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After that, not only did the number of screenings of The Dark Knight not increase, but they even decreased.

The invasion of the Joker in the dynamic performance version of The Flash 2 this time was categorized as a terrorist attack.

Even though Batman came to bring the Joker back to Gotham City, the movie theaters in Europe had already realized the impacts of the Joker’s invasion in The Flash 2.

This made the review departments of several movie theaters in Europe go to watch The Dark Knight again together.

After watching it, they all said that it was fucking good! It made a new record in their evaluation of superhero productions. If they had to score it, they would definitely give it a full mark!

Then, they reluctantly took down The Dark Knight one after another.

The invasion in The Flash had already proved to the movie theaters in Europe that the Joker was uncontrollable.

It was because the movie, The Dark Knight, was too fabulous.

It was so fabulous that even those reviewers around Europe, who thought they only knew how to appreciate the caviar to the general and would only be interested in those literary films… all watched the movie with great enthusiasm. They were stirred by the battle between the Joker and Batman.

That was why they dared not to let the Joker out, at least not during the Advent Film Festival.

Qiu Ren didn’t know if they were truly scared that the Joker would make trouble at the Advent Film Festival or if they were worried about the rise of The Dark Knight…

He had to think of a way for a breakthrough right now.

Qiu Ren couldn’t find a way to get the official recorded version of the Joker’s invasion in the dynamic performance version of The Flash 2.

If there was no choice, Qiu Ren would have to use the recorded version from the perspective of Batman or the Joker.

And yet, these two angles were both in the first-person perspective. He could use them, but the effect wasn’t so good.

Those viewers who watched the dynamic performance version of The Flash 2… couldn’t wait to go to Gotham City to see the official battle between Batman and the Joker. However, they found that the number of screenings of The Dark Knight was miserably low. Some movie theaters near them even had no screenings at all.

What should he do? Should he give up on the movie theaters and go on the streaming route? Or should he take the route of Dream Theater?

And yet, whether it was former or latter, it would mean that The Dark Knight would be released around the entire world. Then, it would be like announcing their withdrawal from the competition in the Advent Film Festival.

While Qiu Ren was torn… he received a text from Herring on a social media application.

Qiu Ren had been communicating with this former Chief Assassin of the Dream Eaters with the username “Cheems” lately.

Usually, Herring just urged Qiu Ren to update the game when she looked for him. However, this time, she came to find him for another reason.

“The performance of that clown in a purple suit you arranged to invade the dream world of The Flash 2 is totally amazing! When Batman came to beat those fools up, I almost shouted ‘Argh~’ in the scene!”

Herring had turned into a fangirl now. She had lost her demeanor of a cold-blooded female assassin she had before.

When Qiu Ren sent her an emoji of the yellow face wiping sweat, Herring finally realized that her behavior right now had greatly damaged her image.

But Herring didn’t know how she could restore her own image with words. If she were meeting him in reality, she only needed to put a knife at Qiu Ren’s neck with a poker face and order him not to laugh.

However, all Herring could do on the Internet was type an ellipsis.

“Were you also at the movie theater watching the dynamic performance version of The Flash 2?” Qiu Ren didn’t put this female assassin in a difficult position anymore. Instead, he got to proper business.

“Movie theaters? I would never waste money buying movie tickets for those superhero movies. Only kids would spend so much money to watch a dynamic performance version.” Herring attacked the fans of the Flash here, but this had nothing to do with Qiu Ren. What Qiu Ren cared about was…

“Then, how did you know about this? Were you… there at that time?”

Qiu Ren remembered that there weren’t any recordings of the dynamic performance version of The Flash 2 on the Internet, not even any news at all.

The only possible reason why Herring knew about this was that she was there. She had witnessed all the scenes, the Joker tormenting the Flash’s mind, Batman comforting the Flash, and bringing the Joker with him after beating up the fans, in the Dream Dungeon of the Flash with her own eyes.

After Herring changed from fangirl mode back to cold-blooded killer mode, she realized what she said to Qiu Ren was a little inappropriate.

Qiu Ren knew that Herring must keep herself busy. During this period, she kept improving her combat strength as a hunter. She must be planning some kind of a conspiracy.

“I came here to ask you which European countries will The Dark Knight be shown in theaters. I’ve already visited the movie theaters in two countries, but I couldn’t find any screenings!”

