kill him?” the Flash asked.

“Because you’re not a murderer. You’re a hero,” Batman said these words slowly.

When Jim and his girlfriend sitting next to him heard this, they were a bit tearful for some reason. Jim even heard his girlfriend mutter in a low voice, “Right, right…”

“Is someone who lives… in a world arranged by the creator and plays an arranged role still a hero?”

The Flash understood what the Joker meant. He had started to doubt his existence.

“I don’t know.” Batman said as he glanced at the fans of the Flash lying on the ground, “But they… think you are.

The Flash couldn’t answer this question. He looked at the eyes of those fans lying on the ground, then lost his power and threw the gun in his hand. He slumped down on the floor.

The Joker wanted to speak, but Batman punched his stomach, grabbed his collar, and dragged him to the edge of this building.

When Batman was about to leave, the Flash realized something. He immediately ran to Batman and yelled…

“Mr. Dark Side! Mr. Dark Side, is that you? Where have you been… all this time? Why did you become… like this?” Thinking of this, the Flash quickly said, “If you want to come back, our creator said you can… film a joint production with me.”

“Dark Side is already gone. Right now… there’s only Batman.”

Batman turned around and glanced at the young hero who once looked up to him. He only left a sentence behind before he jumped off the building.

The Flash poked his head out and looked out the window. A person spreading his black cloak and disappearing in the night like a bat appeared in the shot.

Then, the entire movie came to an end. Even when the credits rolled down, Jim and the audience still didn’t want to leave after a long time.

The only thought in Jim’s mind right now was that… it was fucking nice!

When did Batman debut as a superhero? Did he have a personal movie?

Jim took out his phone and started searching for every information related to Batman on the Internet.

This coda that was less than twenty minutes in The Flash 2 couldn’t satisfy Jim at all. He wanted to know if the battle between Batman and the Joker continued within a minute!

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