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Qiu Ren still hadn’t had time to look at the development of Batman’s popularity online. Director Feng Nian brought him back to the office of the movie theater again.

When Qiu Ren entered with Director Feng Nian, he thought he was in the prayer room of some church.

Many people were sitting in this small office. The ones Qiu Ren knew included the Dream Makers of the two movies the Celestial Empire released at the Advent Film Festival, “Ascension” and “Yajiao Spear.”

Apart from them, there were also some unfamiliar faces. They seemed to be the French officials. This group of people looked so serious, as if they were about to hear a motion in the Congress.

“Why are we… gathering here?”

Qiu Ren found an empty seat and sat down. He glanced at Miss Mia Krato, who was sitting in the main seat, again.

As the manager of various movie theaters in entire France, she seemed to be the host of this special meeting.

“We’re here to feel the genre of the Dream Seeds that are about to arrive and their estimated landing locations together… I told you about it before we came,” Director Feng Nian lowered his voice and whispered to Qiu Ren, this newbie.

He had indeed informed Qiu Ren about it before. As the Dream Seeds came closer to Europe, those Dream Makers contracted with the Level S Dream Seeds would be able to sense the Dream Seeds that were about to arrive more and more clearly.

So, when these Dream Seeds got closer, the officials of the Advent Film Festival would gather all the Dream Makers to sense the genres of these Dream Seeds and the location where they were about to land.

Simply put, a group of human radars was bundled together to form a radar matrix, figuring out where those Dream Seeds were going.

Even though Qiu Ren was a newbie radar, he could still vaguely feel those arriving Dream Seeds with the help from Tapir and Lian.

There were a total of four Dream Seeds arriving in Europe, all Level S Dream Seeds. As for their genres, Qiu Ren could only sense that one of them had the sci-fi genre.

This Dream Seed with the sci-fi genre should be the compatriot Supernova Pictures had been talking about.

Qiu Ren sensed that the estimated arrival location of this compatriot of the superheroes was somewhere near the north.

North of France… England? The main promotion city of Supernova Pictures was in England. The Dream Maker of the Flash was also there.

Judging from the direction this Dream Seed was landing, their goal was temporarily achieved.

What about the other three? Qiu Ren glanced at the two Dream Makers of “Ascension” and “Yajiao Spear.”

Among these two Dream Makers, only “Ascension” was carried by a Level S Dream Seed, while “Yajiao Spear” was carried by a Level A Dream Seed.

And yet, they were looking fairly calm. “Ascension” was ranked second at the Advent Film Festival right now, just behind “The Flash 2.”

If there was a Dream Seed among these four that had the wilderness genre, it would definitely be lured by the world of “Ascension” and the emotional energy it absorbed.

The thing was that the expression of those government officials from France and Miss Mia Krato in the main seat was wonderful in Qiu Ren’s opinion.

Mia Krato was the Dream Maker and contractor of one of the only two Level S Dream Seeds in France.

This Level S Dream Seed came from the World of Gods in Europe, and Mia had inherited it from her father.

Even though she was the current Dream Maker of this Dream Seed, she was also a devout believer.

However, when this believer was about to welcome the compatriot of her own God, she found that there was a little accident midway. This compatriot seemed to fancy the environment of its relative’s home more.

They sensed a Dream Seed with the fantasy genre among these four Level S Dream Seeds. Before they were thrilled for long, they discovered that this sci-fi Dream Seed was going towards… England.

“Why England? The performance of our ‘Teaching the Saints’ at the box office is no worse than that ‘Sword Seeker’ in England!” a French director said in confusion.

“But ‘Sword Seeker’ also got a better performance at the box office in England than the movies we’re screening.”

While listening to their argument, Qiu Ren took out the catalogs of several movies released at the Advent Film Festival. He was wondering why there could be so many movies at this festival at once.

It turned out that every country in Europe made a movie for the festival, ensuring that the “Holy Children” would land in their country,

Qiu Ren wasn’t surprised at such an internal competition. Even though entire Europe shared the Level SS World of Gods, the battle between Gods never stopped. Judging from the current trend, the God protecting England would get the final victory.

“Wait… That Dream Seed, the Holy Child, is suddenly coming towards our location.”

Mia sensed that the Level S Dream Seed that had the fantasy genre seemed to be attracted by something all of a sudden. It was moving slowly towards Paris, towards the theater they were in.

“Which part of ‘Teaching the Saints’ is screening in the theaters? Report to us now. We still have time to put the re-edited version on!”

The directors and screenwriters from France seemed experienced. In order to attract a Dream Seed to land, although the box office performance and popularity of the production they used as bait were indeed important, the plot of the movie could also lure the Dream Seed.

So, these directors and screenwriters wanted to know which part of the plot of “Teaching the Saints” was attracting that “Holy Child.” And yet…

“It’s already midnight now. We don’t have any theater playing ‘Teaching the Saints’ at the moment,” the staff member of the movie theater said speechlessly.

“Batman, The… The Dark Knight?” The staff member of the movie theater said as he glanced at the representatives from the Celestial Empire.

The movie theaters in France were the only ones in Europe that didn’t take down The Dark Knight completely. Still, most screenings were at midnight, those at two or three in the morning.

There weren’t many people watching The Dark Knight at midnight a couple days ago, but almost all screenings were packed today. Even the theater administrators were a bit confused.

“Batman? How would a superhero movie…”

“Is there room to increase the number of screenings of Batman?”

Mia believed the Dream Seed they wanted to get was indeed attracted by The Dark Knight.

Thinking of this, she looked at Qiu Ren again. He then gave her an expression, as if he was saying, “Don’t look at me. I don’t know what’s going on either.”

“Not for now. If you want to increase it, we can only take the time slots from other movies.”

The administrator of the movie theater was a bit hesitant when he said this. The dream companies behind the other popular movies weren’t easy to deal with. It was difficult for them to explain it, no matter which movie’s screenings they chose to cut down.

There were two choices before Mia right now. The first one was to watch that Level S Dream Seed of the fantasy genre land in the hands of those British people next to them.

The second choice was to take a gamble. Since that “Holy Child” was so interested in the story of The Dark Knight, they should increase the screenings of The Dark Knight to attract it here.

Although they might not have full ownership of the Dream Seed after doing so, at least it would land in Western France. They would still have a chance!

Mia made a decision after having a fierce argument in her mind.

“Reduce the screenings of Teaching the Saints and give all… the spare slots… to Batman,” Mia said with a slight tremor in her voice.

She was the Dream Maker of the movie, Teaching the Saints, so she must be the one who felt the worst having to make such a decision.

However, this was nothing at all compared to a newborn Level S Dream Seed.

As Qiu Ren listened, he felt like Batman had become a threatening weapon?

“Miss Mia, have you ever considered that the other countries might do this as well?” someone asked.

“So, if you want to seize this opportunity, you’ll have to be… quick.”

Qiu Ren finally spoke at this moment. Even though he didn’t know how to speak French, he could still understand their English.

“The whole world is asking where they can watch the Batman movie right now.”

Qiu Ren put a tablet on Mia’s desk. The tablet displayed “Who’s Batman?”, the most popular topic on the social media platform, Twitter.

The second most popular one was about the release of The Flash 2 in all the theaters in Europe, while the third was, “Where the fuck can I watch The Dark Knight?”

“If you promote The Dark Knight while other countries are still banning it, these movie fans will flood into the movie theaters of your company like water. By then, this place will be as bright as a lighthouse in the perception of the Dream Seed that’s about to arrive,” Qiu Ren stared into the light blue eyes of Priest Mia and said.