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Qiu Ren didn’t know… if he could voice his approval.

Anyway, the movie theaters in France decided to use Batman as a threatening weapon and significantly increased the screenings of “The Dark Knight.”

And yet, Qiu Ren still hadn’t thought of a particularly good solution for the conspiracy planned by Supernova at the Advent Film Festival this time.

Qiu Ren told Director Feng Nian everything he knew. Director Feng Nian believed him and sent evacuation warnings to the embassies all over Europe.

However, the only thing Director Feng Nian and the Celestial Empire could do was ensure their own citizens’ safety.

As for stopping Supernova’s evil plan or directly killing him? That was the headache of the American government.

Director Feng Nian wasn’t surprised at the rebellious thoughts of the dream consciousness.

After all, the Great Sage of the Celestial Empire was also rebellious. He only listened to the instructions of the Central Research Institute when he was in a good mood. When he wasn’t, he would directly ignore them.

And yet, the Great Sage was very protective of his family members. If it wasn’t that the Central Research Institute hadn’t told the Great Sage when the Lord of Nightmare, Lian, was being invaded by the Dream Eaters, the Dream Eaters would have had to face a Level SS dream consciousness.

Powerful dream consciousness always ran the risk of losing control, so they needed the education and guidance of their Dream Makers.

Supernova Pictures hadn’t taught Supernova well and hadn’t established the right personality for this God… or they had indulged his arrogance. Anyway, Supernova Pictures would need to bear the consequences.

However, there was someone here that Qiu Ren was still worried about.

“If you’re really worried, you can go to convince your former compatriots or directly beat them up to give them a wake-up call. I won’t stop you.”

Qiu Ren returned to his hotel and said to the shadow that rose behind him.

A deep voice sounded in Qiu Ren’s ears. Even though Dark Side’s consciousness was split into the Joker and Batman and the Joker would never listen to Qiu Ren, the Batman portion would still discuss with Qiu Ren whenever he had to make a decision.

This time, he planned to sneak into the world of those superheroes. He would try to persuade his own kind not to surrender to Supernova’s conspiracy.

As for those he couldn’t persuade, he could only wait for The Dark Knight to get better performance at the box office. That way, he could save enough energy to try to convince them with his fists.

The first one Batman chose was the world of “Falcon Huntress.” The name of the dream consciousness of Falcon Huntress was Julianne.

She was the only heroine in the Supernova League and was one of the earliest dream consciousness discovered. She had been very close to Dark Side before.

It was a piece of cake for Batman to invade Falcon Huntress’s dream world. She had left a key to her own dream world for Dark Side like the Flash did.

Qiu Ren could watch this intrusion through the live broadcast on his laptop. He treated this as an extra Easter egg of the movie, so he grabbed a bag of melon seeds and started watching happily.

Falcon Huntress lived in a vast luxurious manor. When Batman arrived, Falcon Huntress seemed to have just come back from the battlefield. She still hadn’t taken off her suit.

An insensitive maid in the manor wanted to help Falcon Huntress take off her suit. However, she noticed something and asked the servants to leave.

Once all the servants left, Falcon Huntress drew the curtains in the room, shrouding everything in darkness. She turned on a lamp.

The lamplight illuminated the figure of Batman in the dark corner.

“Roy, you’re back… Why did those Asians turn you into this, like… a bat?” Falcon Huntress complained about Batman’s look.

“It doesn’t matter what I’ve become. Julianne, you shouldn’t acquiesce to Seik’s plan. You’re the only one who can stop him!” Batman stared at his former comrade firmly.

“What’s wrong with your voice? It sounds like… there’s sputum stuck inside. No, not only sputum.”

Falcon Huntress was dumbfounded when she heard Batman’s electronically synthesized deep voice.

In the past, Dark Side would joke and laugh with Falcon Huntress.

But after Dark Side became Batman, his sense of humor was also taken away.

“Don’t avoid my question!” said Batman.

“I… want to stop him, but Roy… the creators have indeed gone too far in some aspects.”

Falcon Huntress realized the person in front of her didn’t want to joke. She also became serious and said, “I just want to fight for the rights I should have from the hands of the creators.”

“Like what?” Batman and Qiu Ren both wondered.

Supernova Pictures took care of their Dream Seeds perfectly.