Herring tried to bring the subject back to the part she wanted to ask about.

“There might be some screenings in France. The invasion of the Joker in The Flash 2 forced the movie theaters in other countries to take down The Dark Knight… Simply put, The Dark Knight made them scared,” Qiu Ren replied.

Herring sent a few ellipses again. But soon, she sent a video to Qiu Ren.

“This is the last part of the dynamic performance version of The Flash 2 I recorded. I used some of the Dream Maker’s authority, so the change of shots and the camera movement should be no worse than the original director.”

Herring sent a video of the Easter egg of The Dark Knight, which she originally planned to keep to herself, to Qiu Ren.

She was a clever person. She knew how she could help Qiu Ren and how The Dark Knight could be advertised to every movie fan.

Qiu Ren opened Herring’s recording and finished watching it twice as fast. Overall, it had the impression of a director’s cut.

He could totally put it in the post-credit scene of The Flash 2 as the Easter egg of Batman.

The most amazing part was that when Herring recorded it, she intentionally avoided symbols of the Flash, like his suit and logo. Besides, the Joker had also beaten the guy badly enough.

Qiu Ren only had to do some screen processing, and he would be able to avoid problems related to the copyright of the movie The Flash perfectly.

“I’ll post this advertisement of the dynamic performance version online through my advertising channel. If it goes smoothly, you’ll be able to watch the cinema version in the movie theaters in your country very soon. If not, I’ll open a few movie theaters myself. By then, you can just get a flight ticket and travel here. Watching the online version in the Dream Dungeon is also another way.”

Qiu Ren had come up with quite a lot of follow-up plans. But since there was still room for negotiation, he should just try to hold a knife to their necks and talk to them first. If it didn’t work, he could flip the table, releasing The Dark Knight in the movie theaters around the whole world.

“I’m looking forward to it. Also, I have some intel, and I’m thinking if I should tell you about it.”

Herring and Qiu Ren weren’t that close. Even though she had become a hunter under Qiu Ren, she still wasn’t willing to share her little secret with him.

For example, what operation she was doing right now and what was the purpose of this operation.

“You know that you’re borrowing the power of the hunter in Bloodborne, right? I can easily locate you if I want to. I can even share your sight and sense forcibly as the contractor of the Lord of Nightmare.”

Qiu Ren reminded Herring that the power she was using at this moment didn’t come from a superhero but a Lord of Nightmare.

The Lords of Nightmare weren’t so friendly to the subordinates under their command. Most of the time, they treated these subordinates as grain reserves.

Herring sent a video call request to Qiu Ren. He turned off his camera and accepted the request.

Qiu Ren was using the wifi of the hotel, and his laptop was also given by the Central Research Institute. So, it was even more impossible for Herring to track Qiu Ren down in reality using a video call to ask him to update the game with a knife.

“You’re right. I’m in the Flash’s Dream Dungeon, right next to his apartment. After the invasion of the Joker today, the Dream Dungeon has been blocked. The Flash himself is… recovering at home.”

When Herring’s voice sounded in Qiu Ren’s ears, the footage of a civilian apartment in a block was shown in the video.

The camera went through the window and entered the Flash’s home, like the free perspective when playing a shooting game.

Herring was indeed one of the former Chiefs of the Dream Eaters. Qiu Ren had no idea what spying method she used. At least the Flash, who was sitting at home, didn’t notice that his every move was under surveillance.

“There seems to be a guest in the Flash’s home?”

Qiu Ren noticed a man with blonde hair and blue eyes wearing a pair of frameless glasses. He was visiting the Flash with a bag of food.

“He’s Supernova.” Herring lowered her voice, as if she was afraid that this man would discover her. “The core… of Superhero World, the first superhero in the world, the founder and the soul of the Supernova League. He has a total of seven related movie productions and is one of the dream characters that is grossing the highest at the box offices around the world right now.”

Herring listed a large number of this character’s achievements, like she was reading a menu.

Even a fearless female assassin like her was respectful in front of the greatest superhero in history. In the hearts of many superhero fans, the status of Supernova was comparable to that of God.

However, this God was wearing a casual outfit today, like an office worker who had just gotten off work. He carried a large bag of food. It seemed that he was planning to heal the mind of this junior, who was severely wounded by the Joker and was doubting himself, through talk therapy.