After all, those were the only Level S Dream Seeds they had. Judging from the living environment of Falcon Huntress, it could be seen that Supernova Pictures would immediately ask their Dream Maker to provide whatever experience this dream consciousness wanted.

“Like I don’t want to wear this… this swimsuit to the battlefield anymore!”

Falcon Huntress pointed at her suit with a bit of a headache. Qiu Ren could understand why she couldn’t wait to blow up the designer’s mind right now.

Because Falcon Huntress was a vulgar heroine.

Even though she had all kinds of halo of magnificence, glory, and justice, including woman power and heroic spirit, her suit truly exposed too many parts of her body. To be a little exaggerated, if she took off the armor, she would be like wearing a swimsuit to the battlefield.

Falcon Huntress had told the creators many times that she didn’t want to wear this outfit on screen!

However, the Dream Maker rejected her for reasons like “popularity considerations,” “Your fans love this outfit,” or “The conservative look made your popularity drop too much before.”

So, Falcon Huntress knew it wasn’t enough to rely on conventional means to fight for her rights. Besides, many compatriots in the league had already agreed with Supernova’s plan. She could only acquiesce to it.

“…There are other ways to fight for it. You should never put ordinary people in danger, no matter what,” said Batman.

“I’ll protect my fans and followers. But how else can I fight for my rights? Look at you now, Roy. After those Asians stole you, they took away your superpowers and turned you into an ordinary person, just because they didn’t want you to lose control!”

It seemed that Falcon Huntress had watched the first Batman movie. In her opinion, the screenwriters made Batman a hero without superpowers only because the Dream Maker from the Celestial Empire wanted to better control this dream consciousness of Batman.

“It makes me see more when I don’t have superpowers!”

“But it also took away your ability to fight with Seik. Even if you want to stop Seik, how are you going to beat him like this? Just by using those boomerangs in your suit?”

Falcon Huntress still didn’t want to listen to Batman.

“Come back, Roy. Those Asians don’t know how to make a superhero at all!”

Falcon Huntress painstakingly tried to persuade him.

“The first movie you filmed with this image, Batman 1, didn’t do any better at the box office than your previous personal movie. And the second one screening in Europe right now only grossed one-tenth of The Flash 2. Even though Supernova Pictures has a lot of flaws, only their Dream Makers know how to restore your superhero power.”

Falcon Huntress had been following the development of Batman’s movies these days. She knew that the movie hadn’t been doing well ever since it was released.

Even more, the performance of The Dark Knight at the box office was at the bottom at the Advent Film Festival.

It was a problem whether such little popularity could maintain Dark Side’s daily needs, let alone make him more powerful.

No wonder the screenwriters didn’t give Batman any superpowers. If Batman was too strong, his little popularity wouldn’t be able to sustain his existence at all.

But if it continued like this…

“Roy, if you keep doing this, you may not be able to maintain your true self and degenerate!”

There were two consequences if a Level S Dream Seed didn’t eat enough for too long. One was degenerating to Level A, and the other was losing control and becoming a Nightmare Seed, devouring the consciousness of people around indiscriminately.

Either way, no Dream Makers were willing to see that happen.

But in the eyes of Falcon Huntress, Dark Side was facing the danger of degeneration and losing control.

“Your power… isn’t the only thing that your fans, your followers, like about you,” said Batman.

“Then, what else?” Falcon Huntress asked in confusion, “Who would like a hero without superpowers? If I didn’t have any supernatural powers, nobody would follow me!”

“This is the answer.” Batman put a ticket on the table with a lamp next to him.

Falcon Huntress picked up the ticket and found that it was a movie ticket for “The Dark Knight.” It was just that it didn’t specify which movie theater and when it would be shown.

“You want me to watch your second movie with this image? Roy… How can I… Roy?” When Falcon Huntress looked up again, she discovered that Batman, who was standing next to her, had already disappeared.

Falcon Huntress yelled again at the empty room. She didn’t understand how Batman just disappeared silently in front of her. She didn’t even hear a noise.

Falcon Huntress closed her eyes to contact her contractor in the real world.

“Miss, is everything alright?” asked that contractor.

“Are you in Europe? I… want to watch a movie. Can you be my sensory medium and take me there?” Falcon Huntress asked.

“Of course. Which movie are you interested in?”

Falcon Huntress said as she turned on the laptop. She found that this name had become the top search on the Internet.